How to Interpret a Symbol/Message from Spirit.

symbolDo you ever wonder how to interpret or receive symbols from the other side?  Do you question if the feather you found or the word you saw was really a symbol from spirit or just your mind stretching for answers or connection?

I full-heartedly believe that symbols from our loved ones, spirit, the Universe, the Great Mother, our guides…etc. come to us in physical form.  It may be in the most unexpected ways.  Here’s the catch, you can’t look for them, they find you.  You can ask for a sign and allow it to appear but you can not seek it.

When it arrives, when the symbol or sign finds you, your heart palpitates for a second or it causes you to catch your breath.  You feel joy exploding from your chest or sometimes, a simple pause and curiosity.  That word or number you saw for the third time today really claims an awareness in your psyche.  That’s your unconscious poking you from within, saying…”this is a sign.”

But how do you interpret what the other side is saying???

Wait for it….

You sit, you feel, you see what comes to your mind first.  Or you converse with the symbol itself (instructions below).  This is a process to help you connect deep with you for your own answers.

Let me give you an example.  I’m due to have my baby any day now.  I went for a gentle walk during some contractions and found a little baby hawk feather and just instantly felt my heart pick up a new pace.  I felt excited like it were spirit or my baby himself giving me a clue that his arrival into this world was imminent.  As I kept walking I found a large Hawk feather, further validating my message from spirit.  To me I felt like my peeps on the other side were just affirming all will be good, he is coming very, very soon and all is well because I’ve been a bit nervous about my health.  It was simply a feeling, a knowing…a plugged in connection to something beyond me.  I simply had to allow the felt experience, the validation, not pick it apart or interpret it to death and lose the magic of it’s message.  It’s like receiving little love messages or validating and encouraging words on our paths.  Not something we need to make logically legit and prove the science on.

My husband asked, “how do you know it’s a message or sign?” referring to the feathers.  “It’s just a knowing,” a said.  Later that day I happened to take my Medicine Cards book by Jamie Sams out just to see if there were anything else that stood out in her writing about Hawk.  Get this…it actually says that the Hawk’s magical cry could be a sign of the birth of a child.  Like holy shit hey!

But sometimes, the messages don’t come in that clearly. Sometimes, we just need to honor that we have that inner tug, that something resonated…a word, a song, a picture, an object. Let it settle with you, let it gestate, allow a process to unfold.

Getting To Know Your Symbol

Here is a little journal or meditation technique you can use for some of your own inner guidance.

Sit and take some deep breaths, relax fully into your body.  Go to your happy, calm place.  Where is that?  What’s there? What colors do you see?  What sounds do you hear?  Are there any smells?  What sensations are there?

Now imagine the symbol you received sitting beside you on a blanket.  Imagine it were alive, like a being and it wanted to talk to you.  Say hi to it, acknowledge it’s presence.

Ask it…

How are you a message for me?  What do you want tell me?  And let it answer.  Just go with what comes.

I’m flying around you, ready to come.  I’m stalking out the trail, circling my path towards my new home.  I’m close, I’m here…get ready.  (my feather speaking to me…feels like the energy/spirit of my future son).

Is there anything you want to ask the symbol?  Let it answer.

Are you coming this weekend?  Maybe, there is no time here.  I when I see the portal open I will soar down there quickly, like a hawk on the hunt for mice.  Fast, fierce, ready to emerge, like the snap of your fingers.  Quick.

Is there anything I can do to help with your transition into this world?  Just stay relaxed, stay open, calm.  Try not to get antsy and annoyed I’m not coming, allow me to come in Divine Time, when the portal opens.

Will do 🙂  See you soon.  I kiss the feather (which is now a full hawk in my mind’s eye) on the head and thank it for coming.  He sails off and I bow my head in gratitude while bringing my awareness back to the physical world around me.


Just go with what comes, allow things to take shape and change shape.

Hope you enjoyed.



