June New Moon Energy and Ritual

Chaos to calm, getting centered, finding clarity through confusion, learning, process, messages from the struggle, finding one’s way to calm and peace through the storm.

These are words that come to mind right now. It feels like a volcanic time with lots of emotional eruptions and loss of self or loss of centering. It’s a time of chaos and overwhelm to make us root back down into our selves. It’s a time of cleansing and purification, a deep learning about oneself through challenges and struggles.

I feel held and weighed down by overwhelm and I’ve let it consume me. The amount of energy coming at me has enveloped me and I’ve lost my way, I’ve lost my centre, my calm, my rooted stance. So I step back and take up more space than the chaos. I create even more space between me and the chaos and stand calmly at the centre of the storm as it swirls around me like wretched grey storm clouds spiralling in the winds. I don’t get pulled in, I just witness and stay calm, trusting that I will not get pulled in as I stand firmly in my strength and power. (Or at least remind myself over and over to go to the centre and find the calm).

I have been a ball of anxiety lately and as I sat with my anxiety I let it it become a being or a symbol. I let it speak to me as though it were it’s own energetic being. It showed up as a punk angry teenager with slicked, greasy hair, ripped jeans and a leather jacket… and it/he let me have it. It told me how angry he was and how I need to call my power and strength back rather than let it leak all over the place and move into chaos and overwhelm. It asked for structure and organization, a map for my energy. As I let its’ needs spew onto the page the heaviness lessened. I imagined walking into the overwhelm as my strongest self and allowed myself to envision an image of my inner warrior Queen. I’m wearing red, flowing clothes (for grounding I imagine ) and have diamond jewelled bindis between and above my eye browns. I’m tall and fierce and wear a head wrap around my hair. My stance is linear and majestic. I imagine being this Self with my eyes closed and allow that energy to spread and expand into my body, feeling the energy of my inner warrior Queen ooze into my blood vessels and pump throughout my body. I savour the breaths of this energy.

I stand and breathe in this place and invite you to do the same. Invite your struggles to speak to you. Close your eyes and imagine your challenge were a being. What does it look like? Old or young? Male, female, animal or nature? What colours or unique qualities do you notice. Let it tell you what it is trying to say through your body… perhaps you just want to write for five minutes (timed) and free flow without letting your pen leave the page. Hear your struggle and assure it you will do your part to ease the symptoms .

Call in a feeling of harmony, love, peace, calm, strength or whatever you need and imagine it to be a golden ball of light spreading and expanding through your body. Savour the breaths and breathe it in.

“This current challenge or struggle is here to strengthen you. It is a process of strengthening and learning of heart, body and soul. You are preparing for your “real work ” . This is simply the preparation, so embrace the learning.” ( a message from my guides).

Happy New Moon ūüėė


A Simple Dark Moon Ritual

dark moonToday we celebrate the dark moon energy.  The final days before the New Moon where we reflect, contemplate, and go inward.  I am always low energy during this time, my body is intuitively trying to guide me into quiet contemplation.  I have been struggling with a lingering cold or flu that keeps coming and going.  I feel like it is a continuance of the purging, the dying, ending of some old energy.

So today we keep it simple.  Reflect back at the New Moon, what were your goals and intentions for this moon cycle?  What came about during the process?  It was a time of new beginnings and beginning to labour new life and simultaneously go through death of the old this past month.  It was intense, lots of energy, energy dying and energy coming alive.  Phewf!

So reflect, take in, absorb and release at this dark moon.  Maybe go back and explore what we were is process of birthing and and hold your belly while we are still laboring.  Write to it, talk to it, sit with it, hold it and talk it through the birth process. What does it need from you?

What has the labouring felt like?

What has hindered the labour?

What have been the labour pains?

Is the name of this new “creative baby” clear?

Do you feel like you know what you are birthing or is it a surprise when it comes?

