A Blue Moon Lesson & Releasing Ritual.

blue moonThis month there is just so much going on, isn’t there?  At this Blue Moon (second full moon in one month), we are asked to move through shtuff and let it go.  I’ve been so sensitive this month, really reacting to lots, aware of much coming up for me. Puddles of grief and anger have re-surfaced and I even had to go a Bio-energetic counselling session to literally scream it out.  I twisted towels in anger, banged my feet against a block and allowed to tears to leak out like rushing waterfalls.  I made room to sob.  Yup, I sobbed and sobbed it out.  It was free-ing and exhausting, and it took all I had to give myself permission and space to do it.  I knew it was what needed to be done, even though I  kinda didn’t want to because it isn’t fun or easy.  I’ve been quite low key and low energy since the major release but certainly calmer and clearer.

I’ve come face to face with a pattern this month.  An old and familiar wound.  You see, I’m an Empath, I feel things deeply, I can feel energy and other people’s shtuff.  I can also feel deeply my own truth in my feelings.  I feel like my soul constantly meets these systems, these patriarchal, logical, linear, needing physical, material proof systems that focus on facts.  And my body, my sweet, alive, LOUD, soul expressing, feeling howling body speaks another Truth.

Sometimes the facts don’t align.  I come face to face with logic or someone else’s truth and it doesn’t align with mine.  My feelings,my body, my despair, my fear….they start to scream.  They howl until my gut is all twisted up.  I try and share my feelings, my gut instinct so to speak and it’s denied, ignored or even made fun of.  It’s so out there, so off beat, so opposite of what the facts are saying.  I’m accused of being wrong, or inaccurate or negative or whatever the case may be.

I’ve struggled with my voice, with knowing how to be heard.  With how and where to express some Truths with a capital T when the facts are saying otherwise.

I feel caught…stuck… my awareness is standing between logical truth and Mystery Truth.  A system or a person with authority, even someone in my life is telling me something that is not true for me and I feel a strong pang in my gut, it doesn’t ring true for me.  Something doesn’t feel right.  My body is very attuned, my inner knowing comes far before the facts show up and I have this habit of doubting Her.  Not because I don’t believe her but because I don’t know how to express my knowing and the yet to be revealed facts.  I’ve been rejected and taken a strip off of one too many times for knowing what has not yet been shown.

I reveal the truth to soon because I’m desperate to be heard and understood, even valued by others because I haven’t done that for myself.  I wait for them to give me permission to believe the Mystery of my intuitive, feeling expressing body.  And it doesn’t come, we live in a logic oriented world, where the physical and the logical are more valued and accepted than the magical and emotional.

I don’t trust that people value my feelings or intuitive knowings so I get quiet and deny my body.   I feel like I work hard to try and convince them of a point of view they simply don’t get or can’t see or understand.  And I get stuck in chaos, in anger, and in doubt and uncertainty in myself.  Am I wrong?  Am I missing something?  And I get frozen in that spot. The web of grief overtakes me and I move into the common wound.  I keep thinking I need and want someone to accept my strong feminine nature, my intuitive, emotional feeling ways and celebrate them rather than demean and diminish them and I wallow in the pain of been invalidated or denied.

I see now, it is me who must move from wallowing to being my own salvation.  I must be the people or person who celebrates and accepts and BELIEVES in myself and my gifts no matter what.  If they don’t hear or agree or understand, so what! I doesn’t mean I’m wrong or I need to explain myself better, it means I simply must find another door or road to support the Truth.  It’s a signpost leading me to another direction, not a rejection letter.

I can find another way, another door, another road, another person who hears me and validates me.  I can find support where there is support. I can ask the universe, my angels, my guides to lead the way, show me another road or trail that can support my knowing or Truth.  I don’t have to dwell in the cell of rejection, or feeling of being un-valued or unheard.  I don’t need to waste my time trying to get heard by people and systems who have dead ears.  I can go another way, I can find another trail where we all play the same harp songs.

I go through this lesson over and over to remember it is in my own self-acceptance.  I’ve come into this world to accept myself even if I am different, not to be accepted by others.  The later will come when I do the work first.  It’s like a sacred relationship with myself, a testing, a learning curve.  I get there….eventually but I need not keep going through the long, treacherous painful process of self-doubt.  Usually when the Truth finally reveals itself I’m full of buckets and pockets of grief and pain because I REJECTED MYSELF.  I knew all along and I didn’t believe myself, instead I followed what the doctor, or lawyer or other person unable to hear my Truth because the facts had not yet come.  And I’m tired of rejecting myself!  In fact I will no longer do it!

