Take a Shamanic Journey to the Moon Lodge on the 3 Days of the Full Moon

moon lodgeThis full moon is really different for me.  I am very reflective and inward, likely because we are shifting into the dark months, going inward and into the bear cave as winter approaches.  I usually move my energy out in a sacred art format but I am not on this full moon.  I am still moving my energy but in an inward way.

So join me, and take a ride inward and come to the collective Moon Lodge where all sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunts and daughters celebrate the full moon.  Close your eyes and walk down a trial until you see the world’s largest tipi up the road.   Isn’t it beautiful!?  Walk into the opening and inside.   It is dark and lit with candles so you can see.  Notice there is a large magical bowl in the middle with magical moon beams swirling within it.  It looks like colorful magic dust dancing spinning around as it sparkles.  Find your spot on the mossy ground around the magical moon bowl and rest that beautiful self.  Take in some breaths and enjoy the smell of sweet grass, eucalyptus and sage in the air.  Let it calm and soothe you with each breath.  Notice your sacred garments of clothing that you wear on these special Women’s Tribe ceremonies and shoot yourself a smile for being so rad and Sacred!  Peak out the top of the tipi where there is opening and see the moon shining brightly in the dark night sky.  See the stars sing just as brightly next to the big, bright full moon.

If you’re like me and your menstruating with the full moon, allow yourself to bleed on the mossy grounds as we used to in our tribes and allow Mother Earth to regenerate all that you shed into energy for Her renewal, healing and vitality.  If you are not simply imagine any energy that needs to be released to surrender into the ground.   Watch other women in the tipi go to the magical bowl at the center of the moon lodge and emptying their emotional cargo bags.  Notice too how they are taking with them a sacred object after they empty their bags.  Join me and drag your bag across the floor.  Look down into the magical bowl and see how it it’s like a deep portal, a large vast emptiness into another world.

“The grandmothers will take care your cargo,” the women in the lodge say, “but you need to do your work with it too.”

So let us learn from what is in our emotional bags.   Empty your bag and see what falls out, notice how it just floats there above the bowl for you to see.  What is it trying to teach you or tell you?  What message does it have for you in your soul’s journey and evolution?  Take your journal out as describe what you see….  Write about it’s purpose and message for you…honor it and take time to tend to it.

Watch it vanish into the Earth Mother and into another dimension.  They have left for you an object to help you tend to the emotional cargo that has surfaced.   It too is floating in the bowl, waiting for you to grab.   Just allow yourself to see it and bring it to your heart.

Sit back down on the mossy ground and just be with your Sacred object that was given to you by the grandmothers.   Sit and enjoy the magic of being with other women who are honoring their Feminine Ways with Grandmother Moon as she shines full and bright, signalling to us to see our own internal landscapes.  Just really absorb the joy of gathering, even in spirit, with the women’s tribe. Lay some tobacco from your pouch and put it on the ground in gratitude to the Great Mother Earth and the Grandmothers…

Get up and walk clockwise around the magical bowl and outside of the tipi.  Take the trail back to the now and gently open your eyes and move your hands and feet.

Be sure to journal and share your experience.

And so it is…


Happy Full Moon.

Booyah! Your Body is Calling, Pick up the Phone!

BODY IMAGELoving your body is an inside job.  It is recognizing that She, your body, is your soul in form, an extension of the deepest part of you.  Loving your body is really about connecting to your Essence found WITHIN your body.  This can be a bit of a foreign concept for some of us who were taught that Spirit is outside of our bodies and the body is just a place of sin and weakness. I challenge this assumption.  Hogwash I say!  Your body is a Sacred Keeper and the physical form of the deepest part of you. This is called Embodied Spirituality, where connecting to your body is really connecting to the Divine.

