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May Full Moon- Express Your Wild.

mayfullmoonHappy Full Moon!!! ūüôā

Wow, this is an interesting full moon.  The energies are buzzing, new patterns forming.  After the last moon cycle (and collapsing, ending/ crisis of last moon) we are in a time of rebuild, renewal, re-structuring.  We have started new patterns, new cycles, new ways of approaching life.  And we are being rewarded.

This moon feels joyous, a time of celebration. ¬†A time of fun. ¬†In Canada, it’s May long weekend and it’s actually hot and sunny. ¬†It almost always rains May long weekend but this year is different, this moon is different. ¬†The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the people are buzzing with excitement.

I pulled a card from the Native Spirit Oracle cards and it is Song of the Wild card.  How fitting.

New horizons await you! ¬†You’re ready to savor the wonders of the world. ¬†Take some risks. ¬†Answer the call of the wild. ¬†Step out of your comfort zone. ¬†Live passionately. ¬†Take steps in the direction of freedom. ¬†Expand beyond your limitations and boundaries. ¬†Maybe its time to take a journey or do something new and exciting.

Your Native Spirit Wants You to Know: ¬†You are entering a period of expansion and going beyond self-imposed limitations. ¬†Even if you feel hesitant, this is a time to try something new and do things in a different way. ¬†You might even visit far-off lands or wild natural places. ¬†Adventure often entails risk, but without it, life can become lackluster and stagnant. ¬†There’s a vast new, and wondrous vista just around the corner, but you’ll never see it if you don’t venture out.

It feels like a victory moon, a bright light shining on us for choosing another path, for rebuilding rather than staying stuck in the rubble of the past. ¬†It’s time for change and growth and you have earned the right to celebrate your courage, your commitment, your steps forward into the new. It takes guts to let the old go, to face the inner stuff so you can and to walk a new tight rope into a brand new way of life.

So do something fun and wild.  Something that feeds your freedom and wild soul.  Dress up today/tonight. Wear a bright lipstick, a bold dress, a funky hat.  Do your make-up differently, wear bold jewelry.  Be out in the wild, in nature, around fire and friends.  Celebrate your wild soul by expressing it.

Happy Full Moon friends, enjoy this fun one, it is well deserved ūüôā

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May New Moon Ritual & Celebration

may moon2This New Moon feels like a welcome celebration, doesn’t it?   Last moon/month was INTENSE!  The month was filled with crisis, change, upheaval, chaos, things falling apart and reaching a point of climax.  We had no choice but to change out of old, wounded, uncertain patterns of our past, life brought forth change, growth, endings, destruction, etc. so we could begin anew or at least start upon a new path, a new pattern, a new, loving, authentic way of being.  Bridges collapsed into the old way of life and this month is about allowing new roads to take shape and reveal themselves.  We are planning out new actions, new life, a taking the first step or two in beginning this re-birth and restructuring.

This moon/month is about doing things a little different.¬† Trying new things, taking action, responsibility, and finally addressing what we have always postponed ourselves in addressing.¬† We shine the flashlight on our dark bits and look at them so we can heal them.¬† This will take courage, vulnerability and strength but you have those qualities within you….yes you do!

It feels like even though the crisis and chaos/ peak moments have occurred and shattered what was, we are now in the process of planning out how to take action to rebuild, restructure, re-do some old ways.    This is a great thing on the soul level, even though it may feel like total crap.  This is truly a healing time.


On this New Moon in Taurus I invite you to throw a New Moon party.  It can be  a party of one or like for me, a party of 3, the hubby, my son and myself.  The intention, to indulge in some physical senses and luxuries.  So after all the tough stuff last moon, now is the time to nurture ourselves and feed ourselves love and enduring self-care energy as we trek upon new territory.  Why not make it a magical evening, a date night with the Moon if you will.

So, tonight have a luscious meal, buy a lovely bottle of vino, or make some dessert.¬† Take a walk or hike, move your body, do some yoga, go for a bike ride…really ignite your physical senses.¬† Celebrate this moon like it were a marker of your new road, new chapter, new way of life.¬† Somehow, some way, have some conscious, New Moon fun.¬† List some ideas you have, some actions you will take this month to move forward into new patterns and out from the old.¬† It might be setting boundaries, or finally signing up for a class or exploring ways to leave a relationship.¬† Whatever it is, list it, put it into consciousness, even it‚Äôs a simple exploration or evaluation of what you are still unsure about.

