Full Moon Power Hour Ritual.

Happy Full Moon my friends!!

About a week ago I posted a little pre-full moon blurb boundaries and the medicine teachings of Armadillo. (Found here Armadillo Teaching.)power

This theme continues for me/us at this full-moon.  I encouraged you to do a medicine shield exercise where you list all that you want to experience, feel, do and enjoy in your life as though it were an energetic boundary to the universe.  Tonight we bring this deeper.

It’s funny how when you claim and affirm your boundaries, the universe tests you.  My boundaries were tested, in fact, pushed down, and stepped on.  However, I must look at my part in it and I see where I wavered.  I have kept firm boundaries with this person and kept them at a fair distance to uphold the boundaries I felt necessary.  But overtime, this person was being “nicer” and slowly, little by little, I softened my boundary.  This pattern happens every time with this particular individual.  I give a little and I get burned all the time.  No more!!!  I am done, the firm, distant boundary must be maintained no matter how “nice” or “calm” things seem to get.  I have to remember this, hold my power, maintain my boundary.  I need the hard shell of that armadillo always with this person and I must accept this for my own sanity.

So this brings me to tonight’s powerful Moon Teaching.  Grandmother moon asks us to look at our own sense of power.  Personal power (not dominant power). This is greatly connected to boundaries and how and when we give away our power thus resulting in lack of or softened boundaries. This was a tough lesson to learn once again for me.

I get in the habit of being “too nice”.  I give people way to many chances and lee-way and I suffer for it.  I end up frustrated, bitter and resentful.  I doubt my own truth or think, “maybe they’ve changed, maybe this can be better, maybe I’m being to hard…maybe, maybe maybe…and I get lazy or soft in manifesting my own sense of power.  I open the door and let them stab me with their sword.  Dang it!

So Grandmother Moon is asking to me re-visit my sense and experience of power.

Lynn Andrews (one of my teachers), says this about power…

“What do I mean by “power?” When my teachers and I speak of power, we are not talking about power over someone else. We are speaking of the integrity of spirit, the integrity of life force which is built through practice, definition and training. Power means that you have the ability and the competence to live your true destiny. It implies that you are living your truth, not someone else’s, seeing the world through your own eyes and not through anyone else’s idea of who you should be.”

Full Moon Ritual – Full Moon Power Hour 🙂

You know the drill, light up those candles, ignite the incense, put on some tunes, gather your friends or just pour yourself a cup of tea and create some Sacred Time and Space.  Tonight we invite in Power to embody us, teach us, sit with us.  We look at it in the mirror and get to know how we harness and use it and when we sabotage our connection with our own power.

Journal Questions/Questions for Discussion with Your Pals. (Some Questions by Sacred Circles, pg 146)

1) Do you think of yourself as powerful?

2) How would you describe your sense of power?

3) When do you feel your most powerful?  What are you doing when you feel this way?

4)  How do you sabotage your own sense of power?

5)  With who do you feel most powerful?

6) How successful have you been at translating your visions into reality?

7) Do you think you are more powerful in the domain of “being” or “doing”?  How are they interconnected in your life?

Share your stories and responses in comments, online, with friends or simply with Grandmother Moon.  May she glow and awaken, ignite and shine the light on your power.

If you’d like make a collage with images of power, words, colors, anything that feels powerful, strong and firm to your inner sense of self.

And so it is!!!



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May’s Full Moon Ritual – Forward and Onward.

moonmayThe Full Moon is fast approaching, on Sunday May 3.  I thought I’d write a couple days early to allow us some prep time for a glorious, celebratory ritual.

So here we go…..

I started the New Moon in inertia, stuckness and overwhelm.  It kept showing up as a re-occurring infection because I wasn’t sitting with the discomfort.  I wasn’t sitting in the stuckness so I could weave my way out of it.  After much dancing, yoga, and movement meditations as part of my commitment to unwind out of stuckness eventually clarity came and danced on my shoulder.  She whispered to me and allowed me to see a much clearer direction and path to take.  I’ve been stuck at the fork in the road for awhile now, wondering, “Should I go this way or that way?” and instead just stood still in non-decision and getting side tracked by anything that would pull me out of the awareness of where I stood. 

I prayed and committed for weeks now for guidance and nowthe time has come to start trekking along and I was happy to discover that really, there are no wrong roads.  We will always be lead back to our path and sometimes we take the longer loop there because we needed to gather more lessens.

