New Moon Energies & Rituals to Manage the Emotions during this Unique Time

I hope you enjoyed my first video new moon message about current energies and thoughts. We are in a time of chaos and radical change. We are being pulled into our more feminine energies of being-ness, of creativity, of connection, of soft, gentle, present movements in our lives and we aren’t used to the slowed,Continue reading “New Moon Energies & Rituals to Manage the Emotions during this Unique Time”

November New Moon Energies

Happy New Moon! Oooweeee!! I love the Sagittarius Moon 🌚, and this one feels extra special . It is time to start the new path, the new walk, the new way. So on this New Moon bust out of the norm and do something different. Take a risk, throw caution to the wind and doContinue reading “November New Moon Energies”

March New Moon Energy

Happy new Moon!! This cycle we are moving into awareness and evaluation of our relationships. Fun, fun, fun! This includes romantic relationships, friendships, work partnerships and family relationships . It feels heavy and mucky and there’s a lot of unknown elements. For myself, my hubby and I have hit a rough patch. A boulder hasContinue reading “March New Moon Energy”

Teachings of the Duck For the September New Moon.

Happy New Moon!  Doesn’t a new moon always feel like a fresh, new beginning each month?  Well, this one is a fresh, new, grand beginning and a new way of life. This is the time to take the chance.  This is the time to take action.  This is the time to do what you haveContinue reading “Teachings of the Duck For the September New Moon.”

July New Moon Energy Forecast & Meditation

Y’all enjoying the new moon energy ??  This moon cycle feels like change is ahead.. a change in pattern.  There is a clearing… a letting go… a calling back of our power and a release of the behaviours that don’t serve our highest good. There’s also releases of relationships and changes to the way weContinue reading “July New Moon Energy Forecast & Meditation”

July New Moon Ritual – Tap into Your Feminine Energy

Happy New Moon!!! What can you say about this new moon? The energies feel fresh, like a new pattern forming. Last moon’s full moon broke us free from the stuckness, we became un-tethered and in some ways we still are, but there’s a freedom, a newness, a brand new energy coming in as a result.Continue reading “July New Moon Ritual – Tap into Your Feminine Energy”

May New Moon Ritual & Celebration

This New Moon feels like a welcome celebration, doesn’t it?   Last moon/month was INTENSE!  The month was filled with crisis, change, upheaval, chaos, things falling apart and reaching a point of climax.  We had no choice but to change out of old, wounded, uncertain patterns of our past, life brought forth change, growth, endings, destruction,Continue reading “May New Moon Ritual & Celebration”

Aries New Moon Ritual.

Here we are at the Aries New Moon.  A new astrological year.  It is said it’s also a super moon, so this one feels more intense than usual. The energies at this juncture are interesting.  I’m full of piss and vinegar, I want to get stuff done, get stuff going, get things off the ground.Continue reading “Aries New Moon Ritual.”

A Letter to the Great Mother for the New Moon.

We have an Aquarius New Moon, a watery, emotional, soul quenching time to dive into our depths and ignite our souls.  The soul path is singing to us, can you follow the sound of the song even though you don’t know where the trail shall lead?  This is living with your instincts, trusting, following, beingContinue reading “A Letter to the Great Mother for the New Moon.”

A New Moon and a Call for New Energy!

This new moon is a bit intense, powerful, full of action, robust change, movement.  However, it is also summoning the webs in the closet.  The old demons and addictions to stuckness so to speak.  We must come face to face with it and clean that shit out. We’ve waited, held the dream, the questions, theContinue reading “A New Moon and a Call for New Energy!”