A Simple Dark Moon Ritual.

dark moonTonight marks the Dark Moon, well the last of it anyways as tomorrow we start a New Moon cycle.  This past month has been an emotional one, at times heavy and dark, sad and glad.  I’ve shed many tears this month and cleansed my soul palette.  It has been challenging and yet refreshing, I feel lighter and calmer…finally.  I had moments where I thought this was it, I’m headed to full blown breakdown only to come to a pond of tears and find out I was okay.  I could simply sit with the grief, hold it, cradle it, full blown feel and set it on its way like a leaf floating on the water.

I’ve been grieving my old standard of life and well-being, the old amounts of energy I had, a loss I experienced and didn’t let myself feel until now.  I was stripped down to the bones, my soul bones, and in many ways feel like I’m saying good bye to my old life.  A new set of wings await me, a new way of doing everything has emerged and I’m in transition, in process of finding this new way.  I’m trying to get comfortable with these new wings.  It changes everything, everything looks different, feels different.  My needs are different, my wants and desires, my ideas about what I wanted.  It’s all changing and it’s okay.


So tonight we honor the old, we lay it to rest.  We take some moments alone, in silence, in retreat, in reflection and we hold the past, the loss, the end of era in our hands.  Maybe it’s an ending of a relationship or job, or house or whatever, we simply lay it to rest.  If you can grab a stone and write on it that which you wish to bury, to honor it’s death and ending.  Bury the stone into the Earth Mother under the dark moon sky and say your last and final good-byes.  Maybe you want to write a good-bye letter or simply say some words in your mind or out loud.

This clearing, this ending is prepping us for the new life, new energy that lies ahead.

For me it’s my old life.  It’s never coming back and I can come to accept that so the new one I’ve been trying on can fully blossom.  I don’t have to reach backwards anymore, clinging onto something that I can’t find.

Let’s clear the waters for the New Moon tomorrow.

And so it is 🙂

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Artwork created by Mickie Mueller.

Fantasy and Fairy Art of Myth and Legend



How to Work with the First Quarter Moon Energies.

sproutingHappy First Quarter Moon.

It’s time to check-in on our goals of the new moon and take some action, plan the steps and move it forward.  It’s time to build the momentum outward, pushing our way through the drudges of the soil and letting our wings of branches sprout upward through the muck.  It’s a time when we will feel perhaps some “failures”, obstacles or challenges are we start to move our intentions out into the world.  We will hit snags and rocks, bumps and weeds.  Just keep on, the vision becomes clearer as we sprout out and find the shape, the correct path in the soil.  It is a zoning in as we push out, clarity and fruition can begin to emerge as we take action here.  So keep dredging on!!!

Cafe Astrology writes:  (www.cafeastrology.com)

“Issues emerge that require taking action or making adjustments. This can be considered a stage of conflict, but also of building. Things are beginning to take off and to gain momentum. The First Quarter Moon is a time for taking action, not for contemplation or reflection. Keywords: Clearing; Action; Building” 

Astrograph writes:  (www.astrograph.com/learning-astrology/phases.php)

“In this phase, the Moon is waxing and square the Sun. This represents the time in the planting cycle when the organism puts out its leaves and branches, a time of great growth…During this phase, you are a willful builder of new structures for yourself and society, and characteristically exert the utmost effort in order to achieve your goals of bringing new forms into reality, even in the face of resistance. This move forward must inevitably be accompanied with struggle, for the old will rarely yield gracefully.”

Take a peak at your new moon intentions, how are you working on them?  Plan the steps and take one, two and three now. It’s that time.  Make a step by step to do list to help you get there and don’t be distracted by the wrong doors, wrong roads, or wrong choices.  It is all part of the process.  I recently submitted an article that was one of my fave’s… deep… raw… and stirs the emotions.  It hits you where you don’t want to look.  And it was not only rejected, it was met with a lot of emotional reaction and upset that I submitted it.  But it was my expression, it was real, raw, and painful and even though it could create some discomfort, it was truth and it was mine.

