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A Powerful Full Moon Healing Ritual for the end of the Decade.

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Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Pexels.com

Happy last Full Moon of the decade!  It really feels like the last full moon of the decade, doesn’t it?!  Like a real completion, ending and new beginning, a new era is about to emerge.

This full moon feels like a wrap up of the last ten years.  It’s time to dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s”.  If you were like me you may have felt the urge to clean, cleanse and organize.

In a couple weeks, my oldest son will be turning 10.  And it has me reflecting a lot on my life ten years ago.  At the very beginning of this decade, I was 9 months pregnant and found out my husband (at the time) was cheating.  My life literally fell to pieces as I birthed my son into the world.  I remember going to a tarot card reader who pulled the Tower Card for me.  The card showed a burning and collapsing tower with giant piles of ruble and people jumping out of the tower.  It couldn’t have summed up my life better at the time.  All that I had built was being destroyed.  Little did I know that it would be the best thing that ever happened.

This last week in particular I have been struggling a lot with my health.  My neck becomes suddenly immobile and swollen.  So I listened to my body and just moved my awareness into the areas of pain…between my shoulder blades and neck.  As my mind went to this spot, an image of knife popped into my head.  I had been stabbed in the back.  My husband’s affairs felt like being stabbed in the back, the ultimate betrayal.

As I spoke with my neck and asked what it needed, I heard her whisper…”to take the knife out.”  I have been living with the knife still in my back, or at least the memory of its pain.  I started this decade with heartache and loss and I’ve carried that in my back til this moment.  I’m done waiting for a magical apology, or an owning of a horrific action.  I’m freeing myself from the last energetic chord to my ex.  As I imagined pulling the knife out, I seen myself walking to his house, ringing the doorbell and handing him the blood stained knife.  I turned my back and walked away.  It’s his to hold, not mine.  What he does with it is his choice.   I’m done living with the memory of that pain.  I don’t need to anymore, I’ve done the healing.

I’m entering this new decade in triumph, on a chariot of courage, determination and clarity.  Ten years after this treacherous time in my life, I’m remarried and have two more sons, a new home, a new job, essentially a whole new life.  I have rebuilt a stronger tower, on a much sturdier foundation.  I’v built a life that is actually suited to me.

The next ten years of my life will have nothing to do with that knife.  It will be about my life that I created and all the new stuff emerging, manifesting and singing my name.  To close my journey inward, I felt the need to heal the open wound in my skin left by the knife.  I imagined my guides coming and doing some energy healing and sowing me up with golden and sacred wire.  I imagined too putting my own hands on the wound and filling myself up with self-love and self-honour.  This is what I really want to focus on in the next ten years of my journey.  And so it is!


On this full moon I invite you to summon what is left of your learning in these last ten years.   Light some candles, burn some sage or innocence or infuse some oils and take some deep friggen’ breaths.  Really inhale.   Really exhale.  Move into that part of your body where the stuck energy and patterns of the last ten years are held.  Where is it?  What are the sensations that you notice?  Describe them.  Just move your mind there.   If you were to imagine an image that best represents the old wound or stuck pattern, what image emerges?  Or words, or shapes or colours?  Use your imagination.

What do you imagine this imagine represents?

What does your soul need regarding this energy in you?

What would the image/object say to you?

What do you need?

Are you ready to release it?

Ask your wise body how she would like you to release this old patterned energy?  Feel free to call in the elements of wind, water, fire or earth to help you.  Maybe a loved one, an Angel, a guide or power animal will be your helper.  Or maybe like me, you will just imagine pulling it out yourself.  There is no right or wrong, just what is.

What energy are you needing to fill yourself with, having removed this old energy and

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Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com


Are there helpers, guides, stars, Grandmother moon…the water…anything that can help you heal the spot of the old.

Fill yourself with golden, radiant light and feel how lightened you are from freeing yourself from this pattern you’ve carried for the last ten years.

You are amazing!

And so it is!

Happy Full Healing Moon.

Much love



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April Full Moon- A Healing Inner Journey Ritual

fullmoonaprilOkay, here it is on a silver platter…my triggers, my wounds, my scabs and scars.  This full moon is shining her light upon them.  We are being called to heal, to dig deeper, to follow the pain to it’s root.

