Returning to our Wild, Primal Ways – Day 13 of the 30 Day Challenge.

candleI had an earlier post but for some reason hesitated to post it.  Returning from the grocery store, a new message found me and I shall share.

I went into town to get some groceries.  I struggled cause I am not feeling great. I even sat in the truck for a few minutes and gathered up enough energy just to go in.  The task of putting a quarter in the grocery cart then pushing it around seemed daunting.  However, my family needs food, so I did what I had to do. 😉

So there I am drudging along between aisles then all of a sudden…darkness!  The power went out.  Can you believe that!! It stayed out the entire time I shopped.  I had to try and find a good fruit by feel, not by sight.  I shopped in darkness the entire time. It really got me thinking so much about…

a) the amount we depend on electricity and

b) how luxurious my life is and how much I take it for granted.

I thought about how the grocers would keep the meat and dairy cold if the power stayed out for a long while and even how I’d pay my grocery bill without the debit machine.  I hadn’t even contemplated that I’d have to manually put my groceries in front of the cashier as the belt to move them forward wouldn’t work without electricity.  Nor did I think about how I’d get my large, semi size cart out of the store when the automatic doors stopped working and I had to manually push them open while pulling what seemed like a diesel truck style grocery cart out simultaneously.  Funny!

Wow, how much do we literally take for granted?  I feel a touch guilty, even slightly embarrassed…dare I even say lazy?

I thought how much luxury I have just for having electricity and I wondered how my grandma’s survived with no running water, or electricity with babies.  Amazing, strong, tough women I tell ya!

So, maybe just for today…notice the gift of electrical current running through our homes.  Think of how much life would be different with out such a gift.  Where would we store our groceries?  What would we do without a TV?  How would we live differently?  It pulls out a fun, wild, primal part of me when I reflect.

A part of me feels guilty for how lazy and dependent I’ve become on these luxuries and another part of me craves the simplicity of that life.  Can you imagine how much we wouldn’t need gyms or exercise routines because we were manually doing everything from hauling groceries, canning vegetables for the year, prepping and preserving meats, likely even hunting them (with all the love and gratitude in the world of course).  Imagine using candles instead of light switches, fires instead of stoves, wash boards instead of washing machines!!

What if today, we soaked in all of our luxuries, imagining…wondering, if we’d be doing what we are doing if we didn’t have access to electricity?  How might life be different?  What are some of the luxuries you get to enjoy and likely take for granted that our grandparents did not?  This is today’s journal prompt.

I’m humbled, grateful and will be more conscious of the gifts I have in this lifetime.

What would it be like to live without power for an evening?  Give it a whirl?  It happened to us once in the past year when the power went out for 5 hours.  Luckily we had a fireplace, candles and flashlights.  We played games and hide and seek and connected in the most primal way.  It was beautiful.

What would it be like to live a more primal, raw, life?

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