This moon for me has been a lesson in my own authority, feeling confident in myself and my dream and really fully believing in it.  I have been making clear and marked choices towards my soul’s call this time 100% not half assed or half confident but full fledged two feet in and going for it.  I have been making active decisions, paying active attention, DOING THE WORK.  I haven’t stood back and waited to be guided, I took steps and allowed the trail to guide me with each step.  

As Danielle Laporte says, “Worship Your Dream”.  Believe in it like no other, believe in being of service to the universe, it’s not really about you but about the universe.  When I got out of my own way the universe spoke to me and whispered what to do when I took myself out to lunch and as soon as I heard it I knew what trail to take.  It’s no holds bar all in.  Finally!  I finally have inner union.

Feel your dream fully, un-apologetically, meaningfully, full of full blown belief in yourself and your life plan.  Feel it in your bones, feel it in your blood like shining diamonds of confidence and radiant sparkle as you see yourself doing your dream, believing in your dream.  You are being guided by the cosmos and they are weaving a trail in front of you.  All you have to do is walk upon it and be led. Walk on forward with no more fucking fear!  Choose to let your heart lead you into bliss, into your fullest expression and just BELIEVE in the steps there one by one. Will there be some challenge…fuck ya! But we walk on never doubting ourselves, just holding our dreams in our vision with certainty and walk on.

Full Moon Celebration – Honoring Forward Movementforward and onward

On this full moon let’s celebrate what feels like an acceleration, a real movement forward…alas!! We have gone through the ringer, endured much, built our strength and character, moved mountains and have stood stuck at the rushing river of the unknown.  We stood stuck on one side of it unknowing how to cross.  So we sat and we sat, contemplating, gathering information and ideas, watching it to see how it flowed.  Some days we turned away from it because we didn’t want to look or see what we have to cross, so we went and played and distracted.  It’s all good, it allowed us room to fill up and gather strength.  Now we start the trek across, we will get there because we believe in ourselves to get to the other side of the stream…right?


So allow the universe and this glorious Grandmother Full Moon to illuminate and shine brightly on your growth, your momentum and the manifestation of your soul’s glory in form.

Gather some  pieces of paper or cut out words or images from magazines that symbolize your trail ahead.  Write down how you plan to keep trekking forward.  What are you going to keep doing til the end of this moon cycle and into the next to move into the form of manifestation of your soul’s expression?  

Take your papers and read them out loud.  Express to the Universe Divine and Grandmother Moon how you plan to keep moving forward, your vision, the plan, the steps, an your ultimate goal.  Express your dream and allow whatever comes to you.  As you read each paper release them into the wind.  Let the wind help you move and carry your dreams forward and onward.  And so it is .

Lastly write yourself a letter expressing your strength and ability to endure the unknown as part of the process to make it known.  Express all the good you have done for yourself even if is that you simply did not give up or you did yoga or you didn’t have a glass of wine to disconnect even when you really wanted to.  Make this a gratitude list for yourself about yourself.  What are you grateful for about you, your soul, your character, your traits, your heart, your creativity, your gentleness, your thoughtfulness in your life and in the lives of others?  Own it!  Absorb it and allow it to grow your light!  You have done bloody great, own it, celebrate and raise your glass to yourself.

Cheers to your glory and even your dark!

And so it is!

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A Simple Dark Moon Ritual

dark moonToday we celebrate the dark moon energy.  The final days before the New Moon where we reflect, contemplate, and go inward.  I am always low energy during this time, my body is intuitively trying to guide me into quiet contemplation.  I have been struggling with a lingering cold or flu that keeps coming and going.  I feel like it is a continuance of the purging, the dying, ending of some old energy.

So today we keep it simple.  Reflect back at the New Moon, what were your goals and intentions for this moon cycle?  What came about during the process?  It was a time of new beginnings and beginning to labour new life and simultaneously go through death of the old this past month.  It was intense, lots of energy, energy dying and energy coming alive.  Phewf!

So reflect, take in, absorb and release at this dark moon.  Maybe go back and explore what we were is process of birthing and and hold your belly while we are still laboring.  Write to it, talk to it, sit with it, hold it and talk it through the birth process. What does it need from you?

What has the labouring felt like?

What has hindered the labour?

What have been the labour pains?

Is the name of this new “creative baby” clear?

Do you feel like you know what you are birthing or is it a surprise when it comes?

A Simple Ritual:

Light a candle, sit in silence, run a bath.  Just do something where you can sit with your intuition, the voice of the Divine Feminine within you.  Set a timer 15 minutes if you must and hide out in the bathroom.  Just do something.  Doodle, write and allow the life (actual or creative) inside you to speak to you.  Let it guide you in the birthing process.  For me I doodle and draw images that come and write.  Get quiet, listen and hear the silent whispers, images and instincts guiding you.

