April Full Moon .. change is in the air !

Hello friends!

It has been a long while since I’ve written my words anywhere. I have not put pen to paper in a long time and I’ not fully sure why. To be honest, I’ve been uninspired, in a lull, in a lost, disconnected soulful way. My soul has needed resuscitation…an electric shock into life again.

I’m craving Spirit… it’s something that was at the very epicentre of my being and my everyday life. But life herself pulled me off course and into the land of the lost so I’d get so restless and stuck that I’d be willing forced to move, change and reevaluate everything. And I have.

I’ve been craving change in many parts of my life and I feel like this year has change as it’s main theme. Change is occurring at our roots, in our bones and at our foundation. This is huge! When you make change here you make change everywhere.

But mostly what I’m craving and needing and wanting ohhhh so bad again is connection…connection to myself , to others and to the Divine.

I knew drastic new roads were imperative to shake my life up and whip up the inspiration and break me free from the stuckness.

It’s scary to walk a new road… I feel uncertain of myself and wonder if I can do it. Doubt and fear set in, part of the growing pains but ones we must work beyond and through.

I’m so used to being defined by an illness but I don’t want that for myself . As I walk the new road I feel unsure of my footing… I wonder if I’ll be ok or if the illness will come in and turn my life upside down once again. But that illness and I have come to a truce … I don’t need it to come and take over my life for I can have a voice and express my needs and set my boundaries and really take responsibility for myself and shoulder only what I can, not what I think I should. It’s on me to take care of me… and that’s fucking scary in a way. I’m fully responsible for my health and well-being…period. I really need to speak up when I’m tired or can’t do something or simply don’t want to. No pushing or forcing myself only loving my body and heart for what it really needs.

So as I walk down this new path fear takes ahold of me and I go to the worse possible outcome … more illness.. more time in hospitals, failure, doubt, and uncertainty. I don’t want to go down this rabbit hole.

So, instead I’m taking a moment to stop and take some breaths and to trust this is part of the road of feeding my soul back into aliveness. What if this trail works out great .. in fact in the best possible way? What would be the outcome ? What could I expect instead with a mindset of confidence, trait and faith ?

I bet I’d feel alive again, increase my sense of confidence , feel like myself , connect with others , connect to myself.

What if this road ignites my aliveness so much that I find my soul bursting with colourful shawls and rainbow energy beams so much that I create the connections I crave a need and so deeply want.

What if I found spiritually in my everyday life again simply by feeling alive and not like I was dying. What is I created space and circles where other like minded women joined me to discover their own depths and aliveness. Yes! Yes! What if this all just works out like Divine poem unfolding each word at a time.

Spirit always shows up for me when I ask and trust and just like that I had message from Creation calming me and my nerves. I wasn’t even quite sure what it was but when you call Spirit .. . Creation comes a running. I happen to see an article with this particular bird. I hadn’t even heard of it but it is what the exact bird was visiting my property swooping down in the creek.

It was an Osprey… and osprey’s message for us is upon this Aries full moons and change in our lives.

I invite you to ride the waves of change and allow the discomfort or expansion pains to exist but keep fiercely moving forward.

“Osprey – The Beacon


The Beacon. King of Coasts and Cliffs. Water and Wind. Yin and Yang. The Sun. Solar Worship. Plundering Resources. Overcoming ‘Grass is Greener’ Syndrome. Respecting Others. Honing the Senses. Precise Timing. Streamlining. Environmental Awareness. Comfort Zones.


– The osprey is connected to all aspects of solar worship. And can come into one’s life to emphasise the value and healing properties of the sun, and to help those who practice mystically or spiritually to facilitate sun-god communion.

– An osprey doesn’t wait for the fish to jump out of the water to meet him, instead he splashes in headfirst into an element that he could not survive within. He even places his head under the water – unlike sea-eagles. He teaches us how to plunder our resources and the necessity to move outside of our comfort zones in order to do this. Osprey teaches us to take risks, and to not be frightened of grasping opportunities just because they seem like they’re out of our reach.

