Change the Energy Rituals for the November New Moon.

Happy New Moon in the sign of Scorpio. This moon is about death, rebirth and transformation and man oh man is the Universe calling us to shake things up. For many of us we have been waiting for new roads and paths to open (and they will) but as the transition time carries on we may be falling into old thoughts and beliefs.

“This is never going to work out”, “things are never going to change”.

Here’s my virtual hand smack your hand saying stop that! ūüėĀ

Ok… Let’s stop that old game . New mantras and new visions are needed. Write down what you want and close your eyes and really see yourself doing it. Feel what it feels like to be doing it. Where do you feel it? What are you feeling ??

Some of us hit pockets of despair or depression or plain old “I can’t do this one more day” knowing. Good! That’s the shit that makes us move and change and transform us from the stuckness. It’s what helps us get the wheel out of the rut .

So on this New Moon let’s really focus on changing up the energy . Here are a few (or more ) ideas to help sweep out old energy or transform it.

1) Burn sage in all corners of your house . Or if you don’t have … open the windows and imagine doing a golden light wash all over your home swooping the entire area!

2) Change your furniture around or put your Christmas tree (if you use one ) in a new spot this year.

3) Purge the old. Clean the closets out, the junk drawer, the fridge. Get the old out so the new energies can come in.

4) Try something brand new…a new food… a new restaurant … a new class… a new route to work. Shake up the old way.

5) Invite the Sacred and Holy into your everyday . Make mundane tasks like acts of prayer. Light some candles while you do dishes or while you eat. Light some incents and dim the lights. Make the feel of your home cozy. Put on your diffusers with your oils. Put up your Christmas or holiday lights and enjoy the sparkle and colours. Feel the sacred in the everyday.

6). Change up your routine. Do something fun on random Tuesday nights. For for tacos or wings or a concert or coffee and dessert . Just do something different.

I wish you all fun and joy as we shake up the old energy so it can transform gloriously into the new we have been waiting for .

And so it is my friends. As always if be honoured if you feel called to FOLLOW the BLOG for Moon rituals and self connection activities.

With warmth and fun excitement in moving energy.



Photo: https://media.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/shrinknp_400_400/AAEAAQAAAAAAAAH6AAAAJGRlMTdjMTcyLTE3YjUtNDBmYy1hMTUyLTgzNTE1NDg5OGQ4Nw.jpg


Full Moon and Eclipse Arrows Ritual

full moon portalHappy Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse.

This feels like a powerful time, a life-changing, energy shattering moment that can alter our paths in the best of ways.  I actually feel this Full Moon/Eclipse to be a good, high energy, positive change.

This last month many of us have gone through a soul cleanse, clearing away the dark debris of our pasts and wounds so our light can shine it’s brightest, so love and abundance can move in most fully.

Now is the portal, the cycle of change, the vortex of new life and rebirth.

This morning I heard a funny sound out the window and looked out into my yard and seen hundreds and hundreds of little blackbirds singing in my trees. ¬†There are literally hundreds of them. ¬†As they move, they move together, like a big black wave, dancing from tree side to tree side. It’s beautiful, like a sea of change, lurking around my life. ¬†They are symbolic to the energy swirling around at this full moon/eclipse, it’s intense and potent but we can muster this energy into beauty,into positivity and into our own energy wells. ¬†These birds are circling the sky, opening the portal, they are swarming the grounds and trees for food and when they fly it’s pure magic, its synchronicity in sight, as though their flight was a song from the universe signalling this magical time, this opening about to occur.

So use this time, this energy, this magical portal and do what you love today. ¬†Write, read, sing, dance, paint, draw, cook, play, whatever you love…do this!! ¬†Now is the time for life, joy, and excitement. ¬†Harness the energy and do what you love as an act of grace, as an act of commitment to the universe signalling your commitment to your own joy and purpose.

I used to be hyper-alert, hyper-vigilant for potential danger or people or scenarios that could cause me pain. ¬†I’d approach life on the defense, ready to run or react from harm. ¬†Yesterday I chose a different way I went about my way looking for joy, soaking it in, being in beauty…period. ¬†And you know what, I had one hell of a magical day!

