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January Blue Moon Ritual

Happy full, blood, blue moon and eclipse !!!What a fun celestial event. The energies have felt stuck lately, in a rut, inertia like. But this full moon helps get the momentum going, a monumental energetic shift occurs at this time. I’m ready for it… so ready ! How about you ?

I’ve felt like I’ve been sitting in a sailboat waiting for the wind to move and guide me in a new direction. This full moon releases a gust of wind for us and moves us forward on our journeys.

The last four year cycle has come to a close and I want to shed it…to complete the cycle . It has felt like this itchy wool sweater I’ve been struggling to take off . It was snagged on something and my head and arms have been caught. I’ve been stuck and struggling to get it over and off my head. But this full moon feels like the sweater is off and the cycle complete but a new beginning emerges with this glorious full moon energy.

This energy helps move us forward towards new goals, new forms, new relationships and experiences. And it’s exciting !

If your like me you’ve been feeling a little disconnected…from Self…from Spirit, even from others. I feel like when I am not connected to my deepest Self it’s almost impossible to be connected to others. I just haven’t made the space to get quiet and feel my soul body, reflect, and visualize. This full moon asks us to recommit to ourselves and or high vision, highest purpose.

I know I need to reconnect to a spiritual community…a sisterhood… a group of like minded people to help keep that spiritual line connected to the cosmos. I need to build my spiritual power and strength and a community can help .

On this full moon take an act of power, take a step towards your goals, try a new challenge, turn the new chapter.

I invite you to try this Moon salutation as part of your Self Connection ritual on this Full Moon. Have an intention… to connect more, to be more active, to be more open…anything.

Happy full blood and blue moon 🙂 here’s a moon salutation practice for you .




A Gentle Writing Ritual to Welcome the New Year Energy

Ahhh… 2017 you have come to a close. You were a hell of a year. You brought us back to the sore spots of the past so we could heal. You held us in inertia and stuckness so we could get so uncomfortable we would force ourselves out of the pocket of doom. You were like an epic retrograde that circled us back into tidal waves of old uncleared emotion all in preparation of this coming year. I remember feeling numb last New Years like I had no vision for the year it just wouldn’t come in…perhaps because it was the past I had to clear out of my psyche and aura. I felt some what lost and uninspired and this followed me throughout the year.

But… as 2018 emerges it feels so much more energetic…. so much more exciting and exhilarating. There are big big changes ahead. The energy is one of movement, manifestation and change. There are lots of new beginnings ahead and it feels exciting, fresh… alive!

“New, new, new “is what I keep hearing, so get ready to get busy, get working, and get things in motion. Keep in mind this may mean endings too. Sometimes that’s what it takes to accelerate us forward and into the new. We must break old chains and old relationships or jobs or addictions or whatever to propel forward into a new way because it is a must for our soul life. We need it… we crave it… alignment to the Universal tides and energy will swoop in with robust change. Allow the new my friends.

I encourage you to do some things you’ve never done before this year . It will be a busy year so have some fun with the new energies and indulge in them. It’s a year of expansion and we enter new realms.. new jobs, new relationships, new experiences all together. And this requires growth and stretching of our comfort zones. We change in this expansion and become more vast and alive as we uncover and take off the layers of fear and uncertainty from our bodies and reveal more of our souls.

So here are some questions for contemplation for as we invite in the NewYear and NEW energies that lie ahead.

What felt experiences do you want to have this year ?

What do you wish for?

What ways can you take care of your heart and soul ?

What ways can you take care of your body and mind ?

How can you have more joy in your everyday life ?

And so it is my friends. Have a lovely lovely New YEar and may 2018 bring in a new tide 🙂



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Happy December New Moon.

Happy New Moon friends. This moon is such an interesting one! Saturn finishes its time in Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn after three years. So what have you been working on or dealing with these last three years ? Are you ready to find completion and healing in that area? Me tooo 🙂

This time feels like a reset… a restart… a refreshing new force of change and light. It’s a reboot. A life affirming gift of change and surprise. We have struggled with some hardships the last while….have we learned the lessons wrapped in the struggle?

The last three years I have dealt with a health issue and I’ve been waiting for it to rectify. Well it’s looking like it’s my new norm, something I must embrace and life with in a new way. I must create new lines, new boundaries, new and more balanced ways of operating in the world with it rather than having it separate from me and waiting for it to disappear. That is what this moon is all about.

