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Happy New Moon my friends. This is the second new moon in the Cancer Zodiac sign. And boy, it sure is an interesting energy. This moon I feel a bit cranky and maybe you do too. Our relationships are and emotional “stuff” connected to relationships are still circling around this Cancer moon, the second time around. I have several relationships lately that are strained, my old ways of existing in them are no longer working for me and so they are in chaos and upheaval, conflict and even discord. And I’m pissy about it.

I too have been contemplating life a lot (haven’t we all with this Covid reality) and I’m just really truly on the cusp of brand new life existence or at least wanting a new form of doing life. I feel like shooting a magic, glitter cannon into all parts of my life…my parenting, my work, my marriage (especially) and my social life. I want to savour it all far more, I want to restructure it all in new ways and new forms, and new priorities that feel soul nourishing, that feel alive, the make it all joyful and fulfilling. I’ve aimed the cannon…ready to shoot it at my life but I’m still playing with the reality of how these changes will take shape! I have no idea what new forms are lurking around, stalking my psyche, waiting to be expressed… but it feels radical and exciting. I really want to blow the old ways up and enjoy life for what it is…in the moment and stop living in ways that I feel I have outgrown or no longer support my heart and soul needs. We are truly in an awakening.

It’s the simple things on this new moon we can do to tend to our emotional bodies and emoting souls. This simplicity is radically changing and soul expanding if we allow it. It’s going for more walks just to call in the nature, and the calm, and the peace into our souls. It’s leaving the dishes to go play outside with the kids. It’s looking at the clouds in wonder and seeing a message from our loved ones. It’s regularly pausing and feeling the energy of you life, your home and your work. Literally stop, close your eyes and feel the energy in the space you are now. What does it feel like? What does it need? What can you do? I smudged my whole house today because the energy, the stagnation, the old vibration needs to be shaken up and shaken loose. Broken up into new particles…this is the awakening of new energy. This is the awakening of new life.


So I ask you to contemplate as we point our magical, glitter cannons to our lives and explore…what areas of my life that are needing peace..and why might that be? What can I do or what actions do I need to take to invoke that peace? What would magic and love, and life tell me about this scenario?

This goes for our relationships too. Why aren’t they peaceful? For me I have a lot of anger in some of my relationships and as much as I want to point the finger and blame those who have hurt me, I keep coming to the root of the anger…I’m mad at myself for tolerating it for so long. I’m mad at myself for staying in friendships/relationships that were anything but uplifting or equal, or simply exist in energies of taking and NON-reciprocal giving.

How can you radically change some of your relationships?

And so it is…

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A teaching about self-worth from Desire.

I’ve been exploring my experience with allowing my desires lately and my beliefs around fulfilling my desires. When I really let the word sink into my body and feel it, it becomes a sensual tingling, an arousing energy, an elevating vibration. I’ve come to realize how often I deny my desires or wishes for things. I fill up my online shopping cart only to close the webpage down without placing an order. We’ve been taught that fulfilling our desires is selfish, especially as a mom. I choose to deny what I want and don’t allow the energy of something fun or uplifting towards me. I’ve “sacrificed” my way out of my desires. I’ve closed off the experience of enjoying things, clothes, luxuries… in the name of my kids sometimes or a deep rooted guilt if I’m honest. I’ve equated luxury with egotism or lack of consciousness. I know things don’t make you happy per say, we cannot look to external objects or people to make us feel fulfilled. But what about enjoying this human experience!!?? I’ve denied myself gifts and offerings out of a false sense of being noble or helpful. I’ve shut down my desire and with it some of my physical, sensual enjoyment of human living. I am worthy and deserving of everything I desire, am I not? I mean… why not? My first thought comes to the belief that someone may need it more than me…so I’ll step aside and sacrifice my desires cause I’m content with “ok.”. Barf!! 🤮 it’s funny how making the unconscious – conscious can reveal our conditioned martyr responses as women, that somehow being a women or mother is equated with sacrifice. But I see now that fulfilling my desires, my wants , my wishes, even the physical joys of new clothes and non-important things just purely for desire…elevates my joy. It stokes my “I’m deserving and worthy” fires by offering myself non-essential but joyous, fun gifts. It’s vibrationally elevating and part of human living. It’s part of self loving to experience the physical ness of human life. Sunday food for thought . Why not live with the sensual, joyous experiences of desire in your life ? Invite it in and trust your desire!

