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December Energies and Call for Deep Rooted Change

I’ve been on a deep inner retreat within, searching for my soul bones and resuscitating my deepest Self back to life. This New Moon eclipse has been a potent one, stirring up and awakening what is deep within that wants to come alive and… Continue Reading “December Energies and Call for Deep Rooted Change”

Soothing Solstice Ritual

On this beautiful day of darkness, I encourage us to find the sacred ceremony of intentional gentleness.   Mmmm…I want to inhale the word “gentleness”  into the aura of my life and let her soothing energy settle into my bones.  So celebrate this day of darkness by sacred acts of doing less, of being gentle, of soothing the soul by dipping into our dark depths.  

A Healing December Full Moon Ritual

The last full moon of the year, and a supermoon ta boot!  Yup the moon is closest to the earth, intensifying it’s effects on our emotional bodies.  …yeehaw and oh boy! I don’t know about you but I have been spewing emotion out of… Continue Reading “A Healing December Full Moon Ritual”

The December Energies Forecast.

This moon/month has shifted into Sagittarian energy.  YES!!!!   There is an energy of personal power at play here.  Many of us having been feeling drained, emotional,  even irritable from the Scorpio Moon cycle. The inner emotional energies have been rattled so you could awaken… Continue Reading “The December Energies Forecast.”

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