So indulge yourself in joy as we jump through this life-changing, course altering, life enhancing portal of eclipse and enjoy the rewards. ¬†We are getting closer and closer to doing our soul thang’!


On this Full Moon, we can make two arrows to honor this important shift in energy.  Gather two sticks of any size.  If you can paint one black and the other in a color that symbolizes life and abundance for you.  Or you can wrap some wool or colored string around each one as well.  Heck you can even color them with markers.  There is no wrong way, this is about intention.

  1. The Death Arrow – The Black Arrow

Write down what you want to release.  What have you worked so hard on this month in yourself.  What have you been releasing?  Write it down on a paper and tie it to the black arrow.

    2. The Life Arrow РColored or White Arrow

Dream and envision yourself doing what you love, what you want. ¬†Who are you with? ¬†What are you doing? Where are you? See yourself at your fullest, your fulfillment meter at its’ highest. ¬†What is occurring around you? ¬†What are you doing so you are full of life and love? ¬†Write it down and tie it to your Life Arrow, your colorful arrow.

If you can, burn the death arrow, release what no longer serves you.  Read out loud what you shall release.

Place your life arrow in the ground or in a plant so you can see it and remember, and honor your path to fulfillment.

Enjoy this magical, soul moving vortex.

And so it is…



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http://escaped-emotions.deviantart.com/art/Dancing-with-the-Birds-Jump-52-277986712  (picture 1)

Picture 2 – Arrows from Pinterest


Fall Equinox – Letting the Old Burn & Die

equinoxAhhh….the Fall Equinox. ¬†Feels refreshing and yet a bit torturous hehe. ¬†Perhaps it’s a karmic joke, a funny, poke in the belly to wake us up.

I have been moving down the spiral path into the depths of my wounds, into the dark, heavy, slick, sludge and down into the root. ¬†It is bashing me around. ¬†I have come face to face with it all. ¬†Face to face with the original fear, the original source of pain that created oh so many masks and defenses but the mother of all, she and I are intertwined. ¬†Perhaps I thought she was my original nature, that Strong Independent Woman Who Don’t Need Anybody and wears warrior armor. ¬†With this armor I didn’t have to fully trust anyone, I didn’t have to place my sweet, sensitive, fragile heart in their hands. ¬†My fierceness beckons in her sword and I thought I was her. I though she was my Core. ¬†But she has always been my protector, not my original nature and I did not know.

In her article Fall Equinox Brings Kali and the Burning of the Old Self ¬†¬†Jessica Hesser writes…(¬†http://www.rebellesociety.com/2014/09/19/fall-equinox-brings-kali/),

In The Encyclopedia of Myths, Barbara Walker tell us that,

“Tantric worshippers of Kali thought it essential to face her Curse, the terror of death, as willingly as they accepted Blessings from her beautiful, nurturing, maternal aspect.

For them, wisdom meant learning that no coin has only one side: as death can’t exist without life, so also life can’t exist without death.“

And so you must do the same. Have the courage and endurance to face what must die in you, and the rewards will be unparalleled.

HAVE THE COURAGE AND ENDURANCE TO FACE WHAT MUST DIE IN YOU…this is what the Universe is calling of me. ¬†I have been summoned into the gates of death. ¬†It is fierce and raw like running through the woods naked on a cool, crisp, raging rain storm in the middle of November. ¬†I am wet with tears, cold with grief and yet I still run for my survival. ¬†I am a fighter, a warrior of spirit and I head the call of the Great Mother.

I’m having to feel the fear in my cells and release it. I’m having to shriek out the anger, the grief and the despair of having my heart pierced before, so the shackles of betrayal and abandonment release my heart from the cage of fear. ¬†My soul, my heart, my highest Nature seeks love…seeks Trust. ¬†To trust the Masculine is to shed my battle sword and my I don’t need anyone chest protection. ¬†To take the hand of my Beloved and walk beside him, to surrender into trust and allow him to protect me, to lead me toward Love.