– An appearance of osprey in your life can indicate an appearance of the spirit in the form of the Beacon, coming to guide you back to a place of safety or security, or to a feeling of groundedness.

– In terms of working on an energy or elemental level, osprey energy can be called upon when working with the elements of water and wind.

– Osprey tells us that what is right in front of us, is enough, and that we must overcome ‘grass is greener’ syndrome and constantly wonder ‘what if?’ about how much better things are on the other side of our horizons.

Ospreys come into our life to teach us how to hone our senses, on both a physical and spiritual level. We might have become lazy with meditation, or with a physical endeavour we used to enjoy. We might have let our brains, bodies and spirits become sluggish. Osprey claws us back into shape, so that we learn that we nourish ourselves when we’re honed. ”



Teachings of the Duck For the September New Moon.

Image result for duck images

Happy New Moon!  Doesn’t a new moon always feel like a fresh, new beginning each month?  Well, this one is a fresh, new, grand beginning and a new way of life.

This is the time to take the chance.  This is the time to take action.  This is the time to do what you have always wanted to do.

So make the call, send in the resume for a new job, put an offer on a new house, make the choice for remodeling or adding on to your house…whatever it is…take that leap.  Make a change, take the new path…this is the time.

The last few days many, many groups of ducks have been visiting my yard.  We are talking like twenty at a time.  I feel they have been carrying the message for this Moon.

Duck symbolizes good luck and fortune.  It’s a time of preparation meeting opportunity creating good luck if we are prepared of course.

“If duck crosses your path to catch your attention for there are opportunities to explore. She reminds if you do not take swift action you will miss out. Do not procrastinate if you are interested.”  (http://dreamstop.com/duck-dream-symbol/)

This is a time not to focus on how it’s going to work, it’s simply a time of action and allowing the chips to fall where they may…trusting and knowing it will all work out as is.  All you have to do is explore the opportunity and take that chance and act upon your instincts, your inner knowing of what is calling and pulling at the strings of your heart.

There will be moments where we over think or worry or doubt…just let it blow away as it comes.  Just act and allow what is to come.  Act and follow the wind, follow the flow…follow your inner knowing. Time for a luscious new start.

On this New Moon, decide to take an action, a new start, a new class, a new date, a new car, a new house, a new job…a new opportunity of some sort.  That’s it…sit with it…envision it, know it in your bones.  Write it down and make a plan.

And so it is my friends.

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Blessings and warmth and happy new changes as we enter the harvest season

🙂  xo




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Aries New Moon Ritual.

new lifeHere we are at the Aries New Moon.  A new astrological year.  It is said it’s also a super moon, so this one feels more intense than usual.

The energies at this juncture are interesting.  I’m full of piss and vinegar, I want to get stuff done, get stuff going, get things off the ground. I’m spring cleaning (more releasing and getting rid of stuff) like crazy.    It could be a nesting phase but it’s also energetic I’m prepping, changing and clearing old energies for new ones.

I have 3 Spirit Masks I’ve made, all very similar. Dark blue with stars, feathers, sparkles…and I feel the urge to burn them..to transcend them from a separate entity of me to an embodiment within me as they turn to ash.  This is what this New Moon is calling of us…TRANSCENDENCE…CHANGE…it’s an invocation from the dark to light!

Yet there is still some darkness tonight, some aching of an old wound.  I’m going to be re-entering the place I was most wounded in my life.  When I had my son over 6 years ago, my world as I knew it collapsed.  My marriage ended in a traumatic way, I lost my house, my dogs, everything that surrounded me collapsed and crumble. It all died.

And here I am about a couple months away from birthing again.  I’ve rebuilt my life.  I have a new marriage, a new house, a new way of doing everything about my life.  It is 100% more authentic, built from my soul bones and yet the memory of the old pain, the trauma, the severe wounding lingers.  My wounded self, my ego wonders if it will happen again.  Will it crumble this time?  Will I make it through?  What does marriage and children look like in peace and calm and not survival and earth shattering loss?

