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6 Ways to Make the Most out of the Last Week of Winter.

Ahhh….the approach of spring or the end of winter.  It’s such a transitional time.  I feel caught between the old and the new, the end and the beginning.  Much like the weather, I’m sunny one day and rainy and blue the next.  To be… Continue Reading “6 Ways to Make the Most out of the Last Week of Winter.”

7 Ways to Close the Energy of 2015.

At the end of every year, I feel like I get another chance to refocus my energy.  Each New Year feels like an energetic fresh new slate.  And in preparation of the new slate, I usually cleanse out the energy of my home and… Continue Reading “7 Ways to Close the Energy of 2015.”

Full Moon and Eclipse Arrows Ritual

Happy Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse. This feels like a powerful time, a life-changing, energy shattering moment that can alter our paths in the best of ways.  I actually feel this Full Moon/Eclipse to be a good, high energy, positive change. This last month… Continue Reading “Full Moon and Eclipse Arrows Ritual”

A Simple Dark Moon Ritual.

Tonight marks the Dark Moon, well the last of it anyways as tomorrow we start a New Moon cycle.  This past month has been an emotional one, at times heavy and dark, sad and glad.  I’ve shed many tears this month and cleansed my… Continue Reading “A Simple Dark Moon Ritual.”

Completion & Letting Go Ritual

“Moon is now void as she moves from Pisces, the last sign in the astrological mandala to Aries, the first sign…so you may feel as if you’re somewhere between the old & the new, with memories or dreams of past events which have left… Continue Reading “Completion & Letting Go Ritual”

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