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Wake up early, like real early. I’m shooting for 5 am, before the kids are up and I can tend to my own heart and soul.



Repeat daily and often.


I can focus myself by….

My week will be gentle and flowing because I will…

3 moments of today (or yesterday) that I’m grateful are…


I have subscribed to Team Body Project for over a year. I love that they have a lot of Free Videos on YouTube and their membership is quite reasonable. They have workouts for all levels and low impact if needed. Here’s this week’s workout to do in the mornings after meditation and journaling. Do 3-5 times this week.


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Happy full moon and eclipse!! Holy smokes…the energy is very intense at this time. This month and moon are resurrecting the memories of old wounds, even new layers, new depths of learning that these self-growth (wounds) portals offer. It has dropped me to my knees several times this month. I have had to spend a full day just allowing the sobs to come as the emotions stopped me in my tracks with can’t breathe style anxiety until I let the release and the tears happen. I didn’t even know what I was feeling or why until I got still and let it reveal itself to me.

Photo by Ali atiabi on

Our inner child, our inner little girls have been summoned during this time to offer us a chance to dive deeper in our healing. They need to express, they need a portal to voice and release old stuff that has chained our throat chakras shut. The need to move the energy out of our bodies and into the ethers to be transformed. Our bodies need this of us as well.

In the intensity I invite you to find the Sacred, the Love, the union of you and your inner child. This is a time of holding her, of holding your heart, of offering healing energy to oneself and to her. It’s a time of sitting with her beside the lake or ocean or even a fire and talking to her. What does she need from you? Imagine your inner child. What age is she? What occurred around that time? What can you offer her that she didn’t receive then.

For me, my inner child has been needing to VOICE, to EXPRESS, to UNLOAD another layer of deep emotions she still held inside. I have this deep push, this inner guidance, this nudging to SHRIEK and scream my anger out. She needs the outlet. And not just once, almost every time I drive I scream as loud as I can. I think of her and call it out, I shriek sometimes low pitched and rugged rage, other times it’s more high pitched and tearful howls. Whatever form it needs, it comes. Slowly and surely the tension and energetic knots in my throat loosen. I still have a lot of releasing and expressing to do,

3 Ways to Connect to Your Inner Child on this Powerful & Healing Full Moon

  1. Here’s a lovely INNER CHILD MEDITATION to connect to this Radiant inner part of you.

2. Grab a large piece of paper. Connect to that Inner Child within and explore what emotions are lingering there. Create some Graffiti on the page with words, scribbles, colors, images, symbols etc. that help your inner child release their long held pain within. Use your non dominant hand for tapping into the inner child even more. Just go with what comes.

3. Dance with your inner child by placing both hands on your heart. Close your eyes and hold your heart, and your innocence, your inner child and dance, a slow, gentle dance. Let yourself and inner child sway together, holding each other in unity. Here’s a great song to use. Or this one here too.

This full moon…this month…this time in history is where your life will change. You are releasing these deep old lingering beliefs and inviting in the energy of life and love. You are going to create a new life, a new way of being and living and world with the healing you are doing. It is very intense and yet profoundly powerful. We need to do this shadow work to shine brighter.

I honour you and your contribution to changing our world by doing your healing. I profoundly honour you and raise my prayer hands to you and your inner child. And it is so.

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How You Can Help The Universe Send You Abundance

A few years ago, my husband bought me a beautiful black, intricately beaded pair of Manitoba Mukluks for my birthday. At the time I was was having some health issues and off of work so our income was lower than usual. When I unwrapped them, I immediately got a sick feeling in my stomach. How could he buy me these? Didn’t he know how much they cost? How can I return them without offending him?