A Simple Ritual:

Light a candle, sit in silence, run a bath.  Just do something where you can sit with your intuition, the voice of the Divine Feminine within you.  Set a timer 15 minutes if you must and hide out in the bathroom.  Just do something.  Doodle, write and allow the life (actual or creative) inside you to speak to you.  Let it guide you in the birthing process.  For me I doodle and draw images that come and write.  Get quiet, listen and hear the silent whispers, images and instincts guiding you.

Maybe you want to draw upon some tarot cards, angel cards or power cards to guide you in this time as well.  Just connect to the Divine in silence, prayer and visioning.

Align your energy with Grandmother Moon and see your dreams, desires and visions manifest.

And so it is.



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Celebrating The Beauty of Your Ordinary – Today’s Sacred Task

ordinary“I ask for the wisdom to appreciate the sparkle of my child’s ordinariness… I ask for a reminder of my own ordinariness and the ability to bask in its beauty.” Shefali Tsabary – The Conscious Parent.

Reading this shot an arrow into my heart. ¬†I struggled with eating disorders and an addiction to perfectionism for many years. ¬†I was obsessed with being the best at everything I did like it were a drug that kept my sense of worth and value out of withdrawal. ¬†I didn’t believe who I was was enough or quite frankly even important. ¬†It’s not because I had bad parents its’ because we live in a culture that only celebrates success, achievement and accomplishment and when you are solely seen for your actions and endeavors you get a complex. ¬†We all want recognition and validation. ¬†We all want to be seen and heard and appreciated. ¬†Why does it need to come in the form of a success?

Let’s change this for ourselves and for our children. ¬†Let’s “bask in the beauty” of ordinary. ¬†I love that!

We don’t celebrate the ordinary, simple, beautiful aspects of being. ¬†Nobody celebrates your messy cooking process (which I call my creativity in the kitchen) or your sweet gentle soul rubbing the backs of your children before they go to sleep each night. ¬†Let’s do that! ¬†Let’s celebrate our ordinary ways of being. ¬†Let’s even celebrate our mediocre skills. ¬†It’s uniquely, wonderfully you. ¬†I suck at laundry, and I can own it, laugh at it and just enjoy that fun, quirky fact.

When I was doing some intense healing work on myself I forced myself to step out of perfectionism box by having a goal to not try and be the best and I forced myself to not try my best because my best was full tilt, way past my limits and a give all to get all kind of approach. I’d lose my balance, my well-being, my marbles…just to end up on top and feel like I was enough. ¬†I was foaming at the mouth for a sense of worth and esteem. ¬†So I set my sights on a new target….I wanted to be middle of the pack. ¬†I didn’t want to be the best, instead be average. It was freeing, I actually starting enjoying what I was doing. ¬†I could take a run with no time limits or distance markers to accomplish, I could just move my body and run freely. ¬†It brought me back in my body, in the moment, in the experience and not the outcome. ¬†I could play baseball and drop the ball without feel ashamed or embarrassed, I could be gentler and laugh. ¬†My success was no longer my lifeline and it allowed fun to move in.

But hoowahhhh! It was also tough. ¬†It allowed my true wounds and holes to emerge so I could heal them, not soothe them with a medal or academic achievement. ¬†That’s when true and lasting change happened.

So today, let’s celebrate our ordinariness, our average skills or aspects of the self. Let’s celebrate the ordinary things we do each day that perhaps are not celebrated or recognized and shift the idea that who we are is what we do. ¬†Our beingness, our intimate connections, our soul connections are just as, if not more important, in the world than what we do. ¬†People will remember who you were, how you made them feel, your qualities, not what you did in this life.

Today’s Sacred Task:

Celebrate your ordinary. ¬†Own it like a beautiful new scarf and flaunt it for us. ¬†Share what you’ve got. Find at least 8 wonderfully, beautiful ordinary things about yourself and shine the light on it: ¬†Your beingness is just as important in the word, the unseen, unnoticed things that make the world go round. ¬†Start celebrating for yourself and see what happens ūüôā

Here’s a few aspects of my beautiful ordinary:

1) I try and paint beautiful pictures but truthfully, I’m not that great at it. ¬†It’s fun trying!

