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Mid-Week Soul Check-In.

Hi friends, With the full moon around the corner I thought I’d check in with my deepest Self and invite you do join me. I’ve been feeling a bit agitated, restless, just not at peace.  As I move into it I’ve been called into… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Soul Check-In.”

A Cup of Tea as we semi-Haiku!

Today, just be where you are.  What is occurring? Witness it…write about just as below, in a couple sentences stretched into “poetry”.  Just let the now…the is…the being… float into you like the wind. Allow it to howl out through the screen and into… Continue Reading “A Cup of Tea as we semi-Haiku!”

30 Days of Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living – You in??

In Manitoba, Canada we got hit with a snow storm.  It was after all the snow had melted and it seemed as though spring had sprung, albeit a little earlier than usual.  Then the snow….oh the snow.  Since the dumping of the cold, crisp… Continue Reading “30 Days of Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living – You in??”

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