So on this full and blue moon, let’s howl it out.  Sing some songs, scream, twist towels in anger and release it out.  Get our voices out into the universe and sing our soul songs.  Play some fun,uplifting music and sing along.  Scream out what you no longer will carry.  Scream out your worth, your value, your gifts.  Scream out a love song yourself!

A BLUE MOON RITUAL:blue moon ceremony

Alright, let’s make this fun and magical.  Put on something blue, a blue scarf, shirt, blue nail polish, a necklace or ring.  Or all of the above!   Have some candles, light some incense, heck even get a couple fireworks.  Light a small fire outside or even candles and write on papers what you wish to release and burn that shit up!

I release…

Self- Doubt – Burn it!

Control – Burn it!

Frustration and anger- Burn it!

Grief – Burn it!

Now Make another list and carry it with you.


I choose self-love, self-acceptance.

I choose to another another’s point of view.

I choose to another my point of view.

I choose to allow myself to work with the Mystery to be guided and find my way, my voice, my path.

I choose to believe in magic.

I choose to accept my glorious gifts and share them, not hide them.

I choose to honor myself and others.


I ask you Great Spirit, Grandmother moon, my guides, ancestors, angels, helpers and all beings who love me to show me and guide…

My way

My expression of my soul easily and freely

An easy manifestation of my soul work

The formal and form you best want me to express myself.

Lead me, I shall follow.

To wrap up this ritual do something you do once in a blue moon, like taking a skinny dip, have a unique supper like a fondue or buy champagne and toast the moon.  Make a Moon Garden, a place in your yard with special stones and objects or fairy houses, anything unique and special on this special occasion.  Celebrate this rare moment in time but doing something fun and radical for yourself or for you and your significant other.   

Enjoy this once this beautiful Blue Moon and release the old while welcoming in the new!  This is a time or major healing and releasing.

And so it is!

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A Full Moon Ceremony for the Eclipse – A Letting Go Ritual…

releasing moonHappy Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse!!  Are you ready??? Here we goooooo…….

This full moon and eclipse are interesting.  There’s a lot of intense energies brewing.  Lunar eclipses are about endings and release.  We have started to set in motion new energies and new beginning with the solar eclipse and new moon a couple weeks ago and now we are asked to release.  Release something of the old…an old habit, an old thought, an old way of doing something.  It’s a final clearing, a good-bye for the long haul, a release…

Perhaps it finally loses our grip on us because we see it differently or finally see the ridiculousness of how and why we’ve convinced ourselves to hold on to it in our lives for so long.   In Manitoba, we thought spring had finally sprung and another sprinkling of the white stuff came and snowed on our parade.  And yet, I feel it so symbolic with the full moon.  It’s like one final visit, one final hoorah of the old ways showing up in our face.  One final un-welcomed surprise and discomfort in the cold to really ignite and fire up our deep desire for lasting change and release.

So what is it you’d like to let go of on this Full Moon and lunar eclipse?

Full Moon Ceremony – Release it out!letting go3

Today or tonight we shall ceremony in honor of this full moon.  We release what no longer serves us.

Gather your friends and/or family.  Light some candles and some incense.  Have everyone write out what they are releasing and why on a piece of paper.  Ask yourselves and write the following…

-when did the old come into your life?

-what have been the gifts of its presence if your life?

– what has life been like living with this part of the old shadow self?  What have been the struggles?

– Why do you want to release this?

– Express a goodbye.

Why are you done and breaking up with this part of the old shadow, the wounded ways of being and acting out?  Say good-bye, wish it well but you are done.  You are parting ways.  A death and rebirth cycle is at hand.  It’s a shedding, like a snake losing it’s skin.

When you are done, read allowed your paper and burn it.  Release it to the Earth Mother or the wind as they will transform the old energies into new life.  Close the energy of the ceremony by sprinkling some salt, tobacco or cornmeal on the ground and blow out the candles. Thank the Earth Mother, Grandmother Moon and the Universe at large for being witness and support for you during this ceremony.  And so it is…

I feel the need to buy a little plant to honor this death, and rebirth process.  That it symbolizes my release of an old stuck habit and start fresh, new and re-birthed committing myself and my path fully.  Join me in this if you wish 🙂

A final thought on this Full Moon…

I pulled two cards from two different decks and wouldn’t you know it they were both called Intuition.  It was funny because I pulled the second card because I wasn’t sure the first one really fit.  I started doubting and using my mind and logic and not my regular inner ways of knowing.  As I sat and reflected I chuckle how even my process of doubt is mirrored in their message.