I had an unconscious belief that I should only give, not receive especially since I wasn’t making much money at the time. I did not allow myself to receive beauty, love or abundance because unconsciously I didn’t think I deserved it. I did not have a relationship with receiving, I had cut it off. Without knowing it, I didn’t feel worthy. I didn’t equate myself on the same level as others in my family. I thought they should receive and take first, that they should get as much as they could and I would take whatever was leftover or even none at all, so they could be happy. (Hello martyr syndrome!) I placed myself on the bottom of the totem pole and walked around in my everyday life unconsciously believing that I was not as important or as valuable than everyone else. I could survive with less. (scarcity mind set)

Do you know what the Universe sends your way when you don’t allow yourself to receive…when your mantra is “I will take what’s leftover”? Nada! Nothing! Zippo! Why would the Universe conspire to send you abundance, gifts, great opportunities if She knows you won’t allow yourself to receive them. She wouldn’t waste Her time because you can’t even give it to yourself. I couldn’t let myself go out to eat without huge amounts of guilt and anxiety. I didn’t feel like I could let myself have joy or treat myself because deep down it would bust up my unconscious belief plan. “I deserve less” does not lend itself to a very joyful life. My world kept shrinking as I chose to receive less and less and my vibration and energy diminished itself right into depression, sadness and low energy.

Do you know what my husband says when I get him a nice gift (which is every time I get him a gift!)…he says THANK-YOU and receives it with joy! He does not place himself below the rest of us, he is an equal, he deserves great things, he is worthy of receiving love.

Let’s take this a bit farther. How often do you gift yourself with luxury or with things that excite you or would make you feel great? How often to send the current of giving to yourself? What does it feel like to imagine receiving great things…from yourself?! What feelings come up? What thoughts do you notice when you focus on spending extra on you just like you would for others? Is it welcoming or do you push the current away?

I busted up my lingering “I deserve less” beliefs by gifting myself with high quality, all-natural skin-care products as an experiment, an act of self-love and self-giving. I have never given myself very much or if I have it’s often low quality (like the bare minimum) and not very often. Quite recently my husband pointed out that I was wearing the same bra from when we started dating…9 years ago! Gulp! 🤦🏻‍♀️I still have some work to do!

As part of my continue experiment, I have allowed myself to nurture and gift myself (and my skin) so I can feel great, as an act of self-love, as a rebellious act to my old belief system by expressing and showing myself and the Universe that I deserve great things! I deserve luxurious things! I deserve to treat myself. I deserve way more than I usually give to myself. So I use my amazing Neora Skin-Care and Wellness Products with these very conscious and new beliefs in mind and awareness and I tell you this small act of self-nurturance and love translates into all parts of my life. I think about how I can increase my receptivity and abundance into more and more areas of my life. I think about how I can give to myself more with my time, my own energy, my own focus. I think about how I can take the time to sit and read a book and not worry about being everywhere for everyone else at all times. My new beliefs are starting to radiate everywhere! It raises my vibration! It has expanded my energy. And it started my sending the giving current to myself and being willing to RECEIVE it. And the Universe is now sending me more and more abundance each month, new opportunities and even new circles of like minded friends. It’s amazing, my relationship and love I offer myself because of the belief that I deserve and am worthy of a great life…is reflected in my everyday life. The Universe is simply mirroring and offering the energy and vibration I give myself ! Supernatural hey 😀

Please comment and share your experiences and relationship to RECEIVING below and what new ways you will expand your openness and readiness to receive because you are worth it! You deserve great things in your life and for yourself simply to make you feel good or excited or joyful! Yes you do!! And it is so.

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sending love



HUGE NEWS gals! I’m shapeshifting The Women’s Tribe into a new form called RADIANT WOMEN! It was expanding and changing and calling for new life, new form, new topics, new roads. My work is shifting to really focus in on helping you fall in love with yourself!

