June New Moon Energies – Fresh & Focused.

Happy New Moon (One day late lol, good thing it lasts 3 days)focus

This new moon feels fresh, like a new beginning, a new chance, a fresh outlook.  Now that Mercury  is done its’ retrograde, we feel more clear on what to do and where to go.  Our souls wishes are more developed, heightened, calling for action.

During the retrograde I questioned a decision I had made about a new step, a new path, a new course of action.  I had wondered if maybe it were the wrong one and I should abandon it, so I sat with the question and pondered it awhile.  I felt what it felt like to imagine giving it up and what it felt like to keep doing it. My body felt very anxious if I imagined myself walking away from it so I honored the guidance and stayed on the path.  Even though it’s a bit of a challenging path, I can do it and keep going.

I asked the energies for some guidance a few days ago and got the Triumph card.  Here are some luscious gifts from the card.

“The power of your soul is pushing you and nudging you steadily forward.  Whether you’re setting new goals, developing ideas or planning out a journey, it’s essential that it’s carefully thought out.  When you tap into your inner guidance and balance it with self-control, hard work and perseverance, it’s likely to manifest as a triumphant outcome…focus on the end goal.  Visualize the successful results like it were happening now…

Now is not the time to let go or allow the rivers of life to pull you in the current, as you can so easily lose control.  Grab your oars, grip them tightly, and steer carefully toward your highest aim or destination.”

I love that, no more floating along, our fairy wings need some focus, some clear destinations to fly to, not just enjoy the scenery.  It’s time, time to get magical…it’s time to get down and dirty.  The words that keep coming for me are FOCUS, PLAN, and BALANCE.  FOCUS is huge for me right now.  Getting very clear and detailed on where I’m aiming and defining my end goal and giving it all I got to get there.  It’s a bit more of the masculine energy, balance with the guidance of the feminine energy within.

So this moon cycle, make to do lists, keep focused, keep a schedule, plan things out.  What do you want, name it, write about it, tape it up on your fridge so you can see it every day.  My yoga classes I am doing are about focus and stability and building a strong foundation.  Do different things, different ways to get different results.  If you’re used to working at home, go somewhere to work, switch up the energy.

Here are some yoga poses to help you focus…


Enjoy this New Moon and see the fruits of your labour, your focus, start to manifest in the triumph of your goals and soul’s desires.  You are Divine.

And so it is.


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Crystal Tardiff Chagnon


How to Work with the First Quarter Moon Energies.

sproutingHappy First Quarter Moon.

It’s time to check-in on our goals of the new moon and take some action, plan the steps and move it forward.  It’s time to build the momentum outward, pushing our way through the drudges of the soil and letting our wings of branches sprout upward through the muck.  It’s a time when we will feel perhaps some “failures”, obstacles or challenges are we start to move our intentions out into the world.  We will hit snags and rocks, bumps and weeds.  Just keep on, the vision becomes clearer as we sprout out and find the shape, the correct path in the soil.  It is a zoning in as we push out, clarity and fruition can begin to emerge as we take action here.  So keep dredging on!!!

Cafe Astrology writes:  (www.cafeastrology.com)

“Issues emerge that require taking action or making adjustments. This can be considered a stage of conflict, but also of building. Things are beginning to take off and to gain momentum. The First Quarter Moon is a time for taking action, not for contemplation or reflection. Keywords: Clearing; Action; Building” 

Astrograph writes:  (www.astrograph.com/learning-astrology/phases.php)

“In this phase, the Moon is waxing and square the Sun. This represents the time in the planting cycle when the organism puts out its leaves and branches, a time of great growth…During this phase, you are a willful builder of new structures for yourself and society, and characteristically exert the utmost effort in order to achieve your goals of bringing new forms into reality, even in the face of resistance. This move forward must inevitably be accompanied with struggle, for the old will rarely yield gracefully.”

Take a peak at your new moon intentions, how are you working on them?  Plan the steps and take one, two and three now. It’s that time.  Make a step by step to do list to help you get there and don’t be distracted by the wrong doors, wrong roads, or wrong choices.  It is all part of the process.  I recently submitted an article that was one of my fave’s… deep… raw… and stirs the emotions.  It hits you where you don’t want to look.  And it was not only rejected, it was met with a lot of emotional reaction and upset that I submitted it.  But it was my expression, it was real, raw, and painful and even though it could create some discomfort, it was truth and it was mine.

Now I could feel disheartened, beat up, even doubtful about my writing but something is different this time…I am not. I believe it was not the right trek through the soil.  It simply wasn’t the right door for the expression at hand.  So here I go trekking on, marking my way, detailing the trail through the sticky, dark mud with a stronger plan and clearer direction.  My branches desire to pop up and bud.  This is tough for me as a dreamer and visionary but necessary in this phase of the game.  We must balance the dreaming with the action to see it manifest and this is the time during the moon when we set motion to the game plan, we start moving the ball forward.

So dream on and plan forward on this First Quarter Moon.  Step it out and see your buds sparkle in the sun!

Join me, make those daily goal lists, action plans and concrete details.  Let’s do this.