Maybe you want to draw upon some tarot cards, angel cards or power cards to guide you in this time as well.  Just connect to the Divine in silence, prayer and visioning.

Align your energy with Grandmother Moon and see your dreams, desires and visions manifest.

And so it is.



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Embrace the Full Moon Energies with these Gentle Rituals.

“A full moon in Virgo calls for a quiet night in, organizing one’s underwear drawer while simultaneously sorting through deep thoughts about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. A full moon in Virgo (especially one that is within 2 degrees of Lilith moonas this one is) simply begs us to wrestle with god and the myriad of philosophies we make up about Her.” (http://www.chaninicholas.com/full-moon-virgo-venus-meets-uranuspluto-square/#sthash.41wfMyN2.dpuf

This is the last full moon in winter for those of us in the northern hemisphere.  If you’ve been working with the moon energies, we feel like things are getting clearer, more focused.  We are zoning in on the goal at hand, we see it, we can taste, we can even feel it.  It is beyond the dream stage, it is in pursuit of fruition. It is trying to be born.  Labour pains have begun. And we have had to go through the muck, the sticky, gooey muck trying to hold us back or keep us stuck.  Take a bow, for you and I have drudged on…and we can see the light.  We are beginning to poke a hole in the soil where we will soon emerge out and blossom.

I pulled two tarot cards for this Full Moon and wouldn’t you know it they are polar opposites that work together.  The first was the Crown Chakra card.  The place that signifies our connection to the cosmos, spirit, the Universe at large.  It is the place that dreams and visions enter our aura.  It’s the vessel to the dream world… the spirit world.  We have been working on seeing them, bringing them in, and holding them in our cavernous souls this winter.  It’s like we’ve been sitting with our dreams at the fire, keeping warm, getting to know them in and out.

The second card was called Firm Foundation, a physical realm or Earth card.  It speaks to building that solid foundation, security, solidarity.  It’s like planning how to manifest the dream. How do we do this?  What is the first step?  How can I make that a true and lasting reality?  How can I build it on solid ground?

We are being ping ponged in the energy between the two cards.  We are bringing the dream or vision down in the physical and beginning the process of manifesting them.  It’s a whirlwind of energy.  It’s like running through the forest, at times luscious, sweet, invigorating as we take in the woodsy pine smell.  And at other times we are knee high in the muck, crawling on a trail of rocks wondering if we are going to make it back home to safety and security.  What a roller coaster of ups and downs.

Be gentle with ourselves this full moon.  We are working things through.  Allow for flexibility, change and roads to open up. Be patient and trusting.  Review what things have worked in the past and what didn’t.  Learn from your past mistakes and successes.  It’s like we are in the middle of the trek.  Actually the book Wild is coming to mind by Cheryl Strayed.  We are in the middle of the trail, going through some major successes and facing our wild fears.  Know that you will get through, you will find a way, like a flower that desires to bloom, it will fight through the soil to move from seed to an expression of colorful beauty.  You will fight your way, you will make it.  I will make it.  New things are on the horizon and we are finally facing the fears that kept us back from our dreams.  It’s a sword fight but you are strong and you will win.  You simply must accept the challenge and conquer what has always held you back for at the end of the trail is a brand new life.  A brand new birth.  A brand new way of being.  (In a couple weeks we have a New Moon and Solar eclipse.  Lots is occurring this month.)

So trek on, keeping moving forward, onward, even if you have to loop around the same spot a couple of times.  You will manifest.


winter spring2

Sometimes I feel a lot of energy to move on full moons but this one feels like there are things to do but calmly.  Nothing too wild for me.  I will cleanse the energy in my home and take a trek in the woods.   Perhaps my hubby, son and I shall have a small fire in the snow on this last wintery full moon and simply take in the energy, the swirling, mixing, manifesting energies that are at hand.  New things are on the horizon, so enjoy the road there.  Take in the smells, reflect on how far you’ve come over the winter and all things you’ve released so you could prepare for the new ahead.  Take a stroll and stand in the bright light of grandmother moon and let her beams fill you. Soak it in with some luscious woodsy tea and drink it all in.

So here a couple simple ideas to work with this moon.

1) Do some cleaning and organizing.  Virgo energies love this.  Organization, organization, organization.  It’s logical and linear.

2) Put on some gentle music and cleanse the energy of your home.  Even open the windows a bit a let the final breezes of winter sway through your home.  Use sage or cedar and sweep the old energy out.

