Completion & Letting Go Ritual

letting go“Moon is now void as she moves from Pisces, the last sign in the astrological mandala to Aries, the first sign…so you may feel as if you’re somewhere between the old & the new, with memories or dreams of past events which have left a big emotional imprint resurfacing along with a resolve to do things differently.”  From Source: The Moon Woman on Facebook.

Here we are right in the pocket of the old and the new.  Can we simply enjoy the space of being in between an end and a new beginning?  Is anything resolving and completing itself naturally, rhythmically, spiritually? It’s quite magical if you indulge yourself in the dark cavernous birth canal between the worlds, finishing up and completing the old before we are born into the new life, new year, new way of being.

Did you have any magical or interesting dreams last night?

I did, and it fit quite precisely with the moon.  Someone who deeply hurt and betrayed me finally came clean to everything he did and owned up to the pain he caused.  He allowed me to ask him questions and get answers about the events.  He opened himself up to share the truth.  It validated my instincts and inner knowings of the events.  I knew what was occurring even though he continued to deny, deny, deny.  I feel a sense of peace and detachment about it this morning, like there’s a completion, an ending.  Even though the acknowledgment only happened in the dream time I know in some ways it still happened.  I know that he can not go that place in the physical world, but perhaps in the dream world, or spirit world, his soul has the ability to own and stand in truth.  It feels good, like the jagged end to his spear can finally be pulled out, I’m free to move on now, for myself…I got what I needed and there’s a completion…an ending…a moving on.

Earlier this week I found myself writing his name on a piece of paper anointed with drops of tea tree and peppermint oil after a difficult encounter we had.  I released the energy chords between us and detached from him as I burnt the paper on the snow outside. I stood there and watched the flames eat up the paper and transform it to ashes…death and rebirth. Completeness.  I am done.  The final nail is in the coffin.

And last night with my dream, I feel like it finally happened…completion. Now I can move fully through the birth canal, close to new life, detached and free from the tethers of the old.  Dreams are messengers for the soul, the unconscious and our deep, sometimes untouched emotions.  They are symbols and messages that guide us in the physical world.  I encourage you to keep a dream journal if you don’t already.  Dreaming is an ancient gift, a natural form of spiritual and emotional conversations between ourselves and the universe at large.

So as you are in the birth canal between the old and new, ask yourself what are you detaching from…completing…ending and letting go of as we close this year?  Do you need to release yourself from the someone’s energy, a certain place, an old habit, or some sort of thing?  Try writing their name or the name of the place or thing you want to fully, energetically, cut your chords from and release.  Drop thirteen drops of peppermint oil or sage oil or tea tree oil and burn the paper.  As it burns move your arms in swishing, cutting motion to cut and break any energetic chords  around your body that have kept you tied to the past, this person, this place or this thing.  Say, “I cut you from my life, I release you and free myself.  And so it is.”

Visualize yourself with golden, bright light soothing your aura, your body’s energetic parameters and feel the radiant, golden, beaming sensation of being free to simply be you in this very moment, free of the past and ready to be born into the new.

Aho and so it is 🙂

lettign go2

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