2) I’m messy in the kitchen when I cook and have learned to call it my creative process and taught my husband to call it the same ūüėČ

3) I thrive in organized chaos, my work desk is always this way.

4) I love going for walks in the woods with my son, it’s simple and ordinary and awesome.

5) I let my son beat me more often than not at Trouble or card games.

6) I’m romantic, I buy flowers and write notes to my husband on rainy days and Mondays.

7) I hate cleaning, I’d way rather cut the grass or shovel the driveway, heck even take out the garbage.

8) I pretend I’m a world famous singer and lip sync like a bat out of hell while I cook supper. ¬†Pink has because my alter ego.

It’s your turn…

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This is Day 17 of the 30 Day Challenge ūüôā




Today’s Challenge – Stretch Your Happy!

happy“Happiness is not ready made. ¬†It comes from your own actions.” ¬†The Dalai Lama.

Don’t you wish happiness would just find itself in your life, like a magical spell from the butt end of a magic stick and boom…happiness and bliss. ¬† Awe well, we know that’s not how she works!

You gotta make yourself happy, you have to approach life how She is and hug it out. Embrace it.  Love it.  Own it like you are trusting the Divine Plan for you and your soul.

I know, I know, you are not in the best job, maybe not in the best relationship or making the best amount of money.  I say, own it! Love it! Indulge and roll around in what is like it was the best, most perfect scenario for you at this moment.  Love it like it were a special letter sent from the Divine directly to you.  Would you receive it lovingly or demand more?

Now this doesn’t mean we can’t want more or be on a path towards our ultimate. ¬†Yes, let’s do that…definitely!! ¬†All I’m saying is don’t hate the stepping stone you are on at this time. ¬†In fact, I’m saying love it with all your might.

Happiness is a choice, an action, a decision to see with ultimate trust in the Divine plan for you, or you can put on the ugly, fugly, grumpy glasses and choose another sight.  Are you a bowl of cherries or a well of negativity?

When I first go divorced I had to take some jobs that I didn’t love just so I could support myself and my new baby out on my own. ¬†I could have been bitter, and truthfully there may have been days I was, but I chose to appreciate what those jobs offered me at the time knowing they would not be my forever jobs. ¬†I didn’t always feel great doing them or at the end of the day felt depleted but instead of feeding into that negativity, that pitty party, I would did deep and journal (well at least on most days). ¬†Sometimes I’d have to journal mid tears, in my car at lunch hour to remind myself that this is not permanent and there are gifts among the challenge. ¬†My tear drops would hit the pages as I’d refocus my soul on the good in the less than great scenario. ¬†I tell ya, those challenging experiences fed my confidence and trust in myself like nothing else could. ¬†I am far more secure and confident in life and the universe as a whole as well as in my instincts than I ever was because of those less than ideal situations.

Amidst the painful and even dreadful days at times, I’d journal on what the jobs did provide me such as a solid income to pay my rent, bills, food, car, diapers, etc. ¬†It provided me stability while I worked on building a new foundation with life out on my own, now with a child. ¬†It gave me freedom to leave my unhealthy, hurtful marriage.

There is happiness everywhere if we can choose to clean the dirt off the gem we are holding in our hands.

Even now, I struggle in relationships, I’m an airy, fairy who¬†loves her freedom. ¬†I need it. ¬†I hate being tied down, I’ve actually grown to be too independent, that I’ve at times closed my heart. ¬†I’ve used independence as a shield, as a defense, as a protection for not needing anybody. ¬†Relationships are my portals to soften my heart, ask for help, soften my protection and ultimately heal my wound in trusting men to be loving, consistent, caring, solid creatures that will love and protect.