3) Take an evening stroll, if you can in the woods and just allow the moon beams to hit you.  Soak it in.  Feel the energies, like you are in the middle place between the storm and the sun, between the old and new, death and rebirth. The great dreaming bear is waking up in the cave, winter is coming to an end, spring is on it’s way.  It’s exiting, raw and riveting.  How will the new dream be fed?  Feel the energies. Make a gratitude list or say it out loud as you stroll.

4)  Have a cup of tea, light a candle and so some journalling.  Reflect on the winter.  What dreams have traveled towards you?  What visions did you get to know?  See them.  Talk to them on paper, how do they want to move out?  What are the steps?  Make a small plan of action.  Jot down some ideas to really begin to move them forth.


Happy Full Moon!!!

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A Writing Ritual for the Cancer Full Moon.

writing moonHappy Full Moon!!!  This month and new year, we have the Full Moon fall in the sign of Cancer.  And it’s potent!

Yesterday I felt an inner agitation, emotional, and weepy.  It felt like I was sitting in a classroom having to listen to nails scratching on the chalk board, I was buzzing with agitation and the urge to run. Things are coming up so they can be fully released.  As I laid in bed last night I just allowed myself to see that this emotional energy is a gift, a message from my soul and from Source guiding me along my path.  I seen it like a bag full of information to sit with and guide me in my life regarding certain circumstances and even as big as my life purpose.   All I had to do was sit with it and feel it.  Today I feel much better, full of optimism and excitement at the changes that lie ahead, all just cause I sorted through the bag and listened to the emotional gifts.

I menstruate with the full moon so the emotional intensity is generally quite high during these times for me.  I peak emotionally with the full moon, that’s when the emotional and intuitive information comes forth brightly, and at full force as the moon shines bright in the sky.  Throw in a Full Moon in Cancer, a water sign and you can understand my emotional intensity and the loads of wisdom trying to come through and guide me.  With the New Moon starting in last year’s term, this full moon feels like we are dealing with and wrapping up the emotional cargo of last year.

I was guided to pull two tarot cards for this Full Moon and the first was a water card, an emotional card with the #5 called Emotional Loss.  Fitting…just fitting!  It speaks to honoring our losses, perhaps of the last year or the past four year cycle in general.  It’s easy to stuff down, ignore, or rationalize our losses and believe we are done with them but it’s also important to take time and grieve, feel, release and allow ourselves to fully let go of  all the different depths of these emotions. Like really absorb their gifts and then let go.  I went through something life changing, even shattering, completing altering my life course just over four years ago and for a long time my life was chaos and in survival mode, just getting through all the change.  And last year I got to sit and settle and allow myself to root for the first time in five years.

This year is now about action, about starting the new…new life, new phase, new cycle.  That means many new beginnings and experiences.  It’s like we are at the crux of the old and the new and we simply need to sit and reflect, feel and absorb all we went through and then release.  And in doing so, you allow room for the new energies, new beginnings to move in and begin to take shape.

The second card that came up was a major card called Truth or in a traditional tarot deck called Judgement..  It speaks to a spiritual awakening, a revelation of truth.  I feel if we allow our selves to feel our emotional losses, feel the gratitude, blessings and wisdom of the dark moments we’ve experienced, we will be lead to the Truth, that’s truth with a capital T.  We have learned and gained wisdom from the depths of our losses, and dare I say that they had great purpose to them.  The Truth card speaks to a significant change with this realization as well, that indeed a significant change must be made in some aspects of our life with our new found wisdom.  So go ahead, reflect on the endings and losses from last year or even four year cycle with this writing ritual.


If you can wait until the dark night sky and allow the Moon to shine her bright beams.  Start with lighting a candle.  Maybe you want to smudge or simply light an incense.  Get your self a nice cup of tea, your journal, paper and a pen.  Sit at your altar if you have one or close by and take in three deep breaths.

Allow yourself to imagine the losses of the past year or the past four year cycle transforming into a person, a being, you are sitting with and having a conversation. Take out your pen and paper and just let your hand flow, no thinking about anything and just let the losses speak to you as a person sitting right next to you.  What do they have to say to you?  Why did they came into your life?   What were the gifts of their presence?  Then say back on paper, what you need to say to this presence as well.  Get everything off your chest.  Then list and voice out loud what you are grateful for from the losses. What new things, gifts, or aspects came about through them?  For me I found a confidence and strength in me I could not have known.  I came closer and closer to Spirit.  I found true love.  etc. etc.  When it feels complete to you imagine saying good-bye to this person of loss and imagine them floating up into the night sky, like a soul moving from the physical world to the spirit world.  See them floating and vanishing into new radiant energy, released and transformed into energy that the universe can use for Good. As you sit there feel the beams of Grandmother Moon caressing you, holding you and shining light and love into you, like you were a tea cup filling with water.  Absorb the light, feel lit.  Enjoy it.