It calls my vulnerability forth, the raw ache and memory of what happened but the fear envelops me and eats me alive like a savage beast.  I want re-assurance, a guarantee, I want safety and perfection of my husband and that is not fair.  I feel like I’m padding up with memory foam and duck taping it to every limb on my body.  I want us to be perfect, to communicate like professionals, to never be cranky or impatient, to live in this illusionary safe bubble of perfection so the possibility of me having to go through another life collapse feels smaller.  It is not a great way, it is the fearful way. It is taking it’s toll on me and on him.

This New Moon, feels like a call forward.  A howl from Grandmother Moon herself asking me to peel off the padding, release the fear and walk forward, onward in faith, in trust both in myself and my husband.

“What if you put the sword down?” she whispers to me.

What if I did walk forward with a knowing that it will be okay, whatever happens.  I’m sure it will be totally fine but I do know too that I can make it regardless of what happens.  I am one strong cookie and the universe, the Grandmothers, the lucky stars…they all have my back. Creation, love, the Earth Mother, they all got me and so does my husband.  I just need to stop swinging my sword in anticipation of doom and of death.

The reality is this…I am bringing in LIFE!  That is what this Aries New Moon, this first New Moon of the zodiac is about… LIFE!!  What do you want in your life??  Remove the cloak of doom and see LIFE!!!

ARIES NEW MOON RITUAL:fortune teller

Light those candles, ignite your incense, invite over a friend or two and get out your paper and pens.  It’s time to dream, to go to the depths and beyond, the other worlds and invoke our lives with NEW LIFE.  So here we go…

Imagine that you are a Seer, a magical, intuitive Seer.  You can see the life you want for the next year, the best things will happen, everything you want occurs….tell me what do you see????  How are these things occurring, what are you doing to help them along?  (Listen, she will tell you ) 🙂

Ready, set go…write it out just float to the clouds with your pen.

At the end of your reading with yourself as Seer, your magical, intuitive, goddess self gives you a rock with a symbol on it.  What is the symbol?  What does it mean for you?  Grab a marker and a rock and make it come alive!!!

When you are done, imagine returning to your own body.  Grab a stone or rub your feet on the ground.

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Happy Astrological New Year, and a year FULL OF LIFE and JOY!! And so it is.




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How to embrace the Ch…Ch…Change on this Full Moon.

goddess of change2We are upon a full moon tomorrow….

Can you feel the call for change? Is it time to make an important choice and jump off that cliff into something new?  Can you dare and trust yourself and the Universe to give you wings and support you?  Can you trust it shall always work out…there are no wrong roads, just longer ones 🙂

It’s hard to let go of the safe and familiar isn’t it? We feel like we are in a safe cocoon, albeit, an entrapment of sameness and eventually stuckness. We like the security, the consistency, the know what to expect kinda of life.

But deep down our wild, magic souls calls to us for more, tugs us towards a golden unveiling of something new, something more expansive, something more invigorating on the soul level.  The soul craves change, craves expansion, excitement and aliveness.  This is the “joie de vivre ” in soul life.

My sister recently had to make a decision to make a change or stay in the same place she was in.  She wasn’t happy in the same but making the change required that she cut the safety net off the old, to really say good-bye to it.  She was torn as to what to do because her fear got a hold of her and zoomed her focus on what would happen if it didn’t work out.  She went right to the worse case scenario.  We’ve learned that pattern her and I but I encouraged her to approach with trust and faith in the Divine.  She would not have been gifted this opportunity if it wasn’t meant for her.  She would learn something brand new either way and this was about a positive change that yes, could be challenging but far more fulfilling. I encouraged her to take the road that had rainbows and golden sparkles on it.

