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Do you need me time right now? Do you feel like you need to come up for air? Join me for a 4 Week Conscious Escape & ME Time Writing Journey and fill your soul back up.

I thought I’d invite you to join me in a 4 week Conscious Escape & Me Time Writing Journey. It’s time for you to take for yourself. It’s a time for reflective and guided journalling, to get the creative juices flowing, to write, to reflect, to make small ritual for you. It’s a guide for you to take you time, in small chunks so we can feel like we are coming up for air every now and again. It’s a way to go inward and also escape some of it in the playful world of creativity and self-discovery. It’s a journey inward, outward, beyond and around in the moment. It’s a sacred journey with the pen and page and the magic of your inner guide.

A Letter to my Voice – Another Round of Writing Wild…

Hi All, Here’s another writing exercise. I wrote a letter to my voice…asking for forgiveness…and this is what emerged.  So go on…give it a whirl, sing your wild song with me.  Take the pen, set the timer and speak to your lovely voice beside… Continue Reading “A Letter to my Voice – Another Round of Writing Wild…”

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