You can release the papers into the wind or burn them if you wish. To wrap up the ritual, blow out your candle and thank yourself, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon and the Universe for being present.

Some final thoughts…

At this full moon things have come to a point of crisis or change.  We feel so rattled, so needing a change and new way of being we must DO something different.  We need to take action and shake up the norm.

It feels like a bursting, explosion, eruption of all that was and now we stand there with the shards all around us.  There are many directions, many paths.  It’s time to plot out our own.  It’s time to choose one and begin the trek onward into the new. It’s time for something new.  We are no longer locked in one place or stuck carrying all the heavy emotional stuff of the past, we need to decide how we will now move out into the world.  What is our purpose?  What do we want?  How can I try something different to get the cage wheel going in a new direction?  What excites me or is pulling my attention?  So this full moon, try something different from now til the end of the month.  Take a new class, start a new challenge, meet someone new.  Just do something different and toss your desire for something new into the wind.

And so it is!

Happy Full Moon.



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Take a Shamanic Journey to the Moon Lodge on the 3 Days of the Full Moon

moon lodgeThis full moon is really different for me.  I am very reflective and inward, likely because we are shifting into the dark months, going inward and into the bear cave as winter approaches.  I usually move my energy out in a sacred art format but I am not on this full moon.  I am still moving my energy but in an inward way.

So join me, and take a ride inward and come to the collective Moon Lodge where all sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts and daughters celebrate the full moon.  Close your eyes and walk down a trial until you see the world’s largest tipi up the road.   Isn’t it beautiful!?  Walk into the opening and inside.   It is dark and lit with candles so you can see.  Notice there is a large magical bowl in the middle with magical moon beams swirling within it.  It looks like colorful magic dust dancing spinning around as it sparkles.  Find your spot on the mossy ground around the magical moon bowl and rest that beautiful self.  Take in some breaths and enjoy the smell of sweet grass, eucalyptus and sage in the air.  Let it calm and soothe you with each breath.  Notice your sacred garments of clothing that you wear on these special Women’s Tribe ceremonies and shoot yourself a smile for being so rad and Sacred!  Peak out the top of the tipi where there is opening and see the moon shining brightly in the dark night sky.  See the stars sing just as brightly next to the big, bright full moon.

If you’re like me and your menstruating with the full moon, allow yourself to bleed on the mossy grounds as we used to in our tribes and allow Mother Earth to regenerate all that you shed into energy for Her renewal, healing and vitality.  If you are not simply imagine any energy that needs to be released to surrender into the ground.   Watch other women in the tipi go to the magical bowl at the center of the moon lodge and emptying their emotional cargo bags.  Notice too how they are taking with them a sacred object after they empty their bags.  Join me and drag your bag across the floor.  Look down into the magical bowl and see how it it’s like a deep portal, a large vast emptiness into another world.

“The grandmothers will take care your cargo,” the women in the lodge say, “but you need to do your work with it too.”

So let us learn from what is in our emotional bags.   Empty your bag and see what falls out, notice how it just floats there above the bowl for you to see.  What is it trying to teach you or tell you?  What message does it have for you in your soul’s journey and evolution?  Take your journal out as describe what you see….  Write about it’s purpose and message for you…honor it and take time to tend to it.

Watch it vanish into the Earth Mother and into another dimension.  They have left for you an object to help you tend to the emotional cargo that has surfaced.   It too is floating in the bowl, waiting for you to grab.   Just allow yourself to see it and bring it to your heart.

Sit back down on the mossy ground and just be with your Sacred object that was given to you by the grandmothers.   Sit and enjoy the magic of being with other women who are honoring their Feminine Ways with Grandmother Moon as she shines full and bright, signalling to us to see our own internal landscapes.  Just really absorb the joy of gathering, even in spirit, with the women’s tribe. Lay some tobacco from your pouch and put it on the ground in gratitude to the Great Mother Earth and the Grandmothers…

Get up and walk clockwise around the magical bowl and outside of the tipi.  Take the trail back to the now and gently open your eyes and move your hands and feet.

Be sure to journal and share your experience.

And so it is…


Happy Full Moon.