The last couple of months I’ve tried to pretend I was mostly healed. I’ve had a sort of denial about this illness and pretended in a sort of way that I was getting better, even recovering completely from it. It’s took this mercury retrograde and three hospital visits to realize that denial is not the way. Returning to the old way or old life is not possible. New ways of being, new life affirming and nurturing mantras need to be created. A new and more balanced way of being. Not a return to the old and a denial of the challenges and chaos that have occurred the last few years. The challenges and changes have had purpose and we need to own this and celebrate this. The dark brings light! And that is what we will celebrate and see in this New Moon, the change of Saturn from Sagittarius into Capricorn, mercury returning direct and a soon to be Winter Solstice.

I chose a card for this Moon and this is what emerged. The Sacred Space card from the Sacred Path Cards from Jamie Sams.

“The Sacred Space card insists on respect for possessions, ideas, homes, and persons of others. This also applies to demanding it for the Self. Mark your territory. Respect yourself so that others will see that reflection in themselves and in how they deal with you. Be willing to say no.

Sacred space means that you consider your body, feelings, and possessions sacred and will not allow others to abuse them. Only invite those who have earned the right into your Sacred Space. You are the one who sets up how other people treat you through how you treat yourself….

If you allow others to be destructive in your Sacred Space, on some level you don’t have the guts to be disliked. It is not important to be liked by others, but it is important to be able to live with yourself. Happiness begins within in.”

I know for me that how I treat my highest Self and body is reflected in my health.

So on this new Moon light a candle, create a sacred space, set the mood and make a list of new mantras, new ways of being, new acts of power and love to yourself. What commitments and affirmations do you pledge to carry with you into this shift and change and opportunity for a new beginning ?

And so it is my friends.

Happy new beginnings and healing.

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An Energy Practise & Ritual for the December Full Moon.

Happy full moon friends. The energy may feel intense as we have a super moon meaning the moon will be bigger and brighter in the sky as it’s closer to the earth. It’s also when mercury goes retrograde. So lots of energy swirls and swoons moving us all around.

This full moon feels like a time of reflection and reconsiderations. It’s a time of laying out all the cards in our life and evaluating them. Take a look what do you see? For many of us we have tried to force or figure things out of how they are going to be but the Universe has instead thrown us some curve balls and removed the paths we thought we might take. It’s easy to feel defeated or uncertain but the Universe is asking us to trust that something greater is in the works. Something greater is in the matrix of manifestation if we can keep our energies open and trusting.

This is what retrogrades are all about… time to reflect and re-evaluate. It’s also a time to explore our need for renewal and refresh our energies. Just take a step back and observe while allowing the energies to tweak and peak as they need.

It’s tough to be patient and persevere but that is what this full moon is asking of us. We may need to take a new path and let something go even though this feels fearful and uncertain. It’s like we have a choice to go back to the old familiar way or risk to trust that there is a new form, a new way, a new balance emerging even though we can’t quite see the edges of it yet. It’s there …we can feel it… just dream it, sense it and call it in. Let it tickle your nose and call you into its energy.

Full Moon Energy Practise.

All we need to do this month is sit and breathe. It’s a time of practising trust and patience and envisioning ourselves feeling great and happy. Expect the best! Expect and believe that it will all work out . Make it an inner knowing… a softness inside. Feel the energy of it working out. Close your eyes and see yourself feeling your best. Feel it in your body where do you feel that ? What do you feel? Just sit in this energy throughout the month and allow the universal energies to untangle what is into what it is meant and needs to be. Take care of yourself this month. Spend time reflecting, breathing, listening. Get a massage or two, light some candles, make a fire, have some hot cocoa or tea. Let the Universe and Creation that lives all around you swaddle you like a warm fuzzy blanket and feel caressed and soothed while the energies work themselves out for your very best to emerge.

And so it is friends.

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Change the Energy Rituals for the November New Moon.

Happy New Moon in the sign of Scorpio. This moon is about death, rebirth and transformation and man oh man is the Universe calling us to shake things up. For many of us we have been waiting for new roads and paths to open (and they will) but as the transition time carries on we may be falling into old thoughts and beliefs.

“This is never going to work out”, “things are never going to change”.

Here’s my virtual hand smack your hand saying stop that! 😁

Ok… Let’s stop that old game . New mantras and new visions are needed. Write down what you want and close your eyes and really see yourself doing it. Feel what it feels like to be doing it. Where do you feel it? What are you feeling ??

Some of us hit pockets of despair or depression or plain old “I can’t do this one more day” knowing. Good! That’s the shit that makes us move and change and transform us from the stuckness. It’s what helps us get the wheel out of the rut .

