radicalBE RADICAL!

What if for you today you unleashed your radical, wild soul into the world today.  It’s a no holds bar kind of day.  Let it ooze out of you and into the wind.  Dress radically, speak radically, sing radically.  Today you bring out your wild and where it like a bright, shiny broach.  You are wild, you are tribal, you are free spirited, universe loving, wing spreading, eagle flying radical.  Bust that shit out.

Maybe today you put on that jeweled bindi you only sport around closed doors, or you wear that funky hat or you wear your beads, stones and scarf.  Or today you just walk with radical, wild energy, not taming or shaming it but embracing it like it were your secret weapon and holy gift.

What if you lived today not hiding your radical, wild self?

What is different about how you go about your day?  Name it, describe it, tell us how you did it.

How do people respond?

Own your wild, free, radical self and just see what the universe has in store for you!

Blessings and light

Share your radical ways and days in the comments below 💃🏻😜

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10 Ways to Invoke some Magic Dust into Your Day.

Does life ever get mundane?  Does the routine ever get boring?  love

When we live on auto-pilot we get stagnant. Stagnant in
excitement, stagnant in emotion and in health.

It takes guts to shake it up.  You must live with conscious intention, awareness and a commitment to live life more fully, more deeply.  If you want magic in your life you gotta put in some effort, it ain’t just gonna happen.  You must create the portal, the opportunity, the setting for it to come and play some live music at your dance party of life.

Here are 10 Ways to Re-Invoke a sense of Wander & Magic in Your Day.

1.  Shake up the routine.
2.  Take a different way to work or leave at a different time.  Notice the changes, is the sun in a different spot.  Is the traffic less frenetic?

3.  Try something new…a new recipe, a new restaurant, a new type of latte.  Don’t do same!

4.  Have dinner outside.  Get a blanket and have a picnic in your back yard, around the fire, in a park, anything just not around the kitchen table tonight.

5.  Do something different than watching TV. Go to a museum, art gallery, live music show, heck even go to the library.  Go somewhere unconventional for you and give it a whirl.  Invite in new energy by trying new things.

6.  Rock a funky piece of clothing.  Wear that bright pink shirt or leopard print shoes.  Where four rings or a scarf with skulls.  Have some fun, dress it up, invoke some play with your clothes.  See the response of those around you when you walk around with playful energy and intentions.

7.  Go to a second hand store and find something you can re-purpose with some love, vision and paint.  Would it look good in bright pink?

8.  Go outside, take in some deep breaths.  Breathe in the fresh spring air.  Describe the experience in the form of a love poem or haiku.

9.  Make a bucket list.  List 14 things you’d like to do before you kick the bucket. Do this with a friend or significant other over a coffee or hot chocolate and share your lists. How can you start tackling the list?

10. What are some of the most fun, wild, passionate, memorable experiences you’ve had?  Tell me about it as though it were a story.  Write it out and remember, every. single. detail. Who were you with?  Where were you?  How did you take the risk and get there?

Have some fun, shake that shit up and live life a little off the beaten path today.  Sparkle, shine enjoy the magic in the air!!

Enjoy my friends.  As always please share and comment.


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February New Moon Ritual – What’s in Your Medicine Bowl?

bowlsHello Sunshine! What a wonderful, cold, crisp, morning here in the middle of Canada.  Ahhh….the new moon.   Welcome!

Did you feel the dark moon energies last night?  I feel a pull to share quickly about the dark moon, the nights just before the new moon when the moon is at it’s darkest.   Try and become aware of the moon cycle and notice that the three days preceding it.  You may notice a need for a slower pace, we are likely lower energy, more reflective, a desire to move more inward, in the dark caves within where dreams, inspiration and new seeds of ideas are calling to be seen and heard.  If we don’t take some still moments witnessing the inner dreams or journaling about them we will tend to feel restless, agitated, even annoyed with our family members and ourselves.  Answer the call withing.  It is a time to take some stillness and go inward, light a candle and journal even if it’s just five minutes.  I didn’t create space or time to do so and my poor hubby got the sharp edges of my agitation as a result. Oopsy! I desired to go inward and I did not make the space for it….so learn from my mistakes and join me in the dark moon energies each month, plan for it and unite with Grandmother Moon and her cycles.  We feel best in union with these energies, it is in our ancestral blood.

Back to the New Moon.  This is an interesting New Moon, it emerges in the last degree of Aquarius before moving into Pisces right after the beginning of the New moon.

