Creating Joy and Abundance – Journaling Exercise.

I’ve been focused on manifesting lately. The energy, the dreaming, the seeing, the feeling and the beliefs that allow the dream to come or stop it in its tracks. Low and behold the Armadillo has pranced his lovely teaching across my path today.

The armadillo says, (from Jamie Sams deck)

“A clue to how to proceed is to make a circle on a piece of paper and see it as a medicine shield.  In the body of the shield, write all that you are desiring to have, do, or experience. Include all things that give you joy.  This sets up boundaries that allow only these chosen experiences to be part of your life.  These boundaries become your shield that wards off the things which are undesirable to you.  The shield reflects what you are and what your will is to others on an unconscious level.”  (Pg 149 Medicine Cards book).

Armadillo teaches us about boundaries, not just physical boundaries, but boundaries of the Self.  Do we create time, space and boundaries for our own fulfillment and connection?  This is usually the first thing we toss when we get busy or down, but it is the most important.  It feeds all of our other connections, our energy wells, and all of our relationships and experiences of life around us.

As you complete your medicine shield on paper, pin it up somewhere where you can see it regularly.  Decorate it with images or collage your shield.


Ask yourself and journal….

  1.  Am I honoring the time I need for my personal joy, fulfillment and connection?
  2. How am I doing this or why am I not?
  3. How can you start each week carving out and planning sacred times of joy for yourself?  What do you want to do? Fun wise? Soul wise? Connection wise? Creativity wise and how and where and when can you do it?

I hope you use the medicine of our friend Armadillo and create some boundaries, time, focus and commitment to you and the joy you want in your life.

It is done 😊



A Slew of Harvest Full Moon Rituals.

harvest-moonOmg! Have you seen the glorious, radiant full moon light?  Wowzers!  Beauty She is.  This is a full moon and lunar eclipse in Pisces so were are in for a surge of emotions here, intense stuff for many.  Those pestering, lingering, unresolved emotions of ahhh…life – are here at the surface so let’s honor those teachers…yes?!

This full moon is also known as the Harvest Moon when crops are harvested and all the seeds we planted have come into fruition.  So this moon ritual will be two fold.

To start, I must say on this full moon day, I feel a bit pent-up, restless, anxious, like things are brewing on the inside.  I feel like the cork just may pop off and yet I’m not quite sure what feelings are there trying for my attention, I simply know that the restless, anxious energy is a call inward to what lies under the leaves of anxiety.

This full moon in watery, emotional Pisces invites us to swim into our emotions, to greet them so we may learn and heal from these sacred messengers.  We need to get them out of our bodies, our bones, our ligaments and organs and we do so by expressing them in some manner so their energies don’t restrict and tighten up in our bodies and lead to illness (we are approaching cold season).  They call for fluidity and release.  Surrender to them rather than fight against them, they are here to guide you, to teach you, to show you the way.

Here are 3 Ways to Express Your Emotions – Part 1 of the Ritual.

  •  Write a letter to someone who you have been struggling with.  What’s there.  Release it all, say what you need to say and put pen to paper.  You will not mail or send this, this is for you to release and acknowledge true feelings that are lurking around so you can get some clarity and freedom from the emotional baggage.
  • Grab some crayons and just start spewing words on a sheet of paper that come to mind.  Annoyed, frustrated, hurt, disgusted, finished, done, complete….you get the picture.  Spew out those feeling like an emotional purge and just see them there on the paper outside of you.  Include thoughts or images that come to mind, even scribbles or doodles, just get it out!!
  • Dance it out! Put on a faster pace tempo song and Taylor Swift it by “Shaking it Off”.  Literally imagine shaking out your feelings through your hands, by swaying your body, by kicking and stomping your feet.  Dance your anger, dance your sorrow, dance your hurt or frustration.  This is so amazing when you dance with that intention, let it be a movement meditation or better yet, a raw full blown release of what is there in whatever form your body naturally and spontaneously moves.