So that means, my relationship isn’t perfect because it’s a container of my healing, it’s mirroring to me my sore spots and areas I need more work. ¬†I shall repeat, it ain’t perfect. Haha! ¬†I get in my airy, fairy mode and at times crave being on my own, not because I don’t love my new husband, but because it is my defense. ¬†It’s my comfort zone, I like full blown wing expanding freedom to soar out in the world my way, on my terms and on my own clock. ¬†It’s easier, more self indulgent, more me, me, me. ¬†So when I get all crotchedy in my relationship I journal the gift of it. ¬†What great things does it bring? ¬†What am I learning and healing in this moment? ¬†Maybe it’s how to properly express myself, or voice my needs or learning to be less selfish. Is it always easy…hell no! As I’m sure many of you can relate. It takes work, commitment, sacrifice, attention, presence, choice, action, responsibility. ¬†All those things that are not always a walk in the park.

However, this marriage, this relationship, this man, has provided me with the most amount of love, of healing, of consistency or trust than I have ever had in my lifetime. ¬†The gifts of this marriage far out weigh life on my own with my airy, fairy wings never fully committing to anything. ¬†Isn’t that what it’s all about? ¬†I’ll learning to balance my gypsy soul while being a wife and mother. ¬†It’s redefining womanhood for me. ¬†And you know what, it’s what sparks my soul! ¬†It is my art…learning to live as a wild, tribal, vibrant soul in this modern day world. ¬†It’s redefining traditional roles into new realms, new expansions, new expressions. ¬†It`s discovering how to walk with Aliveness even in the mundane. It’s redefining Feminine and everything that goes with it. ¬†It’s powerful and intense and blissful and dreadful and everything in between. ¬†Now that’s happiness!

So happiness is perhaps a choice, an embracing of the gifts and lessons we are learning in this precious moment with people, circumstances, scenarios that can help our souls heal and expand out into the world. ¬†It’s about squeezing the good, happy juices out of whatever circumstance that is less than perfect in our minds. The Divine offers us these moments and realities as gateways to the next stone. ¬†When you learn the lessons and gifts and find the joy on the leap pad you are on, you get to move on forward, it’s simply universal law.

Journal Prompts of the Day for Your Wild, Luscious, Soulful Self: 

So stretch your happy muscles and find the good, no the great in the challenging circumstances. Where are you struggling and what are the gifts of the struggles or the imperfections in your work, love life, financial situation or boring old routine? Do share!! ūüôā

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That is today’s Day 16 of the 30 Day Wild, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge. ¬†(Had some technical difficulties yesterday, sorry folks)

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Today’s Challenge – Get Outside & Awaken!

images (1)Today’s challenge is simple….if you can get outside! Get moving, walking, raking, shaking. ¬†Just move your body’s energy. Call up a friend and go for a walk in a park, go for a run, dance it out with the kids. ¬†Just move your lymphatic fluid, squeeze your muscles and get those veins pumping. ¬†If you can let’s be outside, if you can’t that’s okay, open a window and make it work.

Get a natural high from sniffing in the fresh air, get stronger from being present to the bold standing trees standing so tall for hundreds of years, no matter what the seasons.  Awaken with the crisp, cool breeze caressing your face.  Let the sunlight kiss your skin, and radiate your life force energy alive.  Soak it in and stoke that inner fire.

Move your body as though it were a sacred tool, a gift from the Divine for you to indulge in the senses and magical experiences in the physical world. ¬†That body is Sacred so treat Her/Him like it deserves. ¬†It’s the instrument of your soaking in the luscious rainbows, the dewy grass, the songs of the songbirds, the kiss of the breeze, the joy beams of the sun. You get to walk on the Earth Mother because of your amazing feet taking you from place to place. ¬†Your body¬†is a magic box, converting life all around you into experiences, feelings, sensations and holds the universal portal to the Divine. ¬†That’s fucking magic!

Celebrate your body by being in nature and enjoy it as a Divine conduit. ¬†Nature is your mirror, what do you see? ¬†How is it a reflection of you golden soul and sacred body? ¬†Absorb it all in. ¬†What are the highlights? ¬†Do share in the comments below. Write about it, journal, picture it up. ¬†But most of all…soak it in!