I have fought hard for Feminine Rights, for equilibrium, for balancing.  What I did not realize was that I tried to become masculine in order to try and reach Feminine Equality.  Now my body,my source, calls for the removal of this mask, this defense and allow the Feminine and Masculine to unite.  I am unsure if I can fully trust for the Masculine has hurt my core, Sacred Feminine parts deeply.  The wound, the memory of the old ways of dominance in my many lifetimes of painful memories lurk in my blood and yet I realize the only way to heal this original union is to fully trust, to take his hand and let him be my protector so he can fulfill his masculine nature.  I used to think allowing him to lead was submissive and I would not allow this.  I would never let a man lead me.  I would lead, I would dominate.  I would be warrior in our relationship and I thought that was me, my Core, but it was defense, my protection because I did so out of fear, not trust, not love but out of the memories of hurt.

Then one of my Native Elders looked me in the eye and said, ” A man stands in front of you, not because he is better than you, not because he is trying to dominate you but because as Woman, you are most Sacred. You are carrier of life and his job is to protect you, to take care of you, to honor your Sacred by standing in front of you and making sure the path is clear.” ¬†

Tear drops!!!

This is has been so hard for me to trust. ¬†I have been so afraid to be dominated I have never let a man take the lead or role of protector for I took it myself. ¬†I did not trust his Warrior Heart. ¬†And now I have found a true man that I know loves and protects my heart. ¬†So here I am face to face with my shadow, my old wound, the fear of being taken control over, dominated, silenced, submissive and powerless. ¬†And I look to that young girl in me and tell her to look at this sweet man…he is love, he is trust, he is the Sacred Masculine in form. ¬†He is not the others. My job is to be love…armor-less, just love and trust and I allow my tender, vulnerable heart to be placed in his hands for he is seeking to fulfill his original nature of protector and provider. ¬†All I have to do is let him, I don’t need to be everything to myself, I can allow help and love in. ¬†And in doing so, I am moved fully into my authenticity, my sacred vulnerability and my sweet, tender, powerful Feminine nature. ¬†I move into myself by allowing him to move into his self.

And so on this Equinox, this time of balance and sacred union between light and dark, between the Masculine and Feminine, I grab his hand and trust his lead to carry my Sacred Heart.  I drop my armor and put the sword in my belt for I am loved when I allow love in.

What are you letting go of, what can you let die so life and love can move in?

Burn it away in a Sacred Fire on this special night. ¬†Burn it away, write it down and release it to the wind or fire. ¬†Grab your loved one, your family, your sister, your friends and gather to release and let the old die. ¬†Sip on some luscious fall drinks, apple cider, hot cocoa, cinnamon tea or even some lovely vino. ¬†And let that shit go…

And so it is….



Photo Source:  http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/09/23/1019387/-Autumnal-Equinox-2011#


The Venus Retrograde & Waxing Moon- Honoring both Dark & Light.

waxing moon2As we have moved into the Waxing Moon this past week I am aware of a heaviness on my chest…still! ¬†I have dumped and dumped out the emotional cargo and yet still more remains. ¬†We¬†are in the middle of a Venus Retrograde so it all makes sense, it all has purpose.

Venus is said to be connected to Goddess Inanna who is the Goddess of both love and war.  She is known for Her descent into the underworld and when Venus goes retrograde it is symbolic to our own descent into our shadow and darkness.

Goddess Inanna is said to travel through seven gates in the underworld, at each one removing one piece of jewelry or clothing, symbolically shedding layers of herself, perhaps her ego. ¬†It is where she explored her dark side until she was stripped down to nothing, to naked, raw Truth. ¬†It’s like an initiation, each gate, each depth of darkness, harder, heavier. (this is the super duper coles notes version)

I feel in many ways this Venus retrograde is stripping me down, shedding parts of my darkness by making me move through it again and again, layer upon layer. ¬†I’m aware of my darkness sitting there, lurking within me and around me like ravens stalking my every move. ¬†It is swirling around me, sitting on the light standards, gawking at me letting me know it’s there. ¬†It is there! I can’t ignore it. ¬†It’s showing up in my pissy moods, my negative outlook, even judgmental thoughts. ¬†It’s hard to name, hard to own, but it’s there, its real so here I go owning it. ¬†We must look at our ugly parts, our mean, fearful, judgmental, jealous lathed parts. ¬†This is what Jung would call our shadow. We all have one, their is great purpose in our dark, in the wounds, in the pain. ¬†They are portals to Truth. ¬†So lets’ own them, and work with them, allow them to lead us to light, consciously, constructively, not destructively.

