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10 small Rituals to connect to this New moon

Happy New Moon my friends. What a glorious New Moon. The energy feels auspicious. The word that has summoned my mind for this moon cycle is CONNECTION. Grandmother moon is calling for us to connect…to oneself, to another, to the Universe at large. There… Continue Reading “10 small Rituals to connect to this New moon”

How to Interpret a Symbol/Message from Spirit.

Do you ever wonder how to interpret or receive symbols from the other side?  Do you question if the feather you found or the word you saw was really a symbol from spirit or just your mind stretching for answers or connection? I full-heartedly… Continue Reading “How to Interpret a Symbol/Message from Spirit.”

Mid-Week Soul Check-In.

Hi friends, With the full moon around the corner I thought I’d check in with my deepest Self and invite you do join me. I’ve been feeling a bit agitated, restless, just not at peace.  As I move into it I’ve been called into… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Soul Check-In.”

Creative Ways to Be “Of Service.”

Being of service has been on my mind lately.  I am unable to commit to volunteer at a center on a regular basis but feel I need to offer something…love, kindness, support.  I want to be of service to the Universe, to Creation, to… Continue Reading “Creative Ways to Be “Of Service.””

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