Move your body, own your body, shake your body and invoke the fires of aliveness, enjoy your flesh, your bones, your fat, your skin, your veins, your feet, your arteries, your muscle, your tissue, your soft, sensual skin.

BE ALIVE and so it is!!  Day 15 of the 30 Day Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge.  Feed that soul baby!




A Full Moon Ceremony for the Eclipse – A Letting Go Ritual…

releasing moonHappy Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse!! ¬†Are you ready??? Here we goooooo…….

This full moon and eclipse are interesting. ¬†There’s a lot of intense energies brewing. ¬†Lunar eclipses are about endings and release. ¬†We have started to set in motion new energies and new beginning with the solar eclipse and new moon a couple weeks ago and now we are asked to release. ¬†Release something of the old…an old habit, an old thought, an old way of doing something. ¬†It’s a final clearing, a good-bye for the long haul, a release…

Perhaps it finally loses our grip on us because we see it differently or finally see the ridiculousness of how and why we’ve convinced ourselves to hold on to it in our lives for so long. ¬† In Manitoba, we thought spring had finally sprung and another sprinkling of the white stuff came and snowed on our parade. ¬†And yet, I feel it so symbolic with the full moon. ¬†It’s like one final visit, one final hoorah of the old ways showing up in our face. ¬†One final un-welcomed surprise and discomfort in the cold to really ignite and fire up our deep desire for lasting change and release.

So what is it you’d like to let go of on this Full Moon and lunar eclipse?

Full Moon Ceremony – Release it out!letting go3

Today or tonight we shall ceremony in honor of this full moon.  We release what no longer serves us.

Gather your friends and/or family. ¬†Light some candles and some incense. ¬†Have everyone write out what they are releasing and why on a piece of paper. ¬†Ask yourselves and write the following…

-when did the old come into your life?

-what have been the gifts of its presence if your life?

Рwhat has life been like living with this part of the old shadow self?  What have been the struggles?

– Why do you want to release this?

– Express a goodbye.

Why are you done and breaking up with this part of the old shadow, the wounded ways of being and acting out? ¬†Say good-bye, wish it well but you are done. ¬†You are parting ways. ¬†A death and rebirth cycle is at hand. ¬†It’s a shedding, like a snake losing it’s skin.

When you are done, read allowed your paper and burn it. ¬†Release it to the Earth Mother or the wind as they will transform the old energies into new life. ¬†Close the energy of the ceremony by sprinkling some salt, tobacco or cornmeal on the ground and blow out the candles. Thank the Earth Mother, Grandmother Moon and the Universe at large for being witness and support for you during this ceremony. ¬†And so it is…

I feel the need to buy a little plant to honor this death, and rebirth process. ¬†That it symbolizes my release of an old stuck habit and start fresh, new and re-birthed committing myself and my path fully. ¬†Join me in this if you wish ūüôā

A final thought on this Full Moon…

I pulled two cards from two different decks and wouldn’t you know it they were both called Intuition. ¬†It was funny because I pulled the second card because I wasn’t sure the first one really fit. ¬†I started doubting and using my mind and logic and not my regular inner ways of knowing. ¬†As I sat and reflected I chuckle how even my process of doubt is mirrored in their message.

Even in releasing once and for all this old way, this old crutch, this old pattern on this full moon, I kept re-turning to it when I allowed my mind to reason or trick me out of my knowing.  I would rationalize my way back to the old and not hold true to my inner knowing or true inner need.  It was easier to do the old way than to form a new pattern and new route.  So here we go, down this new road on this full moon and eclipse.  No more looping and circling down the old, shadowy roads.

I leave you with the Intuition card message from Lynn Andrews Power Deck.