Can you begin to have the intention of uniting your mind and body in a sacred union, a true and loving kinship? This means approaching your body as an equal, even as captain of the team.  This is a much different way than treating your body like a thing to dominate and a thing to push past it’s limits.  It is letting go of mind over body mantra and instead following the body’s lead.  It is opposite of everything we have learned and it will take some unlearning, believe me, I too lived that mantra.  I played competitive sports and we trained until we puked, pushed to the limits and beyond and called that success. My body has since rebelled as I continued to live a life of overdoing.  She has said no more, too much, no you won’t overdo, over-extend, over push, over carry, over burden me/us anymore.  She has put her foot down with the manifestation of an autoimmune disorder that I believe has evolved out of refusal to hear Her and slow down.  Now, I have no choice but to pay attention.  I’ve had to find another pace, another gear and slow way down in order to do life or I will have an autoimmune attack and end up in hospital.

Marion Woodman, a Jungian Analyst who specialized in the Lost Goddess said in a speech for Conscious Femininity, “You know, you must wander in a culture where autoimmune break down is the most prevalent of diseases — lupus, AIDS, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome — these are all illnesses in which the body refuses to play host to the soul.” Booyah! That kinda hits you in the gut doesn’t it.

In mind-body therapy, we look for the metaphorical message in the illness.  Illness is often accompanied with unresolved emotion or belief patterns. In the book The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal, autoimmune illness is associated with “…an inability to stand up for yourself.  Weighed down by responsibility.  Always putting others first.  Anger, resentment, blame and guilt…” For me, I regularly pushed past my limits, over committed, over did things, held everything on my shoulders and did not ask for help.  I didn’t stand up for my own limits, I didn’t stand up for my body’s needs or my souls needs.  I put other’s needs ahead of my own, and I sacrificed me time, down time or rest time in the name of getting more things done or to squeeze in an extra workout.

Autoimmune illness is literally the manifestation of the mind attacking the body.  For me, it is the manifestation of my mind pushing my body past it’s limits continually, never checking into see how things feel or where the body’s energy levels are at.  It is keeping it up too late, feeding it too little, forcing it to exercise extraneously, stressing it with life, having a thousand and one commitments to tend to and pretending there is no emotion within about the way I’m doing life.  It was living with an “I am fine” illusion when I wanted to cry at every stop sign I sat at. In fact, I pretended I was superwoman and to say I was struggling would have ruined my facade.  I rarely rested or fed my soul through creativity or stillness.  I only collapsed in exhaustion or used alcohol to disconnect from the exploding reality trying to burst out of my insides that I couldn’t manage the pace of my life any longer.  Then one day, I collapsed at work and life was never the same because an autoimmune disorder was born.

We must balance DOING with the Sacred Task of BEING!  Being is experiencing life with a pure intention of peace, joy, fun and play. It is not checking off the to do list or creating things for the purpose of getting accolades. It is refilling the energy tank, the love tank, the self-esteem tank, and the feel good to be alive tank all in one. It is experienced through stillness…conscious stillness, reflection, journaling, even when you really don’t want to or would rather watch TV and zone out.  It is also creativity, creative expression, and a dumping out of the emotional tub inside. It is walking outside and feeling the wind caress your face or it is sticking your tongue out and tasting a snow flake.  It is life lived at a slower pace, in the moment, focused on the beauty and wonder around us. It is connecting to the Universe, the Divine, to God & the Goddess, the Creator, the stars, the moon, the wind, the water and fire, because we need and crave meaning, spiritual connection, and emotional release in our lives.  We need to do less more often.  Did you hear that…do LESS more often! We need to have way more fun and play in life and accomplish less.  (This statement might get some great comments lol)

When we are so busy, over doing, over extended, over exhausted, there is no room for the soul, we don’t take presence in our own body.  We don’t step foot in our own two feet, we just float around in our minds going through our life tasks spiritually vacant.   Maybe we find ourselves wanting to cry out of nowhere and we aren’t sure why…this my friends is the soul’s tears.  They will leak out in the moments of stillness right before bed or when things just keep getting compounded and challenging that we can’t keep it together, we burst at the seems.  That moment is a gift, a call home to your Essence!


So take five minutes and for today, write 5 things you are grateful for about your body.  Thank your legs for carrying you from place to place and the ability to move.  Thank your hands for doing such amazing work tending to the children or cooking meals.  Thank your gut for digesting food and helping you have life force energy to go about your day.  Thank your ears for the ability to hear a beautiful song or your child’s laugh.