I mean, what is the purpose of life really…to live on the safe, accomplished, titled, road or to take chances, follow your heart, have soul lifting experiences?  For me its’ the latter, for me it’s a life well lived, sucked dry of everything juicy it had to offer, not just checking off the “success boxes”.  We can all be “accomplished” or have the picture perfect life and job and still feel empty.  Is that the goal- external success?  That is fine and dandy but it need to be coupled with some magical experiences and feelings, and internal aliveness.   Life is not meant to be safe and mundane…we need to live, explore, expand, and stretch ourselves into new territories and see what is there.  What the heck excites your bones?  What puts sparkles in your eyes?  What song does your heart sing?

My sister,  she boldy, confidently, excitedly jumped off the cliff into the new. She’s one courageous, smart goddess.

The cosmos support this change or actually create and initiate this time of change in all our lives.  It calls us into our authenticity, into our depths where we feel alive, sparkly, magic dusted and aroused.  Make the choice that excites all of your senses.  Make the choice that scares the shit out of you but simultaneously makes your heart want to bust with excitement and giddiness.

So on this lovely Full Moon, why not do some reflective writing to deepen your trust in yourself, cause you’re fricken awesome and amazing and have all this wonderous stuff about your already and you trust that the universe is calling your greatness into life, into the world.  Why not dip your pen into the elements of trust and faith and let the universe create a matrix of wonder and excitement.  Let your pen guide you home to the place of remembering.

Full Moon Ritual change2

You know the drill, setup a lovely, little soothing space do dive inward and dance around into your soul tethers.

Creative Warm-up to help move you into your colorful depths…

  • List all the magical things in your life and around you.

Question 1:  What would stay the same if you made the change that is calling to you? (Set your timers for five minutes and just free flow, do not lift that pen off the page ;))

Question 2:  What would change if you jumped into the horse and carriage of change?  (Repeat the 5 minute free flow)

Happy Full Moon & Changes 🙂

And so it is friends, and so it is…

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Photo 1 Source- http://enchantingbabble.blogspot.ca/2014/10/goddess-oracle-guide-rhiannon-sorceress.html

Photo 2 – http://stickygooeycreamychewy.com/2012/03/23/food-blog-forum-orlando-magic-moments-and-an-inedible-recipe/


Full Moon and Eclipse Arrows Ritual

full moon portalHappy Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse.

This feels like a powerful time, a life-changing, energy shattering moment that can alter our paths in the best of ways.  I actually feel this Full Moon/Eclipse to be a good, high energy, positive change.

This last month many of us have gone through a soul cleanse, clearing away the dark debris of our pasts and wounds so our light can shine it’s brightest, so love and abundance can move in most fully.

Now is the portal, the cycle of change, the vortex of new life and rebirth.

This morning I heard a funny sound out the window and looked out into my yard and seen hundreds and hundreds of little blackbirds singing in my trees.  There are literally hundreds of them.  As they move, they move together, like a big black wave, dancing from tree side to tree side. It’s beautiful, like a sea of change, lurking around my life.  They are symbolic to the energy swirling around at this full moon/eclipse, it’s intense and potent but we can muster this energy into beauty,into positivity and into our own energy wells.  These birds are circling the sky, opening the portal, they are swarming the grounds and trees for food and when they fly it’s pure magic, its synchronicity in sight, as though their flight was a song from the universe signalling this magical time, this opening about to occur.

So use this time, this energy, this magical portal and do what you love today.  Write, read, sing, dance, paint, draw, cook, play, whatever you love…do this!!  Now is the time for life, joy, and excitement.  Harness the energy and do what you love as an act of grace, as an act of commitment to the universe signalling your commitment to your own joy and purpose.

I used to be hyper-alert, hyper-vigilant for potential danger or people or scenarios that could cause me pain.  I’d approach life on the defense, ready to run or react from harm.  Yesterday I chose a different way I went about my way looking for joy, soaking it in, being in beauty…period.  And you know what, I had one hell of a magical day!

So indulge yourself in joy as we jump through this life-changing, course altering, life enhancing portal of eclipse and enjoy the rewards.  We are getting closer and closer to doing our soul thang’!