And this is mine…I hate it when I don’t feel heard.  I hate feeling like someone is trying to dominate or control me.  I want to shriek to the mountain tops and yell, just fricken listen to me!  Hear me, respect me and honor my perspective.  This is an eon old wound for many of us, one that has likely been passed from generation to generation.  We have been silenced by dominance, by fear, by control.  And we are now finding our power but with this awakening is the transcending of the old wounds.

I was used to surrendering my power and my voice, it was my pattern. Now, it has shifted to me being overly on guard, protective and at times demanding when my wound is cracked open…sad but humbly true. I’m reactive in the guts and blood of my hurt and I want control while I’m in the battle ground of the old painful memories.  I have sadly at times become dominant and controlling in the face of feeling unheard.

I’m so afraid of falling back to powerlessness and voicelessness I swing to the other side of the tracks and exert defensiveness, doubt and assume the worst possible outcome in a situation or about another.  This happens after trauma. You feel like everything is un-safe at first until slowly but surely, you have moments of safety and trust again.  Yet the memory, the pain of  betrayal and of hurt lurks underneath taunting your belief structures….”Assume the worst…protect yourself…assume they will fail or hurt you…be cautious…”

Here’s the deal, I used to surrender all my needs and wants in my relationships timidly and passively and I got very burned in my last marriage (that ended).  As a protective response I have been so focused on my needs and wants completely so they would not fall to the wayside once again that I have kept on my protective metal suit out of fear.  It has become my patterned response out of the memory of being so broken and hurt.  I armor up in situations that don’t need armoring, rather than be a sharer of power.  I placed myself first (which is lovely) but can border on selfish and inappropriate in a union.  There are two people’s needs in relationships, not just one.  It’s a balance of compromise, compassion, kindness, and understanding. I have wanted all of that myself and I have not always offered it.  I was victimizing myself when I wasn’t being victimized, only remembering the memories of my timid stance and ways in old relationships as a result have acted dominant. (not always but sometimes, when the button is really hit).

There sure are power battles in my relationship and I think we are finding a way to both feel like we have a sense of power together, in union.  Sometimes I will lead and other times I will let him lead.  This is hard for me…to let him lead.  It doesn’t always have to go my way, I don’t have to go take the reins all the time.  I can trust.

This is the essence of this Full Moon.  It is summoning up the wounds, the core, the muck at the root so we can really, really heal.  The loss of my voice, the silencing of my voice, the lack of use of my voice…these are my issues.  This moon is calling us to explore our sense of personal power and how that translates in our lives…and in our relationships.

It’s time to apply the balmy healing salve to heal it once and for all.

I have been reactive in my triggers in the last few months and since the New Moon I am more focused on witnessing and responding.  I am seeing the other and offering them what I need and want in the moment…to be heard. I’m offering kindness and respect rather than rage and even though things are emerging, they are not exploding like little hand-bombs in my everyday life.

So on this full Moon I invite you to take a step back and witness the chaos. As Lynn Andrews says, “stand in the eye of the storm and let it swirl around you while you stay rooted up against a tree.”  Things are changing, swirling, moving and we are asked to stand in the storm and allow it.  There is healing in change, in the swirls, in the upheaval that can emerge when we open the can of woundedness.  Allow it in…trust in the path and the Great Mother herself.


Spark up those candles and incense, take a few deep breaths and float into the dream world.

Imagine you are in a safe, calm, peaceful place, whatever that is for you..  Go with whatever comes up first.  I want to imagine that a wise and loving presence is walking towards you.   What do you see?  Who is this presence? Do they have a name?  What do they look like or what are some unique features about this presence.

They take a seat beside you and you notice too that the wounded part of yourself is there too. What do you notice about this part of you?

Ask the wise and loving presence how you can help your wounded self heal and clear old worn out fearful ways of living.

What old belief structures need healing and releasing?

What if love enveloped you and you felt safe and cared for, supported?  How would your wounded self feel and think differently?

Journal your about your journey inwards and enjoy the healing benefits of wisdom and love.

Feel your feet on your floor or ground, blow out your candles and bring your hands to your own heart in gratitude and self-love.