Let’s appreciate our life giving, soul holding bodies today and everyday!  Let’s take things a little slower, a little gentler, a little more focused on fun and less on outcome.

And so it is 🙂


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A 5 Minute Emotional Bootcamp that Feeds Your Soul

The Upside of Anger


There’s a part of me that feels angry. I’ve tried to squelch it away, positive affirmation myself out of it and pretend I’m totally zen. Then I remembered, duh… it’s okay to have feelings.  I actually believe feelings are messengers from the Divine, guiding us and informing us of a direction we should take or true point of view in an experience we may be going through. Our feelings direct us to our truth, they sink us into our bodies and give us information about our souls, if we allow it. Many of us ignore them or try and change them before truly honoring their presence with purpose.  We think our way out of feeling.  Newsflash! Feelings have a purpose.  They are guideposts, and directional compasses on the soul path.  Can you honor them as messengers as simply just sit with them?

We need not go into an anger rampage and chew someone’s head off but simply be with our feelings, even just for five minutes, and let the raw, primal, instinctual, emotional part of us vent and get out the message that is within.  A lot of times I don’t even know why I feel an irritation but after free flowing with the emotion, I’m led to clarity and understanding.   I feel refreshed, better able to decide or tackle the problem at hand.  And in doing so, I know I have honored and released the Divine Guidance within.  I’ve also honored my soul by feeling what is stirring on my insides.

5 MINUTE EMOTIONAL BOOTCAMP.   Set your timers for five minutes and just free flow with your pen. Don’t lift your pen off the page and just release, get the ugly, dark feelings and thoughts out and it’s gone…out there and out of your body.  If you need to curse like a sailor or throw a pity party on the page, then DO IT!!

Here’s a couple starters if you need, “I feel …………because……..”  Write about the circumstance, how you feel, what upset you or hurt you….

“I’m angry, sad, glad, mad at……….”  Write a letter to someone saying how they upset or hurt you.

Notice how do you feel?  Do you need another five minutes of releasing??  If not, just move on forward, onward, a little lighter, a little clearer and all cause you tended to your emotional self.  YAY!!  (Imagine if your whole life people celebrated you for tending to your emotions, wouldn’t we feel differently about ourselves and our emotions!!)

I got much clearer about a next step I should take after releasing some of the anger on the page.

Hope you enjoy. Remember to FOLLOW the blog if you want to get Weekly Sacred Art/Spiritual Practices to connect to the Sacred Feminine and Divine within you.

“The Obsession with Thinness & Body Hatred is Really Code for This…”

sacred body 2One of the lost teachings of the Sacred Feminine in our society is the love and reverence for our Sacred, life giving bodies.  We live in a culture that idolizes thinness and somehow our brains get trained to believe if we are not a certain size or weight, we are then not beautiful.  We are setup to be in war with our bodies, as though it is a separate entity we must dominate.  We treat them like prisoners, telling them what to do, be, when, how and where rather than operate within a sacred union with them.

I believe we have missed the mark, and lost the message.  We are getting our wires crossed thinking that these obsessive thoughts of perfection, thinness and weight loss are what’s important.  The obsession and even addiction to thinness is showing up as body hatred and low self-esteem in our young girls and in our women populations in alarming and growing numbers.

Body hatred and the addiction to thinness are code words that we have lost connection to our fiery, Feminine souls.  We do not really hate our bodies, we don’t even know them and we don’t feel fat.  Fat is not a feeling!  Usually we feel anxious, despair, or out of control and we then turn on the body and blame Her as though she were the culprit for those feelings.  The reality is our pain body is triggered through an outside circumstance, maybe a breakup or a failed interview and we suddenly feel the terrible fear that we are unlovable or unworthy.  Now, guess who gets the blame?  Yup, your body!   We don’t go to the source of the wound and sit with it; instead we shift our attention away from what is occurring within the body and focus on the outside aspects of the body such as size and shape as the problem.  We think “If only were nine pounds lighter, maybe he would have loved me”  or “God I’m fat, it’s probably why I didn’t get that job” and that somehow translates to us believing that losing those nine pounds will make us loveable and worthy.

