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Winter Solstice Ritual

Happy Solstice darkest day of the year for those of us in northern hemisphere ! As we move into winter the Sun actually begins his return toward us and starts the cycle towards new light. This feels hopeful. These past few weeks have been… Continue Reading “Winter Solstice Ritual”

December Energies and Call for Deep Rooted Change

I’ve been on a deep inner retreat within, searching for my soul bones and resuscitating my deepest Self back to life. This New Moon eclipse has been a potent one, stirring up and awakening what is deep within that wants to come alive and… Continue Reading “December Energies and Call for Deep Rooted Change”

October Full Moon Energies and Ritual

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This past month has been something hasn’t it??!! With Mercury and Jupiter in retrograde, it has felt like endless roadblocks, hills, pot holes and twists and turns. Alas Mercury and Jupiter have come out of retrograde and things feel like they are getting clearer.… Continue Reading “October Full Moon Energies and Ritual”

August Full Moon Releasing Ritual for New Beginnings

This is my Goddess Tara statue. I bought her after my divorce. I had just bought my own little house and I had started a new job and slowly getting my bearings and new life established after a bad end to a marriage. I… Continue Reading “August Full Moon Releasing Ritual for New Beginnings”

Current Energies and Healing Ritual to Prepare for Solstice

The energies feel a bit like a pressure cooker as we head towards the solstice. Just like a budding flower there is construction before expansion. This allows for a shaking loose, a releasing, and removing of what is in the way of our expansion.… Continue Reading “Current Energies and Healing Ritual to Prepare for Solstice”

A Powerful Solstice Ritual and Intention Setting for New light

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“Whatever you do, don’t try and escape from your pain, but be with it.  Because the attempt to escape from pain creates more pain.” – The Tibetan book of Living and Dying. I’ve been thinking a lot about of suffering lately.  What a year… Continue Reading “A Powerful Solstice Ritual and Intention Setting for New light”


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This New Moon and Solar Eclipse is a powerful point to declare your intentions, your dreams, your goals and deep desires. It’s a time of deep visioning and dream building as we will soon approach the powerful Solstice with its amazing astrological aspects welcoming… Continue Reading “A POWERFUL FAMILY NEW MOON RITUAL TO DECLARE NEW INTENTIONS”

The Gift of Friction

Friction. It’s there…rubbing the edges of my soul. Irritating something within me so Spirit gets my attention. I’ve come across a discord, a spot and area in my life that feels prickly and slightly uncomfortable . My work is going to shift soon, I… Continue Reading “The Gift of Friction”


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Happy New Moon my friends. This is the second new moon in the Cancer Zodiac sign. And boy, it sure is an interesting energy. This moon I feel a bit cranky and maybe you do too. Our relationships are and emotional “stuff” connected to… Continue Reading “CALL IN SOME MAGIC AND PEACE ON THIS NEW MOON.”


HOLY MOLY!! This full moon and eclipse is an intense one. We are in that gamut…the pocket…the crevasse of healing and transforming. And it’s hard to be in, uncomfortable, we feel squirley and don’t know how to stand in it. Perhaps there’s pockets of… Continue Reading “A POWERFUL FULL MOON & ECLIPSE MEDITATION”

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