A New Moon and a Call for New Energy!

new moonThis new moon is a bit intense, powerful, full of action, robust change, movement.  However, it is also summoning the webs in the closet.  The old demons and addictions to stuckness so to speak.  We must come face to face with it and clean that shit out.

We’ve waited, held the dream, the questions, the visions in our hands. We’ve circled it time and time again, getting to know it, understand it. We’ve planted the seeds and waited for them to germinate into something.  We’ve done our due diligence and waited patiently, even when it was tough, even when we didn’t want to or when patience seemed impossible.  I’ve shed a many tears trying to trust in Divine time and wondering if I’d simply be in the stuckness forever as a new way of life.

Now the time has come, to get out of the mud, to put our butts in 4 by 4 and take action. We start watering and weeding the dream and pull off the dead flowers as it continues to grow.

This month is really about summoning our own inner authority, our own leader and cultivator.  We move into the masculine side of our brains, logic, rational, planning, movement, and action.  We summon our inner king, the inner master to lead us, to guide us on the trail.  We allow ourselves to be directed by this part, this authoritative, even dominating part to shake us out of our limiting shackles of self-sabotage, our doubts and our insecurities.  Now is the time we rise,we discover, we begin forward movement. Maybe it’s just small steps but alas its forward movement.

Today I moved a plant that has sat on my altar for years.  It holds my placenta from when I birthed my son along with words of my dream, my soul’s purpose.  I moved into my living room, it was calling me to move it, it felt restless on the altar.  Now it is in my life, my everyday life, not just on my Sacred altar and in the dream.  So play around with your altar or even special pieces of ornaments or furniture in your home.  Move the energy around.  I also painted the walls in my living room after almost 2 years of wanting to.  I just woke up one day and had enough of the old colors.  These small changes are igniting other small changes.  My son wants to paint his room so we are planning for that, I want to paint the kitchen as well.  The feel in my home is changing, the stagnation and inertia is shifting out, drifting away like a dark rain cloud.

On this New Moon cycle can you invite in simple, small changes that are like sacred acts in your life.  Maybe it’s small changes like changing your internet provider so you can do better quality Skypeing, which can lead to more clients or cleaning out your desk to more organized and stir up new ideas.  Maybe it’s moving around some rocks or flowers or plants so the energy is different.

I feel the need to clean today, I mopped my floors, cleaned my altar, did some laundry.  Just a real gathering and focusing of energy. So play around with the energy in your home and allow that to translate in your life.

For me I feel that some good things are being set in motion, some new starts, some new projects, new hopes are in action. I’ve even started some new test protocols for my health condition that perhaps can lead me on a new trail! The wheel of momentum has started to turn and it’s exciting, lots of momentum is building here during this moon cycle.

So on this lovely New Moon, grab some pen and paper, light a candle, an incense stick and let’s get writing.  I feel a whole lot of emotions lately, things are prickling at me, the mood, the feel is emotional, uncomfortable, lots of inner rattling occurring for release.

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New Moon Writing Exercise. writing

Following the guidance of some tarot cards, we’ve got two major players (inner parts or archetypes) within us duke-ing it out.  One of them is the king, our own inner authority, commander, chief operating officer of our soul plan.  This part of us is a warrior, an action player, a movement initiator.  And then we have the self-sabotager/ doubter.  This is the part of us that likes to play on our own dark emotions and get addicted to inertia.  It is rebellious, child-like, the part of us who wants to whine and throw pity parties filled with excuses on the wall.  So let’s duke it out on the page we can heal and clear this part of us filled with doubt, uncertainty and insecurity.

Imagine sitting in between these two parts of yourself, as though the all to familiar internal battle was sitting with you at the table.  The Saboteur and the King on opposite sides of you.  Write the following questions or create your own and just let the pen flow.  Here are my examples, feel free to use them or add your own.

“Why do you sabotage my efforts?” I ask the SELF-SABOTAGER part of me.

I feel doubtful, crabby, uncertain, unsure.  I’m pissy in my stuckness.  I want to rebel, just have a tantrum and sulk in the sand.  I doubt that I will succeed so I throw up roadblocks, I procrastinate, I lose my focus out of protection.  I protect myself from the failure.  I’m afraid to fail. I’m afraid to be made a fool, so I don’t show up, I drift, I get unfocused.  It’s what I do.  Then it’s not really about failure, it’s about not trying.  I don’t feel confident, I don’t trust myself to win, to follow through, to show up for the battle. I’m a loser, a weak, unfocused failure, so I fuck up before I can fail.  I protect you from failing.

How can I get you to lead Mr. King?

Allow me to, follow me no matter what.  Trust in me.  Trust that I will lead you to a success battle, that we will win the war because I am so strong, I am so confident, experienced.  Believe in me.  Believe in my abilities and successes.  Believe in my strength, believe in my force, my power, my focus, my ability to vision and fight in the war.  I am the chief and I take that seriously, it is the biggest job I have ever had and I don’t take it lightly. I will lead you to freedom, I will lead you to success and prosperity.  You just need to choose to believe in me, trust in me as your leader.  I will succeed for you but if you choose to follow me, I expect you to be all in.  I will not let you fail, I’ll be hard on you because I believe in you.  I will call on you to fight, to focus to put in all you’ve got, the most amount of effort you can offer in the battle.  All you have to do is choose to follow me and believe in my guidance.  I will lead you to victory, I assure you.  I am positive about this.