So on this New Moon let’s really focus on changing up the energy . Here are a few (or more ) ideas to help sweep out old energy or transform it.

1) Burn sage in all corners of your house . Or if you don’t have … open the windows and imagine doing a golden light wash all over your home swooping the entire area!

2) Change your furniture around or put your Christmas tree (if you use one ) in a new spot this year.

3) Purge the old. Clean the closets out, the junk drawer, the fridge. Get the old out so the new energies can come in.

4) Try something brand new…a new food… a new restaurant … a new class… a new route to work. Shake up the old way.

5) Invite the Sacred and Holy into your everyday . Make mundane tasks like acts of prayer. Light some candles while you do dishes or while you eat. Light some incents and dim the lights. Make the feel of your home cozy. Put on your diffusers with your oils. Put up your Christmas or holiday lights and enjoy the sparkle and colours. Feel the sacred in the everyday.

6). Change up your routine. Do something fun on random Tuesday nights. For for tacos or wings or a concert or coffee and dessert . Just do something different.

I wish you all fun and joy as we shake up the old energy so it can transform gloriously into the new we have been waiting for .

And so it is my friends. As always if be honoured if you feel called to FOLLOW the BLOG for Moon rituals and self connection activities.

With warmth and fun excitement in moving energy.





October Full Moon Ritual. Release and Renewal

Happy fall full Moon y’all.  The word that comes to mind this Moon is the “shamans death. ” We are at an ending…. it’s time to let go of a part of ourselves or a relationship or thought pattern or addictive way to fully move forward in our lives.  

For me it’s a part of myself.  It’s stuckness. Death. Illness.  Four years ago I was struck with the onset of a blood and immune condition that I may deal with for the rest of my life .  In the beginning it was real bad in and out of hospital and my life stopped.  Many of the activities and aspects of my life ended or at least paused… for four years… my sports, my job, any real exertion really.  I literally became stuck at home in exhaustion and fearful to go to far from the nearest hospital .

This full moon there is a death to this shock and stuckness with this illness.  I see the “sick and paralyzed” part of me wrapped in white blankets…and buried.  She has died.  There has been a death.  There is resurrection and new aliveness emerging as I bury this fearful, stuck and trapped part of myself .  It is time.  New ways, patterns and pathways are emerging alongside the death that is occurring in our lives.  It is a volt of both dark(death) and light (new life) all at one time .  It’s quite shocking and exciting and fearful and exciting again :). New steps and paths are being formed and established while old roads and stuck holes fade away. 

So on this full moon…. light some candles and grab some paper, crayons or pens .  If you’d like to spark up some sage I invite you to do so.  It’s time to consciously allow the old to be removed from your life and laid to rest .

In the centre of the page draw a large circle and simply list words of the parts of yourself  ( thoughts , patterns, emotions ) and even people you are releasing .  Just write what has died and what you lay to rest.  Allow it to simply emerge on the page.  

Write this part of you a good-bye and thank you letter .  What has been the gift of these old ways and parts of yourself .  Why are they no longer needed.  What is noe emerging that it must be released ??

Burn the page with the circle for sure and letter if you wish.  Or bury it.

And so it is my friends 

Here’s mine …

In the centre… is selfless, voiceless me… the lost, sick, dying self.

I lay you to rest.  I get that you helped me endure and survive and become something during this time of illness.  You moved me into a real nurturing and giving place, as well as a slower more receptive pace so I could fill myself up again after operating on lightening speeds for years.  My being stuck in this form is causing a slow internal death…I’m dying and acheing for aliveness again.  I’m craving a change of gear, a bit of a quicker pace.  I’m in need of life again … not just surviving and struggling with illness. So I solute you for a cycle of life that I needed  and was necessary but you have fulfilled your purposes and placed within me what I needed during this time.  You created a return to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual stability after a lot of upheaval and chaos.  Now my life and soul are calling for more… for new life and new forms with this condition.  I honour you and am thankful but  I also need to let you now .  Thank you for the years of gentleness.. it allowed for my survival.  Now I am ready to move forward in a new way.  Good bye 😘

Happy fabulous full moon.  May this death bring you closer to life and light .