” From the left side of your body comes your female energy, whether you are a man or woman. ¬†Within this femaleness, this¬†feminine consciousness, lives your intuition. ¬†Intuition is the intelligence of your body-mind. ¬†You feel what is true with your body-mind, rather that know what is true with your mind. ¬†Intuition doesn’t have clouds of accumulated knowledge to distort your vision. ¬†Intuition simply sees what is the truth. ¬†Within intuition you can feel the source of your being without reasoning it away and being filled with doubt. ¬†Doubt destroys your intuition. ¬†Find your power always in balance between mind and intuition.”

This is Day 9 or the Day Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge.  (Yup I took a day off yesterday teehee as I had many family commitments on the holiday but enjoyed them immensely).

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How to Feel Abundant in Just 5!

abundance 4Today we indulge the senses, soak them in and absorb them into our soul. ¬†In Canada it’s spring. ¬†Spring has literally just sprung, meaning there is finally no snow on my lawn. ¬†Can I get a woot woot?

Woot woot!!

This morning I heard birds chirping and they were the inspiration for today’s Day 7 Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge. ¬†(Join in anytime.)

Sometimes we need help to stop and smell the roses.  This is a lesson in gratitude and abundance today.  We really are so rich, so full, so lucky, if we can just take a minute to see it, smell it and call it in.

Today’s Sacred Task – “Just¬†5”

So today, I ask of you to take 5 pictures that represent Spring or the season (maybe winter) depending on the country you live in. ¬†Indulge in the season, soak in the freshness, the new beginnings, the awakening that is occurring around you. See the colors starting to emerge, hear the birds starting to sing or the rain puddles pooling with playful joy. ¬†Be sure to post these on The Women’s Tribe FB page or the Feed Your Feminine Soul group page and share how these elements spoke to you.

Writing Wild Р Conversing with the Elements.

After you’ve taken your 5 luscious images of rebirth, spring and renewal, imagine these images, these elements of spring had a message for you. ¬†Take your journal and sit with your images or if you can with the elements.

1) Write a brief note of gratitude to each of the elements you chose.

2) Ask them a question or simply allow to share a gift with you. Just free flow a response imagining what your images, elements, animals, rocks, whatever you chose might share with you. ¬†If you have specific questions…ask!! If you don’t ask for a gift ūüôā

Here is one of my entries.

Dear song birds, thank you so much for your lovely sound, calling in the winds of spring.  Thank you for allowing my ears to hear you and invite me to stop and enjoy the moments of your songs.  Thank you for belting out joy into the ether with your calls.  Do you have a message for me?  

Dear Crystal – keep singing your song. ¬†Stop and hear the music, feel the joy, let it pelt against your skin over and over throughout the day. ¬†Life is so good, so beautiful….soak it all into your blood like it were soul medicine. ¬†Life is so rich.

Enjoy the senses, love, abundance, joy, light, beauty is all around you.  Were you able to soak it all in and wear it like a pretty, cozy sweater?  How was your day after this exercise did you notice anything different?  How did you feel?

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Smiles, hugs and warmth.

Aren’t you so abundant!!!




A “Writing Wild” Exercise to Free Your Caged Soul

This day 5 of the 30 Day Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge (found here, join us anytime).caged soul

Today we return to the writing circle, cast our questions into the sky and allow the universal energies to guide us as our pens hit the pages for revolutionary writing and Sacred Expression. Hallelujah!

It is a bit of a difficult time for many folks, the energies are forcing out the dark, unheard, unmet energies within. ¬†The soul is howling for release. ¬†She wants out on the soul path, she wants out in your life. ¬†She wants to howl, roam, play and dance like She’s never been allowed to before.

The time is now.  We are in the pressure cooker between the eclipses, the emotional guck is oozing out for release, for deep and lasting healing so get your hands dirty and clean out the guck in those sore spots.  Ooze your stuff onto the pages, paint, dance, scream, howl or run it out. Know it intimately like it were your teacher, a sacred messenger freeing your soul from the shackles of your ego mind.  You want out, you want freedom, you want alive, scrumptious joy.  So have at her and listen to the gloom for it shall guide you home.