Part 2 Ritual – Gratitude & Awareness

And lastly, it is that special time of Harvest, the time when we are hopefully most bountiful.  The thoughts of gratitude come to mind and also an awareness of which “crops” did not grow.  First take some moments to list at least 5 wonderful things in your life right now and why they are wonderful.

I’m grateful for………..because…….


List all the magic that you seen and feel in your life... (the changing colors of leaves, the cold and warm air, the smell of pumpkin spice, candles, my son’s smile, the humour my oldest son carries,etc).

I invite you to do a collage of all the wonderful things you’ve harvested this year on one sheet and on anothe to collage crops would you like to keep growing, or grow next year?  What “crops” didn’t grow that you’d like in your life and really explore how to better grow them this coming year or season.  What can you do differently in your harvesting process?


Enjoy this magical Harvest Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.  Emotionally release then gather up all that gratitude for the wonder alongside the dark stuff.  That is life, ain’t it 😉

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Returning to our Wild, Primal Ways – Day 13 of the 30 Day Challenge.

candleI had an earlier post but for some reason hesitated to post it.  Returning from the grocery store, a new message found me and I shall share.

I went into town to get some groceries.  I struggled cause I am not feeling great. I even sat in the truck for a few minutes and gathered up enough energy just to go in.  The task of putting a quarter in the grocery cart then pushing it around seemed daunting.  However, my family needs food, so I did what I had to do. 😉

So there I am drudging along between aisles then all of a sudden…darkness!  The power went out.  Can you believe that!! It stayed out the entire time I shopped.  I had to try and find a good fruit by feel, not by sight.  I shopped in darkness the entire time. It really got me thinking so much about…

a) the amount we depend on electricity and

b) how luxurious my life is and how much I take it for granted.

I thought about how the grocers would keep the meat and dairy cold if the power stayed out for a long while and even how I’d pay my grocery bill without the debit machine.  I hadn’t even contemplated that I’d have to manually put my groceries in front of the cashier as the belt to move them forward wouldn’t work without electricity.  Nor did I think about how I’d get my large, semi size cart out of the store when the automatic doors stopped working and I had to manually push them open while pulling what seemed like a diesel truck style grocery cart out simultaneously.  Funny!

Wow, how much do we literally take for granted?  I feel a touch guilty, even slightly embarrassed…dare I even say lazy?

I thought how much luxury I have just for having electricity and I wondered how my grandma’s survived with no running water, or electricity with babies.  Amazing, strong, tough women I tell ya!

So, maybe just for today…notice the gift of electrical current running through our homes.  Think of how much life would be different with out such a gift.  Where would we store our groceries?  What would we do without a TV?  How would we live differently?  It pulls out a fun, wild, primal part of me when I reflect.

A part of me feels guilty for how lazy and dependent I’ve become on these luxuries and another part of me craves the simplicity of that life.  Can you imagine how much we wouldn’t need gyms or exercise routines because we were manually doing everything from hauling groceries, canning vegetables for the year, prepping and preserving meats, likely even hunting them (with all the love and gratitude in the world of course).  Imagine using candles instead of light switches, fires instead of stoves, wash boards instead of washing machines!!

What if today, we soaked in all of our luxuries, imagining…wondering, if we’d be doing what we are doing if we didn’t have access to electricity?  How might life be different?  What are some of the luxuries you get to enjoy and likely take for granted that our grandparents did not?  This is today’s journal prompt.

I’m humbled, grateful and will be more conscious of the gifts I have in this lifetime.

What would it be like to live without power for an evening?  Give it a whirl?  It happened to us once in the past year when the power went out for 5 hours.  Luckily we had a fireplace, candles and flashlights.  We played games and hide and seek and connected in the most primal way.  It was beautiful.

What would it be like to live a more primal, raw, life?

