HUGE NEWS gals! I’m shapeshifting The Women’s Tribe into a new form called RADIANT WOMEN! It was expanding and changing and calling for new life, new form, new topics, new roads. My work is shifting to really focus in on helping you fall in love with yourself!

I want you live knowing your value, owning your worth and trusting in the Divine to support and co-create your fabulous life with you. I want to do this by teaching you how to feel connected to your FEMININE ROOTS, YOUR FEMININE SOUL, AND EMBRACE THE SACRED FEMININE IN YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE! We are gonna dive deep into you cavernous, magical depths and help you UN-CAGE your soul, your TRUTH, your ALIVENESS, your RADIANCE and live in a way that honours your worth! If you’ve struggle with your self-esteem, your self-confidence, your relationship to your body, disordered eating or just feeling disconnected from your body and from who you are, then you’re gonna love what I have in store.

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We are starting at the basics, returning to our roots, our Feminine roots…our SACRED FEMININE roots and breathing life back into wild, alive soul.

I feel so excited, so charged up, so full of stories, ideas, workshops, courses, groups and even coaching sessions to share with you!!

Here’s what I know….you are worth great things! You deserve not just a good life but an AMAZING life. You were meant to un-cage and unleash your soul to this world so She can be healed. I AM SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!

And it is so!

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This Solstice, New Moon & Solar Eclipse is all about transforming, shape-shifting, pivoting and re-shaping forms while we burn away the old structures that no longer fit our soul. This is a time of huge, life altering healing and awakening, changing, shedding of old skins and unveiling of new soul expressions and gifts.

“A big day of powerful solstice energy followed by a New Moon and partial solar eclipse. This line up supports a permanent shift, resetting your foundation by proactively completing some aspect of your life and bringing in a new beginning to something you have always dreamed of and always wanted. Don’t be afraid to dream big as this is big energy. Do a ritual or ceremony around completions and new beginnings. This can be as simple as writing down what you are leaving behind and burning the list and then anchoring some kind of symbol for what you are desiring to bring in.” From the Power Path FB Page.

And it is so!



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Inviting in presence into your daily practise

I’ve been thinking about the word Presence a lot lately. I’ve been craving it! There’s so much going on in the world right now and being home bound the last few months, I find my mind spins and spins and spins with so many thoughts and ideas and my body swells up with heavy emotions at what our world is moving through.

These swirling thoughts have me constantly distracting, spinning, split into seven directions at one time. What I want is Presence. What I crave is groundedness, being rooted and totally present in my surroundings.

Here’s the truth, I have not been that present in my marriage and it shows. I have not been that present with my kids and I feel it (they do to). I have been obsessed with checking Facebook like a distracted compulsion. I have recently deleted the app off of my phone and I truly feel liberated.

I have always felt being a good mother for me simply means being in Presence with my kids. Really being in the moment, in the imagination with them, on the garbage truck (bed), or in the tree house hunting or using our crystals for magic. Sometimes it’s just on the floor playing and laughing or trying to do “wheelies” on my bike with my oldest son. One of my favourite moments is when I put my one year old to bed and I caress my fingers around his face. His eyes always close and he has the most beautiful, pure smile. He opens his eyes for a couple moments in pure adoration and we connect so deeply, he and I are intertwined in the moment of love. That is presence.

In my marriage Presence feels like really listening to what my husband is saying at the end of his work day. It’s not listening while running through my to do list, or grocery list in my head, it’s 100% awareness and focus on his words, reading his facial expressions and seeing his eyes. It’s not head down on my phone answering him…ugh..I have done that way too much. Presence is really enjoying sitting outside, sipping a wine, hearing the bird sanctuary in our backyard, soaking in all the green beauty of the trees, holding hands and feeling connected in our gratitude of the life we have build together. It’s journaling together, discussing mind-sets and old belief patterns and future goals. It’s dream building and bed sharing, and holding each other. It’s making a gratitude list only about him because I want to be so crazy in love, it’s what I choose and focus on…love!

Presence is mindfulness, rootedness, being fully in THE BODY (i like bodyfulness more than mindfulness), experiencing and soaking in all the luscious senses, colors, playfulness, even mundaneness of the moment and simply experiencing it for what it is. Good. Bad. Wonderful. Dreadful. But bringing in the beauty of feeling and experiencing the truth of the moment.

What is Presence to you?