But tonight, you celebrate.  Celebrate the beginning of a new cycle. You made it through last month.  Indulge your senses.  Toast the moon, toast each other, toast yourself.  Taste the cake, feel the bubbles in the bath, let the wind sweep though you like it were a caress from the Goddess herself.

Tonight…all you need is enjoyment! Find your way there and share ūüôā

Happy New Moon.


Celebrating the Sacred Feminine Ways of Motherhood.

momTo all the mothers, especially my mom.  Honoring your beautiful Sacred Feminine ways that all too often are left un-noticed and un-celebrated. This day’s for you!  I honor you and all your beautifully Feminine ways of nurturance, creativity, love, tenderness, intuitive knowing, and connection to magic.  You are Divine!

To all the Moms,

I want to acknowledge all the special ways you invoked the beauty of the Feminine Divine in our lives and made our house a home.  The touches of love and the sparks of joy were ignited by your hands.

You were the anchoring roots in the middle of our storms.  You calmed and soothed us with your presence and care.  You created memories of safety and security that we carried forward in our lives that helped shape all of our future relationships and friendships.

You loved every part of us in a way only a mother knows how.  You made moments special by showing up and giving the exact energy we needed to feel extra special and loved at any given moment. Our fun Friday night dinners, Saturday night fires, or Sunday morning pancakes were all cherished rituals of love.  

You seen us, you knew us at a level only a mother would and you filled our heart spaces with rainbows.  And so often it was not thanked or seen or known for how special it really was. 

You decorated our home each holiday season, bringing in the joy and magic with our decorated Christmas trees, lighting of the candles, the many holiday flowers, letting us paint snow in the already snowy window.  You’d let us taste test the yummy snowballs and short bread cookies each and every year .   You filled our senses with so many memories that each wiff of pine or of baking cookies  invokes a sacred memory and smile.

You made each holiday sparkle with your creative sprinkles.  You invited in the energy of the season, the magic in the air, the joy in our hearts and love in our home.  You made everything special and alive, you were conductor of the orchestra that ignited the life fires inside our bellies and lit the lights in our homes.

You ignited the magic into the mundane and breathed breath into our lives,  You called in the spirits of joy and celebration, sweetness and safety.  You are an alchemist, a magician of love, a gatherer of our people.

Maybe you didn’t even know it but you brought in the fairies and dusted our lives with an enchanted, pure, and innocent fun. Home was like a safe cocoon, a warm fuzzy blanket while you sipped hot cocoa at the fire, all because of your energy. You made our house a home with your sweet, nurturing, creative ways, your Divine Feminine presence.

You caressed and combed, cleaned and cooked with not a single complaint, even though all too often you didn’t get one darn thank-you.

So THANK-YOU mom for all the days you cleaned our clothes, washed our bedding, vacuumed the floors, scrubbed our toilets, ironed our fancy shirts, brought us to  practise, did the dishes alone, bought the groceries, took out the garbage, cooked us the most luscious meals and nobody noticed.  Today I take note, today I acknowledge for all the days I didn’t.  Thank you for nurturing the life spaces that made our life turn round.

Thank-you for the great big ball of love we got every day.  I didn’t know how to value what was so special and sacred then mom, but I do now!  I’m so sorry nobody noticed or took for granted what you did, cause what you did and still do is Divine.

You are far more what you did for us, you were the heart of our home, the epicenter of our family universe that kept the love and light circulating.  You bonded us by weaving love through us and all around.  You are a warrior, a sacred weaver of love webs.  You are a Divine Feminine Goddess who brewed up love and magic and our home was your cauldron.

To all the mothers, special aunties, grandma’s and sisters, you are the blooming flowers of the world, spreading colorful beauty, love and magical enchantment.  You are the “home”-makers or our houses, building us a safe, nurturing, cozy place to exist and grow.  You are the unicorns in the rainbows, the first snow flakes of the season.  You are the womb of all life, all love, all joy. You are the mermaids in the oceans, the full moon and shooting stars in the dark night sky.SACRED ART2

Take a bow, for you are a Goddess.

