3 Invigorating Equinox Rituals – Indulge in the Energies.

Happy Spring Equinox !!equinox image

The last couple of weeks things have been a shit show with stuff haven’t they? However, even though we went through the valley of the shadow of death, we came out okay in the end didn’t we…didn’t we??!! 😉

This change of season feels somewhat energetically intense yet the shift feels like it will be gentle.  

It’s time to make a change, start that new beginning, dare to dream big.  Take the leap of faith and walk upon an unknown or new path.  Maybe there will be a new baby with this new moon, a new job, a new opportunity or new person in your life.  Something new is on the horizon, fresh out of the gates.

So, enjoy the spring equinox, the change into a new cycle, a new forward movement and ending of the last cycle.  This is the time baby, get out there, try something…do something different…take a risk!  Apply for that new job, ask someone out on a date, start a project or goal you’ve been putting off.  Get out there and DO IT! The time is now.

I pulled a card for this time yesterday and it is bang on Divine.  It’s the Destiny or card or in traditional decks the Wheel of Fortune card.   “Good luck and good fortune are now in your favor.  A cycle of change, success, and growth is imminent.” (It says from the Psychic Tarot Deck by John Holland).  Can I get a “hell yeah”?!  Hell yeah!!

“Believe in destiny as you learn to let go of old issues.”   If you have done your work, sorted through the stuff, good luck, good energy, new opportunities will find you and knock on your door.  All you have to do is be open enough to receive them.  Believe you are worthy, know that destiny is at play here and your soul path is being revealed.  Let the light shine brightly on the path ahead, see it and start walking on it…it is finally time!!  Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Some New Moon & Equinox Ritual Ideas:  Movement is key this month.spring2

  • In many yoga circles they welcome the seasonal shifts with 108 sun salutations. Now that’s a lot and perhaps we can’t do that many but if you enjoy yoga, perhaps do a sun salutation facing all directions.   Start in the South and make your way West, North and then finally East.   As we are in a Solar eclipse that usually heralds, new beginnings and abrupt changes, let’s honor the sun with this sun salutation sequence.yoga sequence
  • Take a sun walk. (okay I totally made this term up but…roll with me).  Take a stroll outside in the evening in walk in a giant circle, honoring and reflecting on the seasons of change and the transit of the sun.  Be sure to walk in a clock wise direction and if you can, start in the south direction.  Maybe walk around a track or even a trail or around your house.  If you’re up for it, do four laps or circles to honor all directions.  As you walk reflect on changes, new beginnings and dedicate yourself to Earth Mother for spring and Grandmother Moon.  Imagine conversing with their energies like they were Sacred Beings as you walk.  What do they have to offer you during this cycle of change.
  • Last but not least…DANCE! I love this one song called Janjara by James Asher.  Let your feet be drums on the Earth and dance in a circular manner.  Again swirl in a clock wise direction and just let your soul move your body.  This is a new moon and new cycle dance, an honoring of the seasonal and lunar shifts.  Allow it to flow out naturally, close your eyes and simply move how your body wants.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bafvarg08lM

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Image source: https://journeyingtothegoddess.wordpress.com/tag/growth/

Image source 2:  www.halfmoon.org.uk


How to Keep Afloat during this Final Moon Cycle of Winter…

almost drowningAt the height of the full moon, emotions come to the surface for release.  They peak at full capacity and bust open the gates of the damn.  I’m there, the gates are open, I feel like I’m been thrashed around in the dark, muddy water.   From having a leaking roof, to having to deal with legal matters, to struggling with communication in my relationship, the forces of change and resolution have found me.  They are swirling me around, spinning me so the guck can come out and fly off of me once and for all.

From the full moon to the new moon, we sort our stuff out.  What if we don’t resist and just keep following the thrashing waters?  I know that a new moon, solar eclipse and spring equinox are on its way in the next week and half.  There is lots of change coming, and the change, the dissolution, the struggle before the change is happening now.  The gears are already starting to shift and even though its in the tough point, at least for me, let it not de-rail us. It’s like the moment just before birth, it’s painful, wretched and we want out.  That is where we are.  There is stuff to sort out once and for all so we can move to rebirth easily, gently, free from the tethers of the past.  A brand new beginning is on it’s way, so we are wrapping up and pruning the old, lingering branches.  In fact, they are breaking off forcefully.  We may be wondering, what is happening, why is all this occurring, that my friend’s is what’s happenin’.

Let the buckets of emotional wisdom flowing towards you take you down stream into their depths where you will learn and face your inner truth.  It’s gut wrenching and revolutionary.  It’s a magical whirlwind felt underwater that will bring you to the cracks in your soul.  The place we so often don’t want to look.  The place where the divine meets the physical, the raw, gritty, place of truth that we feel whether we want to or not.  Here is the place of the gods and goddesses, the place where magic can bubble out if we allow the wound to open and release in order for it to heal.  There is a message there, information for you on your journey home to soul expression in the world.

Sit with me in the muck, the darkness…the womb and absorb and release what is trying to come out.  Prepare before spring’s rebirth and new beginnings that lie just ahead.  We are about to pop through the soil with our luscious stem holding the germinating bud of beauty.

