Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Day 2 – Expressing A Bit of Our Wild

expressing our wildGood morning!  This is Day 2 of the 30 Day Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge.  (Click here for details and join us anytime).

All right folks, we are going to up the ante today.  I want you to take some deep breaths, close your eyes, and imagine yourself at your raw, wild, free, colorful self.  Your bright, your beautiful, your glorious, you shine like the stars and have an aura of gold dust.  Breathe it in, feel this wild, soulful, luscious soul held inside your body.  Soften your body so she can gently ooze her energy out.

Move your arms and let her flow, move your legs and let them glide across the floor like each step were a sacred dance.

What does she feel like?

Who are you at your wild?

What are you wearing?

How long is your hair, what color is it?

What type of clothes are you wearing?

Are they flowing fabrics or buck skins?

What color are they?

What’s on your face?  Any jewelry?  Paint lines? Bindi’s?  Jewels?

Just let your imagination soar!!  When you have a solid image of your wild, luscious, radiant feminine soul, journal about it or doodle an image in representation.


Today we are going to pay homage to that inner Feminine Divine and sport a unique piece of clothing like a funky hat, or some wild shoes, or a bold scarf like it were an offering to the Divine Mother herself.  Or you can you wear some bright, bold lipstick, or some extra glittery eyelashes, whatever it is you are allowing yourself to leak out a piece of your wild.  You can wear a flower in your hair or a great big bow, or maybe a flowing skirt, anything that unites you your Inner Wild Feminine Soul.  This is a sacred act, a prayer in the form of sacred expression.  When I go into ceremonies the colors and garments I wear are important, intentional, expressive.  This is the same, this is a ceremony into your everyday life.  It is bringing the Sacred here, right now, as though expressing your soul was the most honoring and loving act you can do.  The world needs your color and joy so radiate it, baby!  As you meander through your day, notice how you feel revealing a piece of your wild.  Let it be the grounding stone to your tribal, wild soul.

Do you feel confident?

Are you feeling vulnerable?

Can you enjoy this small risk of expression of your soul out into the world?

Journal about your observations and share your experiences in Feed Your Feminine Soul Group or The Women’s Tribe Facebook page.

Have some fun with this, it’s a releasing and celebrating and enjoying your wild, feminine roots.  Can’t wait to hear your experiences. Post some pics of what you wore or how you celebrated your wild today in your clothing or accessories 🙂


Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Day 1 – Be a Bad-Ass Goddess in the Kitchen.

goddess in the kitchenDay 1 – Let’s start right now!  It’s day 1 of our  30 Day Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge (find it here.)

Friday….oh how love Fridays.  It’s pizza night if our house. I make homemade pizza each every Friday…yum!

On this lovely Friday, I invite you to start gently, dip your toe into the Sacred Wild vessel.   Put on some tunes while you cook tonight.  But it’s not just any ordinary night, it’s your WILD cooking tonight!

As you begin to form an elixir of magical and nutritional elements for your family or even in compiling the takeout onto lovely serving platters, take in some deep breaths.  Breathe in the magic.  Begin to imagine yourself at your wild, primal, tribal roots.  Your fierce, your colorful, your flowing, your loose.  Now begin to create a beautiful meal or serve a beautiful dish as this self.  Imagine cooking was a prayer, an expression, an art form.  You are a shaman, blending all the energies and elements into life force energy (aka food) for your tribe.

Crank those tunes, dance, stir, mix, pound the dough invoking your wild magic into the room and in the air.  Get into it.  Pour yourself a glass of sparkling water or vino or juice or a Coca-Cola.  Just enjoy the sacred moment of art alchemy in the kitchen.  Allow yourself to tap into that wild, feminine goddess energy and create abundance on a plate.  You are a portal, a beacon of light, transforming elements into food, energy and sustenance.  That’s bad-ass!

Act as though each action were a prayer.  Each addition of ingredient were a healing herb in your soul food.