May you give yourself spoonfuls of your own Divine Love on this magical day.

I bow to you, I honor you.  You matter so much to this world.  You are the breath of all life.  You are the womb of creation.  You are the angel dust in the world, the unseen magical forces that circulates the pulse of the Divine.  You are so Sacred.

Cheers to you and your Divine Feminine, natural ways of Mother.  Happy Mother’s Day.



3 Invigorating Equinox Rituals – Indulge in the Energies.

Happy Spring Equinox !!equinox image

The last couple of weeks things have been a shit show with stuff haven‚Äôt they? However, even though we went through the valley of the shadow of death, we came out okay in the end didn‚Äôt we…didn’t we??!! ūüėČ

This change of season feels somewhat energetically intense yet the shift feels like it will be gentle.  

It‚Äôs time to make a change, start that new beginning, dare to dream big.  Take the leap of faith and walk upon an unknown or new path.  Maybe there will be a new baby with this new moon, a new job, a new opportunity or new person in your life.  Something new is on the horizon, fresh out of the gates.

So, enjoy the spring equinox, the change into a new cycle, a new forward movement and ending of the last cycle.  This is the time baby, get out there, try something…do something different…take a risk!  Apply for that new job, ask someone out on a date, start a project or goal you’ve been putting off.  Get out there and DO IT! The time is now.

I pulled a card for this time yesterday and it is bang on Divine.  It‚Äôs the Destiny or card or in traditional decks the Wheel of Fortune card.   ‚ÄúGood luck and good fortune are now in your favor.  A cycle of change, success, and growth is imminent.‚ÄĚ (It says from the Psychic Tarot Deck by John Holland).  Can I get a ‚Äúhell yeah‚ÄĚ?!  Hell yeah!!

‚ÄúBelieve in destiny as you learn to let go of old issues.‚ÄĚ   If you have done your work, sorted through the stuff, good luck, good energy, new opportunities will find you and knock on your door.  All you have to do is be open enough to receive them.  Believe you are worthy, know that destiny is at play here and your soul path is being revealed.  Let the light shine brightly on the path ahead, see it and start walking on it…it is finally time!!  Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Some New Moon & Equinox Ritual Ideas:  Movement is key this month.spring2

  • In many yoga circles they welcome the seasonal shifts with 108 sun salutations. Now that‚Äôs a lot and perhaps we can‚Äôt do that many but if you enjoy yoga, perhaps do a sun salutation facing all directions.   Start in the South and make your way West, North and then finally East.   As we are in a Solar eclipse that usually heralds, new beginnings and abrupt changes, let‚Äôs honor the sun with this sun salutation sequence.yoga sequence
  • Take a sun walk. (okay I totally made this term up but…roll with me).  Take a stroll outside in the evening in walk in a giant circle, honoring and reflecting on the seasons of change and the transit of the sun.  Be sure to walk in a clock wise direction and if you can, start in the south direction.  Maybe walk around a track or even a trail or around your house.  If you‚Äôre up for it, do four laps or circles to honor all directions.  As you walk reflect on changes, new beginnings and dedicate yourself to Earth Mother for spring and Grandmother Moon.  Imagine conversing with their energies like they were Sacred Beings as you walk.  What do they have to offer you during this cycle of change.
  • Last but not least…DANCE! I love this one song called Janjara by James Asher.  Let your feet be drums on the Earth and dance in a circular manner.  Again swirl in a clock wise direction and just let your soul move your body.  This is a new moon and new cycle dance, an honoring of the seasonal and lunar shifts.  Allow it to flow out naturally, close your eyes and simply move how your body wants.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bafvarg08lM

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Image source: https://journeyingtothegoddess.wordpress.com/tag/growth/

Image source 2:  www.halfmoon.org.uk


8 Simple Rituals to Invite In Prosperity & Positive Energy for 2015.

new years2

New Year’s is a time filled with many rituals and traditions in a vast number of cultures to welcome the New Year with good energy, wealth and health. ¬†New Year’s is like a time of renewal and rebirth…a new slate. ¬†So here are some ways to close the energy of the past and invite new prosperous, healthy and flowing energies into your home and life.