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10 Ways to Spread Love in this Time of Sorrow.

loveIn my morning pages I spewed out the heavy grief I feel for the violence and lives lost in Orlando.  I just don’t understand hate or violence.  It shreds my insides like a butcher to ground meat.  I don’t know what to do with this heavy ball of grief, anger and sorrow blasting around inside of me.  As I wrote I got some inner guidance…SPREAD THE LOVE.  IN THE FACE OF HATE, SPREAD LOVE.  #spreadthelove

So here are some ways that thought I could spread the love. (Join me, create your own love list, or use my ideas, like just spread it around like butter on bread and remember there is still so much love and good in the world).

I remember reading this article (I’m not sure who wrote it or what it was titled) but it had an exercise in it called the Victory Log.  At the end of the day you make a victory log about how you went that extra mile in the day, small acts of kindness and good choices.  It also included accomplishments but I think we shall keep in the love, kindness, good choices and helpful department.

10 Ways to Express Love in the World (Ok actually like 15 ! lol)

Actually pick up the phone and call your grandma, your friends, your sister or whomever needs a pick me up and chat.

-Let someone at the restaurant know that the washroom is out of toilet paper so the person after you doesn’t have to well, um…suffer.

-Smile at people you pass by today.

-Be extra attentive and present with your kids, significant other, friends, etc.  Really listen and be in the moment with them. Connect.

-Go the extra mile, light some candles, make an extra special dinner, buy some flowers or coffee, or cake.  Make today count.

-Make your kids an extra special after school snack like a smoothie rather than a tube of yogurt and imagine it filled with your love.  Watch them sip it in.

-Send someone you love a card and letter.

-Visit someone you know might need your help (your friend who just had a baby or your widowed aunt).

-Set the intent to really bring love into whatever you are doing, whether it be positivity in the workplace, friendliness to a worker, making a super fun game for your kids.

-Be love, spread love, invite love in to your everyday spaces.  Say loving words, be affectionate, show appreciation, be kind, caring, adoring.  Send a loved one a loving text message about all you love about them and why.

-Connect, cuddle, hug, enjoy those you love.  Like really soak it in how lucky you are to have loving friends and family and be grateful today.  It’s so easy to take for granted, but today, soak in the gratitude and love.

-Make a gratitude list.

Pick up the garbage you see on the street.  Care for Mother Earth and show her. 

Water and weed your flower beds with love and appreciation for all the beauty in the world.

-Donate blood or money to a charity close to your heart or to the food bank.

-Do something good today.  Share with us what it is.


Okay, I’ll stop there.  But friends, lets’ unite and be the love we want to see in our world.  Spread it in your everyday life, no grand gesture or act needed but intent, appreciation, gratitude and giving back.  Connect to your community, unite, hold space,hug your family, spread the love!!!  Share your ideas…please!!!! 🙂


And so it is.






Creative Ways to Be “Of Service.”

serviceBeing of service has been on my mind lately.  I am unable to commit to volunteer at a center on a regular basis but feel I need to offer something…love, kindness, support.  I want to be of service to the Universe, to Creation, to my life and my loved ones and came up with a few ideas and alternative, every day life ways we can all be of service in our homes and communities.  (By the way, if you can regular volunteer or offer services somewhere that is fantastic!!)

1. If you see garbage, pick it up.  Be of service to the Earth Mother, show respect and honor to the Earth by picking up empty cans, or garbage on the street or road.  There is no reward for you, just a deep humbling knowing that you are contributing to make the Earth better, cleaner, polluter free.   I mean, how often do you walk by that take out bag on the road.  It matters that it’s there, so pick up  and dispose of it.

2.  Visit your lonely grandma, neighbor, aunt or friend who has a new baby.  We mean well.  We mean to go visit more often but we don’t.  Be of service by offering your heart, your attention, your connection to those who are lonely, isolated or unable to get out as much as they used to.  I know I need to visit my grandmas far more often as well as a couple friends who have newborns and are likely struggling with the shocking transition.  Sometimes, just showing up for someone, is the best offering you can give, no strings attached.  That is love, that is connection, that is Divine.  I just found out my new neighbor is a bit lonely when her husband is away travelling for work.  I will knock on her door and ask her for a walk this week.

