9 Ways to Unplug from Busy & Soak in Your Beautiful Life.

I don’t know about you, but lately, I have been feeling like a chicken with my head cut off. I’m so busy. And with this busyness, I feel like I’m living life on autopilot, disconnected…always in my head and not in the moment. I’m missing out on the juiciness of my experiences because my to do list cycles through my brain over and over. And I’m about done with that.

So here’s some changes I’m gonna make to feel more connected, more present, and more alive in the sweet moments of my life instead of being stuck in auto-pilot gear in the brain zone. Please join me.


1. I’m putting a a strict amount of online time I’m able to use on my phone, like limits for kids but for myself. It’s so easy to waste time here. So I’m creating some restrictions for myself. There are settings in your phone for time limits to do this..join me! I want to be in the moment, not cyberspace.

2. Schedule weekly creative time. I love re-purposing and painting furniture. It’s creative and in the moment and it’s the first thing I toss out the window when life gets busy. But no more. It is a scheduled event I must work around. Paint, write, sing, dance, do your hair, whatever. Just get those creative, alive juices flowing.

3. Slow down and read a book. I can’t even remember the last time I did this. When my son does his school reading, I am joining him on the couch and doing it too.

4. Just stop in the moment, at your son’s hockey game or playing outside with the kids or cooking supper and drop into your body and really feel the sensations of what you are doing. Really soak it in, be present. Feel the sensations of your body. Inhale it into your bones. This is feeling spirit in form.

5. Gratitude journal. Straight up this helps my life every time I do it, and yet I don’t do it consistently. It’s time for a gratitude commitment to really help me see all the good in my life and to savour in those lovely moments.

6. Set the mood and intention to slow down. Light some candles, infuse some oils, build a cozy fire, play some music. Turn down the lights and let your cozy space hug you like a warm, fuzzy, blanket. Relax into the cozy. Hygge it up.

7. Meditate. Truthfully, I sometimes hate when people tell you to do this, and here I am telling you to do this. I personally can’t sit and just be blank. I need an App and a guide. There are many meditation apps out there. I personally use Insight Timer and love it and its’ free! I meditate before bed. There are settings like 5 mins, 10 mins etc and different topics. It really, really does calm the nervous system into relaxation and this is a must, must, must for health and well-being. Slowing down is key.

8. Dance. Any way, any shape, any form. For five minutes, just move your body and try and open it up. Expand your arm, and feet and legs and think of releasing and opening tensions. Twist and turn and open. Stop your feet and ground into your body. Dance your feelings out. This can literally be life changing !!

9. Make sure to connect with yourself because this is how we connect to everyone and everything else. The more you are connected to yourself, the more you are able to connect with others and the beautiful life around you. Join the THE WOMEN’S TRIBE, for free emails by FOLLOWING THE BLOG for rituals and journal prompts to self-connect and feed that beautiful soul. I love, and need sacred art or journaling as part of my self connecting. I crave it, deep reflection and soul exploring stuff. www.womenshealingandspirituality.com

As this holiday season approaches and life gets even busier, let’s promise each other to take time to slow down and feed our souls. It is ESSENTIAL to our health. I have been spinning, wayyyyy too fast on the busyness train and I’m choosing to get off before my health crashes.

I hope you slow down and soak in your beautiful life.







The Secret to Creating More Magic & Playfulness in Your Everyday Life. ..(It involves a Princess!)

moon image 5

My friend Angie messaged me that she dreamed of me and I had a beautiful ballerina princess on my right shoulder.  Interesting right!?  As a shaman and even someone who has studied Jungian therapy, I believe in the symbolic messages and guidance of our dreams.  So I embraced this little Princess Ballerina and ran with it to explore her message for me.

At yoga class last night I successfully did a headstand. ¬†Yes… thank-you, thank-you ūüôā ¬†It has been almost two years since I’ve even tried to do one due to my poor health so it definitely speaks to my progress and growing strength each day. ¬†Anyhow, as I sat there taking in the joy of the pose, I imagined this little princess on my shoulder. ¬†Somehow she seemed to be like a tiny weeny mouse, much like Stuart Little but in princess ballerina format. ¬†(Don’t ask me why I just go with what comes hehe). ¬†She bore a poofy pink princess dress and a crown. ¬†As I came down from my headstand I imagined her on my shoulder. ¬†She was jumping up and down clapping while cheering “yay” and so proud of my willingness to adventure with this pose. ¬† It tickled me pink. I became giddy and it opened an enjoyment in me that caused me to beam ear to ear in smile. ¬†It was simply pure fun and raw excitement to imagine her on my shoulder like my playful little secret.