1) An old Pagan tradition is clearing out your entrance way.  Vacuum or sweep up any old negative energy, negative thoughts, or stagnant energy.  Clean the floor too with some vinegar, sage oil if you can as you mop it.  Imagine sweeping the room clean of anything that is not of love, not of light and send it outside.  Only positive, uplifting, flowing energy may come through your home.  They say to leave the broom across the door to seal out the negativity at least overnight or until the first visitor comes. Note that they say you should sweep before January 1st, before midnight as anything after that would be clearing away good luck.

2)  In Spain, people eat 12 grapes, one each at the stroke of midnight to signify good luck for the next 12 months.  It is said that that some people through the grapes in their wine to represent the last twelve months and the twelve to come.  As midnight strikes they eat them as quickly as possible one at a time from their wine glass and make a wish.

3) In the Philippines round shapes are celebrated as they are thought as symbolic to coins and abundance.  They suggest placing an abundance of round fruit on your tables to welcome prosperity.  And for those 80s girls, get out your polka dots as wearing polka dots are also said to bring good luck in their tradition.

4) Clean out your purse ladies.  Men clean out your wallets.  Throw out old receipts or paper you no longer need.  Make sure to keep the slot where you keep your bills clean and free of any receipts as it blocks the flow of money.  Invite in prosperity while clearing out the old.

5) Pay off any debts or bills you can before the New Year.  If you owe someone money pay them back.

6) Cleaning the house before New Years is a good way to clear any old, stagnant energy.  While you are cleaning, think of clearing old energy out and inviting wealth and health in.  Open doors and windows if you can even just for moments to clear out the old energy.  You may want to check out my article How to Be a Bad-Ass Goddess While You Mop Your Floors for an energy clearing mopping recipe.

7)¬†A good ol’ sage clearing in the house. ¬†Be sure to open a window or door to let out any of the negativity and old energy. ¬†Make sure to get int the nooks and crannies and corners.

8) Make a mini altar on your kitchen table. Fill it with large bowl or plate of round fruits, pomegranates, apples, oranges, grapefruit, grapes etc.  Light some candles.  Get another giant bowl and get your family to write at least 3 wishes each for 2015.  Place it in the bowl and eat a grape for each wish. Grab hands and form a circle of energy and send your wishes to the sky and the earth.

Enjoy the New Year and may it be filled with prosperity, joy and good health.


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New Year’s Wishes Ritual.

magic dustYeehaw…New Year’s. ¬†A new time, a new slate. A fresh beginning. ¬†Like a trail of snow, untouched, waiting for your feet to mark imprints towards uncharted territory. ¬†2014 was a doosey…a clearing, shedding, deconstructing and collapsing of what no longer serves us. ¬†It was a cleansing, a cleaning out of what will no longer work.

“God calls us throughout our life to severe grace, the grace of the cocoon. ¬†We are called to separate from the old, to die in order to be born. ¬†If we open ourselves to this severe grace, we encounter God in new places: in the cyclone, in the dark, in the crisis that shatters our old confining consciousness. ¬†It is this severity that makes us new.” ¬†From First Light by my fave author, Sue Monk Kidd.

Kinda fits for 2014 doesn’t it?

I can tell you it was in those moments of shattering chaos or crisis that I did meet and experience Grace. ¬†It was a profound freedom, and uniting of myself and my soul. ¬†Finally that which was obscuring me from my truth…gone so I could sit there and meet myself. ¬† A remembering and a merging into a new being was occurring and waiting to be born into life.

2015 is about birthing that new being. ¬†It feels like a year filled with a whole bunch of new….new beginnings….new experiences…new relationships or partnerships…a new way to do life. ¬†Rebirth. ¬†Freedom. ¬†Excitement. ¬†NEW!!!

I’m excited…and at times overwhelmed. ¬†I listed a few goals I have and I notice a heaviness immediately. ¬†So screw that idea. Having vision doesn’t have to be heavy, burdensome or dark.

What if we went about this new year a little differently. ¬†What if we made it about wishes….what wishes do you have this year? ¬†What do you wish for your expression in the world? ¬†What do you wish for yourself in 2015? ¬† What do you wish to try or experience?

