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Relationships, relationships, relationships… Thanks Jupiter! :)

We just passed the September 9, 2016 junction, that’s 999 in numerology.  9 is about completion, endings and healing.  And this past week Jupiter entered Libra for the year and Libra is all about relationships, justice… and balance 🙂 Since the New Moon, I’ve been confronted… Continue Reading “Relationships, relationships, relationships… Thanks Jupiter! :)”

June New Moon Ritual. Cleansing & a Turtle.

Happy New Moon Friends! Well this is an interesting New Moon,usually new moons are about setting new intentions, staring new beginnings…but this one feels like we must clear out the old energies first.  This New Moon feels like a festive time to clean the… Continue Reading “June New Moon Ritual. Cleansing & a Turtle.”

A Healing Full Moon/Eclipse Ritual & Your Inner Queen

Happy FULL Moon and Lunar Eclipse. The energies are brewing, the cauldron is stirring, the chaos,emotions, turmoil, struggles, and calls to grow and expand are bubbling.  Our unhealed shadowy selves are called to the surface so we can free them from the cages, free… Continue Reading “A Healing Full Moon/Eclipse Ritual & Your Inner Queen”

Full Moon Power Hour Ritual.

Happy Full Moon my friends!! About a week ago I posted a little pre-full moon blurb boundaries and the medicine teachings of Armadillo. (Found here Armadillo Teaching.) This theme continues for me/us at this full-moon.  I encouraged you to do a medicine shield exercise where… Continue Reading “Full Moon Power Hour Ritual.”

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