Cafe Astrology writes, “A New Moon brings a fresh start, but as it occurs so late in the sign of Aquarius, there can be a real sense of urgency to make a quick decision or to end a matter so we can move forward. All New Moons are impulsive, and this one may be especially so.”  (www.cafeastrology.com)

I too sense a real sudden shift, like a quick closing of a door that we were once standing in the threshold of, unsure if we should go back in the doorway or move away from it.  Now we choose, we close the door and run confidently and freely away of what was.  It’s the point of death and birth, the place where the spark of creation emerges.  Like a lightning bolt, death and life occur simultaneously…an ending happens so the new path and new beginning actually takes shape.  It’s powerful and transformative.  It’s swift and sudden, like here we are suddenly emerged in something new.  It’s fresh.

There’s real healing happening here, like we can really begin to see a new life, a new future, a new way of being.  We are heeding the vision, we can see it and feel it.  It’s dancing itself it alive within us.  We are getting real clear on the vision, we can see it in our medicine bowls.  So this is our New Moon Ritual and task at hand this month.

New Moon Ritual:

Light a candle or two and some incense.  Put on some tunes, build the energy of your space to be joyous and sacred…magical.  Take a few deep breaths.  Gather your journal, a pen or pencil and some paper you can draw on.  Get out some markers or crayons.  Imagine your page is a giant medicine bowl, glistening with water.  It wants to show you yourself at your most Divine, your most united with Spirit.  What are you doing?  Who are you with?  What fulfills you and sustains you? What images do you see?  What are you doing while you fulfill your life’s purpose or doing what fills your soul?  Create a giant circle representative of the medicine bowl and just start doodling images or words naturally and let the vision emerge on its own (this is what I do). Simply symbolically represent what you want to be doing this month.  What are you’re goals?  Draw yourself doing it (it need not be pretty, just symbolic) and then write an affirmation with the image… I am leading a spirituality class, I am connecting with a circle of women…etc. etc.

I feel like each day this moon cycle we need to commit to a daily ritual of joy.  What can that be for you?  Dancing comes to mind for me, well music actually, but also meditative dancing, like it were a sacred act, a prayer to the Divine.  This month if you can, each day choose a song you love (or repeat songs) and close your eyes and let your body move with the music. Do it alone so you are not worried about what you look like or invite your kiddos to do the same cause this is pure bliss and fun.  Just start by connecting with your wild, primal nature within, feel it awakening gently.  Can you let her just guide your movements.  It’s an expansion, like a gentle opening of the arms, chest, moving circularly, opening, expanding….releasing the energy within to the outside.  But start slow, like a gentle awakening, perhaps like a butterfly in cocoon, gently awakening for the first week gentle, expansive movements.  Remember, keep your eyes closed and visualize yourself in the cocoon, beginning to awaken, beginning to move your wings, your body, awakening from a deep sleep.  Start there week one and I’ll post more next week.  It’s a movement meditation, feel joyful, alive, connected as you move your soul.

And so it is.  Happy New Moon & Visioning!

medicine bowl

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A Letter to my Voice – Another Round of Writing Wild…

Hi All, Here’s another writing exercise.

I wrote a letter to my voice…asking for forgiveness…and this is what emerged.  So go on…give it a whirl, sing your wild song with me.  Take the pen, set the timer and speak to your lovely voice beside you.  What do you want to tell Her?  And go….Just flow like the wind onto the pages and smile.

My Dearest Sacred Voice,

wild woman fireI’m so sorry hurt you.  I never meant to.  I’m even sorrier that I lost out and paid the price for not uniting and intertwining our energies.  I have kept you at bay, solitary and alone.  I indulged in your presence only with myself, hidden in the woods.  Yet I know you are meant to expand your rays, your fiery arms out into the world and instead I tame you.  I pour buckets of water on you.

“Why?” you ask.  Because, I have been afraid.  Afraid to be alone, rejected….scorned.  I have been afraid to powerhouse your song out into my world for what would happen?  I was silenced years ago, you and I parted ways.  I was scolded, burned, humiliated…annihilated for singing your wild, free tune.

I see you and your wild free energy, burning a blaze of golden fire, dancing, swirling, becoming stronger, larger, louder and it is time to choose.  Do I reach my hand to you or forever turn away?  You are my wild voice, the song of my soul, the expression of my ancestral tribal nature.

Dare I dance with you?  Dare I fall into your burning flames and reveal my naked soul to the world?

What will happen to my life?

You shall rejoice you say.

What will happen to my song?

It will float in the wind and you will be set free.

And suddenly I notice, I am no longer looking at you, watching you, calling to you…I am seeing through your eyes.  It is raw, vulnerable… defenceless.   And yet it is powerful.  It is a trusting of the Gods, a trusting of my instinctual self, for my eyes only pierce the world with Truth.  It is a becoming like no other for it is a shedding rather than a gathering or a doing.  It is a revelation of what was already there.