On this Full Moon, we can make two arrows to honor this important shift in energy.  Gather two sticks of any size.  If you can paint one black and the other in a color that symbolizes life and abundance for you.  Or you can wrap some wool or colored string around each one as well.  Heck you can even color them with markers.  There is no wrong way, this is about intention.

  1. The Death Arrow – The Black Arrow

Write down what you want to release.  What have you worked so hard on this month in yourself.  What have you been releasing?  Write it down on a paper and tie it to the black arrow.

    2. The Life Arrow – Colored or White Arrow

Dream and envision yourself doing what you love, what you want.  Who are you with?  What are you doing? Where are you? See yourself at your fullest, your fulfillment meter at its’ highest.  What is occurring around you?  What are you doing so you are full of life and love?  Write it down and tie it to your Life Arrow, your colorful arrow.

If you can, burn the death arrow, release what no longer serves you.  Read out loud what you shall release.

Place your life arrow in the ground or in a plant so you can see it and remember, and honor your path to fulfillment.

Enjoy this magical, soul moving vortex.

And so it is…



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http://escaped-emotions.deviantart.com/art/Dancing-with-the-Birds-Jump-52-277986712  (picture 1)

Picture 2 – Arrows from Pinterest


A New Moon and a Call for New Energy!

new moonThis new moon is a bit intense, powerful, full of action, robust change, movement.  However, it is also summoning the webs in the closet.  The old demons and addictions to stuckness so to speak.  We must come face to face with it and clean that shit out.

We’ve waited, held the dream, the questions, the visions in our hands. We’ve circled it time and time again, getting to know it, understand it. We’ve planted the seeds and waited for them to germinate into something.  We’ve done our due diligence and waited patiently, even when it was tough, even when we didn’t want to or when patience seemed impossible.  I’ve shed a many tears trying to trust in Divine time and wondering if I’d simply be in the stuckness forever as a new way of life.

Now the time has come, to get out of the mud, to put our butts in 4 by 4 and take action. We start watering and weeding the dream and pull off the dead flowers as it continues to grow.

This month is really about summoning our own inner authority, our own leader and cultivator.  We move into the masculine side of our brains, logic, rational, planning, movement, and action.  We summon our inner king, the inner master to lead us, to guide us on the trail.  We allow ourselves to be directed by this part, this authoritative, even dominating part to shake us out of our limiting shackles of self-sabotage, our doubts and our insecurities.  Now is the time we rise,we discover, we begin forward movement. Maybe it’s just small steps but alas its forward movement.

Today I moved a plant that has sat on my altar for years.  It holds my placenta from when I birthed my son along with words of my dream, my soul’s purpose.  I moved into my living room, it was calling me to move it, it felt restless on the altar.  Now it is in my life, my everyday life, not just on my Sacred altar and in the dream.  So play around with your altar or even special pieces of ornaments or furniture in your home.  Move the energy around.  I also painted the walls in my living room after almost 2 years of wanting to.  I just woke up one day and had enough of the old colors.  These small changes are igniting other small changes.  My son wants to paint his room so we are planning for that, I want to paint the kitchen as well.  The feel in my home is changing, the stagnation and inertia is shifting out, drifting away like a dark rain cloud.

On this New Moon cycle can you invite in simple, small changes that are like sacred acts in your life.  Maybe it’s small changes like changing your internet provider so you can do better quality Skypeing, which can lead to more clients or cleaning out your desk to more organized and stir up new ideas.  Maybe it’s moving around some rocks or flowers or plants so the energy is different.

I feel the need to clean today, I mopped my floors, cleaned my altar, did some laundry.  Just a real gathering and focusing of energy. So play around with the energy in your home and allow that to translate in your life.

For me I feel that some good things are being set in motion, some new starts, some new projects, new hopes are in action. I’ve even started some new test protocols for my health condition that perhaps can lead me on a new trail! The wheel of momentum has started to turn and it’s exciting, lots of momentum is building here during this moon cycle.