Now I could feel disheartened, beat up, even doubtful about my writing but something is different this time…I am not. I believe it was not the right trek through the soil.  It simply wasn’t the right door for the expression at hand.  So here I go trekking on, marking my way, detailing the trail through the sticky, dark mud with a stronger plan and clearer direction.  My branches desire to pop up and bud.  This is tough for me as a dreamer and visionary but necessary in this phase of the game.  We must balance the dreaming with the action to see it manifest and this is the time during the moon when we set motion to the game plan, we start moving the ball forward.

So dream on and plan forward on this First Quarter Moon.  Step it out and see your buds sparkle in the sun!

Join me, make those daily goal lists, action plans and concrete details.  Let’s do this.

Let us not forgot out daily Ritual of Joy with a dance of joyful prayer to the universe…just let your body move how she wants and needs to…shake it up, stomp it out, open your wings, stir and circle your energy and sensual curves.  Whatever it is dance your joy like it were an expression of gratitude to the universe and Grandmother Moon.  Perhaps you are moving through the soil and reaching out your sprouts, let this be your dance!!  I’ve been Pink-ing it up with my dances… 🙂


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Photo source:http://forsythkid.com/2010/03/15/3240/



cold full moonAhhhhhhhhhhh!  The full moon is building in energy, waiting to explode into a shiny ball of lightness dancing in the sky.  Tomorrow she peaks at her fullest and I tell ya’ the energy is massive.  I feel extreme heat shooting out of hands as I write.  I must move this energy….key word….MUST!  There is so much energy going on inside, we need to take the time to express it…move it…get it the heck out of us so we can release the inner tension.

This full moon highlights both the Sagittarius energies as we are in the sign of Sag and that of Gemini.  Sagittarius is about wild freedom, connection to the cosmos, big ideas, dreams, visions….its about expansion.  And Gemini is quite opposite, a more here and now, logical, grounded energy.  So we are in the cusp of two polarities.

Cafe Astrology writes…”On Saturday morning, the Moon is full–the Gemini Moon exactly opposes the Sagittarius Sun. The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is a mental axis, where Gemini represents the “lower mind” and Sagittarius represents the “higher mind”. A Gemini Moon encourages us to think logically, while Sagittarius persuades us to think in a far broader manner…Ideally, a balance should be found between the two energies, and this is what the Full Moon invites us to do.”

So this full moon, if you are like me, you are exploding at the seams.  I have tons of ideas and inspiration swirling inside but I have to get it down on paper, organize my thoughts, and have a plan of action so I can fully release what is within.  I have been getting stuck in the dream, unable to materialize and move it.  I need structure.  A plan of action.  That is where the gifts of Gemini come in.  We actually need organization and structure to be free….otherwise we get lost, stuck and overwhelmed in the chaos of the freedom.  We find inertia in extreme freedom….as well as in extreme structure.  So let us find the beautiful balance between the too.  This full moon calls us to be responsible with our energy…we must take time to reign it in for release.

So there a couple things that might help on this full moon.

1)  Write out what you no longer want in your life…stress…chaos..inertia…roadblocks…and burn it in a safe bowl or on the snow.   Please use caution always 🙂

2)  Write out a plan, a structured routine or schedule to organize your time.  Make sure to schedule in creative expression or play time, time for movement, time to reflect and be and connect to your Divine nature.   Organize the energy so it can flow fluidly, peacefully and freely.  Get the kids involved.  I know I’ve been planning weekly activities to do with my son ahead of time, and this is helping me get focused and scheduled for when his non school days especially.  Help the kids make a calendar or schedule for themselves too…kids love structure and to do lists.  Use a month calender template and glue onto some colored paper.  Get the kids to put stickers and decorate the calendar. List some fun winter activity ideas by looking on Pinterest or Google schedule it in with the kids.  Make some hot chocolate, put on some music, candles, incents, Christmas lights and enjoy the lovely full moon energy while you structure and organize your wild, expressive, ecstatic energy for release.

And so it is.


Enjoy the full moon.