This is the act of intention, of focus, of visualization.  You are bringing the magic, the wild, the fun into everyday living, everyday tasks, every day routines as though they were fun pieces of the grand puzzle.  Might as well bring some sparkle to it all.

So here we go, beginning our Wildly, Luscious Soulful Living plan tonight, in our homes, in our kitchens while connecting to our wild, tribal, bad-ass self.  Start bringing the Sacred into everyday life, through intention.

Write Out Your Wild- Writing Explorations…

-What was it like to hold the invite in the Sacred and Your Wild into your everyday life?  What was different about it?

-What elements really helped you connect to the Divine in your own everyday space? Was it a thought, a vision, an action?

-How did you feel during the process and after?

Please share your experiences on the Feed Your Feminine Soul FB Group Page. Let’s build our community of wild, feminine, tribal souls finding our way home to our primal, instinctual, soulful roots!  Or comment about it on The Women’s Tribe Facebook Page.


Enjoy your wild!




February Full Moon Rituals.

feb moon3Hi All.  Sorry this is so late.  I’ve been down and out with the flu and chest cold. What a bugger hey?!  Ah well, it kinda fits with the moon.   The full moon is in the sign of Leo this month and the theme is cleanse, release, prepare.  This full moon falls just after Imbolc or Ground Hog day….meaning the middle point between winter and spring and the emergence of more light. And in the light of light (lol), I had the urge to purge out the old, dark, heavy energy.  I cleaned out drawers and my closets and I even untangled five necklaces that have been knotted together for about two years.  I literally sat on my bed for over and hour and calmly and patiently untangled them one by one.  This is not my norm!!  Not by any means.  I usually attempt with vicious tugs for a whole minute or two and toss it aside out of frustration.  That’s why for two years it sat in box in my bedroom dresser.  But today, I sat on my bed and gently untangled it as thought it were a meditation.  I imagine untangling my stuckness over the past two years towards fulfilling my purpose and one by one the knot dissipated into nothingness.  I was very zen throughout this practice and focused.  Is this a new trait?  I hope so 😉

This full moon is shining light on the path ahead and the year to come.  We are getting very clear on what we want and where we are planning to trek.  However, before we really begin the journey outward, we must prepare by cleaning out the old and releasing what no longer serves us or what is no longer fulfilling us.  It’s like we are preparing for a birth, nesting, getting our homes and bodies ready for a new life…perhaps a new way of life.  I feel the urge to prepare for the spring, almost a pre-spring cleaning.  I want to put away all my snowmen decorations now and gently invite in the place between winter and spring.  I can’t wait to pull out my bright pink pillows and fill my place with colorful flowers but it’s not quite time.  I must clear out the winter stuff first, prepare the space and wait til it’s time.

I’m definitely clearing and cleaning, in my home, in my body, even in the junk drawer.  Remember we are still in a mercury retrograde so it’s what we are gonna do…get that old stuff out of there.   We are setting our sights on the new beginnings that are just ahead. We are not yet beginning it, but we are preparing to begin, mapping the route and tossing out things we don’t need to carry in our backpacks on our journey there.  Preparation is key.  it’s joyful and exciting.  Make things beautiful, fresh, clean, as though it were a sacred ceremony.  It reminds me of the time preparing a sweat lodge before the big ceremony….we are making and creating prayers through our actions and starting to call out to the energy of our new journey ahead.  We are not yet calling it to come but we are singing to it, waking it up and letting it know that we are focused, preparing and will be ready when it arrives.

So here are a couple Full Moon rituals to with our cleansing, clearing and preparation of the new births/beginnings to come..

1) Clean out drawers and closets of old things.  That’s right, donate those close you don’t wearfeb moon or no longer need.

2)  If you use stones or crystals, place them in a bowl with Epsom salts and let them be cleansed by Grandmother Moon’s shining beams of light.