We then look in the mirror and focus on the parts of our body we hate and go on an abusive rampage and plan the next fourteen day diet and fitness bootcamp.  We believe thinness equals success, control and power and that attaining thinness will mean we are worthy, loveable and adequate.  We do this in the name of distracting away from the true deep inner wound that is still sitting inside, we are living without connection to our feminine souls.   It’s an illusion, a metaphorical and destructive pattern we must break.

What is truly occurring is a desperate grasp for control when our feminine, tribal soul is rattling the cage inside.  She wants out of the cage and into your life but we have forgotten that she even exists and that we’ve caged her up.  Or we are simply terrified of what she’d do to our lives if we’d set her free.  Let’s stop the madness ladies, not just for ourselves but for our young girls who are watching us.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty where the true discomfort lies…our souls are calling for freedom and for connection and she won’t take no for an answer anymore.  The lost feminine Goddess is awakening and she is showing up as anxiety, as restlessness, as a feeling of terror, and a spinning sensation of being out of control.   She is showing up as weigh pre-occupation, eating disorders and body hatred.  She is calling to you through depression or unknown heavy sadness that we don’t understand.  Your soul is calling for release and freedom, she wants into your life and now!

So, I invite you this week to reach your hand out to that Feminine Goddess /Tribal Woman within and take her hand.  Let her know you hear her and a willing to begin unlocking the cage she has been trapped in for years.

A Sacgrandmotherred Art Practice for the remembering the Sacred Body.

Go outside and take a walk with your body.   This is not about calorie burning, it is about being in union with your Sacred Body.  Imagine she is a Wise Women, a Grandmother of the Tribe, and she is trying to teach you and guide you.  Can you listen to her?  Can you let her guide you rather than trying to control and dominate her?  What does she say?  What does she want to tell you?  What feelings does she have and why are they important for you to know?  What are they trying to tell you and guide you? How does it feel to follow her lead and walk beside her?

Now imagine transforming into the Sacred and Wise Grandmother within your body, step as out in the world as her.  Keep walking as your Sacred Self in your Sacred Body. Notice what it feels like to walk in union and in honor of your body rather than in dominance and command of your body.  Just be with her in union and enjoy the outdoors.

Please share your experiences on the Women’s Tribe Weekly Sacred Art Practice Page.

Enjoy my friends!


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Conversing with Your Soul – A Sacred Art Project


Using collage, paint, coloring, crayons or any means you wish create an image that reflects you, your soul, your deepest self.  If you were take a snap shot of who you are from within, what would that look like?  Use words, colors and images to best represent this image.

sacred art task soul picture

This is my expression.  This is not so much about being perfect at art (clearly hahaha) but about expression and union with the Soul.

After creating the expression of your soul on paper…get out your journal and just let the pen flow…

  • What words come to mind when you look at your soul expression?
  • What does it feel like to look at this image, what sensations do you notice?
  • If your soul / image on the paper were to tell you something what would he/she say?
  • What does she/he need so you and her can connect more often?
  • How can you commit to his/her needs and create more regular space for her?

For me…

  • What words come to mind when you look at your soul expression? Fire, energy, color, bursting at the seems, creativity, expression, light, magic.
  • What does it feel like to look at this image, what sensations do you notice?  I feel an excitement and a restlessness, like I need to tap into this place of me.  I’ve been hit by the flu this last week so was unable to express and release my creativity as I usually do, now it’s coming out at the seems.  I feel an urgency to create and express.
  • If your soul and the image on the paper were to tell you something what would she say?  Focus, express, create.  Make time for me to dance out your hands, I have things say help me express it.
  • What does she need so you and her can connect more often?  Regular time, space, commitment, energy.
  • How can you commit to that or offer her what she needs?  Sacred Art Projects and Dream Time Circle.

I hope you enjoy.  See how the rest of your week goes and the changes in how you feel once you’ve completed this exercise. It’s amazing how things shift inside when we just pay attention to our Deepest Selves by plugging in and connecting.  That is the gift of Sacred Art- mind, body and soul unity.