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30 Day Wildly

4 Rebirth & Renewal Rituals for the Whole Family on this Holiday Weekend

easter rebirthHappy Easter or Passover to you all.  Whatever your celebrations on this day, may we enjoy connections with family and a conscious attention to the celebration of rebirth and renewal.  Particularly after last night’s full moon and the lunar eclipse that led us to endings and releasing, today feels like a good time to honor and celebrate renewal, rebirth and new life.

Many of us will be celebrating with luscious lunches or dinners with family and friends today.  And in the spirit of us can we invite them into a rebirth/renewal ritual?  Give it whirl, even if you end up being the fun, quirky, wonderfully weird family member.  Why not own it, right?!

Rebirth and New Beginning Rituals for the Whole Family :

1)  Egg Decorating – This one is old school.  Do you remember doing this as kids?  It’s fun, it’s colorful and it’s symbolic.  Eggs are about fertilization, rebirth, renewal of life.  We can also write our new beginning intentions and wishes on the eggs and share them as a family.

2)  A Drink of Renewal & Rebirth -Make a large jug of Spring Renewal water.   Find a nice jug, fill it with sparkling or spring water and add lemons, cucumbers, even drinkable essential oils. Maybe add in some mint leaves or what ever you wish. Perhaps it’s simply some sparkling water with lemons.  It doesn’t need to be elaborate, just water floats your boat.  Rub your hands together and send in the love and warmth of all of life, family, love and friendships invoking some magic into the water.  Have each member of your family fill a small amount of water in a glass and go around the table sharing our wishes and goals for this time of rebirth and renewal.  At the end, cheers and drink the Sacred Water.

3)  Something New Game –  Have each family member write on a piece of paper something new they’d like to try or do during this spring season.  Put the papers in a hat and read aloud. You can guess who said what or simply enjoy the intentions shared.

4)  Rebirth & Renewal Scavenger Hunt.  For today, even it is simply your own day of reflection, renewal and gratitude, take a minute to enjoy the magic.  Think of how the yellow grass, lying dormant all winter survived to be reborn again.   Soak in the sun as it hits the sleeping trees who will sprout new buds, new leaves, new life, even after being hit with winds and snow well below the freezing mark for months. Life rises again and again, in many ways death is just an ending of cycle so a new one can be born again.  There is continual change, fluctuations of forms, and new ways of life and resurrection occurring at all times. Life and death are dancing their sacred dance of renewal, rebirth and new life everywhere.  Where can you see? Take some pictures, make a challenge out of it with your family.  How many places can they see new life, rebirth and renewal happening?  Make it a challenge, a hunt for the Sacred Dance.  Gather and share your pics.  Who found the most?

Happy Easter, Passover and Day of Enjoying the Magic of Renewal and Rebirth.

Blessings to all!


Crystal Tardiff Chagnon

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How to Feel Abundant in Just 5!

abundance 4Today we indulge the senses, soak them in and absorb them into our soul.  In Canada it’s spring.  Spring has literally just sprung, meaning there is finally no snow on my lawn.  Can I get a woot woot?

Woot woot!!

This morning I heard birds chirping and they were the inspiration for today’s Day 7 Wildly, Luscious, Soulful Living Challenge.  (Join in anytime.)

Sometimes we need help to stop and smell the roses.  This is a lesson in gratitude and abundance today.  We really are so rich, so full, so lucky, if we can just take a minute to see it, smell it and call it in.

Today’s Sacred Task – “Just 5”

So today, I ask of you to take 5 pictures that represent Spring or the season (maybe winter) depending on the country you live in.  Indulge in the season, soak in the freshness, the new beginnings, the awakening that is occurring around you. See the colors starting to emerge, hear the birds starting to sing or the rain puddles pooling with playful joy.  Be sure to post these on The Women’s Tribe FB page or the Feed Your Feminine Soul group page and share how these elements spoke to you.

Writing Wild –  Conversing with the Elements.