3. Become a foster parent for an animal shelter.  I feel the need to share this one because I have done this several times and it is a deep, rich and at times challenging experience.  These rescued pups or animals of any sort need a home, a second chance, be the first to show them what love and kindness really looks and feels like.  My last foster Jamal, a 120+ plus pound Bull-mastiff, had a sweet kind, giant heart and a few behavioural problems.  He wasn’t taught anything, he wasn’t shown love, but he innately trusted humans and was a gentle giant. I continued to exercise my patience and show him love and compassion and understanding.  I wasn’t going to give up on that fellow and he got adopted.  🙂  So rewarding.

4. Go the extra mile for your family, your husband, your children, your parents or your sister.   Make them feel so fully loved, so fully special by preparing two cups of tea, some biscuits, candles and jazz music and simply connect.  Make an extra effort at supper, make it special, exciting, exceptional.  Show up for them fully, whole heartedly…that means put your phone away, turn the computer off and go play hide and seek with your kids.  Be of service to your family, my being present in this beautiful moment.

There are many, many, many other creative ways to be of service.  Being of service is having a conscious intention to show up, to be present, to be kind, to be loving, to be witness or compassionate or caring.  It can be elaborate, it can be with the poor, the sick, the homeless, those in need of extra support (yes, yes yes!!! please do this if you can) but it can also be in your every day life, in your community, in your family and even in your yard.   Please comment on some of your ideas to make the world a more loving, caring place!! 🙂

Be of service, be consciously intent of being love in your love and allow yourself to be Creation in its fullest form. Be love, be joy, be caring, give a shit and show up 🙂

That’s all.

much love



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Celebrating the Sacred Feminine Ways of Motherhood.

momTo all the mothers, especially my mom.  Honoring your beautiful Sacred Feminine ways that all too often are left un-noticed and un-celebrated. This day’s for you!  I honor you and all your beautifully Feminine ways of nurturance, creativity, love, tenderness, intuitive knowing, and connection to magic.  You are Divine!

To all the Moms,

I want to acknowledge all the special ways you invoked the beauty of the Feminine Divine in our lives and made our house a home.  The touches of love and the sparks of joy were ignited by your hands.

You were the anchoring roots in the middle of our storms.  You calmed and soothed us with your presence and care.  You created memories of safety and security that we carried forward in our lives that helped shape all of our future relationships and friendships.

You loved every part of us in a way only a mother knows how.  You made moments special by showing up and giving the exact energy we needed to feel extra special and loved at any given moment. Our fun Friday night dinners, Saturday night fires, or Sunday morning pancakes were all cherished rituals of love.  

You seen us, you knew us at a level only a mother would and you filled our heart spaces with rainbows.  And so often it was not thanked or seen or known for how special it really was. 

You decorated our home each holiday season, bringing in the joy and magic with our decorated Christmas trees, lighting of the candles, the many holiday flowers, letting us paint snow in the already snowy window.  You’d let us taste test the yummy snowballs and short bread cookies each and every year .   You filled our senses with so many memories that each wiff of pine or of baking cookies  invokes a sacred memory and smile.

You made each holiday sparkle with your creative sprinkles.  You invited in the energy of the season, the magic in the air, the joy in our hearts and love in our home.  You made everything special and alive, you were conductor of the orchestra that ignited the life fires inside our bellies and lit the lights in our homes.

You ignited the magic into the mundane and breathed breath into our lives,  You called in the spirits of joy and celebration, sweetness and safety.  You are an alchemist, a magician of love, a gatherer of our people.

Maybe you didn’t even know it but you brought in the fairies and dusted our lives with an enchanted, pure, and innocent fun. Home was like a safe cocoon, a warm fuzzy blanket while you sipped hot cocoa at the fire, all because of your energy. You made our house a home with your sweet, nurturing, creative ways, your Divine Feminine presence.

You caressed and combed, cleaned and cooked with not a single complaint, even though all too often you didn’t get one darn thank-you.

So THANK-YOU mom for all the days you cleaned our clothes, washed our bedding, vacuumed the floors, scrubbed our toilets, ironed our fancy shirts, brought us to  practise, did the dishes alone, bought the groceries, took out the garbage, cooked us the most luscious meals and nobody noticed.  Today I take note, today I acknowledge for all the days I didn’t.  Thank you for nurturing the life spaces that made our life turn round.

Thank-you for the great big ball of love we got every day.  I didn’t know how to value what was so special and sacred then mom, but I do now!  I’m so sorry nobody noticed or took for granted what you did, cause what you did and still do is Divine.

