Full Moon and Equinox Energies.

This full moon and equinox is a pivotal time in our healing vortex. We will either step forward into new pathways and patterns or we will stay stuck in the same old rut. It really does feel like a fork in the road. Will we choose to be far more intentional and conscious or will we remain on automatic pilot ?

My husband and I have a counselling appointment coming up on Monday…and I called to cancel it. Why ? Because we had this and that to do and time off work and blah, blah, blah. It’s our old pattern…put our relationship last and prioritize everything else until we have “time” to focus on us and our marriage.

Well guess what?! The time never comes!!! Like. Ever!

We MUST create space for it. It’s easier to cancel and deal with it later while getting all our stuff done but our marriage needs to be the priority. I told the hubby… “look I know we are in the middle of a shit load of things to do right now with bathroom renos, getting ready for our soon to be arriving baby #3 and firewood cutting for next year. But we still need to go to counselling. Our pattern is to avoid or put our stuff on the back burner until we have “time” to get into it and the truth is we never have the time nor will it magically appear.”

We are doing some deep healing in our relationship and we both realize we need to flip our pattern upside down. Our relationship must come first instead of last and everything else falls behind Its’ needs because without our marriage there really is nothing else. All that other stuff stems and grows out of having an us. There are no Reno’s in our home if there is no marriage. There’s no baby prepping together if there’s no marriage… you get the drill.

So we kept the appointment and will go and get real raw and vulnerable and face our discomforts and fears and voice deep truths and needs to each other rather than remain unfocused and unconscious to the needs of our relationship.

I feel like this is a real act of power, a real act of love. It feels like a resetting and intentional step forward into forming a new deeper bond focused with our marriage in the centre and not at the bottom end of our to do list.

That is what this full moon and equinox is about . Forming new pathways and patterns. New wires will transmute and grow new and glorious things.

Will it be easy peasy? No! Will it be comfortable? Likely not…but it will feel right. It will create an inner peace and knowing that you are making changes and that my friends is healing.

So happy Equinox (spring for us here in Canada) and happy full moon. May you make an act of power and love for yourself and your healing .

And so it is ❤️🌷

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6 Ways to Make the Most out of the Last Week of Winter.

winter spring2Ahhh….the approach of spring or the end of winter.  It’s such a transitional time.  I feel caught between the old and the new, the end and the beginning.  Much like the weather, I’m sunny one day and rainy and blue the next.  To be completely honest, this in between time is my least favorite time of year.  In Manitoba, it’s messy, muddy, wet, dirty, and dreary.  And it’s also sunny and refreshing and the hint of a new beginning around the corner creates both excitement and some anxiety.

As a shaman, I’ve been taught about the four directions of the Medicine Wheel.  I like the Feminine based wheel (there are different teachings about the Wheel) where the south direction is the physical, the starting point, the place of the child, innocence and sweet trust.  This is also my toughest direction, my least comfortable element…the Earth.  I’m a dreamer, in the west, an emotional, watery, dream-world traveler, I spend a lot of time in the Spirit World and find the physical form at times…well…difficult. It’s dense and heavy and maneuvering my energy into a physical expression can be tough, even gut wrenching.

It’s a process.  My safe place is the other world and yet I’m here to learn to be in this world, this Earthly world that is really the other side of the coin of the dream world.  A place to heal and explore and work my shit out as a soul in physical form.

So here we are in the last week of winter and the last week of the astrological calendar.  The Spring Equinox brings us back into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and the beginning cycle of life once again.  The Earth (on our side of the world) begins to wake up again from Her deep, wintery slumber.  The grass emerges, the tulips and trees start to bud and remind us of the possibility of life and new beginnings all over again.  It’s invigorating, inspiring even energizing as the Earth shows us how to re-awaken.

Beginnings are tough for me, I’m real great in the middle or end of projects, ideas, etc..but to get organized and get started and plan out my steps of something new is not my forte.  I usually procrastinate and procrastinate and get stagnant until I jump right into it messy foot and figure things out once I’ve created a lot of chaos.