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HOLY MOLY!! This full moon and eclipse is an intense one. We are in that gamut…the pocket…the crevasse of healing and transforming. And it’s hard to be in, uncomfortable, we feel squirley and don’t know how to stand in it. Perhaps there’s pockets of shame and guilt, carried even from our ancestral line…but my friends, it is necessary to go there and look at it, feel it. We need to feel the pain, and also hold space for the global pain body, the global shadow self that has acted in ways that were harmful and hurtful because we have foundations of racism in our country’s history. We are being called to evaluate how we can contribute to the healing and transforming of this global wound so many of our Black, Indigenous and People of Color feel and experience on a daily basis.

I personally am moving through something right now that requires others to speak out with me, to write out the truth, and it is hard to get people to share the truth that they have seen. They don’t want to get involved, they fear a consequence of voicing the truth so have chosen not to speak at all. Part of me has understanding and another part of me feels such anger. But truth is, in a different scenario…I have done the same. I have held my tongue not to cause conflict instead of speaking up for someone. I feared a consequence or getting in trouble so I waivered in doubt and fear and let it change my mind and silence my voice. I see now…the error and the harm that it caused.

Now I am empowered in courage and inner knowing and remembering of the harm that was caused by silence, so instead I commit to take in the courage and howl out my voice in the face harm and injustice against others. Let’s think about the impacts of not speaking up when harm or hurt is being done and the consequences of our silence. It keeps the harm and hurt alive, it keeps the circumstance in homeostasis. And yet as a society, it is what we have done for so long, it has become the norm. We need to ask ourselves, how we become ok with letting fear run our lives? I know it was easier to turn the blind eye and not get involved, we had the privilege of not letting the harm affect us. But the harm is still happening, the hurt is still happening, even if we close our eyes. The effects are taking their toll. Let us ask ourselves, what would love say and do? I feel like so many of the lessons of this year has been shifting us from “I” to we, from ego to heart and soul. What would love do in the face of pain, harm and injustice? Let yourself ponder that on this full moon.

I pulled a card for this Full Moon and it literally could not have been more perfect. Thank you Spirit. The Card is the SHAPE-SHIFTER CARD from the Native Spirit Oracle deck from Denise Linn.

“You can be anything you desire. Let go of the attachment to your identity. See the world around you with new eyes. Be malleable. Experiment with different ways of seeing reality. See the point of others. If you haven’t been able to manifest your dreams, maybe you need to shift the way you see the person or situation.

In earth-based cultures, shape-shifters had the mystical ability to transform into other forms of consciousness. It’s said that these beings were not imagining that they were changing into a specific animal, plant or stone, they could actually morph into another shape. Just because most people today don’t think it’s possible doesn’t mean that it’s not true. This card chose you because it wants you to know that your past does not need to equal your future. Simply shifting your point of view or your belief system can bring an entirely new destiny into being.”


Audio Link here :

Think of a current struggle you are moving through. I feel like we are all moving through things in our personal lives that are needing shapeshifting, re-moulding, re-structuring, it’s time to get your spirit hands out and re-shape some aspect or experience of your life.

Close your eyes…take some deep breaths. Really inhale through your nose then exhale out the mouth. Repeat this breathing pattern three times or until you’re really settled into your body. Bring a current challenge or struggle you have into mind. Really see it in your mind’s eye and feel it within your body. Now allow yourself some magic and fun and allow yourself to magically shape-shift out of the struggle and transform yourself into a bird, stone, tree or plant. Go with whatever comes to mind, just allow whatever to come to come…as whatever you see is meant exactly for you. Take a moment and see what you have being you have become, remember there is no wrong way to do this. What form did you take? What do you look like? What colour or colours are you? What sounds do you make if any? What unique features do you have? What is it like to look out on life from this perspective, this point of view? What do you see in this form? What does the energy feel like in this form?

Now bring to mind your current struggle or stuck point while remaining in your new form and shape. Examine your current struggle from this new perspective and energy. What would you tell yourself about your current struggle or stuck point as this new being? What thoughts come to mind as you sit and look at your issue from this new point of view? What guidance, actions or resolutions can you see from this angle and this form?

Allow yourself to remain in this form for a couple more breaths and soak in the wondrous energy around you in the being you have become. Perhaps you’ll feel the freedom of the wind, or the groundedness of the earth or perhaps even bees buzzing their light around you. Whatever it is, allow yourself to soak that beauty in and give gratitude for the wondrous and supportive energy.

When you’re ready, transform back into your original self. Journal about your new perspective and awarenesses. I invite you share your experiences in the comments.

And so it is.