I’m committing to Sunday’s at 11.11 am or 1:11 pm for Sacred Art for the Soul.  I see these two times on the clock regularly so I’ll give those times a whirl.  I hope you join me in the Dream Time on Sundays at those time and plug in to your beautiful feminine soul.

Reminder to Follow the Blog to ensure you get our weekly Sacred Art Projects.  Join the Women’s Tribe Group and share our expressions with each other.  Please honor your voice and share, it also helps other women honor their own.  Blessings and warmth.  Happy new moon 🙂

Aho! And so it is.

What is a Spiritual Practice & How Do I Get Me One of Those?

SACRED ART2One of my bff’s recently asked me what I do for my spiritual practice.  It sent me on a bunny trail of thoughts about what that really means.  For me a spiritual practice is about self-connection.  When I am connected to the deepest part of me, I am connected to the Divine.

It is a moment, activity or ritual that unites me with the deepest part of myself, the place of the God & the Goddess within me, the place the universe resides on my insides.  It feels calm and centered while being simultaneously alive and energetic.  I feel a tingling and an inspiration, a presence of sorts.  I feel part of the collective, as though the stars, the trees, and the moon were all extensions of myself, mirrors of my divinity and sacredness.   It is a process of enjoying the magic of right now, in this moment just as it is.  Even doing dishes can be a spiritual practice if we approach it with intention, presence and prayer.

So for me, how I practice my spirituality is really how I get self-connected.  I have a hankering for Sacred Art – creative expressions reflecting my internal processes or creative tools to connect me with the divine.  I have a deep inner need to share my inner emotions and experiences with magic or the Sacred.  I believe as women especially this is a natural, instinctual need.  We must gather and encourage each other to go inside and connect.  We must share our experiences with each other and voice what is raw, natural and authentic within.  Our tribal souls are calling for release and expression.

Ritual for me is essential as well, it grounds me in the here and now and allows for spiritual contemplation in my everyday life.  I’ve been working hard in uniting the Sacred in everyday life.  You may want to check my article on How to be a Bad-Ass Goddess While You Mop Your Floors to explore more of what I mean.

My spiritual practice is this, creativity, creativity, creativity, and silence, stillness, writing, reflection and ritual.  I write rituals for the new and full moon and bring them into my family life.  I involve my children and my husband rather than segregating spirituality separate from my everyday life, I want it in my life.  Creativity has always been my portal there, it moves me to a place of magic and inspiration, a place where I connect to the Sacred simply by connecting to my insides and the Sacred and Divine within me.

What I’ve come to learn is this, it takes some preparation, some planning and some intention to create a spiritual practice.  Sometimes you need art supplies or incents or even a candle.  You need a weekly plan, it helps make it happen.  If your like me, you can have all the intention in the world, but if you ain’t got a plan, it likely won’t happen, you likely won’t squeeze it in when the kids are napping or in between loads of laundry.  We need a time, date and place.

So I offer you this, join me in Weekly Sacred Art Spiritual Practices by adding yourself to my email list or by following the blog.  I will send you a weekly Sacred Art/Spiritual practice to encourage you to build your Spiritual Practice and thus your ability to self-connect.  I will propose a time we can all meet in the dreamtime and cyber space and know that we are all sharing in our spiritual practice of self-connection.

I remember meeting a new mom friend when my son was just a baby.  She lived only two houses down from me and when I was up at 3am doing a feeding, knowing she too was up likely doing a feeding I felt less alone.  So let’s unite in our need and desire to self-connect and meet weekly on Tuesdays to self-connect at 8pm.  I’ll post a supply list a few days before so we can prepare.

I genuinely believe the more you connect to your insides, the more health and well-being, peace and contentment you will have in your life.  It will show up as peace and fulfillment.

Let’s create, connect and share together as we set the intention to self-connect with Sacred Art.  And so it is.


Using collage, paint, coloring, crayons or any means you wish create an image that reflects you, your soul, your deepest self.  If you were take a snap shot of who you are from within, what would that look like?  Use words, colors and images to best represent this image.  Please share on our Group Page by clicking here.


How to Stop Food Cravings Instantly with an Ancient Feminine Based Spiritual Practice.