So on this lovely New Moon, grab some pen and paper, light a candle, an incense stick and let’s get writing.  I feel a whole lot of emotions lately, things are prickling at me, the mood, the feel is emotional, uncomfortable, lots of inner rattling occurring for release.

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New Moon Writing Exercise. writing

Following the guidance of some tarot cards, we’ve got two major players (inner parts or archetypes) within us duke-ing it out.  One of them is the king, our own inner authority, commander, chief operating officer of our soul plan.  This part of us is a warrior, an action player, a movement initiator.  And then we have the self-sabotager/ doubter.  This is the part of us that likes to play on our own dark emotions and get addicted to inertia.  It is rebellious, child-like, the part of us who wants to whine and throw pity parties filled with excuses on the wall.  So let’s duke it out on the page we can heal and clear this part of us filled with doubt, uncertainty and insecurity.

Imagine sitting in between these two parts of yourself, as though the all to familiar internal battle was sitting with you at the table.  The Saboteur and the King on opposite sides of you.  Write the following questions or create your own and just let the pen flow.  Here are my examples, feel free to use them or add your own.

“Why do you sabotage my efforts?” I ask the SELF-SABOTAGER part of me.

I feel doubtful, crabby, uncertain, unsure.  I’m pissy in my stuckness.  I want to rebel, just have a tantrum and sulk in the sand.  I doubt that I will succeed so I throw up roadblocks, I procrastinate, I lose my focus out of protection.  I protect myself from the failure.  I’m afraid to fail. I’m afraid to be made a fool, so I don’t show up, I drift, I get unfocused.  It’s what I do.  Then it’s not really about failure, it’s about not trying.  I don’t feel confident, I don’t trust myself to win, to follow through, to show up for the battle. I’m a loser, a weak, unfocused failure, so I fuck up before I can fail.  I protect you from failing.

How can I get you to lead Mr. King?

Allow me to, follow me no matter what.  Trust in me.  Trust that I will lead you to a success battle, that we will win the war because I am so strong, I am so confident, experienced.  Believe in me.  Believe in my abilities and successes.  Believe in my strength, believe in my force, my power, my focus, my ability to vision and fight in the war.  I am the chief and I take that seriously, it is the biggest job I have ever had and I don’t take it lightly. I will lead you to freedom, I will lead you to success and prosperity.  You just need to choose to believe in me, trust in me as your leader.  I will succeed for you but if you choose to follow me, I expect you to be all in.  I will not let you fail, I’ll be hard on you because I believe in you.  I will call on you to fight, to focus to put in all you’ve got, the most amount of effort you can offer in the battle.  All you have to do is choose to follow me and believe in my guidance.  I will lead you to victory, I assure you.  I am positive about this.

I choose the King, I choose to risk, to take a God damn chance and walk the tight rope anyways.  So what if I fail, I friggen tried.  So I will follow the King that speaks to my inner hunches, my gut instincts, the call and will to do something and move forward.  My agitation is high lately and that is the King rallying the troops, calling me to action, to get off my butt and do something.  So I honor the King and I follow his lead.  He is commander in chief right now and I will follow his orders.  I will draw upon his archetypal strength and fight the good fight, I will take the battle ground and do the work, fight hard for what I want through action, not wishy washy dreaming.  And so it is!

Who will you choose to follow during this moon cycle? Who will lead you from within?  When the saboteur shows up can you look for the king?  Can you shift into trust, into full blown belief in him and in yourself and follow his lead.  Even imagine him guiding you throughout the moon cycle.  If you feel unsure, or stuck imagine talking to the King on the page and respond as the King to yourself.  Just get out of the way and let your warrior guide you with the magic of your imagination.

Enjoy this month of clearing, healing and new cycles of self-belief, self-trust, assurance and confidence.

And so it is friends!


Crystal Tardiff Chagnon

Photo source:  www.foreverconscious.com