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A Blue Moon Lesson & Releasing Ritual.

This month there is just so much going on, isn’t there?  At this Blue Moon (second full moon in one month), we are asked to move through shtuff and let it go.  I’ve been so sensitive this month, really reacting to lots, aware of… Continue Reading “A Blue Moon Lesson & Releasing Ritual.”

A Full Moon Ceremony for the Eclipse – A Letting Go Ritual…

Happy Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse!!  Are you ready??? Here we goooooo……. This full moon and eclipse are interesting.  There’s a lot of intense energies brewing.  Lunar eclipses are about endings and release.  We have started to set in motion new energies and new… Continue Reading “A Full Moon Ceremony for the Eclipse – A Letting Go Ritual…”

A Writing Ritual for the Cancer Full Moon.

Happy Full Moon!!!  This month and new year, we have the Full Moon fall in the sign of Cancer.  And it’s potent! Yesterday I felt an inner agitation, emotional, and weepy.  It felt like I was sitting in a classroom having to listen to… Continue Reading “A Writing Ritual for the Cancer Full Moon.”

Completion & Letting Go Ritual

“Moon is now void as she moves from Pisces, the last sign in the astrological mandala to Aries, the first sign…so you may feel as if you’re somewhere between the old & the new, with memories or dreams of past events which have left… Continue Reading “Completion & Letting Go Ritual”

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