3) Go around each corner of your home and anoint the wall with sage or tea tree oil.  Say a prayer to release the old energy, the stuck, the stagnant and the complete.  Invite in new, fresh, beginnings.

4) Use a drum, rattle or bell or even play some music in each room and break up the energy.  Swirl it, break it up and send it on it’s way into the ethers of Mother Earth so she can transform it and re-use it herself.

5)  If you have an altar clean it out, wash the linens, cleans the stones, wipe the top of it. Rearrange it and play with  the energies.  I moved things around, feels good!!!! And of course got rid of some things too.

Happy, healthy full moooooooooonnnnnnn!!! 🙂

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Crystal  xo

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A Writing Ritual for the Cancer Full Moon.

writing moonHappy Full Moon!!!  This month and new year, we have the Full Moon fall in the sign of Cancer.  And it’s potent!

Yesterday I felt an inner agitation, emotional, and weepy.  It felt like I was sitting in a classroom having to listen to nails scratching on the chalk board, I was buzzing with agitation and the urge to run. Things are coming up so they can be fully released.  As I laid in bed last night I just allowed myself to see that this emotional energy is a gift, a message from my soul and from Source guiding me along my path.  I seen it like a bag full of information to sit with and guide me in my life regarding certain circumstances and even as big as my life purpose.   All I had to do was sit with it and feel it.  Today I feel much better, full of optimism and excitement at the changes that lie ahead, all just cause I sorted through the bag and listened to the emotional gifts.

I menstruate with the full moon so the emotional intensity is generally quite high during these times for me.  I peak emotionally with the full moon, that’s when the emotional and intuitive information comes forth brightly, and at full force as the moon shines bright in the sky.  Throw in a Full Moon in Cancer, a water sign and you can understand my emotional intensity and the loads of wisdom trying to come through and guide me.  With the New Moon starting in last year’s term, this full moon feels like we are dealing with and wrapping up the emotional cargo of last year.

I was guided to pull two tarot cards for this Full Moon and the first was a water card, an emotional card with the #5 called Emotional Loss.  Fitting…just fitting!  It speaks to honoring our losses, perhaps of the last year or the past four year cycle in general.  It’s easy to stuff down, ignore, or rationalize our losses and believe we are done with them but it’s also important to take time and grieve, feel, release and allow ourselves to fully let go of  all the different depths of these emotions. Like really absorb their gifts and then let go.  I went through something life changing, even shattering, completing altering my life course just over four years ago and for a long time my life was chaos and in survival mode, just getting through all the change.  And last year I got to sit and settle and allow myself to root for the first time in five years.

This year is now about action, about starting the new…new life, new phase, new cycle.  That means many new beginnings and experiences.  It’s like we are at the crux of the old and the new and we simply need to sit and reflect, feel and absorb all we went through and then release.  And in doing so, you allow room for the new energies, new beginnings to move in and begin to take shape.

The second card that came up was a major card called Truth or in a traditional tarot deck called Judgement..  It speaks to a spiritual awakening, a revelation of truth.  I feel if we allow our selves to feel our emotional losses, feel the gratitude, blessings and wisdom of the dark moments we’ve experienced, we will be lead to the Truth, that’s truth with a capital T.  We have learned and gained wisdom from the depths of our losses, and dare I say that they had great purpose to them.  The Truth card speaks to a significant change with this realization as well, that indeed a significant change must be made in some aspects of our life with our new found wisdom.  So go ahead, reflect on the endings and losses from last year or even four year cycle with this writing ritual.


If you can wait until the dark night sky and allow the Moon to shine her bright beams.  Start with lighting a candle.  Maybe you want to smudge or simply light an incense.  Get your self a nice cup of tea, your journal, paper and a pen.  Sit at your altar if you have one or close by and take in three deep breaths.