Here’s my journey:

My wise and loving presence is an old Native woman who I have worked with before in my dreams.  I see my wounded self in head to toe body armor like a tin soldier and yet underneath the armor I know there is a wise and growing woman.  What do I do to help heal this part of me I ask my grandmother presence?

“Take off her armor,” she says.

It feels raw and vulnerable as I remove the metal shields.  Now what I ask?  How can I help her feel stronger and transcend the past?

I see her implanting healing crystals all over my wounded self’s body where I feel weakened and fearful.   She wraps me in scarves and says, this is gentler than metal armor.  Love can still come in.

I can feel my heart still has a hole…a weak spot.  She puts her hand over my chest and I can feel warmth.

“Time will help.  New experiences will help. What is the belief here?” she asks me as she continues to feel my heart energy.

I’m so afraid to go through such loss again, I’m not sure I’d make it this time.

“Are you willing to lose out on life just in case you might have more loss? My sweet girl, there will always be loss but there is also a lot of good life. If you keep the armor on you will create your own loss.  You will lose love anyways.”

I’m so afraid for things to fall apart again after I have finally just rebuilt them.  What if something happens to my baby?  What if my marriage crumbles?  What if I’m unable to return to work…what if, what if,what if??????

“Take a breath sweet girl,” she says.  Fear has enveloped you. What if love enveloped you?  What would you think, see and feel?”

I’d see the wonder and amazing blessings I have in my life, I’d be focused on this and not the potential of loss.  I’d be ecstatic that I’m having a baby, and allow in my excitement rather than shut it down.  I’d enjoy the blissful moments of my marriage more often, in fact I’d probably create them more often.  I’d see the sunshine and the grass growing and my beautiful, cozy, safe home.  I’d feel how blessed I am and full my heart is rather than an empty fear.  I’d be joyous.

“So let the scarves of love envelop you each morning and inhale the joy and wonder in your life,” she says.

She kisses my forehead and tells me to call upon her anytime.

And so it is!!!

Much love



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7 Ways to Close the Energy of 2015.

cleansingAt the end of every year, I feel like I get another chance to refocus my energy.  Each New Year feels like an energetic fresh new slate.  And in preparation of the new slate, I usually cleanse out the energy of my home and release the energy of the past year.  I let go of things I no longer need, have out grown and make space for new life and new energy to enter.

Here are some ways to prepare the energy in your home and close the energy of this year.

  • Clean out your closets.  Go through your clothes and remove all the ones you don’t wear.  Donate what you no longer need.  This goes for your pantry and linen closets as well.  



  • Go through your email and clean it up. Delete, delete, delete… what you no longer need!  I recently did this and unsubscribed to a truck load of sites as it was simply clogging up my email accounts.  It was so freeing.  I had 3000 emails, now I have fewer than 50.  I also created folders and categorized and filed emails that I need to hang on to.


  • I know, I know it’s kind of the last thing you want to do but cleanse out the old dirt of the year.  Vacuum, wash the floors and if you can allow a fresh breeze of air to flow through your home.  It’s winter here, snow, ice, freezing, but I still open the windows to allow the winter breeze to fly through and cleanse out what is there, even for a few brief moments.


  • Clean your entrance and doorway. Wipe the door, wash the floor, re-arrange furniture, put away the pile that gets stored at the entrance.   Sweep out the floor and old energy and allow new energy and prosperity to enter.  You’ll feel the effects instantly!!


  • Go through paper work that needs to be filed or thrown out. Get organized. Burn what you no longer need and feel the old releasing in the flames.


  • Clean out your purse and wallet. Make sure receipts are not filed in the place you store your money.  That is a no-no.  Do not place bills where money is suppose to flow.
  • Remove all your garbage and recycling from your home.  If you’re like us and live in the sticks make a trip to the dump and recycling depot.  If you live in town or city just try and place it outside or garage until it can be picked up but before the New Year.  I even dropped off an old and broken printer at an e- recycling station.  I’ve been meaning to do this for a year!

 Clearing out the old is so refreshing may you enjoy the new space and energy that comes with releasing and cleansing out the old.  🙂

  • As an additional note, List some of your challenges this year and the gifts they offered. Write about 2015 highlights and joys.  As you reflect on your writing, really soak it into your heart.