Yesterday, I decided to give my darkness some conscious attention, some time, some outlet to come out.  I grabbed a largephoto (20)
sheet of paper (go ahead grab one yourself and try it out!! ūüôā ) and wrote out all my dark, heavy feelings, thoughts, words, judgments, negative, pity party words. ¬†I let myself go there, deep, in the muck. ¬†I rolled in it like a little piglet in the mud and allowed myself to honor the dark. ¬†I felt good, it allowed the tears to come. ¬†I was surprised to discover my way to the roots, to the Core of the matter, the true issue and pain. ¬†I wrote down ALL the things I have endured the last 5 years on this dark, mud pile and let me tell you it has been a lot. ¬†I named all the losses, all the pain, all the let downs and just let it be there in a pile on a sheet of paper on the floor.

“Holy shit that’s a lot!” I thought as I stared at the paper and let the tears come.

In some ways it allowed for some compassion and understanding of myself. ¬†I’ve gone through the ringer, I went through it all at one time. ¬†So I understand why I have buckets and buckets of grief, of sadness and rageful anger.

And I heard spirit whisper why I was moving through the darkness still, to fully clear and cleanse my soul palette for the fruitful labour and life ahead.  It will be wonderous and they want me to clear the cob webs in preparation.  It feels like an initiation, a shedding of all the armor, all the darkness that blocks the love and life force energy of the Divine trying to move in.

I remember going to a tarot card reader about five years ago who flipped “The Tower” card and said how everything in my life would collapse, would come to destruction, and that it did. ¬†My old life has vanished, dissolved, crumbled into dust and I have been surviving in the rubble. ¬†Now I am in process of prepping to rebuild. ¬†I have been playing with the stones, unsure how to place them, but now is time to decide what I want to rebuild.

photo (19)So..on another sheet of paper (join me in this as well), I wrote down New Building and started to just feather out words of what I wanted, specific, clear, concise. ¬†I’ve seen the draft, the plans for building and now I am to get started, preparing my life to manifest and build this vision, this architectual soul plan of my life.

So for now, we can honor the darkness that is there, see it, nod to it, honor it’s existence. ¬†Give it release, give it conscious portals to move out of you, out of your cells, out of your body and out of your aura while you simultaneously begin rebirth,
and rebuilding.

We are in very healing and interesting times. ¬†Life is gonna move swiftly and we will be blown into rebirth suddenly, we move out of the ashes and into the new. ¬†So get ready, strap on your moon boots and ride the wave ahead….it’s magical! ¬†Swirl in the stardust.

Little tidbits that have been helping..

  1. Being creative everyday..i’m refurbishing old furniture.
  2. Gratitude lists everyday.
  3. Journaling, letting the darkness spew out if it needs and flip siding it with writing the lightest, brightest thoughts about my dilemma or struggle.
  4. A gentle yoga practise to ground me, every day.
  5. Music, I mean really, music is the grandest soul medicine of all!

And so it is my friends. ¬†Hang in there, hang tight…trust! ¬†Darkness is the portal to great light!

xo Crystal

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Art by http://www.mickiemuellerart.com

30 Day Wildly

4 Rebirth & Renewal Rituals for the Whole Family on this Holiday Weekend

easter rebirthHappy Easter or Passover to you all. ¬†Whatever your celebrations on this day, may we enjoy connections with family and a conscious attention to the celebration of rebirth and renewal. ¬†Particularly after last night’s full moon and the lunar eclipse that led us to endings and releasing, today feels like a good time to honor and celebrate renewal, rebirth and new life.