So many of us are feeling the bondage of living without the luscious, juicy taste of of our wild natures in our lives. ¬† We feel it in our restlessness, sadness, despair even doom. ¬†We feel an inner ache, deep in our bones of wanting change, wanting to get out, want to be free and enjoy life….not just get up, go to mundane work, pay the bills and repeat. ¬†Life is luscious, meant to be indulged, enjoyed, enveloped with magic, filled with bright pink clouds and rainbows. ¬†But the repeat and auto-pilot button get’s us caged, rattled, even ravenous for freedom. ¬†This is the territory of self-sabotage, addictions, depression, and doom.

We need to bust out, we need to dance with the Divine and allow our souls to emerge in our lives.  But how you ask?

What are your passions?  What lights you up light a bright green exploding firecracker on a dark moon night sky?  What makes you laugh?  What makes your toes curl with pleasure?  What feeds you so much you can go days between doses?

Some of us will be able to make livings off of our passions, some of us will dive into our passions after work or on our lunch hours, we must make the time. ¬†Make it a delicious game in and of itself, how can you squeeze in your soul song, your passionate soul feeding hobby or activity that lights you like a beacon? ¬†How shall you squeeze it in? ¬†It’s a sacred dance between our sometimes mundane, yet life sustaining responsibilities and our need for free spirited play. ¬†Each day is challenge for you to find a way to do the dance between the worlds. ¬†Each day is a sacred opportunity to start anew. ¬†Make it a fun game.

In the end, the point is to live in the lightning rod of aliveness and in the radiant joy of electric neon colors. ¬† We need to make space for this in our life, whether we do it for a living or not. ¬†The universe doesn’t care for your job title or role, She cares if you make space dance in the wild rain, or if you stroll in the alive and living forest, or if you play in the mossy green grass. ¬†She cares if you seen the glorious sunset or did you drive on right by it. ¬†She cares if you drink in the moments, even if it’s just for minutes. ¬†She challenges you to expand it in your everyday life….how can you let the rainbows in?

Plug in, indulge, delight, nourish your souls by taking the first step and begin to see where you want to go… ¬†We will work some more with these energies for the next few days as well.

So get your pens out. ¬†It’s time for Writing Wild Step 1.MAGIC DUST

Light a candle, put on some sweet tunes, light an incense and set your timers for 5 minutes. ¬†Set it and repeat for each question. ¬†Don’t lift your pen off the page for 5 minutes, just keep writing, flow, swim, float along with the words and see where you end up after the timer.

I just came into your life with a magic wand and blew some magic dust on you. ¬†I gave you the magic gift of doing anything. You get to create your life how you want it exactly. ¬†You get to live with wild, free, magic gold dust spread all around….what would your life look like? ¬†

What would you be doing?  What would happen in your day?  Who is with you?  What is different?

And go………………………soar into the unknown territory of you magic and let the gold dust speak.

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Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Day 2 – Expressing A Bit of Our Wild

expressing our wildGood morning!  This is Day 2 of the 30 Day Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge.  (Click here for details and join us anytime).

All right folks, we are going to up the ante today.  I want you to take some deep breaths, close your eyes, and imagine yourself at your raw, wild, free, colorful self.  Your bright, your beautiful, your glorious, you shine like the stars and have an aura of gold dust.  Breathe it in, feel this wild, soulful, luscious soul held inside your body.  Soften your body so she can gently ooze her energy out.

Move your arms and let her flow, move your legs and let them glide across the floor like each step were a sacred dance.

What does she feel like?

Who are you at your wild?

What are you wearing?

How long is your hair, what color is it?

What type of clothes are you wearing?

Are they flowing fabrics or buck skins?

What color are they?

What’s on your face? ¬†Any jewelry? ¬†Paint lines? Bindi’s? ¬†Jewels?

Just let your imagination soar!!  When you have a solid image of your wild, luscious, radiant feminine soul, journal about it or doodle an image in representation.


