7 Ways to Harness the New Moon & End of the Year Energy.

It’s the new moon and the end of the year.   This moon feels like a good one to get organized, ready and focused for the New Year.  Each New Year feels like an energetic fresh and slate and this New Moon is helping us prep for this.  In preparation of the fresh energy ahead,Continue reading “7 Ways to Harness the New Moon & End of the Year Energy.”

The December Energies Forecast.

This moon/month has shifted into Sagittarian energy.  YES!!!!   There is an energy of personal power at play here.  Many of us having been feeling drained, emotional,  even irritable from the Scorpio Moon cycle. The inner emotional energies have been rattled so you could awaken last moon.  Stagnation, irritation, lack of joy, these are all messengersContinue reading “The December Energies Forecast.”

Aries Full Moon Ritual.

Well isn’t this an intense filled, possible life changing, soul directing Full Moon?!  It’s been an intense week for me, I’ve dropped to my knees a few times feeling overwhelmed, tired, lost, even confused.  My howling soul is desperately trying to guide me through these feelings and my job is to sit with them. It’sContinue reading “Aries Full Moon Ritual.”

A Slew of Harvest Full Moon Rituals.

Omg! Have you seen the glorious, radiant full moon light?  Wowzers!  Beauty She is.  This is a full moon and lunar eclipse in Pisces so were are in for a surge of emotions here, intense stuff for many.  Those pestering, lingering, unresolved emotions of ahhh…life – are here at the surface so let’s honor thoseContinue reading “A Slew of Harvest Full Moon Rituals.”

May Full Moon- Express Your Wild.

Happy Full Moon!!! 🙂 Wow, this is an interesting full moon.  The energies are buzzing, new patterns forming.  After the last moon cycle (and collapsing, ending/ crisis of last moon) we are in a time of rebuild, renewal, re-structuring.  We have started new patterns, new cycles, new ways of approaching life.  And we are beingContinue reading “May Full Moon- Express Your Wild.”

May New Moon Ritual & Celebration

This New Moon feels like a welcome celebration, doesn’t it?   Last moon/month was INTENSE!  The month was filled with crisis, change, upheaval, chaos, things falling apart and reaching a point of climax.  We had no choice but to change out of old, wounded, uncertain patterns of our past, life brought forth change, growth, endings, destruction,Continue reading “May New Moon Ritual & Celebration”

Full Moon Power Hour Ritual.

Happy Full Moon my friends!! About a week ago I posted a little pre-full moon blurb boundaries and the medicine teachings of Armadillo. (Found here Armadillo Teaching.) This theme continues for me/us at this full-moon.  I encouraged you to do a medicine shield exercise where you list all that you want to experience, feel, do andContinue reading “Full Moon Power Hour Ritual.”

A Full Moon & Your Own Soul Devotion

Wow, it’s the full moon already.  And it’s a gorgeous, bright, super moon, meaning the moon is closest to the Earth and appears bigger.  We feel things more intensely.  It’s a bigger impact on us in the most fabulous of ways. This full moon calls us to get focused, find clarity and take action.  ThisContinue reading “A Full Moon & Your Own Soul Devotion”

Teachings from a Duck on this New Moon.

This New Moon has kinda kicked my butt.  There’s been a lot of uncertainty and chaos, things not going as planned.  That’s why this post is late,  my plane ride to return home was unexpectedly cancelled.  I had to stay another night in Calgary, with no luggage!   We had to get up at 4am toContinue reading “Teachings from a Duck on this New Moon.”

New Moon & Mercury Retrograde Ritual – Weaving the Old & New.

We start this New Moon with a Mercury Retrograde.  It’s a time usually marked by new beginnings but with Mercury going backwards, it encourages us to look behind us, in our pasts to assist with the new.  It encourages us to look at our own past, to explore the old ways of being, our innerContinue reading “New Moon & Mercury Retrograde Ritual – Weaving the Old & New.”