I want you live knowing your value, owning your worth and trusting in the Divine to support and co-create your fabulous life with you. I want to do this by teaching you how to feel connected to your FEMININE ROOTS, YOUR FEMININE SOUL, AND EMBRACE THE SACRED FEMININE IN YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE! We are gonna dive deep into you cavernous, magical depths and help you UN-CAGE your soul, your TRUTH, your ALIVENESS, your RADIANCE and live in a way that honours your worth! If you’ve struggle with your self-esteem, your self-confidence, your relationship to your body, disordered eating or just feeling disconnected from your body and from who you are, then you’re gonna love what I have in store.

If you want to get on the waitlist for one of my upcoming Groups, please email me at or message me on Facebook or Instagram.

We are starting at the basics, returning to our roots, our Feminine roots…our SACRED FEMININE roots and breathing life back into wild, alive soul.

I feel so excited, so charged up, so full of stories, ideas, workshops, courses, groups and even coaching sessions to share with you!!

Here’s what I know….you are worth great things! You deserve not just a good life but an AMAZING life. You were meant to un-cage and unleash your soul to this world so She can be healed. I AM SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!

And it is so!

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This Solstice, New Moon & Solar Eclipse is all about transforming, shape-shifting, pivoting and re-shaping forms while we burn away the old structures that no longer fit our soul. This is a time of huge, life altering healing and awakening, changing, shedding of old skins and unveiling of new soul expressions and gifts.

“A big day of powerful solstice energy followed by a New Moon and partial solar eclipse. This line up supports a permanent shift, resetting your foundation by proactively completing some aspect of your life and bringing in a new beginning to something you have always dreamed of and always wanted. Don’t be afraid to dream big as this is big energy. Do a ritual or ceremony around completions and new beginnings. This can be as simple as writing down what you are leaving behind and burning the list and then anchoring some kind of symbol for what you are desiring to bring in.” From the Power Path FB Page.

And it is so!



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Inviting in presence into your daily practise

I’ve been thinking about the word Presence a lot lately. I’ve been craving it! There’s so much going on in the world right now and being home bound the last few months, I find my mind spins and spins and spins with so many thoughts and ideas and my body swells up with heavy emotions at what our world is moving through.

These swirling thoughts have me constantly distracting, spinning, split into seven directions at one time. What I want is Presence. What I crave is groundedness, being rooted and totally present in my surroundings.

Here’s the truth, I have not been that present in my marriage and it shows. I have not been that present with my kids and I feel it (they do to). I have been obsessed with checking Facebook like a distracted compulsion. I have recently deleted the app off of my phone and I truly feel liberated.

I have always felt being a good mother for me simply means being in Presence with my kids. Really being in the moment, in the imagination with them, on the garbage truck (bed), or in the tree house hunting or using our crystals for magic. Sometimes it’s just on the floor playing and laughing or trying to do “wheelies” on my bike with my oldest son. One of my favourite moments is when I put my one year old to bed and I caress my fingers around his face. His eyes always close and he has the most beautiful, pure smile. He opens his eyes for a couple moments in pure adoration and we connect so deeply, he and I are intertwined in the moment of love. That is presence.

In my marriage Presence feels like really listening to what my husband is saying at the end of his work day. It’s not listening while running through my to do list, or grocery list in my head, it’s 100% awareness and focus on his words, reading his facial expressions and seeing his eyes. It’s not head down on my phone answering him…ugh..I have done that way too much. Presence is really enjoying sitting outside, sipping a wine, hearing the bird sanctuary in our backyard, soaking in all the green beauty of the trees, holding hands and feeling connected in our gratitude of the life we have build together. It’s journaling together, discussing mind-sets and old belief patterns and future goals. It’s dream building and bed sharing, and holding each other. It’s making a gratitude list only about him because I want to be so crazy in love, it’s what I choose and focus on…love!

Presence is mindfulness, rootedness, being fully in THE BODY (i like bodyfulness more than mindfulness), experiencing and soaking in all the luscious senses, colors, playfulness, even mundaneness of the moment and simply experiencing it for what it is. Good. Bad. Wonderful. Dreadful. But bringing in the beauty of feeling and experiencing the truth of the moment.