Now, we are ready to welcome in the energy of 2016.  It’s so exciting.  Look for a New Year Ritual & Reflection Exercise to come in the next day or so.

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Blessings and bad-ass, radical joy friends 🙂



7 Simple Rituals to Harness the Energy of this Full Moon

cleansing full moonAhhh….the full moon.  Perhaps the right word is eeeekk!  Intensity this month, sorting through our wounds, our darkness, or shadow selves and allowing it all to cleanse away by swimming through it.

In the last day or so I have felt a strong need to cleanse my house.  I’ve smudged it and used my rattles to break up all the stuck, stagnant, heavy energy.  I’ve even had to re-arrange some furniture because the energy still felt heavy as it was.  I sorted through old papers and burned away all old ideas, and extra stuff I didn’t tend to.  I’m clearing the way for clarity.

This moon cycle has been intense.  We are still going through Venus retrograde and purifying ourselves from our stuff yet unhealed.  More action is needed, we must really focus now.   I drew two tarot cards for this full moon and they were “Conflict & Defeat” as well as “Suffering in Silence”.  Heavy stuff folks.

For me I’ve been struggling with health issues for over a year and half now.  I get daily blood infusions and recently paid for some Lyme Disease testing.  It came back negative even though I felt for sure it would be positive.  Not that I wanted Lyme Disease, but I wanted an underlying diagnosis to help clear up whatever the heck is causing my immune system to be so out of whack.

I felt defeated, deflated and saddened for a good solid day.  Then the next day I was driving and just heard the winds whisper ever so silently, ” just allow life to be as it is for today.”  Sometimes I try so hard to find a solution, to get better, to fight it, to change the circumstance rather than just accepting that right now, at this moment I can’t change it.  A surrender happened, a softening, an allowing of what is for right now.   I could just let it be there. Maybe I simply need to be going through this right now.  It doesn’t mean I’m giving up hope for change or healing in the future, even near future, it just means for today, right now, I accept what is.  I can let go of my reaching hand for something different in this moment and find the beauty of the right now.  There’s a Divine Trust in this, an allowing of what is as the Universe and Cosmos wish.  It’s a surrender, a  shedding of control of how I think it should be and an allowing of a process that seems to need to occur.  And you know, I’ve found myself on another path with all this too!

What if things are perfectly imperfect as they are meant to be in this moment?

As I was writing this piece, my son picked a tarot card and it was Transformation.  “Death of an old way of thinking and believing must occur before you can move forward on your new path.  Transformation is all about ebb and flow of life cycles. Nothing in this life remains motionless; everything is on its way to somewhere.”

So on this Full Moon, this Supermoon, surrender to what is.  Feel it in the moment, just allow whatever is there.  And let it ebb and flow.  Take some time to sit with what is and allow it to float away like a cloud in the night sky.

7 Ritual Ideas to cleanse away and simultaneously ignite the new for this full moon.

1)Burn old papers you no longer need and file and organize what you do need.  No more chaos.

2)Clean out drawers, closets, junk drawers etc.,

3)Change your furniture around.  Move some plants or pictures around.  Rotate the bed in a new position.  Anything to change it up.

4)Smudge your home or open up as many windows as possible and put some oil on your screens so the wind sweeps through and cleanses out your home as she blows through it.

5)Have an Epsom Salt bath with any essential oils of your choosing.  Cleanse out your body, detox, let go…

6) After you’ve cleansed the old, write out the new.  Focus what you want.  Put some dates on it, some timelines and action plans.  Really focus here.  Make a collage, a vision board, pull out images from magazines that spark you soul or call to you in some way. What is being revealed?  Gather your friends for an evening of vision boarding and inspire and encourage each other.  Have everyone bring 5 magazines and sort through them all.  Pull out words, images, colors that excite your senses.

7) Have a fire, throw in some sage and cedar.  Do something creative and fun.  Do what excites you, what is your passion?  What gives you joy?  Is it hosting a family dinner?  Is it painting?  Is it swimming?  Do what gives you goosebumps.

And so it is!!