Many of us will be celebrating with luscious lunches or dinners with family and friends today.  And in the spirit of us can we invite them into a rebirth/renewal ritual?  Give it whirl, even if you end up being the fun, quirky, wonderfully weird family member.  Why not own it, right?!

Rebirth and New Beginning Rituals for the Whole Family :

1) ¬†Egg Decorating – This one is old school. ¬†Do you remember doing this as kids? ¬†It’s fun, it’s colorful and it’s symbolic. ¬†Eggs are about fertilization, rebirth, renewal of life. ¬†We can also write our new beginning intentions and wishes on the eggs and share them as a family.

2) ¬†A Drink of Renewal & Rebirth -Make a large jug of Spring Renewal water. ¬† Find a nice jug, fill it with sparkling or spring water and add lemons, cucumbers, even drinkable essential oils. Maybe add in some mint leaves or what ever you wish. Perhaps it’s simply some sparkling water with lemons. ¬†It doesn’t need to be elaborate, just water floats your boat. ¬†Rub your hands together and send in the love and warmth of all of life, family, love and friendships invoking some magic into the water. ¬†Have each member of your family fill a small amount of water in a glass and go around the table sharing our wishes and goals for this time of rebirth and renewal. ¬†At the end, cheers and drink the Sacred Water.

3) ¬†Something New Game – ¬†Have each family member write on a piece of paper something new they’d like to try or do during this spring season. ¬†Put the papers in a hat and read aloud. You can guess who said what or simply enjoy the intentions shared.

4)  Rebirth & Renewal Scavenger Hunt.  For today, even it is simply your own day of reflection, renewal and gratitude, take a minute to enjoy the magic.  Think of how the yellow grass, lying dormant all winter survived to be reborn again.   Soak in the sun as it hits the sleeping trees who will sprout new buds, new leaves, new life, even after being hit with winds and snow well below the freezing mark for months. Life rises again and again, in many ways death is just an ending of cycle so a new one can be born again.  There is continual change, fluctuations of forms, and new ways of life and resurrection occurring at all times. Life and death are dancing their sacred dance of renewal, rebirth and new life everywhere.  Where can you see? Take some pictures, make a challenge out of it with your family.  How many places can they see new life, rebirth and renewal happening?  Make it a challenge, a hunt for the Sacred Dance.  Gather and share your pics.  Who found the most?

Happy Easter, Passover and Day of Enjoying the Magic of Renewal and Rebirth.

Blessings to all!


Crystal Tardiff Chagnon

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How to Release & Purify! Day 4 of the Wildly, Luscious Soulful Living Challenge.

Here we are…day 4 of the 30 Day Challenge. ¬†walk

Today I awoke from some pretty vivid dreams of water, of pipes bursting, of throwing out old things stored in the flooded garage. ¬†It feels that way today, a cleansing and cleaning up of the old energy, in preparation for this weekend’s full moon and lunar eclipse. ¬†I feel in need of a purification.

So today we purify!!! ¬†There are 2 options. ¬†I actually did them both, I need that much purification tee-hee. ¬†There is something I am working on releasing, letting go of… shifting. ¬†How about you? ¬†Is it a thought, an old belief or pattern? ¬†Is it a vice or a need to cleanse the system of something we’ve been over-using or indulging in a bit too much?

Purification Ritual #1

A Cleansing Bath РDrop in some Epsom Salts and Essential Oils.  Any kind works.  I used cedar oil today.  It was lovely.

How often do you take a bath? ¬†Me, almost never. ¬†This was a task I really needed to commit to this morning. ¬†But once I was in there and allowed myself to sit and soak, sweat and release. ¬†It felt amazing, luscious, nourishing to mind, body and soul. ¬†I visualized releasing my stuff in the water and allowing my mind and soul to release out the energy that needed to be cleansed. ¬†It felt like a detox, a reboot of the system, a symbol re-birthing and replenishing. ¬†Give it a whirl, you’ll love it!