Even in releasing once and for all this old way, this old crutch, this old pattern on this full moon, I kept re-turning to it when I allowed my mind to reason or trick me out of my knowing.  I would rationalize my way back to the old and not hold true to my inner knowing or true inner need.  It was easier to do the old way than to form a new pattern and new route.  So here we go, down this new road on this full moon and eclipse.  No more looping and circling down the old, shadowy roads.

I leave you with the Intuition card message from Lynn Andrews Power Deck.

” From the left side of your body comes your female energy, whether you are a man or woman.  Within this femaleness, this feminine consciousness, lives your intuition.  Intuition is the intelligence of your body-mind.  You feel what is true with your body-mind, rather that know what is true with your mind.  Intuition doesn’t have clouds of accumulated knowledge to distort your vision.  Intuition simply sees what is the truth.  Within intuition you can feel the source of your being without reasoning it away and being filled with doubt.  Doubt destroys your intuition.  Find your power always in balance between mind and intuition.”

This is Day 9 or the Day Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge.  (Yup I took a day off yesterday teehee as I had many family commitments on the holiday but enjoyed them immensely).

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A Writing Ritual for the Cancer Full Moon.

writing moonHappy Full Moon!!!  This month and new year, we have the Full Moon fall in the sign of Cancer.  And it’s potent!

Yesterday I felt an inner agitation, emotional, and weepy.  It felt like I was sitting in a classroom having to listen to nails scratching on the chalk board, I was buzzing with agitation and the urge to run. Things are coming up so they can be fully released.  As I laid in bed last night I just allowed myself to see that this emotional energy is a gift, a message from my soul and from Source guiding me along my path.  I seen it like a bag full of information to sit with and guide me in my life regarding certain circumstances and even as big as my life purpose.   All I had to do was sit with it and feel it.  Today I feel much better, full of optimism and excitement at the changes that lie ahead, all just cause I sorted through the bag and listened to the emotional gifts.

I menstruate with the full moon so the emotional intensity is generally quite high during these times for me.  I peak emotionally with the full moon, that’s when the emotional and intuitive information comes forth brightly, and at full force as the moon shines bright in the sky.  Throw in a Full Moon in Cancer, a water sign and you can understand my emotional intensity and the loads of wisdom trying to come through and guide me.  With the New Moon starting in last year’s term, this full moon feels like we are dealing with and wrapping up the emotional cargo of last year.

I was guided to pull two tarot cards for this Full Moon and the first was a water card, an emotional card with the #5 called Emotional Loss.  Fitting…just fitting!  It speaks to honoring our losses, perhaps of the last year or the past four year cycle in general.  It’s easy to stuff down, ignore, or rationalize our losses and believe we are done with them but it’s also important to take time and grieve, feel, release and allow ourselves to fully let go of  all the different depths of these emotions. Like really absorb their gifts and then let go.  I went through something life changing, even shattering, completing altering my life course just over four years ago and for a long time my life was chaos and in survival mode, just getting through all the change.  And last year I got to sit and settle and allow myself to root for the first time in five years.

This year is now about action, about starting the new…new life, new phase, new cycle.  That means many new beginnings and experiences.  It’s like we are at the crux of the old and the new and we simply need to sit and reflect, feel and absorb all we went through and then release.  And in doing so, you allow room for the new energies, new beginnings to move in and begin to take shape.

The second card that came up was a major card called Truth or in a traditional tarot deck called Judgement..  It speaks to a spiritual awakening, a revelation of truth.  I feel if we allow our selves to feel our emotional losses, feel the gratitude, blessings and wisdom of the dark moments we’ve experienced, we will be lead to the Truth, that’s truth with a capital T.  We have learned and gained wisdom from the depths of our losses, and dare I say that they had great purpose to them.  The Truth card speaks to a significant change with this realization as well, that indeed a significant change must be made in some aspects of our life with our new found wisdom.  So go ahead, reflect on the endings and losses from last year or even four year cycle with this writing ritual.


If you can wait until the dark night sky and allow the Moon to shine her bright beams.  Start with lighting a candle.  Maybe you want to smudge or simply light an incense.  Get your self a nice cup of tea, your journal, paper and a pen.  Sit at your altar if you have one or close by and take in three deep breaths.