What if I changed this pattern?  What if I didn’t treat the physical, the beginning, the starting point as my least favorite but instead my least developed.  I need to put extra effort, attention, focus on the planning, organization, and some linear steps to start with.  This is literally using the other side of my brain.  My least dominant side.  I need to make a new friend with this element, this side of myself.

So I invite you to join me in enjoying the last week of winter, the end of a season while prepping for spring.  Getting things in order…ORGANIZATION…is the theme.  Order!  I need order!  This will help prep us for the spring action ahead.  Get everything arranged and in order before we really start the new.  That means clearing out space, getting rid of the old.

I pulled a tarot card for this last week and low and behold it is the the Spirit of the Earth Card.  I’m committing to falling in love with this spirit, to really indulge and enjoy Her awakening at this time and changing my attitude to it, even in the mucky, cloudy weather.  (note..the sun is out as I say this hehe).

So here’s 6 ideas to prep for spring while we move through this last week of the season.

  1. Organize, organize, organize.  Bought myself some new file folders, storage bins, the works.
  2. Make “to do” lists (previously hated) and see them as loving organization tools to help.  Each night, make a to do list for tomorrow.  Each Sunday, make a weekly “to do” list.
  3. Start each day with a morning ritual to get into gear. Coffee, breakfast, reading of to do list, plan and time my day, get inspired (reading or video), then get shit done!
  4. Open windows and let the air move through your home, imagine it cleansing and prepping your space.
  5. Connect with the Earth Mother’s spirit daily.   Feel the sun rays on your face, the rain drops on your nose, the crisp breeze on your cheeks, just let the end of winter touch you and call of spring sing to you.  Here’s a little journey to take from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards from the Spirit of the Earth Card. (pg.94-95).
    1. “All solid forms around you, including your body, are part of the physical realm.  Notice how you relate to and identify with the physical universe around you.  By doing this you are activating the Spirit of Earth within you.  Let the reality of your relationship with the earth fill your consciousness.  Let yourself merge with its energy.  Imagine how it would feel to be a rolling hill, a great mountain, or a deep canyon.  Imagine yourself lying in a field of wild flowers high on a mountain.  Visualize the roots of the trees extending deep into the soil, reaching down toward the center of the Earth.

6. I leave with with to ponder what you are letting go, and letting melt away with this last week of winter.  What no longer serves you?  Imagine the snow were to speak to you…what would it say?  What part of you is reflected in the melting, vanishing snow?  Journal your thoughts.

And so it is.

Happy transitional season time.  Let’s enjoy the death, ending and new beginning.

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30 Day Wildly

4 Rebirth & Renewal Rituals for the Whole Family on this Holiday Weekend

easter rebirthHappy Easter or Passover to you all.  Whatever your celebrations on this day, may we enjoy connections with family and a conscious attention to the celebration of rebirth and renewal.  Particularly after last night’s full moon and the lunar eclipse that led us to endings and releasing, today feels like a good time to honor and celebrate renewal, rebirth and new life.

Many of us will be celebrating with luscious lunches or dinners with family and friends today.  And in the spirit of us can we invite them into a rebirth/renewal ritual?  Give it whirl, even if you end up being the fun, quirky, wonderfully weird family member.  Why not own it, right?!

Rebirth and New Beginning Rituals for the Whole Family :

1)  Egg Decorating – This one is old school.  Do you remember doing this as kids?  It’s fun, it’s colorful and it’s symbolic.  Eggs are about fertilization, rebirth, renewal of life.  We can also write our new beginning intentions and wishes on the eggs and share them as a family.

2)  A Drink of Renewal & Rebirth -Make a large jug of Spring Renewal water.   Find a nice jug, fill it with sparkling or spring water and add lemons, cucumbers, even drinkable essential oils. Maybe add in some mint leaves or what ever you wish. Perhaps it’s simply some sparkling water with lemons.  It doesn’t need to be elaborate, just water floats your boat.  Rub your hands together and send in the love and warmth of all of life, family, love and friendships invoking some magic into the water.  Have each member of your family fill a small amount of water in a glass and go around the table sharing our wishes and goals for this time of rebirth and renewal.  At the end, cheers and drink the Sacred Water.

