Soothing Solstice Ritual

On this beautiful day of darkness, I encourage us to find the sacred ceremony of intentional gentleness.   Mmmm…I want to inhale the word “gentleness”  into the aura of my life and let her soothing energy settle into my bones.  So celebrate this day of darkness by sacred acts of doing less, of being gentle, of soothing the soul by dipping into our dark depths.  

Full Moon & Solstice Ritual. Calling in your Power.

Hoooowweeee!!!! A full moon and the summer solstice.  The sun and the moon are shining their brightest together, simultaneously…illuminating our guts, glory and wounds. If there were ever a time to break free from the old patterns, the past, to get off the hamster wheel…this is it.  Grandmother Moon and Father Sun are elixing andContinue reading “Full Moon & Solstice Ritual. Calling in your Power.”