You are far more what you did for us, you were the heart of our home, the epicenter of our family universe that kept the love and light circulating.  You bonded us by weaving love through us and all around.  You are a warrior, a sacred weaver of love webs.  You are a Divine Feminine Goddess who brewed up love and magic and our home was your cauldron.

To all the mothers, special aunties, grandma’s and sisters, you are the blooming flowers of the world, spreading colorful beauty, love and magical enchantment.  You are the “home”-makers or our houses, building us a safe, nurturing, cozy place to exist and grow.  You are the unicorns in the rainbows, the first snow flakes of the season.  You are the womb of all life, all love, all joy. You are the mermaids in the oceans, the full moon and shooting stars in the dark night sky.SACRED ART2

Take a bow, for you are a Goddess.

May you give yourself spoonfuls of your own Divine Love on this magical day.

I bow to you, I honor you.  You matter so much to this world.  You are the breath of all life.  You are the womb of creation.  You are the angel dust in the world, the unseen magical forces that circulates the pulse of the Divine.  You are so Sacred.

Cheers to you and your Divine Feminine, natural ways of Mother.  Happy Mother’s Day.



A Quick And Easy Way to Re-Ignite the Love in Your Marriage. All you need is 5 Minutes.

loveI’m going to let you all in on a little secret.  I read an article just yesterday about the secret to a long lasting marriage.  You know what it was….kindness!  Can you believe the simplicity in that?!  However, it is simultaneously complex because sometimes it’s hard to be kind to the person that can push ALL of your buttons.

It takes some conscious effort to be intentionally kind and thoughtful in our marriages.  It’s easy to overlook and forget the good when life is busy and stressful.  It’s easier to dump out the emotions on our loved one’s for their tiredness or laziness and spear them with complaints how they always fall short or fail us.  I’m guilty, I’ve done it.  I usually do it when my own love tank is empty.  It’s easy to take for granted our significant other and focus on what they do wrong rather then ask for what we need.  But negativity only breeds negativity.

So here’ s a quick little habit I’ve been getting into lately that is really changing my life and transforming my relationship.  It started because of an awful dream I had where my husband left me for an unattractive but kind and loving woman because I was too crotchity and demanding, I always pointed out his flaws rather than appreciate his good.  He said he couldn’t take it anymore and just wanted to feel loved.  It was awful, I woke up changed, burdened, scared and refocused on making sure he knows how much I love him and appreciate the beautiful parts of him I fell in love with.  That unconscious mind is a powerful tool!

Here’s what ya do…

Each morning write 5 things you love about yourself and why.  Let’s get real and responsible here and know that we need to fill our own love tanks too.  So go ahead and toot your own horn! To start your day with five sentences that start with, “I love myself for…” will truly change your life. It’s necessary to appreciate yourself, it builds confidence and self-esteem. If you can’t love and appreciate yourself, you will not be able to receive the love of others. So bring attention to and list your wondrous accomplishments and sweet, nice, loving things you did as a wife, mother, friend or daughter. That’s right, celebrate your good and bright stuff because you simply deserve it. It will feed your self worth and confidence.

Now, do the same for your significant other and remember why you fell in love with this person.  Go on, write those 5 fabulous things about your honey and don’t forget the “why” of your statements.  Maybe you remember how gentle he was with your son yesterday or how how she brought you home a coffee after work or how often he tells you how beautiful he thinks you are. Write down the love, remember it, savour it, wrap yourself in the caress of its presence. You’ll find that as you focus on the good, sweet, and luscious moments in your relationship and of your “boo”, you won’t be so bothered or annoyed when they leave their boots in the middle of the entrance way or the toothpaste cap on the sink. It will roll off your back because you are full and focused on love.  Your memory of their acts of love and amazing qualities and will be present when those less attractive habits show up.  Then you realize they simply are not that important or that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things and in the big picture of your loving relationship.   And remember, you got those unattractive habits too so be gentle.  😉

Side note…you can do this for each one of your kids too and see how you are more calm, grounded and patient when the toilet plugs and there’s cereal all over the floor.

Join me and make yourself a Love Journal.