What is Presence to you?

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HOLY MOLY!! This full moon and eclipse is an intense one. We are in that gamut…the pocket…the crevasse of healing and transforming. And it’s hard to be in, uncomfortable, we feel squirley and don’t know how to stand in it. Perhaps there’s pockets of shame and guilt, carried even from our ancestral line…but my friends, it is necessary to go there and look at it, feel it. We need to feel the pain, and also hold space for the global pain body, the global shadow self that has acted in ways that were harmful and hurtful because we have foundations of racism in our country’s history. We are being called to evaluate how we can contribute to the healing and transforming of this global wound so many of our Black, Indigenous and People of Color feel and experience on a daily basis.

I personally am moving through something right now that requires others to speak out with me, to write out the truth, and it is hard to get people to share the truth that they have seen. They don’t want to get involved, they fear a consequence of voicing the truth so have chosen not to speak at all. Part of me has understanding and another part of me feels such anger. But truth is, in a different scenario…I have done the same. I have held my tongue not to cause conflict instead of speaking up for someone. I feared a consequence or getting in trouble so I waivered in doubt and fear and let it change my mind and silence my voice. I see now…the error and the harm that it caused.

Now I am empowered in courage and inner knowing and remembering of the harm that was caused by silence, so instead I commit to take in the courage and howl out my voice in the face harm and injustice against others. Let’s think about the impacts of not speaking up when harm or hurt is being done and the consequences of our silence. It keeps the harm and hurt alive, it keeps the circumstance in homeostasis. And yet as a society, it is what we have done for so long, it has become the norm. We need to ask ourselves, how we become ok with letting fear run our lives? I know it was easier to turn the blind eye and not get involved, we had the privilege of not letting the harm affect us. But the harm is still happening, the hurt is still happening, even if we close our eyes. The effects are taking their toll. Let us ask ourselves, what would love say and do? I feel like so many of the lessons of this year has been shifting us from “I” to we, from ego to heart and soul. What would love do in the face of pain, harm and injustice? Let yourself ponder that on this full moon.

I pulled a card for this Full Moon and it literally could not have been more perfect. Thank you Spirit. The Card is the SHAPE-SHIFTER CARD from the Native Spirit Oracle deck from Denise Linn.

“You can be anything you desire. Let go of the attachment to your identity. See the world around you with new eyes. Be malleable. Experiment with different ways of seeing reality. See the point of others. If you haven’t been able to manifest your dreams, maybe you need to shift the way you see the person or situation.

In earth-based cultures, shape-shifters had the mystical ability to transform into other forms of consciousness. It’s said that these beings were not imagining that they were changing into a specific animal, plant or stone, they could actually morph into another shape. Just because most people today don’t think it’s possible doesn’t mean that it’s not true. This card chose you because it wants you to know that your past does not need to equal your future. Simply shifting your point of view or your belief system can bring an entirely new destiny into being.”


Audio Link here :

Think of a current struggle you are moving through. I feel like we are all moving through things in our personal lives that are needing shapeshifting, re-moulding, re-structuring, it’s time to get your spirit hands out and re-shape some aspect or experience of your life.

Close your eyes…take some deep breaths. Really inhale through your nose then exhale out the mouth. Repeat this breathing pattern three times or until you’re really settled into your body. Bring a current challenge or struggle you have into mind. Really see it in your mind’s eye and feel it within your body. Now allow yourself some magic and fun and allow yourself to magically shape-shift out of the struggle and transform yourself into a bird, stone, tree or plant. Go with whatever comes to mind, just allow whatever to come to come…as whatever you see is meant exactly for you. Take a moment and see what you have being you have become, remember there is no wrong way to do this. What form did you take? What do you look like? What colour or colours are you? What sounds do you make if any? What unique features do you have? What is it like to look out on life from this perspective, this point of view? What do you see in this form? What does the energy feel like in this form?

