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Inviting in presence into your daily practise

I have always felt being a good mother for me simply means being in Presence with my kids. Really being in the moment, in the imagination with them, on the garbage truck (bed), or in the tree house hunting or using our crystals for magic. Sometimes it’s just on the floor playing and laughing or trying to do “wheelies” on my bike with my oldest son. One of my favourite moments is when I put my one year old to bed and I caress my fingers around his face. His eyes always close and he has the most beautiful, pure smile. He opens his eyes for a couple moments in pure adoration and we connect so deeply, he and I are intertwined in the moment of love. That is presence.

A Fall New Moon, A Call Inward & 10 Ways to Connect to Your Wild.

Ahhhh..Fall time.  My favorite time of year!!  I’m not sure if it is the shades of yellow and red, the smell of cinnamon and cardamon or the cool crisp breeze but it’s such a comforting, nurturing time of year.  Not to mention,  I get… Continue Reading “A Fall New Moon, A Call Inward & 10 Ways to Connect to Your Wild.”

The Power of Accepting Powerlessness

Hi friends. It has been awhile. My life got busy with the arrival of our newest son Cedar Rain.  He is just over 2.5 weeks old.  We love him to pieces!!! However, it has been an interesting road post baby. As many of you… Continue Reading “The Power of Accepting Powerlessness”

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