Yup, i just said that! Hehehehe….still giddy.

I got to thinking, why don’t we all have a fun little symbolic princess ballerina on our shoulders for a day? ¬†Why don’t we allow ourselves to see different life elements and different moments in our day from this lovely presence? ¬†Really she’s like our inner child, an extension of our souls, literally sitting on our shoulders. ¬†She’s the definition of adventure and play, everything is enchanted and magical through her eyes. ¬†She’s our ability to experience each moment as it is, detached of any preconceived ideas or feelings, just excitement for the experience at hand as thought it were an adventure. ¬†Each moment is Divine. Why not consciously take a lesson from her book and enjoy the moment right?

So I imagined her throughout my day today and allowed her to guide me. ¬†It allowed for a very connected and fun day with my son walking in the woods while I followed him off the trail. ¬†He was leader you know. ¬†Teehee. ¬†And I didn’t think about cooking or cleaning or even my to do list. ¬†I just was excited to play because I imaged what she would do consciously throughout the day, particularly when with my son. ¬†It allowed for a freedom and peace than my busy mom, wife, adult woman self can forget about.

I invite us to take this further into different areas of our life too and get a feel for her perspective on it. ¬†Let’s face it, life can get B.O.R.I.N.G. and mundane in routines if we allow it. ¬†So invite her on your shoulder and taste the spoon of magic and enchantment for at least one day…see what you find in exercise listed below.

At work I imagine taking a break and dancing it out (maybe Shake It Off -Taylor Swift) and literally shaking it off just to change the energy and have mini bouts of fun throughout the day. ¬†Or maybe we make tea and a joke coffee break at 3pm where everyone brings a cup of tea and joke and we have a funny laugh. ¬† ¬†Any fun playful moments we can invite in our offices helps shake up the negative energy and allows us to connect joyously with our co-workers.. ¬†When I get back to work I plan to do this with my office buddy Cori ūüėČ ¬†At the end of the day it’s really about connection isn’t it?!

Then there’s doing dishes, everyone’s favorite right!? ¬†I know, I know…so why not approach from the point of this cute little ballerina princess on our shoulder. ¬†Can it be fun and adventurous (I know your thinking, dishes adventurous ya right!) but hear me out. ¬†Can we approach our daily “to dos” and tasks with a child like wonder, meaning no preconceived ideas or feelings about things, just a simply acceptance and excitement with the task at hand. ¬†Can we dry the dish like it were our first time and truly be in the moment while approaching each task with grace and humility.

Maybe dishes can be done with the intention of fun…turn on the tunes and dance while you dry. Or use some really luscious smelling soap and indulge your senses. ¬†I remember learning from Lynn Andrews that doing dishes is a sacred act, like a prayer. ¬†Make a game of it or start thinking of all the fun family suppers you can create while you clean. ¬†Maybe everybody gets dressed up top notch, even the kids, and we have a fancy dinner with candles. ¬†I imagined wearing my wedding dress, how fun would that be? ¬†Might as well use it again, right?

What would that princess ballerina say to us about our relationships?  Whether it be friendships or romantic relationships, how can we bring child like wonder and enchantment to our connections?  Date night pops up in my head!! How can I create even fun date nights at home or just bring back some of the playfulness in my marriage?

Imagining these things excites me, it invites a playful energy into my life.  It invites me to enjoy the moment and squeeze out the excitement and joy of each day, each task and each person in my life.


Pick four times throughout your day tomorrow. ¬†Go on, pick them out, four literal times on the clock that you’ll ¬†pause and see life from her perspective at that moment. ¬†Journal from the point of view of a beautiful, happy, tiny, princess on your shoulder that is just full of life. ¬† She radiates joy, she’s got even a happy, squeaky voice that oozes rainbows.

How does it feel to be around joy?  Do you embrace it?  Is it enjoyable?  Do you push it away or feel annoyed?

How would she approach the task at hand or the experience you are in?  Imagine writing as her and enjoy her point of view or just having her there on your shoulder, how does that feel?

How does that shift things for you?

If she could tell you anything what would she say?moon image 4

Enjoy….Please do share as always.

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