So rather than making a list of heavy, performance marking goals, list your wishes! Wish for fun. Wish to indulge in magic more often. ¬†Wish to easily and joyfully accomplish….Wish to go a ballet this year because you love it. ¬†Wish to take a whole weekend for yourself. ¬†Wish to write a chapter of a book. ¬†Wish for great family fun like a picnic at the park. ¬† Wish for success and completion of a project. ¬†Wish for participating in monthly new moon rituals. ¬†Wish for pulling back and being gentle. Wish for connection.

So, what do you wish to experience this year? ¬†List it and wish away. ¬†Blow some snow, glitter or salt as you read aloud each wish and offer to Mother Earth to keep and hold for you so she can assist you in your birthing. Or throw some Epson salt into a fire for each wish or some glitter and voice it to the heavenly skies, the shining stars and glorious moon. ¬† Share your wishes with your friends and family and get the kiddies to make wishes too. ¬†Tell them it’s magic glitter so their wishes can come true. Or light a candle for each wish and blow them out like you would on a birthday cake. ¬†Heck, make a cake and light a bunch of candles on it. ¬†Blow them out and feast. ¬†If you can list 50 wishes or more….go on…I dare ya’!

New beginnings and wishes is fun, uplifting, inspiring.

Wish away.  Happy, healthy, joyful, magical, fun New Year.

And so it is.





cold full moonAhhhhhhhhhhh! ¬†The full moon is building in energy, waiting to explode into a shiny ball of lightness dancing in the sky. ¬†Tomorrow she peaks at her fullest and I tell ya’ the energy is massive. ¬†I feel extreme heat shooting out of hands as I write. ¬†I must move this energy….key word….MUST! ¬†There is so much energy going on inside, we need to take the time to express it…move it…get it the heck out of us so we can release the inner tension.

This full moon highlights both the Sagittarius energies as we are in the sign of Sag and that of Gemini. ¬†Sagittarius is about wild freedom, connection to the cosmos, big ideas, dreams, visions….its about expansion. ¬†And Gemini is quite opposite, a more here and now, logical, grounded energy. ¬†So we are in the cusp of two polarities.

Cafe Astrology writes…”On Saturday morning, the Moon is full–the Gemini Moon exactly opposes the Sagittarius Sun. The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is a mental axis, where Gemini represents the “lower mind” and Sagittarius represents the “higher mind”. A Gemini Moon encourages us to think logically, while Sagittarius persuades us to think in a far broader manner…Ideally, a balance should be found between the two energies, and this is what the Full Moon invites us to do.”

So this full moon, if you are like me, you are exploding at the seams. ¬†I have tons of ideas and inspiration swirling inside but I have to get it down on paper, organize my thoughts, and have a plan of action so I can fully release what is within. ¬†I have been getting stuck in the dream, unable to materialize and move it. ¬†I need structure. ¬†A plan of action. ¬†That is where the gifts of Gemini come in. ¬†We actually need organization and structure to be free….otherwise we get lost, stuck and overwhelmed in the chaos of the freedom. ¬†We find inertia in extreme freedom….as well as in extreme structure. ¬†So let us find the beautiful balance between the too. ¬†This full moon calls us to be responsible with our energy…we must take time to reign it in for release.

So there a couple things that might help on this full moon.

1) ¬†Write out what you no longer want in your life…stress…chaos..inertia…roadblocks…and burn it in a safe bowl or on the snow. ¬† Please use caution always ūüôā

2) ¬†Write out a plan, a structured routine or schedule to organize your time. ¬†Make sure to schedule in creative expression or play time, time for movement, time to reflect and be and connect to your Divine nature. ¬† Organize the energy so it can flow fluidly, peacefully and freely. ¬†Get the kids involved. ¬†I know I’ve been planning weekly activities to do with my son ahead of time, and this is helping me get focused and scheduled for when his non school days especially. ¬†Help the kids make a calendar or schedule for themselves too…kids love structure and to do lists. ¬†Use a month calender template and glue onto some colored paper. ¬†Get the kids to put stickers and decorate the calendar. List some fun winter activity ideas by looking on Pinterest or Google schedule it in with the kids. ¬†Make some hot chocolate, put on some music, candles, incents, Christmas lights and enjoy the lovely full moon energy while you structure and organize your wild, expressive, ecstatic energy for release.

And so it is.


Enjoy the full moon.