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Happy full moon!!

xo Crystal

10 small Rituals to connect to this New moon

Happy New Moon my friends.

What a glorious New Moon. The energy feels auspicious. The word that has summoned my mind for this moon cycle is CONNECTION. Grandmother moon is calling for us to connect…to oneself, to another, to the Universe at large.

There are small daily practises and intentions to help you do this. Remember we are in the thick of Venus retrograde that is calling deep into our inner depths, unpacking the roadblocks to the road that leads to our soul. It is a time of spiritual practise and contemplative reflection. In many ways this unique time of isolation is calling of this as well, we are shedding our way into a new way of living and being. Old parts of us are releasing. Make a list of ways you are committing to connect with yourself and the Divine at large.

Here are 10 Ways to Connect to your Heart & the Divine during this Moon Cycle:

-Daily gratitude list. Try for 25 daily, this is life changing and vibration raising!

-Get outside in Nature and hear the wind call to you or the stillness sing to you.

-Meditate for five minutes a day. Check out free apps like Insight Timer (I use this one) and Calm.

-Listen to Music…dance it out, sing it out, move your feet on the Earth Mother like you were drumming your prayer to her and the Divine.

-Light candles or have a fire outside.

-Burn sage and clear your home.

-Read a poem or prayers.

-Get up with the sun, hear the birds sing their morning songs, feel the crisp air awaken the day.

-Get creative. Paint, draw, write, build…creative juices are soul igniting!

-Be of service. How can you help someone or offer something in love? How can you help out your family, friend or neighbour or local community group in need?? Do that! Fill your heart with giving.

To close, set the intention this month to CONNECT! Make it your daily practise. Set up a date with your soul and see how your life changes. Ask your heart daily in journal…how do you want me to connect today?

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Taurus Full Moon Energies & Sacred Action

“We need to organize our inner lives because our external structure has disappeared.” ~ Dr. Besser van der Kolk

This quote really sums up the energies of this full moon! This moon feels…

– heavy, lots of swirling emotions, energies and chaotic type energy

– we are being pulled in all directions and feel lost, unsure where to go or what to do, our footing is unknown

This full moon is in the Earth sign of Taurus and thank gooodness! We need grounding and form to our internal worlds .


On this full moon I invite you to make a Healing Tree or garden or even plant inside your home if you don’t have outdoor space. It’s a place, a physical form you can turn to and put your emotions, your heaviness, your wishes, your remembering of loved ones, your dreams, your prayers… anything that needs to come out. Design it how you wish. Have stones and branches and sacred objects. Write in your stones your feelings, your worries, your prayers. make some prayer sticks or hang your desires into the tree. There is no wrong way. Check out my video to see my healing tree @thewomenstribe or in IG @the_womenstribe.

Create form for your inner chaos somehow. Use the elements… stones, sticks, dirt, trees, anything. Ground that energy somewhere and know the Spirit world, the Earth Mother and the Divine is always holding you, always listening, always supporting. So help them by moving it out if you 💕

Post pics of your healing tree 😊

Xo. Crystal

New Moon Energies & Power Focused Ritual

Hello New Moon!

Ahhh….the April New Moon. This moon really feels like the start of something new. We are really amping up our energies… they are building like a kettle ready to explode. I don’t quite know what the new will be…perhaps a new way, a new road, a new form, a new existence for us…but change and rebirth are on the horizon after this time of retreat and isolation.

The word that keeps coming to my mind for this New Moon is creativity. We NEED to get creative this moon and in our lives with money, with projects, with life in general so we don’t die of boredom and inertia. We are being called to get the juices flowing and extend creativity in every single part of our life, like an ember that needs to be pumped full of air to keep burning.

Simply by bringing in creative energy, we are changing our vibes, our experience, our futures in many ways. We manifest based on how we feel and creativity helps us invoke life!

Tell me….

How can you get creative in your everyday life?  

How are you being creative for your kids?

How are you being creative in your marriage or partnership?

How are you being creative in your home?

How can you add more creativity, aliveness and inspiration into your everyday life?

How can you be more creative in the expression of you, in simply taking care of you like it were a creative and Sacred contract.

On this New Moon I invite you to scan your home and your life and to see where you can infuse life, inspiration and creativity. How can you invoke Spirit and color, and aliveness in little pockets, little places, little forms so you can see it everyday and let it tickle you pink. How you on call it in And let it remind you of beauty, of Spirit, of fun and passion. Let these invitations and inspirations help you get through this next month of continued isolation and quarantine. This moon feels active, action oriented, a Sacred ACT of creativity and aliveness and self honouring is a must for you right now.