Now bring to mind your current struggle or stuck point while remaining in your new form and shape. Examine your current struggle from this new perspective and energy. What would you tell yourself about your current struggle or stuck point as this new being? What thoughts come to mind as you sit and look at your issue from this new point of view? What guidance, actions or resolutions can you see from this angle and this form?

Allow yourself to remain in this form for a couple more breaths and soak in the wondrous energy around you in the being you have become. Perhaps you’ll feel the freedom of the wind, or the groundedness of the earth or perhaps even bees buzzing their light around you. Whatever it is, allow yourself to soak that beauty in and give gratitude for the wondrous and supportive energy.

When you’re ready, transform back into your original self. Journal about your new perspective and awarenesses. I invite you share your experiences in the comments.

And so it is.

Please see The Women’s Tribe Facebook page for an audio of the Meditation. (Technical issues loading it today. )

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Happy full moon!!

xo Crystal

10 small Rituals to connect to this New moon

Happy New Moon my friends.

What a glorious New Moon. The energy feels auspicious. The word that has summoned my mind for this moon cycle is CONNECTION. Grandmother moon is calling for us to connect…to oneself, to another, to the Universe at large.

There are small daily practises and intentions to help you do this. Remember we are in the thick of Venus retrograde that is calling deep into our inner depths, unpacking the roadblocks to the road that leads to our soul. It is a time of spiritual practise and contemplative reflection. In many ways this unique time of isolation is calling of this as well, we are shedding our way into a new way of living and being. Old parts of us are releasing. Make a list of ways you are committing to connect with yourself and the Divine at large.

Here are 10 Ways to Connect to your Heart & the Divine during this Moon Cycle:

-Daily gratitude list. Try for 25 daily, this is life changing and vibration raising!

-Get outside in Nature and hear the wind call to you or the stillness sing to you.

-Meditate for five minutes a day. Check out free apps like Insight Timer (I use this one) and Calm.

-Listen to Music…dance it out, sing it out, move your feet on the Earth Mother like you were drumming your prayer to her and the Divine.

-Light candles or have a fire outside.

-Burn sage and clear your home.

-Read a poem or prayers.

-Get up with the sun, hear the birds sing their morning songs, feel the crisp air awaken the day.

-Get creative. Paint, draw, write, build…creative juices are soul igniting!

-Be of service. How can you help someone or offer something in love? How can you help out your family, friend or neighbour or local community group in need?? Do that! Fill your heart with giving.

To close, set the intention this month to CONNECT! Make it your daily practise. Set up a date with your soul and see how your life changes. Ask your heart daily in journal…how do you want me to connect today?

If you’d like to find out about my upcoming 14 Day Self-Connection & Healing Challenge with Videos, Writing Prompts, Sacred Art Practises and Rituals email . Cost is only 28$

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Taurus Full Moon Energies & Sacred Action

“We need to organize our inner lives because our external structure has disappeared.” ~ Dr. Besser van der Kolk

This quote really sums up the energies of this full moon! This moon feels…

– heavy, lots of swirling emotions, energies and chaotic type energy

– we are being pulled in all directions and feel lost, unsure where to go or what to do, our footing is unknown

This full moon is in the Earth sign of Taurus and thank gooodness! We need grounding and form to our internal worlds .


On this full moon I invite you to make a Healing Tree or garden or even plant inside your home if you don’t have outdoor space. It’s a place, a physical form you can turn to and put your emotions, your heaviness, your wishes, your remembering of loved ones, your dreams, your prayers… anything that needs to come out. Design it how you wish. Have stones and branches and sacred objects. Write in your stones your feelings, your worries, your prayers. make some prayer sticks or hang your desires into the tree. There is no wrong way. Check out my video to see my healing tree @thewomenstribe or in IG @the_womenstribe.

Create form for your inner chaos somehow. Use the elements… stones, sticks, dirt, trees, anything. Ground that energy somewhere and know the Spirit world, the Earth Mother and the Divine is always holding you, always listening, always supporting. So help them by moving it out if you 💕

Post pics of your healing tree 😊

Xo. Crystal

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