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June New Moon Energy and Ritual

Chaos to calm, getting centered, finding clarity through confusion, learning, process, messages from the struggle, finding one’s way to calm and peace through the storm. These are words that come to mind right now. It feels like a volcanic time with lots of emotional… Continue Reading “June New Moon Energy and Ritual”

June New Moon Ritual. Cleansing & a Turtle.

Happy New Moon Friends! Well this is an interesting New Moon,usually new moons are about setting new intentions, staring new beginnings…but this one feels like we must clear out the old energies first.  This New Moon feels like a festive time to clean the… Continue Reading “June New Moon Ritual. Cleansing & a Turtle.”

June New Moon Energies – Fresh & Focused.

Happy New Moon (One day late lol, good thing it lasts 3 days) This new moon feels fresh, like a new beginning, a new chance, a fresh outlook.  Now that Mercury  is done its’ retrograde, we feel more clear on what to do and… Continue Reading “June New Moon Energies – Fresh & Focused.”

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