Allow yourself to imagine the losses of the past year or the past four year cycle transforming into a person, a being, you are sitting with and having a conversation. Take out your pen and paper and just let your hand flow, no thinking about anything and just let the losses speak to you as a person sitting right next to you.  What do they have to say to you?  Why did they came into your life?   What were the gifts of their presence?  Then say back on paper, what you need to say to this presence as well.  Get everything off your chest.  Then list and voice out loud what you are grateful for from the losses. What new things, gifts, or aspects came about through them?  For me I found a confidence and strength in me I could not have known.  I came closer and closer to Spirit.  I found true love.  etc. etc.  When it feels complete to you imagine saying good-bye to this person of loss and imagine them floating up into the night sky, like a soul moving from the physical world to the spirit world.  See them floating and vanishing into new radiant energy, released and transformed into energy that the universe can use for Good. As you sit there feel the beams of Grandmother Moon caressing you, holding you and shining light and love into you, like you were a tea cup filling with water.  Absorb the light, feel lit.  Enjoy it.

You can release the papers into the wind or burn them if you wish. To wrap up the ritual, blow out your candle and thank yourself, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon and the Universe for being present.

Some final thoughts…

At this full moon things have come to a point of crisis or change.  We feel so rattled, so needing a change and new way of being we must DO something different.  We need to take action and shake up the norm.

It feels like a bursting, explosion, eruption of all that was and now we stand there with the shards all around us.  There are many directions, many paths.  It’s time to plot out our own.  It’s time to choose one and begin the trek onward into the new. It’s time for something new.  We are no longer locked in one place or stuck carrying all the heavy emotional stuff of the past, we need to decide how we will now move out into the world.  What is our purpose?  What do we want?  How can I try something different to get the cage wheel going in a new direction?  What excites me or is pulling my attention?  So this full moon, try something different from now til the end of the month.  Take a new class, start a new challenge, meet someone new.  Just do something different and toss your desire for something new into the wind.

And so it is!

Happy Full Moon.



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Teachings from A Grouse for the New Moon & The Winter Solstice.

solisticeFor those of you who do not know my house has a pet grouse.  And we have a history!  It all started last year when this grouse appeared out of the speckled forest in our back yard.  It seemed friendly enough, never flying away in fear, generally just curious.  It always came about and explored what we were up to until one changing day when it hopped on my son’s back and scared the poop out of him. Now you’re messing with my baby Mr. Grouse and mama’s got a problem with that.

I chased that bird away into the bush on countless occasions, one time with a broom, only to have it follow us over and over again.   Last winter we were enjoying a nice day sliding down the hill in the yard and it decided to jump on my back as I slid down.  I jumped off my plastic, green slide in terror and hid under it and using like a shield until my husband stopped laughing enough to chase it away.

This winter the grouse has been M.I.A. and quite frankly I was at peace with that.  But yesterday, as I drove home from a medical appointment I slammed on my breaks and came to a dead stop. The sun glared in my eyes as my mouth dropped open in disbelief.  Twelve, grey, confident grouse strolled across the road with their chests puffed up in the air walking slowly and commanding road.  The hair on my arms stood up and I knew those grouse were sending me a message.

In her book Medicine Cards, Jamie Sams connects the grouse to the sacred spiral.   She asks us, “Analyze the way you move through your world.  How do you picture yourself in the act of “locomotion”…What word would you use to describe the way you move through both the material and spiritual worlds?…is your movement compatible with your greatest desires and goals?”  She also speaks of the grouse being an ancient symbol for birth and rebirth.  The sacred spiral is also a symbol of personal power, a feminine symbol that we used to paint on our bodies for ceremonies and vision quests, a symbol of visioning to the center of creation, down the sacred spiral and towards the center and still spot of a tornado.