I choose the King, I choose to risk, to take a God damn chance and walk the tight rope anyways.  So what if I fail, I friggen tried.  So I will follow the King that speaks to my inner hunches, my gut instincts, the call and will to do something and move forward.  My agitation is high lately and that is the King rallying the troops, calling me to action, to get off my butt and do something.  So I honor the King and I follow his lead.  He is commander in chief right now and I will follow his orders.  I will draw upon his archetypal strength and fight the good fight, I will take the battle ground and do the work, fight hard for what I want through action, not wishy washy dreaming.  And so it is!

Who will you choose to follow during this moon cycle? Who will lead you from within?  When the saboteur shows up can you look for the king?  Can you shift into trust, into full blown belief in him and in yourself and follow his lead.  Even imagine him guiding you throughout the moon cycle.  If you feel unsure, or stuck imagine talking to the King on the page and respond as the King to yourself.  Just get out of the way and let your warrior guide you with the magic of your imagination.

Enjoy this month of clearing, healing and new cycles of self-belief, self-trust, assurance and confidence.

And so it is friends!


Crystal Tardiff Chagnon

Photo source:  www.foreverconscious.com


Get un-stuck with this one simple question!

inspirationReady….drum roll please…..drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
What inspires you?

What energizes you, motivates you, excites you?  What gets your engines revving?

“Inspiration is a work with a double meaning in English. It denotes both the physical inhalation phase of the breathing cycle and and the metaphysical taking in of spirit or life force.”  (Pg. 103 in the book Bodywise by Joseph Heller and William Henkin).

This is interesting isn’t it!  What inspires us can open us up, free us from our stuckness and rigidities and allow the body to receive and move more breath.  They are intertwined.  So the more inspired we are, the more inspiration we can take in, the more inspiration we have, the more our hearts open, the more our hearts open the more are hips are able to move.  The more free are hips feel, the more we can move out and about in the world.  It all starts with inspiration, that original spark in your heart.  How can we base our lives around this spark and returning to the well of sparks when we feel off or stuck.

As I’ve been struggling with stuckness this month (both boredom and not feeling well physically – and yes they do go hand in hand), I’ve asked myself what gives me inspiration.  What excites me?

-Being outside

-Moving, like exercise or playing outside

-Trying new things.

-Yoga & Spirituality.

-Creation – creating things, this really really inspires me and moves me.

-Creativity is key for me, that is what inspires me.

-Working with wood pieces, refurbishing, moving through death and rebirth in my art.

-Changing up the routine.

-Having variety.

-Coffee shops and mmm,mmm, mmm coffeeeee!!!

-Being around people.

-Talking deeply with someone who can surf the depths of life with me.

So, I notice for me creativity, connection with others and movement, actual physical movement are my top places of inspiration.

So today I had lunch with someone, went for a walk outside, went to a second hand store to browse the used furniture and was around people.  Do you know how I feel???

Great!! Energized!! Inspired!

I’ve broken through a couple blocks and I’ll celebrate that for today.

So for all my peeps who feel the same, I challenge you to do something today that inspires you.  Do something tomorrow that inspires you and the next day and the next day and see how your life changes.

And so it is!!

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A Movement Meditation to Break Out of Stuckness.

breaking freeMy friends,

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in the last two days.  I’ve been down and out in illness.  But let’s get real, I’ve been down and out in stuckness, inertia and self-sabotage and it manifested itself as a re-occurring infection.  I literally had no voice yesterday.

So here I am playing witness to my addiction to sabotage through inertia, stuckness and avoidance of going into the depths of discomfort.  I have avoided being witness and experiencing the nitty gritty yuckiness.  It’s fucking heavy so I ran…

I’m stuck on something, at a cross-roads and in my indecisiveness, my doubt, my non knowing, I ran from the spot and into distraction and avoided standing in the grapples of stuckness and uncertainty.  So part of living truly, wildly, freely and even lusciously is to honor the tough spots, the dark spots, the wounded spots that still show up.  They show up to burn away, to release so you may and I may be more and more light.

So today I spend my day in the muck, in the twisted ropes of stuckness and learn to move the energy and twist out of it.  I do it by listening to it, holding it, honoring it’s message.  I draw what the energy feels like in my body, dark , squiggly, lightning bolts in my lungs.  Heavy with frustration, anger, even grief that I have not tended to this place of stuckness.  It’s a big one.  What about you?

Break Out of Stuckness Movement Meditation:

I also invite you to a movement meditation.  This is a meditation where we are opening the heart chakra, well all the chakras really, but really in the heart area.  Listen to the song Bulletproof/Titanium below and just close your eyes.  Use arms to push away the stuck energy, even untwist the knots, remove the stuckness, uncloak the inertia and just expand and open your energy.  Push your aura out from every angle,  Take almost impossible steps forward with your heavy, dense legs and break free. Slowly let go of the heavy, metal armour of self-doubt and uncertainty and see how your fluidity returns as you expand and move your energy.   Stomp your feet on the ground with the beat, awakening your root chakra, and your ability to step foot in where you are and move.  Let you body move you, guide you out release you out of the guck. Enjoy this, like an inner spiritual massage by moving your body.  Let your body’s wisdom of inner knowing and intuition move you out of stuckness.  Witness what thoughts and new awareness emerges. Shake, move, expand and release.


Please do share you experiences.

May we find fluidity, movement and confident steps forward.  May we take action.

And so it is.

Blessings, light and warmth.

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Picture Source :http://crazygirl44.deviantart.com/art/Breaking-Free-440861568