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A Wind-Song Ritual for the Equinox

Happy Fall Equinox(or Spring depending on where you live) my friends.  This is the day when light and dark are equal.  A balance of yin and yang on the Earth one might say.  I love the fall, the changing color of the leaves, the crisper feel of the air, and the call to begin the draw inward with some cozy candles and pumpkin spice smells.  It’s a time of sweaters and boots, scarves and leggings.  I don’t know about you but I really enjoy each change of season and the changing of energies that come with them.  In Canada we feel the change of each four seasons and I absolutely love that.

So on this Fall Equinox the energy calls for a cleansing, a purifying of the air and a bringing in of the new life and energy.  We are all going through major changes at this time so I hope you find this fitting as well.

Open up many windows in your home and invite in the beautiful, crisp and luscious autumn air. Allow the breeze to sing a lovely transition song through your home as she cleanses the energy and brings in new light and life force during this equinox.  Call in the Great Spirit and Great Mother, angels, fairies, spirit animals, guides and ancestors or whomever you feel connected to to help you in your ritual.  Feel the spirit of transition, manifestation and harvest in your home.  Feel how abundant you are in love and shelter. Feel the simultaneous warm and cool breeze as she caresses your cheek. Close your eyes and hear the wind sing to you. What does she say?
If you have, dab a bit of tea tree oil or sage oil onto your screens as a means to cleanse the air or light incense and allow the breeze to move the cleansing smoke throughout your home.

Enjoy your new and shifted energy.

And so it is my friends.

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Enjoy! xo



Teachings of the Duck For the September New Moon.

Image result for duck images

Happy New Moon!  Doesn’t a new moon always feel like a fresh, new beginning each month?  Well, this one is a fresh, new, grand beginning and a new way of life.

This is the time to take the chance.  This is the time to take action.  This is the time to do what you have always wanted to do.

So make the call, send in the resume for a new job, put an offer on a new house, make the choice for remodeling or adding on to your house…whatever it is…take that leap.  Make a change, take the new path…this is the time.

The last few days many, many groups of ducks have been visiting my yard.  We are talking like twenty at a time.  I feel they have been carrying the message for this Moon.

Duck symbolizes good luck and fortune.  It’s a time of preparation meeting opportunity creating good luck if we are prepared of course.

“If duck crosses your path to catch your attention for there are opportunities to explore. She reminds if you do not take swift action you will miss out. Do not procrastinate if you are interested.”  (

This is a time not to focus on how it’s going to work, it’s simply a time of action and allowing the chips to fall where they may…trusting and knowing it will all work out as is.  All you have to do is explore the opportunity and take that chance and act upon your instincts, your inner knowing of what is calling and pulling at the strings of your heart.

There will be moments where we over think or worry or doubt…just let it blow away as it comes.  Just act and allow what is to come.  Act and follow the wind, follow the flow…follow your inner knowing. Time for a luscious new start.

On this New Moon, decide to take an action, a new start, a new class, a new date, a new car, a new house, a new job…a new opportunity of some sort.  That’s it…sit with it…envision it, know it in your bones.  Write it down and make a plan.

And so it is my friends.

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Blessings and warmth and happy new changes as we enter the harvest season

🙂  xo





In the Energy of Change

How are you all surviving out there?

This past Eclipse and the beautiful, giant , orange full moon initiated and moved us into endings , change and even loss.  It’s how it’s supposed to be, it’s a must… even though it hurts like hell.

Jobs, relationships, contracts and old patterned ways ended.  Some shockingly and painfully .

For me… my grandma passed on the full moon… ending her physical presence and rebirthing into her original form.  It’s hard to not have her here in the physical world, I want to pick up the phone and call her or visit her house and see her sitting in her chair in the breezeway puffing on a cigarette or reading a book.  But she was called home to the nebulous of the universe.  She was called back to the light to be with her son and husband and many other loved ones.

Here I am struggling to process this grand change in my life … it feels like nothing and everything has changed.  Many of us are feeling this.  What now … ??!! What does this ending mean and how is it translating in my life ?  

The energy is different now, the hierarchy or energy bonds in our relationships have to be re-worked and re-aligned.  Who are we now amidst this ending and loss and change?

What do we need and want to do differently?  What has to be done differently ???  Where shall we gaze now?

I know too my grandma is experiencing this conscious and energetic shift in the other side … in her new and original form.. everything and yet nothing is different.  

I’m just trying to allow the process to be… to feel grief and tears in one moment and excitement and anticipation in the next.  I’m trying to allow for the wave of change and evolution to flow through my life and my body and my being as it was meant and simply to feel it all as the learning .  That is the learning .

Just a quick share during this intense, changing, enlightening and heavy time 😘

Much love friends