I pulled a card for this time between the moons.  The Patience or Temperance card emerged.  It’s teachings are about balancing both the physical and spiritual and how we need to honor both aspects of the Self.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the spiritual realm, I forget that the physical is equally important or equally enjoyable, not to mention equally necessary. We must do things in order to bring about the change or dream ahead.  Action must be balanced with envisioning.  We need patience too, because we can not force or rush the action or creation.  Things are slower paced sometimes in the physical, it’s a process, a pathway, one step at a time.  Slow down, take the gentle road, don’t rush, force or spin our wheels in frantic chaos to the new cycle and changes ahead.  Can you move with the changes gently, naturally or do we force it, get overwhelmed, spin into chaos?  How do you approach change? (explore this in your journal)

There’s a need for patience, balance and to listen to all points of view.  Forcing things won’t work, pushing too hard or even pulling too little.  We need to find the ebb and flow, resist over-indulgence, find moderation and equilibrium.

Keep flowing and cleansing that shtuff(intended typo) out !!




Embrace the Full Moon Energies with these Gentle Rituals.

“A full moon in Virgo calls for a quiet night in, organizing one’s underwear drawer while simultaneously sorting through deep thoughts about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. A full moon in Virgo (especially one that is within 2 degrees of Lilith moonas this one is) simply begs us to wrestle with god and the myriad of philosophies we make up about Her.” (http://www.chaninicholas.com/full-moon-virgo-venus-meets-uranuspluto-square/#sthash.41wfMyN2.dpuf

This is the last full moon in winter for those of us in the northern hemisphere.  If you’ve been working with the moon energies, we feel like things are getting clearer, more focused.  We are zoning in on the goal at hand, we see it, we can taste, we can even feel it.  It is beyond the dream stage, it is in pursuit of fruition. It is trying to be born.  Labour pains have begun. And we have had to go through the muck, the sticky, gooey muck trying to hold us back or keep us stuck.  Take a bow, for you and I have drudged on…and we can see the light.  We are beginning to poke a hole in the soil where we will soon emerge out and blossom.

I pulled two tarot cards for this Full Moon and wouldn’t you know it they are polar opposites that work together.  The first was the Crown Chakra card.  The place that signifies our connection to the cosmos, spirit, the Universe at large.  It is the place that dreams and visions enter our aura.  It’s the vessel to the dream world… the spirit world.  We have been working on seeing them, bringing them in, and holding them in our cavernous souls this winter.  It’s like we’ve been sitting with our dreams at the fire, keeping warm, getting to know them in and out.

The second card was called Firm Foundation, a physical realm or Earth card.  It speaks to building that solid foundation, security, solidarity.  It’s like planning how to manifest the dream. How do we do this?  What is the first step?  How can I make that a true and lasting reality?  How can I build it on solid ground?

We are being ping ponged in the energy between the two cards.  We are bringing the dream or vision down in the physical and beginning the process of manifesting them.  It’s a whirlwind of energy.  It’s like running through the forest, at times luscious, sweet, invigorating as we take in the woodsy pine smell.  And at other times we are knee high in the muck, crawling on a trail of rocks wondering if we are going to make it back home to safety and security.  What a roller coaster of ups and downs.

Be gentle with ourselves this full moon.  We are working things through.  Allow for flexibility, change and roads to open up. Be patient and trusting.  Review what things have worked in the past and what didn’t.  Learn from your past mistakes and successes.  It’s like we are in the middle of the trek.  Actually the book Wild is coming to mind by Cheryl Strayed.  We are in the middle of the trail, going through some major successes and facing our wild fears.  Know that you will get through, you will find a way, like a flower that desires to bloom, it will fight through the soil to move from seed to an expression of colorful beauty.  You will fight your way, you will make it.  I will make it.  New things are on the horizon and we are finally facing the fears that kept us back from our dreams.  It’s a sword fight but you are strong and you will win.  You simply must accept the challenge and conquer what has always held you back for at the end of the trail is a brand new life.  A brand new birth.  A brand new way of being.  (In a couple weeks we have a New Moon and Solar eclipse.  Lots is occurring this month.)

So trek on, keeping moving forward, onward, even if you have to loop around the same spot a couple of times.  You will manifest.


winter spring2

Sometimes I feel a lot of energy to move on full moons but this one feels like there are things to do but calmly.  Nothing too wild for me.  I will cleanse the energy in my home and take a trek in the woods.   Perhaps my hubby, son and I shall have a small fire in the snow on this last wintery full moon and simply take in the energy, the swirling, mixing, manifesting energies that are at hand.  New things are on the horizon, so enjoy the road there.  Take in the smells, reflect on how far you’ve come over the winter and all things you’ve released so you could prepare for the new ahead.  Take a stroll and stand in the bright light of grandmother moon and let her beams fill you. Soak it in with some luscious woodsy tea and drink it all in.

So here a couple simple ideas to work with this moon.

1) Do some cleaning and organizing.  Virgo energies love this.  Organization, organization, organization.  It’s logical and linear.

2) Put on some gentle music and cleanse the energy of your home.  Even open the windows a bit a let the final breezes of winter sway through your home.  Use sage or cedar and sweep the old energy out.

3) Take an evening stroll, if you can in the woods and just allow the moon beams to hit you.  Soak it in.  Feel the energies, like you are in the middle place between the storm and the sun, between the old and new, death and rebirth. The great dreaming bear is waking up in the cave, winter is coming to an end, spring is on it’s way.  It’s exiting, raw and riveting.  How will the new dream be fed?  Feel the energies. Make a gratitude list or say it out loud as you stroll.

4)  Have a cup of tea, light a candle and so some journalling.  Reflect on the winter.  What dreams have traveled towards you?  What visions did you get to know?  See them.  Talk to them on paper, how do they want to move out?  What are the steps?  Make a small plan of action.  Jot down some ideas to really begin to move them forth.


Happy Full Moon!!!

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