This message fit well as I have been really exploring my energy lately and witnessing how much I push myself and how much I pull back.  And in my self-assessment I’ve come to realize that I’m really good at pushing myself and I rarely pull back my energy on my own accord but usually out of collapse. I typically go from a state of pushing, pushing, pushing to a grinding halt…stopped dead in my tracks with inertia and exhaustion.  The experience of pulling back is not gentle or subtle, it’s extreme and fierce. It’s forceful and out of desperation, a need for recuperation and a catching of my breath for survival.  Like everyone else I’m learning to exist somewhere between inertia and a thousand miles a minute and moving away from the extremes.  I do know this, for every action there is an equal or greater reaction.  So when we move to one extreme, there is always the opposite extreme waiting for our arrival.

My yoga class is showing me it’s in the small shifts that we can gently move to and from our edge.  Whether it’s in doing every second sun-salutation instead of every single one or maybe it’s taking a half pose instead of the full pose.  Sometimes it’s using modifications or props for support rather than pushing to the far edge of triangle pose and into injury or exhaustion.  Maybe its letting the dishes dry in the sink every so often or reading a good book instead of doing the laundry every second night.  I found it to be quite playful to try and find balance in a gentle, subtle, loving way in my every day life instead of just pushing and getting through these few days and then falling ill or finishing my weak in a state of depletion.

I’m aware too that I’ve over-done myself to the nards so much that when my body is pushed past her limit just a bit she reacts angrily and with an autoimmune flare up.  So I’ve had to learn the luscious lessons of pulling back from the edge this year and now I find myself wanting to live in the pocket of it, not pushing past it, and not quite pulling back from it either.  Just dancing in the swirling energy of the edge, and following it’s changing parameters on each day, in each moment at each season.

As I reflect on 2014 I realize now this year for me was in many ways about pausing.  It was about stillness, reflection, contemplation, absorption, rooting, grounding, filling up the tank and restoration. Not the easiest of years’ for an over-doer.  This year has been in many ways about sitting damn close to inertia and letting that be my edge.  Our edges move, it’s not always where we think it should be, or even where we want it to be but it is where it is.  It changes daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  All we can do is simply allow it to be where it is today and do our best to honor it.  I had a couple goals for 2014 I did not accomplish but I can see now as I reflect now that I couldn’t move my energy out to accomplish that goal when I was taking the year to pull my energy in and fill up in preparation for 2015, a year of manifestation.  There is a wisdom to our edges that is supernatural and purposeful.

So as we close this season, may you and I dance the sacred spiral of the Grouse.  Allowing ourselves to at times push, at times pull back, all while being gentle and subtle, not aggressive or forceful.  May we at times simply observe our energies to be as they are without a desire to change them.  I encourage you to allow yourself to fall into a slower, more reflective pace for the winter season and dream the dream like the great dreaming bear who hibernates in the caves of Mother Earth.  Fill yourself up with visions and dreams for the new year ahead.

I genuinely feel that learning about the 28 day lunar cycles and its’ connection to our 28 day menstrual cycles will help us find our edges.   So invite you to witness how as a new moon approaches we are often in low energy, like a seed just being planted into the soil and allow yourself to be softer, gentler and slower during this time.  The moon is dark and requesting us to reflect, imagine, and dream the vision for the seed we are planting.  I always notice that the 3 days before a new moon I am often more tired and low energy as the end of a moon cycle comes to a close and a new moon cycle is preparing for release.  Witness too that generally at a full moon, we are typically more energetic, vibrating, buzzing and hatching our goals and allow our edges to expand further and wider.  We have more energy, we are at our peaks as the moon shines brightest in the sky.

May this upcoming New Moon & Winter Solstice on Sunday be a time for you to sit…reflect…dream…imagine your goals for the upcoming 2015 year.  See them in your mind’s eye, see yourself doing and being in the next year to come.  Dream the dream and dance the sacred spiral of the Grouse.

Aho! And so it is.grouse

Look for more one day classes and short essays on teachings of the Sacred Feminine, Moon Time & Sacred Spirals in the New Year.  It will be a great year. 🙂

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“We are born as wild mountain lions but live most of our lives like sheep, forgetting and denying whole parts of ourselves.”  Lynn Andrews.