3)  Something New Game –  Have each family member write on a piece of paper something new they’d like to try or do during this spring season.  Put the papers in a hat and read aloud. You can guess who said what or simply enjoy the intentions shared.

4)  Rebirth & Renewal Scavenger Hunt.  For today, even it is simply your own day of reflection, renewal and gratitude, take a minute to enjoy the magic.  Think of how the yellow grass, lying dormant all winter survived to be reborn again.   Soak in the sun as it hits the sleeping trees who will sprout new buds, new leaves, new life, even after being hit with winds and snow well below the freezing mark for months. Life rises again and again, in many ways death is just an ending of cycle so a new one can be born again.  There is continual change, fluctuations of forms, and new ways of life and resurrection occurring at all times. Life and death are dancing their sacred dance of renewal, rebirth and new life everywhere.  Where can you see? Take some pictures, make a challenge out of it with your family.  How many places can they see new life, rebirth and renewal happening?  Make it a challenge, a hunt for the Sacred Dance.  Gather and share your pics.  Who found the most?

Happy Easter, Passover and Day of Enjoying the Magic of Renewal and Rebirth.

Blessings to all!


Crystal Tardiff Chagnon

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How to Keep Afloat during this Final Moon Cycle of Winter…

almost drowningAt the height of the full moon, emotions come to the surface for release.  They peak at full capacity and bust open the gates of the damn.  I’m there, the gates are open, I feel like I’m been thrashed around in the dark, muddy water.   From having a leaking roof, to having to deal with legal matters, to struggling with communication in my relationship, the forces of change and resolution have found me.  They are swirling me around, spinning me so the guck can come out and fly off of me once and for all.

From the full moon to the new moon, we sort our stuff out.  What if we don’t resist and just keep following the thrashing waters?  I know that a new moon, solar eclipse and spring equinox are on its way in the next week and half.  There is lots of change coming, and the change, the dissolution, the struggle before the change is happening now.  The gears are already starting to shift and even though its in the tough point, at least for me, let it not de-rail us. It’s like the moment just before birth, it’s painful, wretched and we want out.  That is where we are.  There is stuff to sort out once and for all so we can move to rebirth easily, gently, free from the tethers of the past.  A brand new beginning is on it’s way, so we are wrapping up and pruning the old, lingering branches.  In fact, they are breaking off forcefully.  We may be wondering, what is happening, why is all this occurring, that my friend’s is what’s happenin’.

Let the buckets of emotional wisdom flowing towards you take you down stream into their depths where you will learn and face your inner truth.  It’s gut wrenching and revolutionary.  It’s a magical whirlwind felt underwater that will bring you to the cracks in your soul.  The place we so often don’t want to look.  The place where the divine meets the physical, the raw, gritty, place of truth that we feel whether we want to or not.  Here is the place of the gods and goddesses, the place where magic can bubble out if we allow the wound to open and release in order for it to heal.  There is a message there, information for you on your journey home to soul expression in the world.

Sit with me in the muck, the darkness…the womb and absorb and release what is trying to come out.  Prepare before spring’s rebirth and new beginnings that lie just ahead.  We are about to pop through the soil with our luscious stem holding the germinating bud of beauty.

I pulled a card for this time between the moons.  The Patience or Temperance card emerged.  It’s teachings are about balancing both the physical and spiritual and how we need to honor both aspects of the Self.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the spiritual realm, I forget that the physical is equally important or equally enjoyable, not to mention equally necessary. We must do things in order to bring about the change or dream ahead.  Action must be balanced with envisioning.  We need patience too, because we can not force or rush the action or creation.  Things are slower paced sometimes in the physical, it’s a process, a pathway, one step at a time.  Slow down, take the gentle road, don’t rush, force or spin our wheels in frantic chaos to the new cycle and changes ahead.  Can you move with the changes gently, naturally or do we force it, get overwhelmed, spin into chaos?  How do you approach change? (explore this in your journal)

There’s a need for patience, balance and to listen to all points of view.  Forcing things won’t work, pushing too hard or even pulling too little.  We need to find the ebb and flow, resist over-indulgence, find moderation and equilibrium.

Keep flowing and cleansing that shtuff(intended typo) out !!