An Energy Practise & Ritual for the December Full Moon.

Happy full moon friends. The energy may feel intense as we have a super moon meaning the moon will be bigger and brighter in the sky as it’s closer to the earth. It’s also when mercury goes retrograde. So lots of energy swirls and swoons moving us all around.

This full moon feels like a time of reflection and reconsiderations. It’s a time of laying out all the cards in our life and evaluating them. Take a look what do you see? For many of us we have tried to force or figure things out of how they are going to be but the Universe has instead thrown us some curve balls and removed the paths we thought we might take. It’s easy to feel defeated or uncertain but the Universe is asking us to trust that something greater is in the works. Something greater is in the matrix of manifestation if we can keep our energies open and trusting.

This is what retrogrades are all about… time to reflect and re-evaluate. It’s also a time to explore our need for renewal and refresh our energies. Just take a step back and observe while allowing the energies to tweak and peak as they need.

It’s tough to be patient and persevere but that is what this full moon is asking of us. We may need to take a new path and let something go even though this feels fearful and uncertain. It’s like we have a choice to go back to the old familiar way or risk to trust that there is a new form, a new way, a new balance emerging even though we can’t quite see the edges of it yet. It’s there …we can feel it… just dream it, sense it and call it in. Let it tickle your nose and call you into its energy.

Full Moon Energy Practise.

All we need to do this month is sit and breathe. It’s a time of practising trust and patience and envisioning ourselves feeling great and happy. Expect the best! Expect and believe that it will all work out . Make it an inner knowing… a softness inside. Feel the energy of it working out. Close your eyes and see yourself feeling your best. Feel it in your body where do you feel that ? What do you feel? Just sit in this energy throughout the month and allow the universal energies to untangle what is into what it is meant and needs to be. Take care of yourself this month. Spend time reflecting, breathing, listening. Get a massage or two, light some candles, make a fire, have some hot cocoa or tea. Let the Universe and Creation that lives all around you swaddle you like a warm fuzzy blanket and feel caressed and soothed while the energies work themselves out for your very best to emerge.

And so it is friends.

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New Moon & Mercury Retrograde Ritual – Weaving the Old & New.

may moonWe start this New Moon with a Mercury Retrograde.  It’s a time usually marked by new beginnings but with Mercury going backwards, it encourages us to look behind us, in our pasts to assist with the new.  It encourages us to look at our own past, to explore the old ways of being, our inner caverns, our darkness, our parts yet to be healed and the road we’ve walked.  It also invites us to reflect on the old, maybe old jobs, old relationships, old friendships or aspects of our lives so they can give us wisdom for the future.  This offers us new eyes, or old eyes depending, how you see it.

I pulled a tarot card for this New Moon and it is so fitting.  It is called the Spiritual Strength card from the Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards.  It says, “This card is coming forth to give you encouragement and remind you that you have the inner strength to complete whatever you have been working on.  This final Spirit Card represents courage, discipline, stability, and persistence.  You may be tired or weary from the struggle, but now is not the time to give in.  Instead, tap into all of you inner reserves for that one final push to achieve the desired outcome…”

This is quite fitting with the retrograde occurring just after the New Moon as retrogrades are known to cause some communication issues.  It is said not to start new adventures during the retrograde as they will be met with many challenges, delays, obstacles, struggles…  I’m in the middle of a large project and have been feeling a little stuck and upon this New Moon/ Mercury Retrograde I feel the need to sit with my past, to embody it, like it were it person and here what it has to tell me.  How can I blend the past lessons into my future, into my journey here, as my future, and this large project (a book) as it is taking shape.  weaving

How can my past give me clues and an answer on how to move forward now and onward? I feel like I’ve been trying to weave an immaculate quilt of a book and at times I get stuck and remember that I don’t know how to weave.  But this retrograde and New Moon allows for a return and exploration of the old, like it will open my memory banks and allow me to keep weaving with new understanding, new clarity, new ways of exploring and approaching what is at hand, simply by sitting with and combing through some old moments in time.

New Moon & Retrograde Ritual

So on this New Moon and Retrograde, I invite you to sit with your past.  Light some candles, some inscents, get out your journal and pens and imagine your past sitting beside as a person, a guide, here to teach you and offer you new insight into the present.  Ask your past that sits beside you in the chair,

“How can you give me some ideas on how to move forward?

What perspective do you have to share about my current situation or endeavor?

What would you like me to remember and carry forward with me as I keep going?”

Just set your timers for 6 minutes for each question and let your pen run wild with intuitive guidance.  Do not lift that pen and just journey inward, into the gates of the old where golden nuggets of the past will guide you forward and onward.

This month feels like a solid integration and weaving of many things.  In some ways, it feels like we will finish the quilts, or at least get clear on how to, it will be done.  During this moon cycle if we simply keep weaving, keep going, keeping pushing forward we will achieve our soul’s call.  Allow the old to be weaved into the new, like it guided the fibers home, into where the needed and wanted to be.

And so it is…

Happy Weaving 🙂

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