9 Ways to Unplug from Busy & Soak in Your Beautiful Life.

I don’t know about you, but lately, I have been feeling like a chicken with my head cut off. I’m so busy. And with this busyness, I feel like I’m living life on autopilot, disconnected…always in my head and not in the moment. I’m missing out on the juiciness of my experiences because my to do list cycles through my brain over and over. And I’m about done with that.

So here’s some changes I’m gonna make to feel more connected, more present, and more alive in the sweet moments of my life instead of being stuck in auto-pilot gear in the brain zone. Please join me.


1. I’m putting a a strict amount of online time I’m able to use on my phone, like limits for kids but for myself. It’s so easy to waste time here. So I’m creating some restrictions for myself. There are settings in your phone for time limits to do this..join me! I want to be in the moment, not cyberspace.

2. Schedule weekly creative time. I love re-purposing and painting furniture. It’s creative and in the moment and it’s the first thing I toss out the window when life gets busy. But no more. It is a scheduled event I must work around. Paint, write, sing, dance, do your hair, whatever. Just get those creative, alive juices flowing.

3. Slow down and read a book. I can’t even remember the last time I did this. When my son does his school reading, I am joining him on the couch and doing it too.

4. Just stop in the moment, at your son’s hockey game or playing outside with the kids or cooking supper and drop into your body and really feel the sensations of what you are doing. Really soak it in, be present. Feel the sensations of your body. Inhale it into your bones. This is feeling spirit in form.

5. Gratitude journal. Straight up this helps my life every time I do it, and yet I don’t do it consistently. It’s time for a gratitude commitment to really help me see all the good in my life and to savour in those lovely moments.

6. Set the mood and intention to slow down. Light some candles, infuse some oils, build a cozy fire, play some music. Turn down the lights and let your cozy space hug you like a warm, fuzzy, blanket. Relax into the cozy. Hygge it up.

7. Meditate. Truthfully, I sometimes hate when people tell you to do this, and here I am telling you to do this. I personally can’t sit and just be blank. I need an App and a guide. There are many meditation apps out there. I personally use Insight Timer and love it and its’ free! I meditate before bed. There are settings like 5 mins, 10 mins etc and different topics. It really, really does calm the nervous system into relaxation and this is a must, must, must for health and well-being. Slowing down is key.

8. Dance. Any way, any shape, any form. For five minutes, just move your body and try and open it up. Expand your arm, and feet and legs and think of releasing and opening tensions. Twist and turn and open. Stop your feet and ground into your body. Dance your feelings out. This can literally be life changing !!

9. Make sure to connect with yourself because this is how we connect to everyone and everything else. The more you are connected to yourself, the more you are able to connect with others and the beautiful life around you. Join the THE WOMEN’S TRIBE, for free emails by FOLLOWING THE BLOG for rituals and journal prompts to self-connect and feed that beautiful soul. I love, and need sacred art or journaling as part of my self connecting. I crave it, deep reflection and soul exploring stuff. www.womenshealingandspirituality.com

As this holiday season approaches and life gets even busier, let’s promise each other to take time to slow down and feed our souls. It is ESSENTIAL to our health. I have been spinning, wayyyyy too fast on the busyness train and I’m choosing to get off before my health crashes.

I hope you slow down and soak in your beautiful life.







Get un-stuck with this one simple question!

inspirationReady….drum roll please…..drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
What inspires you?

What energizes you, motivates you, excites you?  What gets your engines revving?

“Inspiration¬†is a work with a double meaning in English. It denotes both the physical inhalation phase of the breathing cycle and and the metaphysical taking in of spirit or life force.” ¬†(Pg. 103 in the book Bodywise by Joseph Heller and William Henkin).

This is interesting isn’t it! ¬†What inspires us can open us up, free us from our stuckness and rigidities and allow the body to receive and move more breath. ¬†They are intertwined. ¬†So the more inspired we are, the more inspiration we can take in, the more inspiration we have, the more our hearts open, the more our hearts open the more are hips are able to move. ¬†The more free are hips feel, the more we can move out and about in the world. ¬†It all starts with inspiration, that original spark in your heart. ¬†How can we base our lives around this spark and returning to the well of sparks when we feel off or stuck.

As I’ve been struggling with stuckness this month (both boredom and not feeling well physically – and yes they do go hand in hand), I’ve asked myself what gives me inspiration. ¬†What excites me?

-Being outside

-Moving, like exercise or playing outside

-Trying new things.

-Yoga & Spirituality.

-Creation – creating things, this really really inspires me and moves me.

-Creativity is key for me, that is what inspires me.

-Working with wood pieces, refurbishing, moving through death and rebirth in my art.

-Changing up the routine.

-Having variety.

-Coffee shops and mmm,mmm, mmm coffeeeee!!!

-Being around people.

-Talking deeply with someone who can surf the depths of life with me.

So, I notice for me creativity, connection with others and movement, actual physical movement are my top places of inspiration.

So today I had lunch with someone, went for a walk outside, went to a second hand store to browse the used furniture and was around people.  Do you know how I feel???

Great!! Energized!! Inspired!

I’ve broken through a couple blocks and I’ll celebrate that for today.

So for all my peeps who feel the same, I challenge you to do something today that inspires you.  Do something tomorrow that inspires you and the next day and the next day and see how your life changes.

And so it is!!

If you feel called, do feel free to add your email and follow the blog and connect with your wild, feminine soul!