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June New Moon Energies – Fresh & Focused.

Happy New Moon (One day late lol, good thing it lasts 3 days) This new moon feels fresh, like a new beginning, a new chance, a fresh outlook.  Now that Mercury  is done its’ retrograde, we feel more clear on what to do and… Continue Reading “June New Moon Energies – Fresh & Focused.”

How to Work with the First Quarter Moon Energies.

Happy First Quarter Moon. It’s time to check-in on our goals of the new moon and take some action, plan the steps and move it forward.  It’s time to build the momentum outward, pushing our way through the drudges of the soil and letting… Continue Reading “How to Work with the First Quarter Moon Energies.”

New Year’s Wishes Ritual.

Yeehaw…New Year’s.  A new time, a new slate. A fresh beginning.  Like a trail of snow, untouched, waiting for your feet to mark imprints towards uncharted territory.  2014 was a doosey…a clearing, shedding, deconstructing and collapsing of what no longer serves us.  It was… Continue Reading “New Year’s Wishes Ritual.”

Go Buck Wild with this November New Moon Ritual!

Ahhhhh…..a return to my home sign Sagittarius.  Another year of my life soon completed as my birthday fast approaches.  So much to reflect on this year….what an interesting year. Tomorrow’s New Moon falls just as Sagittarius busts out of the gates and that’s some… Continue Reading “Go Buck Wild with this November New Moon Ritual!”

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