Happy Full Moooooon!!

xo Crystal

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February Full Moon Rituals.

feb moon3Hi All.  Sorry this is so late.  I’ve been down and out with the flu and chest cold. What a bugger hey?!  Ah well, it kinda fits with the moon.   The full moon is in the sign of Leo this month and the theme is cleanse, release, prepare.  This full moon falls just after Imbolc or Ground Hog day….meaning the middle point between winter and spring and the emergence of more light. And in the light of light (lol), I had the urge to purge out the old, dark, heavy energy.  I cleaned out drawers and my closets and I even untangled five necklaces that have been knotted together for about two years.  I literally sat on my bed for over and hour and calmly and patiently untangled them one by one.  This is not my norm!!  Not by any means.  I usually attempt with vicious tugs for a whole minute or two and toss it aside out of frustration.  That’s why for two years it sat in box in my bedroom dresser.  But today, I sat on my bed and gently untangled it as thought it were a meditation.  I imagine untangling my stuckness over the past two years towards fulfilling my purpose and one by one the knot dissipated into nothingness.  I was very zen throughout this practice and focused.  Is this a new trait?  I hope so 😉

This full moon is shining light on the path ahead and the year to come.  We are getting very clear on what we want and where we are planning to trek.  However, before we really begin the journey outward, we must prepare by cleaning out the old and releasing what no longer serves us or what is no longer fulfilling us.  It’s like we are preparing for a birth, nesting, getting our homes and bodies ready for a new life…perhaps a new way of life.  I feel the urge to prepare for the spring, almost a pre-spring cleaning.  I want to put away all my snowmen decorations now and gently invite in the place between winter and spring.  I can’t wait to pull out my bright pink pillows and fill my place with colorful flowers but it’s not quite time.  I must clear out the winter stuff first, prepare the space and wait til it’s time.

I’m definitely clearing and cleaning, in my home, in my body, even in the junk drawer.  Remember we are still in a mercury retrograde so it’s what we are gonna do…get that old stuff out of there.   We are setting our sights on the new beginnings that are just ahead. We are not yet beginning it, but we are preparing to begin, mapping the route and tossing out things we don’t need to carry in our backpacks on our journey there.  Preparation is key.  it’s joyful and exciting.  Make things beautiful, fresh, clean, as though it were a sacred ceremony.  It reminds me of the time preparing a sweat lodge before the big ceremony….we are making and creating prayers through our actions and starting to call out to the energy of our new journey ahead.  We are not yet calling it to come but we are singing to it, waking it up and letting it know that we are focused, preparing and will be ready when it arrives.

So here are a couple Full Moon rituals to with our cleansing, clearing and preparation of the new births/beginnings to come..

1) Clean out drawers and closets of old things.  That’s right, donate those close you don’t wearfeb moon or no longer need.

2)  If you use stones or crystals, place them in a bowl with Epsom salts and let them be cleansed by Grandmother Moon’s shining beams of light.

3) Go around each corner of your home and anoint the wall with sage or tea tree oil.  Say a prayer to release the old energy, the stuck, the stagnant and the complete.  Invite in new, fresh, beginnings.

4) Use a drum, rattle or bell or even play some music in each room and break up the energy.  Swirl it, break it up and send it on it’s way into the ethers of Mother Earth so she can transform it and re-use it herself.

5)  If you have an altar clean it out, wash the linens, cleans the stones, wipe the top of it. Rearrange it and play with  the energies.  I moved things around, feels good!!!! And of course got rid of some things too.

Happy, healthy full moooooooooonnnnnnn!!! 🙂

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Crystal  xo

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A Writing Ritual for the Cancer Full Moon.

writing moonHappy Full Moon!!!  This month and new year, we have the Full Moon fall in the sign of Cancer.  And it’s potent!

Yesterday I felt an inner agitation, emotional, and weepy.  It felt like I was sitting in a classroom having to listen to nails scratching on the chalk board, I was buzzing with agitation and the urge to run. Things are coming up so they can be fully released.  As I laid in bed last night I just allowed myself to see that this emotional energy is a gift, a message from my soul and from Source guiding me along my path.  I seen it like a bag full of information to sit with and guide me in my life regarding certain circumstances and even as big as my life purpose.   All I had to do was sit with it and feel it.  Today I feel much better, full of optimism and excitement at the changes that lie ahead, all just cause I sorted through the bag and listened to the emotional gifts.

