3 Gratitude Exercises for Thanksgiving.

As I sit here on Thanksgiving Sunday (in Canada), I’m brought back to a time in my life that I lost everything…my house, my dogs, my marriage, my job. I simply had my son and a new start in a small apartment.  The slate was wiped clean and I was brought back closest to Source,Continue reading “3 Gratitude Exercises for Thanksgiving.”

A Slew of Harvest Full Moon Rituals.

Omg! Have you seen the glorious, radiant full moon light?  Wowzers!  Beauty She is.  This is a full moon and lunar eclipse in Pisces so were are in for a surge of emotions here, intense stuff for many.  Those pestering, lingering, unresolved emotions of ahhh…life – are here at the surface so let’s honor thoseContinue reading “A Slew of Harvest Full Moon Rituals.”

10 Ways to Spread Love in this Time of Sorrow.

In my morning pages I spewed out the heavy grief I feel for the violence and lives lost in Orlando.  I just don’t understand hate or violence.  It shreds my insides like a butcher to ground meat.  I don’t know what to do with this heavy ball of grief, anger and sorrow blasting around insideContinue reading “10 Ways to Spread Love in this Time of Sorrow.”

Today’s Challenge – Stretch Your Happy!

“Happiness is not ready made.  It comes from your own actions.”  The Dalai Lama. Don’t you wish happiness would just find itself in your life, like a magical spell from the butt end of a magic stick and boom…happiness and bliss.   Awe well, we know that’s not how she works! You gotta make yourselfContinue reading “Today’s Challenge – Stretch Your Happy!”

Returning to our Wild, Primal Ways – Day 13 of the 30 Day Challenge.

I had an earlier post but for some reason hesitated to post it.  Returning from the grocery store, a new message found me and I shall share. I went into town to get some groceries.  I struggled cause I am not feeling great. I even sat in the truck for a few minutes and gatheredContinue reading “Returning to our Wild, Primal Ways – Day 13 of the 30 Day Challenge.”

Today’s Challenge – Find 13 Extraordinary Moments in the Ordinary.

Howdy folks.  Today we are on day 12 of the 30 Day Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge.  Woooohooooo.  How we feeling?? Today’s Challenge:  Today we find 13 extra-ordinary things in the ordinary.  It was inspired by an article by author Geneen Roth which is linked below.  Do read it 🙂   “Walking. Being barefoot. TheContinue reading “Today’s Challenge – Find 13 Extraordinary Moments in the Ordinary.”

How to Feel Abundant in Just 5!

Today we indulge the senses, soak them in and absorb them into our soul.  In Canada it’s spring.  Spring has literally just sprung, meaning there is finally no snow on my lawn.  Can I get a woot woot? Woot woot!! This morning I heard birds chirping and they were the inspiration for today’s Day 7Continue reading “How to Feel Abundant in Just 5!”

A Quick And Easy Way to Re-Ignite the Love in Your Marriage. All you need is 5 Minutes.

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret.  I read an article just yesterday about the secret to a long lasting marriage.  You know what it was….kindness!  Can you believe the simplicity in that?!  However, it is simultaneously complex because sometimes it’s hard to be kind to the person that can pushContinue reading “A Quick And Easy Way to Re-Ignite the Love in Your Marriage. All you need is 5 Minutes.”

Booyah! Your Body is Calling, Pick up the Phone!

Loving your body is an inside job.  It is recognizing that She, your body, is your soul in form, an extension of the deepest part of you.  Loving your body is really about connecting to your Essence found WITHIN your body.  This can be a bit of a foreign concept for some of us whoContinue reading “Booyah! Your Body is Calling, Pick up the Phone!”