Today we are going to pay homage to that inner Feminine Divine and sport a unique piece of clothing like a funky hat, or some wild shoes, or a bold scarf like it were an offering to the Divine Mother herself.  Or you can you wear some bright, bold lipstick, or some extra glittery eyelashes, whatever it is you are allowing yourself to leak out a piece of your wild.  You can wear a flower in your hair or a great big bow, or maybe a flowing skirt, anything that unites you your Inner Wild Feminine Soul.  This is a sacred act, a prayer in the form of sacred expression.  When I go into ceremonies the colors and garments I wear are important, intentional, expressive.  This is the same, this is a ceremony into your everyday life.  It is bringing the Sacred here, right now, as though expressing your soul was the most honoring and loving act you can do.  The world needs your color and joy so radiate it, baby!  As you meander through your day, notice how you feel revealing a piece of your wild.  Let it be the grounding stone to your tribal, wild soul.

Do you feel confident?

Are you feeling vulnerable?

Can you enjoy this small risk of expression of your soul out into the world?

Journal about your observations and share your experiences in Feed Your Feminine Soul Group or The Women’s Tribe Facebook page.

Have some fun with this, it’s a releasing and celebrating and enjoying your wild, feminine roots. ¬†Can’t wait to hear your experiences. Post some pics of what you wore or how you celebrated your wild today in your clothing or accessories ūüôā


A Letter to my Voice – Another Round of Writing Wild…

Hi All, Here’s another writing exercise.

I wrote a letter to my voice…asking for forgiveness…and this is what emerged. ¬†So go on…give it a whirl, sing your wild song with me. ¬†Take the pen, set the timer and speak to your lovely voice beside you. ¬†What do you want to tell Her? ¬†And go….Just flow like the wind onto the pages and smile.

My Dearest Sacred Voice,

wild woman fireI’m so sorry hurt you.  I never meant to.  I’m even sorrier that I lost out and paid the price for not uniting and intertwining our energies.  I have kept you at bay, solitary and alone.  I indulged in your presence only with myself, hidden in the woods.  Yet I know you are meant to expand your rays, your fiery arms out into the world and instead I tame you.  I pour buckets of water on you.

‚ÄúWhy?‚ÄĚ you ask. ¬†Because, I have been afraid.¬† Afraid to be alone, rejected….scorned.¬† I have been afraid to powerhouse your song out into my world for what would happen?¬† I was silenced years ago, you and I parted ways.¬† I was scolded, burned, humiliated…annihilated for singing your wild, free tune.

I see you and your wild free energy, burning a blaze of golden fire, dancing, swirling, becoming stronger, larger, louder and it is time to choose.  Do I reach my hand to you or forever turn away?  You are my wild voice, the song of my soul, the expression of my ancestral tribal nature.

Dare I dance with you?  Dare I fall into your burning flames and reveal my naked soul to the world?

What will happen to my life?

You shall rejoice you say.

What will happen to my song?

It will float in the wind and you will be set free.

And suddenly I notice, I am no longer looking at you, watching you, calling to you…I am seeing through your eyes.¬† It is raw, vulnerable… defenceless. ¬†¬†And yet it is powerful.¬† It is a trusting of the Gods, a trusting of my instinctual self, for my eyes only pierce the world with Truth.¬† It is a becoming like no other for it is a shedding rather than a gathering or a doing.¬† It is a revelation of what was already there.

I’m no longer afraid of the consequences, of getting in trouble or being misunderstood.  I simply no longer care, for you are my voice and having separated you has been the ultimate price all along.  I died more each moment I kept you silent.

I speak, I share and I reveal my tribal and wild nature for this is me.  Take me as I am.

I am wild, free, and alive like a white Sterling trotting into the wild nature, hair flowing in the wind with each wild gallop.wild

I am home.

The song shall be sung.

I hope you can forgive me.



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Flaming Woman Picture Source : https://www.pinterest.com/bluejay72001/fire-ice-water-goddess/