New Moon Act of Power & Creativity:

Go into your bathroom or even better a place with a full length mirror. Stand in front of it and really look at yourself.

How are you showing up for yourself right now?

What is that girl needing?

How can you commit to a carving out Creative time as though it were an active living prayer of hope for this girl/woman?

Look at yourself in the eyes and promise to show up for yourself!

What are 3 sacred and creative ways you will show up for yourself regularly.. daily if you can .? List them .

Here are some creative ideas for you try some out ??

-Make an Altar somewhere you can invite in Spirit.  

-Add stones or crystals to different areas of your home (the bathroom sink, your entrance, etc.) remind yourself of your connection to the Divine in your everyday.

-Put up inspiring phrases or words onto your mirror. Recite Mantras, affirmations… “ I am worthy of my own time and my own love.”

-Buy some flowers just for you.

-Start a new project – paint or build or design or whatever it may be!

-Visualize, imagine, see what your future life in one year’s time.

-Brainstorm ideas

-Make bucket lists/ to do lists/ future plan lists

-Plan a future vacation or party

-Take a class that excites you

-Write, make art, dance every day

-Plan unique dates at home

-Plan fun activities that make you use your creative juices with your kids

-Little things like lighting candles, burning incense or infusing oils help set an inspiring and soothing environment

-Make a creative budget

-Go to the pantry and see what you have, make three days worth of meals based on your pantry.

-Plan your garden

-Plant flowers

-Organize anything…playfully.  Make it fun, not something you have to do but choose to do.

For me, I need to feel connected, alive and inspired to feel connected to Spirit. When I don’t – I feel stuck, like the walls are caving in…I eat a lot of chocolate, crave a lot of wine or want a lot of chips. Those are signs I’ve not tended to my soul much, that I’ve put Her on the back burner. So I created a 4 Week Writing Journey – Conscious Escape & Me time to get our creative juices firing, to get our connections clicking and get our inspirations exploding.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or like you need to come up for some air, or simply need me time…I’d love for you to join me! It’s truly a gift to yourself as it is a gift to myself. We need this !!

If you are interested check it out here. We start this Sunday 😊. It’s all in your own time and space on your own or as connected tot he group as you want .

This is a powerful, life affirming moon !

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Do you need me time right now? Do you feel like you need to come up for air? Join me for a 4 Week Conscious Escape & ME Time Writing Journey and fill your soul back up.

Hello my friends and tribe. I thought I’d touch base and see how everyone is doing! It has been intense…hasn’t it? I feel so much emotions sometimes, I just want to escape them. So if you’re like me…you’ve been snacking more, having a glass or two more wine than usual, and even sleeping more…or less.

Photo by Alina Vilchenko on

I crave temporary escape from the intensity and uncertainty. I feel waves of anxiety at times, and just plain exhaustion and the need for a break and alone time…away..from my kids and husband. I realize how much I miss a bit of that me time, whether it was grocery shopping or playing a ringette game or going out for dinner with a friend. I miss me time…yes! I know for me when I start craving lots (more than usual) of chips, chocolate, wine – it’s a call from my soul. I know it’s my deepest Self howling for some attention and nurturance. So I am honouring my soul’s call!

I thought I’d invite you to join me in a 4 week Conscious Escape & Me Time Writing Journey. It’s time for you to take for yourself. It’s a time for reflective and guided journalling, to get the creative juices flowing, to write, to reflect, to make small ritual for you. It’s a guide for you to take you time, in small chunks so we can feel like we are coming up for air every now and again. It’s a way to go inward and also escape some of it in the playful world of creativity and self-discovery. It’s a journey inward, outward, beyond and around in the moment. It’s a sacred journey with the pen and page and the magic of your inner guide.

And the good news…its only $5!

It includes:

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  • 1 Weekly Journal Prompts for self-reflection, exploration, emotional dumping, creative exploration, contemplation or some other aspect that calls and soothes the soul.
  • 1 Sacred Self-Connection Task per week.
  • Daily 2 minute gratitude list prompts.
  • Private Facebook Group for you to share your writing and discoveries and connect with other like minded, feeling oriented, spiritually inspired women. I’ll be on there daily.

We start Sunday April 25, 2020 – the First Prompts/Journeys released @ 2pm

If you would like to join please email me at and I’ll add you to the group.

Etransfer payments of $5 to to confirm registration. If you can also send me your Facebook name I’ll add you to the private FB group .