I menstruate with the full moon so the emotional intensity is generally quite high during these times for me.  I peak emotionally with the full moon, that’s when the emotional and intuitive information comes forth brightly, and at full force as the moon shines bright in the sky.  Throw in a Full Moon in Cancer, a water sign and you can understand my emotional intensity and the loads of wisdom trying to come through and guide me.  With the New Moon starting in last year’s term, this full moon feels like we are dealing with and wrapping up the emotional cargo of last year.

I was guided to pull two tarot cards for this Full Moon and the first was a water card, an emotional card with the #5 called Emotional Loss.  Fitting…just fitting!  It speaks to honoring our losses, perhaps of the last year or the past four year cycle in general.  It’s easy to stuff down, ignore, or rationalize our losses and believe we are done with them but it’s also important to take time and grieve, feel, release and allow ourselves to fully let go of  all the different depths of these emotions. Like really absorb their gifts and then let go.  I went through something life changing, even shattering, completing altering my life course just over four years ago and for a long time my life was chaos and in survival mode, just getting through all the change.  And last year I got to sit and settle and allow myself to root for the first time in five years.

This year is now about action, about starting the new…new life, new phase, new cycle.  That means many new beginnings and experiences.  It’s like we are at the crux of the old and the new and we simply need to sit and reflect, feel and absorb all we went through and then release.  And in doing so, you allow room for the new energies, new beginnings to move in and begin to take shape.

The second card that came up was a major card called Truth or in a traditional tarot deck called Judgement..  It speaks to a spiritual awakening, a revelation of truth.  I feel if we allow our selves to feel our emotional losses, feel the gratitude, blessings and wisdom of the dark moments we’ve experienced, we will be lead to the Truth, that’s truth with a capital T.  We have learned and gained wisdom from the depths of our losses, and dare I say that they had great purpose to them.  The Truth card speaks to a significant change with this realization as well, that indeed a significant change must be made in some aspects of our life with our new found wisdom.  So go ahead, reflect on the endings and losses from last year or even four year cycle with this writing ritual.


If you can wait until the dark night sky and allow the Moon to shine her bright beams.  Start with lighting a candle.  Maybe you want to smudge or simply light an incense.  Get your self a nice cup of tea, your journal, paper and a pen.  Sit at your altar if you have one or close by and take in three deep breaths.

Allow yourself to imagine the losses of the past year or the past four year cycle transforming into a person, a being, you are sitting with and having a conversation. Take out your pen and paper and just let your hand flow, no thinking about anything and just let the losses speak to you as a person sitting right next to you.  What do they have to say to you?  Why did they came into your life?   What were the gifts of their presence?  Then say back on paper, what you need to say to this presence as well.  Get everything off your chest.  Then list and voice out loud what you are grateful for from the losses. What new things, gifts, or aspects came about through them?  For me I found a confidence and strength in me I could not have known.  I came closer and closer to Spirit.  I found true love.  etc. etc.  When it feels complete to you imagine saying good-bye to this person of loss and imagine them floating up into the night sky, like a soul moving from the physical world to the spirit world.  See them floating and vanishing into new radiant energy, released and transformed into energy that the universe can use for Good. As you sit there feel the beams of Grandmother Moon caressing you, holding you and shining light and love into you, like you were a tea cup filling with water.  Absorb the light, feel lit.  Enjoy it.

You can release the papers into the wind or burn them if you wish. To wrap up the ritual, blow out your candle and thank yourself, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon and the Universe for being present.

Some final thoughts…

At this full moon things have come to a point of crisis or change.  We feel so rattled, so needing a change and new way of being we must DO something different.  We need to take action and shake up the norm.

It feels like a bursting, explosion, eruption of all that was and now we stand there with the shards all around us.  There are many directions, many paths.  It’s time to plot out our own.  It’s time to choose one and begin the trek onward into the new. It’s time for something new.  We are no longer locked in one place or stuck carrying all the heavy emotional stuff of the past, we need to decide how we will now move out into the world.  What is our purpose?  What do we want?  How can I try something different to get the cage wheel going in a new direction?  What excites me or is pulling my attention?  So this full moon, try something different from now til the end of the month.  Take a new class, start a new challenge, meet someone new.  Just do something different and toss your desire for something new into the wind.

And so it is!

Happy Full Moon.



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