I’m no longer afraid of the consequences, of getting in trouble or being misunderstood.  I simply no longer care, for you are my voice and having separated you has been the ultimate price all along.  I died more each moment I kept you silent.

I speak, I share and I reveal my tribal and wild nature for this is me.  Take me as I am.

I am wild, free, and alive like a white Sterling trotting into the wild nature, hair flowing in the wind with each wild gallop.wild

I am home.

The song shall be sung.

I hope you can forgive me.



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Flaming Woman Picture Source : https://www.pinterest.com/bluejay72001/fire-ice-water-goddess/


How to Actually & Consciously Feel Your Feelings – A New Moon Intention & Soul Lesson

self acceptanceIn my restorative yoga class last night I took to the mat in a supported child’s pose and suddenly couldn’t breathe.  It felt like my lungs were being crushed and I could not catch my breath.  I was going to lose it, like weep right there on the mat.  The room started to spin and I felt tears start to well it my eyes.  “Keep it together…keep it together,” I kept silently saying to myself.  When the yoga instructor inquired if I was okay as I sat up out of the pose, I almost let out a loud whale but managed to say I couldn’t’ breathe.

The well of emotion took a hit and sprung a leak but I didn’t want it to erupt mid yoga class.  I’m a unique duck who goes on emotional journeys and works with different parts of myself whilst in these calming and restorative poses.  I don’t float away, I float inward, towards what is already stewing inside or what has been lying dormant my entire life.

I feel like I came face to face with a deep deep wound, a wound that is held in the physical ailment pattern of my blood issue. It’s my thirteen year old self.  I’ve tended to this part of me for years.  It’s the time when I lost connection to my body and caged my soul and started to live my life in the edges of self-harm with an eating disorder and alcohol misuse.  I acted out my pain and my disconnection and severing from my feminine, wild soul.  Her and I have done a lot of healing work together (my 13 year old self) but suddenly she’s re-emerged.

As I flipped onto my back and opened my heart chakra in yoga class to reign in my emotional meltdown, I started to inquire within about the grief trying to ooze out of me.  My thoughts went to an email I received from a good friend in response to one of my blogs.  I was dumbfounded.  I was so moved by her healing, her growing… her awareness.  I was so humbled that some of my sharing had really sunk in for her, resonated with her in such a powerful way.  I had not known that some of our conversations she really had digested and absorbed.   I wasn’t sure she really bought in to what I was saying at times, it’s quite opposite to the general accepted norm.

As a professional therapist, I’ve helped a lot of different people.  But this was different.  I felt heard and celebrated from the depths of me, from the place of my soul.   From the place that had been silenced, tamed and hidden away from the world because nobody gave her permission to emerge and shine.   My wild, primal voice once silenced is now being shared, heard and better yet…received from others, like a knowing and remembering they already owned.  That’s how it happened for me, shaman and teacher Lynn Andrews spoke words and a language that my DNA had already known but was just waiting to emerge, just waiting to erupt forth into my veins and consciousness.  Now I’ve found my way to live them, even though our society largely disconnects from or unacknowledges our emotional and spiritual realms, I go there and experience them regularly.  That is my purpose.  That is my life line to balance, and fulfillment.  It is the pathway to my confidence and self-worth in the world.

This wounded thirteen year old self at times emerges when I get triggered or fearful and she takes over my body momentarily.  I get frozen in fear and in that automatic response, I get silent and small.

Sometimes I get frustrated that I need to continually tend to this part of me, my inner child that seems to range in ages.  I wonder why she can’t just go away or be healed already.  The Creator knows I’ve worked my but off to tend to her and heal my past.  My ego has a pre-conceived idea that I should be done already, able to move on and forward with no emotional upheaval.  Ha! Silly goose that ego is.

What I’ve come to learn is to simply just witness and make space for whatever it is that is occurring within.  I cannot control what I feel or rid myself of some of my emotional responses triggered by past wounding experiences,  I can only witness them and tend to them and know that over time they lessen.  I guess I can try and ignore and escape them but I’ve done that gig already via eating disorder and too much boozin’.   And in the end, I still had to face what was there anyways.

So what if we simply let go and stopped trying to control the uncontrollable?  What if we simply allowed our natural reactions and allowed them to be as they are while offering them what they need ourselves.  This is the gift of the Aquarian New Moon…non-attachment (as shared by my pal Bekah Finch).  What if we simply observed our reactions and responses as neither good nor bad but as messengers?  What if we simply heard them and witnessed them, maybe even gave voice to them so we could better understand and honor them, rather than poo- pooing them away?!