Purification #2

Take a walk in the woods or in a park. ¬†And as you walk shake off the old stagnant energy. ¬†Literally shake your hands and your feet, wiggle your whole body if you can. ¬†Have you ever seen that Friends episode where Phoebe goes a job but runs like a wild and free kid. ¬†It’s kinda like that. ¬†Walk or run and release. ¬†Shake that shit out. ¬†You will actually feel a ton of energy coming out of your hands, you may even feel like you are vibrating. ¬†This is a good thing, the energy is moving. ¬†I had a pair of mitts on and had to take them off the energy was so intense. ¬†I was reverberating. ¬†So be silly, wild, free and release that¬†shtuff!

Happy, healthy cleansing folks!

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3 Invigorating Equinox Rituals – Indulge in the Energies.

Happy Spring Equinox !!equinox image

The last couple of weeks things have been a shit show with stuff haven‚Äôt they? However, even though we went through the valley of the shadow of death, we came out okay in the end didn‚Äôt we…didn’t we??!! ūüėČ

This change of season feels somewhat energetically intense yet the shift feels like it will be gentle.  

It‚Äôs time to make a change, start that new beginning, dare to dream big.  Take the leap of faith and walk upon an unknown or new path.  Maybe there will be a new baby with this new moon, a new job, a new opportunity or new person in your life.  Something new is on the horizon, fresh out of the gates.

So, enjoy the spring equinox, the change into a new cycle, a new forward movement and ending of the last cycle.  This is the time baby, get out there, try something…do something different…take a risk!  Apply for that new job, ask someone out on a date, start a project or goal you’ve been putting off.  Get out there and DO IT! The time is now.

I pulled a card for this time yesterday and it is bang on Divine.  It‚Äôs the Destiny or card or in traditional decks the Wheel of Fortune card.   ‚ÄúGood luck and good fortune are now in your favor.  A cycle of change, success, and growth is imminent.‚ÄĚ (It says from the Psychic Tarot Deck by John Holland).  Can I get a ‚Äúhell yeah‚ÄĚ?!  Hell yeah!!

‚ÄúBelieve in destiny as you learn to let go of old issues.‚ÄĚ   If you have done your work, sorted through the stuff, good luck, good energy, new opportunities will find you and knock on your door.  All you have to do is be open enough to receive them.  Believe you are worthy, know that destiny is at play here and your soul path is being revealed.  Let the light shine brightly on the path ahead, see it and start walking on it…it is finally time!!  Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Some New Moon & Equinox Ritual Ideas:  Movement is key this month.spring2

  • In many yoga circles they welcome the seasonal shifts with 108 sun salutations. Now that‚Äôs a lot and perhaps we can‚Äôt do that many but if you enjoy yoga, perhaps do a sun salutation facing all directions.   Start in the South and make your way West, North and then finally East.   As we are in a Solar eclipse that usually heralds, new beginnings and abrupt changes, let‚Äôs honor the sun with this sun salutation sequence.yoga sequence
  • Take a sun walk. (okay I totally made this term up but…roll with me).  Take a stroll outside in the evening in walk in a giant circle, honoring and reflecting on the seasons of change and the transit of the sun.  Be sure to walk in a clock wise direction and if you can, start in the south direction.  Maybe walk around a track or even a trail or around your house.  If you‚Äôre up for it, do four laps or circles to honor all directions.  As you walk reflect on changes, new beginnings and dedicate yourself to Earth Mother for spring and Grandmother Moon.  Imagine conversing with their energies like they were Sacred Beings as you walk.  What do they have to offer you during this cycle of change.
  • Last but not least…DANCE! I love this one song called Janjara by James Asher.  Let your feet be drums on the Earth and dance in a circular manner.  Again swirl in a clock wise direction and just let your soul move your body.  This is a new moon and new cycle dance, an honoring of the seasonal and lunar shifts.  Allow it to flow out naturally, close your eyes and simply move how your body wants.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bafvarg08lM

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Image source: https://journeyingtothegoddess.wordpress.com/tag/growth/

Image source 2:  www.halfmoon.org.uk