Allow yourself to imagine the losses of the past year or the past four year cycle transforming into a person, a being, you are sitting with and having a conversation. Take out your pen and paper and just let your hand flow, no thinking about anything and just let the losses speak to you as a person sitting right next to you.  What do they have to say to you?  Why did they came into your life?   What were the gifts of their presence?  Then say back on paper, what you need to say to this presence as well.  Get everything off your chest.  Then list and voice out loud what you are grateful for from the losses. What new things, gifts, or aspects came about through them?  For me I found a confidence and strength in me I could not have known.  I came closer and closer to Spirit.  I found true love.  etc. etc.  When it feels complete to you imagine saying good-bye to this person of loss and imagine them floating up into the night sky, like a soul moving from the physical world to the spirit world.  See them floating and vanishing into new radiant energy, released and transformed into energy that the universe can use for Good. As you sit there feel the beams of Grandmother Moon caressing you, holding you and shining light and love into you, like you were a tea cup filling with water.  Absorb the light, feel lit.  Enjoy it.

You can release the papers into the wind or burn them if you wish. To wrap up the ritual, blow out your candle and thank yourself, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon and the Universe for being present.

Some final thoughts…

At this full moon things have come to a point of crisis or change.  We feel so rattled, so needing a change and new way of being we must DO something different.  We need to take action and shake up the norm.

It feels like a bursting, explosion, eruption of all that was and now we stand there with the shards all around us.  There are many directions, many paths.  It’s time to plot out our own.  It’s time to choose one and begin the trek onward into the new. It’s time for something new.  We are no longer locked in one place or stuck carrying all the heavy emotional stuff of the past, we need to decide how we will now move out into the world.  What is our purpose?  What do we want?  How can I try something different to get the cage wheel going in a new direction?  What excites me or is pulling my attention?  So this full moon, try something different from now til the end of the month.  Take a new class, start a new challenge, meet someone new.  Just do something different and toss your desire for something new into the wind.

And so it is!

Happy Full Moon.



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Completion & Letting Go Ritual

letting go“Moon is now void as she moves from Pisces, the last sign in the astrological mandala to Aries, the first sign…so you may feel as if you’re somewhere between the old & the new, with memories or dreams of past events which have left a big emotional imprint resurfacing along with a resolve to do things differently.”  From Source: The Moon Woman on Facebook.

Here we are right in the pocket of the old and the new.  Can we simply enjoy the space of being in between an end and a new beginning?  Is anything resolving and completing itself naturally, rhythmically, spiritually? It’s quite magical if you indulge yourself in the dark cavernous birth canal between the worlds, finishing up and completing the old before we are born into the new life, new year, new way of being.

Did you have any magical or interesting dreams last night?

I did, and it fit quite precisely with the moon.  Someone who deeply hurt and betrayed me finally came clean to everything he did and owned up to the pain he caused.  He allowed me to ask him questions and get answers about the events.  He opened himself up to share the truth.  It validated my instincts and inner knowings of the events.  I knew what was occurring even though he continued to deny, deny, deny.  I feel a sense of peace and detachment about it this morning, like there’s a completion, an ending.  Even though the acknowledgment only happened in the dream time I know in some ways it still happened.  I know that he can not go that place in the physical world, but perhaps in the dream world, or spirit world, his soul has the ability to own and stand in truth.  It feels good, like the jagged end to his spear can finally be pulled out, I’m free to move on now, for myself…I got what I needed and there’s a completion…an ending…a moving on.

Earlier this week I found myself writing his name on a piece of paper anointed with drops of tea tree and peppermint oil after a difficult encounter we had.  I released the energy chords between us and detached from him as I burnt the paper on the snow outside. I stood there and watched the flames eat up the paper and transform it to ashes…death and rebirth. Completeness.  I am done.  The final nail is in the coffin.

And last night with my dream, I feel like it finally happened…completion. Now I can move fully through the birth canal, close to new life, detached and free from the tethers of the old.  Dreams are messengers for the soul, the unconscious and our deep, sometimes untouched emotions.  They are symbols and messages that guide us in the physical world.  I encourage you to keep a dream journal if you don’t already.  Dreaming is an ancient gift, a natural form of spiritual and emotional conversations between ourselves and the universe at large.

So as you are in the birth canal between the old and new, ask yourself what are you detaching from…completing…ending and letting go of as we close this year?  Do you need to release yourself from the someone’s energy, a certain place, an old habit, or some sort of thing?  Try writing their name or the name of the place or thing you want to fully, energetically, cut your chords from and release.  Drop thirteen drops of peppermint oil or sage oil or tea tree oil and burn the paper.  As it burns move your arms in swishing, cutting motion to cut and break any energetic chords  around your body that have kept you tied to the past, this person, this place or this thing.  Say, “I cut you from my life, I release you and free myself.  And so it is.”

Visualize yourself with golden, bright light soothing your aura, your body’s energetic parameters and feel the radiant, golden, beaming sensation of being free to simply be you in this very moment, free of the past and ready to be born into the new.

Aho and so it is 🙂

lettign go2

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