In sitting with my thirteen year old self on my yoga mat, I know she is just moving through a release, a dumping out of the old cargo that has been held there for so long.  An old pattern is being shaved away and with it a new one taking shape.   There’s going to be some emotional release with that.  Her responses are to freeze in fear and collapse into silence.   As I play witness to her (seeing and watching an image of her my mind’s eye), I tell her I got her back as my adult self and stand in front of her to protect her.  I tell her she is safe and supported, I am here, I will protect her.  I will DEFEND her.  I will use my voice and stand my ground on her behalf when she feels threatened.  I’ve got her. And as I tell her that I see her begin to shift.

In working with this 13 year-old part of me, I’m aware that she feels both relief and grief.  That’s all she’s ever wanted was support and validation.  She’s just wanted someone to have her back.  Hence the grief.  So I allowed myself to whale on the way home from yoga class and release what needed to be released.  It’s that simple.  I don’t have depression, I’m not crazy, I am real life, feeling human on a spiritual life journey.  My emotions are gifts, messengers from the Divine leading back home to myself.

As such, I have issues with my spleen, it swells, it hurts, it aches.  It has for years.  In the book The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal issues with the spleen speaks to, “Feeling helpless, disconnected from feminine energy, fearful, frozen, angry, frustrated.  Overly sensitive and easily swayed…continually worrying and stressing about others.”   My spleen is holding the soul wounds of having separating and betraying my wild, feminine soul and the layers of grief has been long held in the fibers of my spleen and lungs.   I’m currently focusing much of my time and energy on these long held emotional wounds held in the depths of this physical illness.  In tending to the underlying emotional and spiritual patterns I believe I will heal my illness, I believe I will at least get more physical stability in my health as I uncover, unwind and release the twisted wounds in my body’s fibers.  I’m already starting to see the changes.  That is my intention for 40 straight days, to work with the emotional and spiritual wounds while on my yoga mat.  So far I’m on day 16.

So let us practice a teaching most of us missed growing up on this Aquarius new moon.  Nobody sat us down and showed us the way inward, down into the body to reflect and feel our emotions.  So may I be so honored to share with you the way home, the way in, the way to your deepest self.  Let’s practise this conscious journey inward to our bodies, the magical inner realm where our emotions, spirit, desires, needs, wants, wounds and unconscious mind exists.  It’s like a magical galaxy with endless information and beauty that swirls with emotions, feelings, sensation and even symbolic imagery.  We just need to travel into this dimension and this world regularly, consciously so we need not erupt at the seams or act out and distract from it with our “vices” or addictions.

So, sit or lie down and take several deep breaths.  Allow your eyes to close.  With each breath just sink deeper and deeper into your body and notice anything that calls your attention.  Is there a muscle ache or a tingling sensation anywhere?  Is there an image or emotion that comes to mind?  Just allow what is there, first thing that comes.   Say hello to it, honor it.  Imagine that part sitting beside you.   Ask it why it is calling for your attention.  Become that part of you and speak on its behalf.  What wisdom and information does it have to share with you?  What does it need from you?  What do you have to say to this part?

Don’t think too much here just consciously feel what is calling for your attention.  Meet your inner wisdom where it exists.  There is so much in there so just focus on the loudest aspect that is calling you today.  Sit with it in silence, maybe just say hi and sit there to start. And work your way up to conversation.  Simply by acknowledging it, it will begin to shift.

This new moon with mercury retrograde feels like a cleansing, a lesson in absorbing the inner wisdom and releasing the past.  It’s like we are simultaneously clearing the old while setting the new foundational intentions.  It’s quite interesting.   Maybe this month you can set an intention for self-connection, going inward, reflecting, hearing, listening to the Sacred Body as a regular soul nourishing practise.  What can you do to self-connect and go inward a little more?  Watch for more posts this month to help guide you with some self-reflection activities and inner world explorations.  Be sure to follow the blog by adding your email to get the posts.  J

This is my specialty, going inward, going into the shamanic territory of the inner body where all parts of us exist…the perfectionist, the addictive parts, the controller, the over achiever, the self-sabotager, the wounded self.  It’s like a sea of segregated parts…all hiding the Big Kahuna…our wild, primal souls.  If you’d like to work deeper into your inner realm and learn how to exist in more regularly as your wild, tribal, primal soul email me at  crystalchagnon22@gmail.com. To explore some one on one work together.

sacred body 2Happy New Moon & Inner Reflections this month.


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