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Hi friends! Happy full moon/super moon. Hooooowee, the energies are so interesting aren’t they? Here we ALL are, in our homes, isolating, retreating, finding stillness and quietness by choice or not and all those emotions are coming flooding in. When we get still, our wise emotions use that opportunity to come to the surface so we can feel and heal. Interesting, right?! Hard, right?!

The feelings/energies are ones of overwhelm, boredom, despair, anxiety, crawling through our skin feeling, anger, sadness, rage even. We are all over the place and you know what…that’s ok. The new pace, the slowing down, perhaps the silence or the opposite- the constant chaos of everyone at home, are creating periodic eruptions.

All we can do is ride the wave. One day I’m ok, I feel good, focused, calm and collected…and the next I’m a weeping mess. It just is what it is. Amongst all this in this Libra Moon are lessons in relationships. Boundaries are a theme are coming up for me with family in particular. Some of our closest relationships, perhaps marriages, or with our parents, are really being tested and the guts, the aches, the unhealed spots are oozing and erupting out of us as though it can’t be contained. People are pushing boundaries and we are being asked to explore and look at the relationships in our lives and the most important one, which is the one with ourselves. Do your relationships nurture, honour and value you? Do you feel good in your relationships? Are they filled with love? Are they filled with emptiness, loneliness, hurt? What do you want out your relationships with a partner, friend, or family. Can you be ok with letting some relationships go, even coming to peace with them and still letting them go. Letting there be forgiveness and allowing room for the realization that reconciliation doesn’t need to happen in them. Sometimes healing, closure, and completion is all we really need.

So on this Full Super Moon…..Create space! Write, dance, run, scream, move the emotional volcano out of you some how. Get some oil pastels, crayons or markers and get a blank page. Scribble, color, list words, make doodles, write the F word in every color of the rainbow until you feel a release.

Here’s a wonderful song called Janjara by James Asher. All you need to do is play it, close your eyes and let your body move. Shake out all the energy, with you hands, your shoulders, your elbows, your legs, your belly button, any part of you that seeks and needs to move. Follow your body’s lead. For me I found imaging shaking off all the heaviness helpful and I imagined pushing back against people who are trying to cross or challenge boundaries. The action of pushing felt fantastic.

Happy full moon my friends. Remember we are in a life changing, soul invoking, world healing time. It’s bloody intense. So honour those dark emotions right now and embrace the gratitude. I really hope you dance it out! It’s so lovely, you’ll see.

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New Moon Energies & Rituals to Manage the Emotions during this Unique Time

I hope you enjoyed my first video new moon message about current energies and thoughts. We are in a time of chaos and radical change. We are being pulled into our more feminine energies of being-ness, of creativity, of connection, of soft, gentle, present movements in our lives and we aren’t used to the slowed, down, alive, feeling based pace.

It feels anxious, scary, and overwhelming. We feel lost and unsure what to do. I invite you to simply move into what is there on this New Moon. Welcome your feelings, invite them into your space, invite them to show up so you can honour them and diffuse them into the ethers of the Earth Mother and the Universe at large.

Photo by Joshua Abner on

New Moon Rituals : Creating Space for All the Feelings.

As always se the tone and mood by lighting candles, burning incense or diffusing oils. Take some deep breaths and se the intention to honour your feelings, to take space and feel and allow what is there to come up and come out on this New Moon.

  1. Gather some papers, crayons and place the papers all around you in a circle. Just take some breaths and write out your feelings and thoughts, get those true dark feelings out of your body and onto the page. Name where you feel it and what it feels like. Emotionally purge that energy onto the paper. Simply honour what comes up and get it out. You are allowed to feel what you feel. You are created space to feel so you don’t end up wallowing and lingering into a downward spiral. When you are done jotting it all down just take a moment and pause with it. See it. Witness it. Allow it. Then release the papers if it feels right. Burn them, rip them up, hold on to them. Whatever feels right for you.

2). Write a letter to the Great Mother, Creation, The Universe, the Divine, God/Goddess, Buddha, whomever floats your boat. Describe how you are experiencing this time physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Here are some prompts.

-Describe you feel physically, how has your movements and environments changed?

-How does your body feel and where are you feeling it? What sensations are emerging?

-How are you feeling emotionally? What feels heavy, can you name it?

-What are your fears and challenges?

-What is feeling like a gift? What is feeling Sacred during these times?

-What are the simple pleasures during this time?

-How can you connect to Spirit and Life more often, in little tidbits everyday?