Let us not forgot out daily Ritual of Joy with a dance of joyful prayer to the universe…just let your body move how she wants and needs to…shake it up, stomp it out, open your wings, stir and circle your energy and sensual curves.  Whatever it is dance your joy like it were an expression of gratitude to the universe and Grandmother Moon.  Perhaps you are moving through the soil and reaching out your sprouts, let this be your dance!!  I’ve been Pink-ing it up with my dances… 🙂


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New Year’s Wishes Ritual.

magic dustYeehaw…New Year’s.  A new time, a new slate. A fresh beginning.  Like a trail of snow, untouched, waiting for your feet to mark imprints towards uncharted territory.  2014 was a doosey…a clearing, shedding, deconstructing and collapsing of what no longer serves us.  It was a cleansing, a cleaning out of what will no longer work.

“God calls us throughout our life to severe grace, the grace of the cocoon.  We are called to separate from the old, to die in order to be born.  If we open ourselves to this severe grace, we encounter God in new places: in the cyclone, in the dark, in the crisis that shatters our old confining consciousness.  It is this severity that makes us new.”  From First Light by my fave author, Sue Monk Kidd.

Kinda fits for 2014 doesn’t it?

I can tell you it was in those moments of shattering chaos or crisis that I did meet and experience Grace.  It was a profound freedom, and uniting of myself and my soul.  Finally that which was obscuring me from my truth…gone so I could sit there and meet myself.   A remembering and a merging into a new being was occurring and waiting to be born into life.

2015 is about birthing that new being.  It feels like a year filled with a whole bunch of new….new beginnings….new experiences…new relationships or partnerships…a new way to do life.  Rebirth.  Freedom.  Excitement.  NEW!!!

I’m excited…and at times overwhelmed.  I listed a few goals I have and I notice a heaviness immediately.  So screw that idea. Having vision doesn’t have to be heavy, burdensome or dark.

What if we went about this new year a little differently.  What if we made it about wishes….what wishes do you have this year?  What do you wish for your expression in the world?  What do you wish for yourself in 2015?   What do you wish to try or experience?

So rather than making a list of heavy, performance marking goals, list your wishes! Wish for fun. Wish to indulge in magic more often.  Wish to easily and joyfully accomplish….Wish to go a ballet this year because you love it.  Wish to take a whole weekend for yourself.  Wish to write a chapter of a book.  Wish for great family fun like a picnic at the park.   Wish for success and completion of a project.  Wish for participating in monthly new moon rituals.  Wish for pulling back and being gentle. Wish for connection.

So, what do you wish to experience this year?  List it and wish away.  Blow some snow, glitter or salt as you read aloud each wish and offer to Mother Earth to keep and hold for you so she can assist you in your birthing. Or throw some Epson salt into a fire for each wish or some glitter and voice it to the heavenly skies, the shining stars and glorious moon.   Share your wishes with your friends and family and get the kiddies to make wishes too.  Tell them it’s magic glitter so their wishes can come true. Or light a candle for each wish and blow them out like you would on a birthday cake.  Heck, make a cake and light a bunch of candles on it.  Blow them out and feast.  If you can list 50 wishes or more….go on…I dare ya’!

New beginnings and wishes is fun, uplifting, inspiring.

Wish away.  Happy, healthy, joyful, magical, fun New Year.

And so it is.



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Go Buck Wild with this November New Moon Ritual!

nov moon1Ahhhhh…..a return to my home sign Sagittarius.  Another year of my life soon completed as my birthday fast approaches.  So much to reflect on this year….what an interesting year.

Tomorrow’s New Moon falls just as Sagittarius busts out of the gates and that’s some good and exciting news.  Us Sagittarius folk are about freedom.  Freedom…freedom…and more freedom.  We are free-spirited centaurs; half animal, half human and we love to play, explore and adventure out. We are thirsty for knowledge and know that it is through experience and exploration that we drink it in.  We are bright eyed and busy tailed, voluptuous thinkers and visionaries.  When we have an idea we run with it, not just in the farm yard but to borders and beyond.  We stretch the impossible limits with exciting visions and move towards the so called “unreachable”.  We dare to travel there, not just for the guts and glory of the pursuit but also for the radically fun ride of adventure down the trail of the unknown and un-travelled possibilities.

My statue of Goddess Tara was also an inspiration for this month’s new moon.  I typically keep her on my fireplace mantel but with Christmas Season my son wanted to put some snowmen in her spot.  So I reluctantly agreed and moved her onto my altar.  Wowza!  She’s been calling to go there.  She is the “mother of liberation” and she represents the virtues of success in work and achievements.  She governs the life, death and rebirth cycles and is often associated with Luna and the Moon cycles.  So allow Goddess Tara to see your visions, have fun and stretch those thinking limits into the realms of imagination, visioning and fun exploration for the soul.  Write down two or three goals you have for this moon cycle and sit it on your altar with some tobacco, corn meal or epson salts.  I have an offering plate where I leave my monthly moon goals and I tell ya’ they’ve been working.

NEW MOON RITUAL:  So in honor of this New Moon in Sagittarius I invite you to create a collage with all your radical, wild, free spirited visions for your life.  Go ahead, write them down, collage them, see them…and dare to dream them.  Have fun, play, and make visible your wild and free wishes.  Dare to dream the unthinkable and go for it.

Life is but an adventure, so embrace the Sagittarius energy and go buck wild in the adventurous realms of your soul.  Let yourself be sagittariously free spirited and charge into new visions and ideas.

Enjoy, it will be a great month.


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