After you’ve taken your 5 luscious images of rebirth, spring and renewal, imagine these images, these elements of spring had a message for you.  Take your journal and sit with your images or if you can with the elements.

1) Write a brief note of gratitude to each of the elements you chose.

2) Ask them a question or simply allow to share a gift with you. Just free flow a response imagining what your images, elements, animals, rocks, whatever you chose might share with you.  If you have specific questions…ask!! If you don’t ask for a gift 🙂

Here is one of my entries.

Dear song birds, thank you so much for your lovely sound, calling in the winds of spring.  Thank you for allowing my ears to hear you and invite me to stop and enjoy the moments of your songs.  Thank you for belting out joy into the ether with your calls.  Do you have a message for me?  

Dear Crystal – keep singing your song.  Stop and hear the music, feel the joy, let it pelt against your skin over and over throughout the day.  Life is so good, so beautiful….soak it all into your blood like it were soul medicine.  Life is so rich.

Enjoy the senses, love, abundance, joy, light, beauty is all around you.  Were you able to soak it all in and wear it like a pretty, cozy sweater?  How was your day after this exercise did you notice anything different?  How did you feel?

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Smiles, hugs and warmth.

Aren’t you so abundant!!!




8 Simple Rituals to Invite In Prosperity & Positive Energy for 2015.

new years2

New Year’s is a time filled with many rituals and traditions in a vast number of cultures to welcome the New Year with good energy, wealth and health.  New Year’s is like a time of renewal and rebirth…a new slate.  So here are some ways to close the energy of the past and invite new prosperous, healthy and flowing energies into your home and life.

1) An old Pagan tradition is clearing out your entrance way.  Vacuum or sweep up any old negative energy, negative thoughts, or stagnant energy.  Clean the floor too with some vinegar, sage oil if you can as you mop it.  Imagine sweeping the room clean of anything that is not of love, not of light and send it outside.  Only positive, uplifting, flowing energy may come through your home.  They say to leave the broom across the door to seal out the negativity at least overnight or until the first visitor comes. Note that they say you should sweep before January 1st, before midnight as anything after that would be clearing away good luck.

2)  In Spain, people eat 12 grapes, one each at the stroke of midnight to signify good luck for the next 12 months.  It is said that that some people through the grapes in their wine to represent the last twelve months and the twelve to come.  As midnight strikes they eat them as quickly as possible one at a time from their wine glass and make a wish.

3) In the Philippines round shapes are celebrated as they are thought as symbolic to coins and abundance.  They suggest placing an abundance of round fruit on your tables to welcome prosperity.  And for those 80s girls, get out your polka dots as wearing polka dots are also said to bring good luck in their tradition.

4) Clean out your purse ladies.  Men clean out your wallets.  Throw out old receipts or paper you no longer need.  Make sure to keep the slot where you keep your bills clean and free of any receipts as it blocks the flow of money.  Invite in prosperity while clearing out the old.

5) Pay off any debts or bills you can before the New Year.  If you owe someone money pay them back.

6) Cleaning the house before New Years is a good way to clear any old, stagnant energy.  While you are cleaning, think of clearing old energy out and inviting wealth and health in.  Open doors and windows if you can even just for moments to clear out the old energy.  You may want to check out my article How to Be a Bad-Ass Goddess While You Mop Your Floors for an energy clearing mopping recipe.

7) A good ol’ sage clearing in the house.  Be sure to open a window or door to let out any of the negativity and old energy.  Make sure to get int the nooks and crannies and corners.

8) Make a mini altar on your kitchen table. Fill it with large bowl or plate of round fruits, pomegranates, apples, oranges, grapefruit, grapes etc.  Light some candles.  Get another giant bowl and get your family to write at least 3 wishes each for 2015.  Place it in the bowl and eat a grape for each wish. Grab hands and form a circle of energy and send your wishes to the sky and the earth.

Enjoy the New Year and may it be filled with prosperity, joy and good health.


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