-Are you honouring your Presence as life quiets or are you distracting and panicking?

-Can you embrace this time as a Sacred Pause, a time of healing, rejuvenation and recharge or are you obsessed with doing?

-Can you focus on bringing your Presence to life as though it were a spiritual practise and sacred act?

-How are your thoughts? What are the fear based thoughts? What are the trusting/safe ones?

-What are you needing during this time? Claim it and express it to the Universe, She is listening !

-What gift can you offer yourself in this very moment?

I invite you to claim and feel and inhale the sacred of this unique, sometimes scary and uncertain times. There are many gifts amongst the chaos. There is Sacred Shift going on right now and it can feel a bit rattling. I invite you to feel what you do but to open to Trust and Faith and know that the Universe always has our backs and is always supporting us during these changes. There is a knowing we do not know yet but is in our best interest.

And so it is friends.

Happy New Moon. Feel the feels, the scary, the sad, the lonely, the lovely, the amazing, the gifts. Feel it all.



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How to Feel Connected as a Family with a Weekly Team Huddle (especially now)

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I feel like I always wish for more time. More time with my kids, to cook, to clean, to go out, to be creative, to have more dates with my husband…to do the things I want to do…to organize, to whatever. Amidst this Coronavirus pandemic life has suddenly shifted drastically. Hockey is cancelled (that is much of our life these days), school cancelled, social gatherings and activities put on pause. The kids will basically have nowhere to go and nowhere to be. Has this ever happened??? It’s time to get creative to keep those stinkers busy! I don’t want to down play the current global crisis and extreme measures we are placed under because I know myself as an immune comprised gal, I am nervous to leave my four walls. However, perhaps there is some light in this somewhat dark tunnel. Perhaps we can engulf the good that comes with the bad. Perhaps there is a real gift, a real shifting into being-ness, the feminine side of life that is given the opportunity to emerge while much of our outside lives are on pause.

A piece of me is like, “eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk!!!” this is going to be a long four weeks of no school and no daycare. But the creative part of me is sparked up with inspiration of what we can do creatively at home, while building and incubating our connection to each other and a family as a whole.

What I feel really committed to within myself and my family these days is tending to our emotional and spiritual needs and health. This is so often put aside amidst the busy days of homework, hockey, play dates, family visiting etc. etc. With the growing number of places closing around us, the “doing” of our life has come to a halt and we are being called back into those lovely inner places of being.

A plan to do a series of Family Connections activities during the next while.

So this week’s Family Connections activity is the “Team Huddle”.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

This week’s Team Huddle topic – Talking to the Kids about Corona Virus & How Life is being Affected by it.

Gather the troops (family members) and sit around your kitchen table. Light some candles, maybe even infuse some oils or burn an incense. Make the space special.

Explain to the kids that you are having a team huddle for your family and it’s something you’d like to do weekly. Maybe Monday nights or Thursday nights or Sunday afternoons. Whatever works for you. It’s a time and place to come together, sit, process, get on the same page and plan for upcoming activities.

Here’s a brief outline. (create it in a way that works for your family and lifestyle)

1 )Have a beginning – a ringing of a bell or clinking or forks on glasses. Kids love this.

2)Talk about what is going good this week. Each family member takes a turn.

Introduce this week’s topic or goal. For us this week it was discussing Corona virus after my oldest son questioned if he would be ok if he got Corona virus. We reviewed common symptoms, how people get it, how to prevent it. We reviewed the important of really good hand washing.

I put 2 papers on the table. 1 paper we all wrote about what we thought and felt about Corona Virus. Even my 3 year old scribbled on the page and talked about another topic but it was inclusive as his little mind still doesn’t comprehend fully.

The 2nd paper we listed ideas of activities we could do at home as we would be together and at home a lot over the next while. We then taped the paper to the wall to remind us when we are “bored”.

3. Next we discussed calendar/schedule/upcoming appointments.

4. Followed by everybody’s ideas for meal planning ideas for the upcoming week.

5. Ending -We ended by having a goal each and a family goal or activity planned for upcoming week.

6. Family Treat. End with bell or clinging of glasses and a nice treat like cookies and milk, cake, tea, ice cream or some other fun food as part of the experience each week.

This really helped us feel connected and discuss topics in a supported, safe way.

I hope you give it a whirl and let me know how your family found it.

Sending love, good immunity, joy, embracing what is, and trusting in the Universe for she is shifting us into something soooo deep. It is scary and overwhelming but it also feels miraculous what we are doing as a human nation.

With love Crystal

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