Whsacred feminineat if I told you that practising an ancient feminine based spiritual ritual could instantly release you from your cravings, whether it be food, wine, drugs or shopping?   What if I told you that practising this self-connection practise automatically causes the cravings to disappear?

What is a craving really?  It is a plea from your deepest Self asking you to plug in and connect.  It is a biological response to a spiritual need.  We are looking for connection – connection to self and  connection to the Divine.  In our primal and instinctual wisdom our bodies turn that need into a metaphorical signal and thus food craving, alcohol craving or desperate need for a new sweater is born.  Sure eating that double serving of chocolate cake can soothe the mind with a flood of dopamine and temporarily soothe the deep inner desire.  But watch out because it will come back, full force, strong, and desperate to be filled.  It shows up with as a spoiled little child with a “Give me, give me, give me” attitude.  It is like a ravenous beast needing instant gratification to calm those nerves and senses.  It feels like shear panic that needs immediate attention and those donuts seem like the perfect answer.  Or do they?

Here’s the real deal.  When we disconnect and unplug from our own bodies we are actually unplugging from the deepest part of us.  The soul is held within the body, our bodies are our souls in form.  And she (our soul) can get real creative when she has a need and we are ignoring the first forty nine signals she offers us.   Maybe she started with some anxiety, or just a real restlessness, but we did not pick up the phone and get the message.  Instead, we looked to disconnect and shut off those signals and finally she had to up the ante and boom a craving for sugar or carbs is born.  She knows we will hear that!  It is a literal messenger from the soul asking us for soul food.  It is a craving for the Divine, for the spiritual food of connection, creativity and/or stillness. soul food

So next time you crave not just a piece of cake but half of it, take note, it is the soul calling you home.  Listen…sit…be…and connect.   Some of you will be weight pre-occupied and constantly on a diet or on a strict food regime.  May you have not been diagnosed with an eating disorder but you fringe on the border, what we in the professional world would consider disordered eating.  That means how you feel about yourself in a day depends on the amount of calories you’ve consumed or the amount you did or did not exercise for the day.  So if it’s a “good day” you feel ok, if you did not squeeze in that workout, you beat yourself up with the ugly stick over and over until you have made yourself sure you are unworthy and ugly as pie.   We all occasionally have thoughts of “I’m fat”, “I’m ugly” etc. etc… but these are signs you’ve missed the boat.

Even though I am healed from eating disorder behaviours I occasionally have fat days.  However, I respond to them differently now and have un-coded the ridiculous thought to mean that my soul needs connection and soul food.   It is a signal to me that I’ve unplugged from my insides and I need to really re-focus on my own self-connection and spiritual practise.

So hereself connection it, the magic answer on how to stop your cravings instantly is to sit in stillness and silence for at least twenty minutes.  Just sit there, regularly and listen to your body.  Listen to your soul.  Imagine her to be a wild, tribal, primal woman desperately needing to talk to you.  What would she say?  What does she need or want from you?  Journal, doodle or just sit with the discomfort.   It won’t be easy to start but it gets easier.

When I do this within my groups with women who have eating disorders they hate it in the beginning but within a few weeks they love it.  They tell me they cannot wait for the twenty minutes of silence that is scheduled for them in the beginning of our groups.  And I tell you they express to me over and over how much their use of an eating disorder behaviour decreases significantly with no effort.  I am not surprised because I know from my own healing.  When you hit the root issue with a root level response the symptom to the true issue disappears.  They are meeting their deep need on the level it is occurring-on the spiritual level.

So I hope you adopt a self-connection practise. Stillness is a long lost teaching of the Sacred Feminine that has been over-ridden with our fast paced, over scheduled, busy lives.  If you plug into your body, you will automatically plug into your soul and your emotions.  And I guarantee you the craving and metaphorical expression of your soul calling for you will disappear.  There will be no need for cravings because she feels fulfilled and honored by your presence and attention.

So I invite to share in my Self-Connection Sunday’s practise where I sit along with my family for twenty minutes on cute little stools and we just sit and practise the Sacred Art of Being.  My son only lasts about four to five minutes but that’s perfect for him as a four year old.  So I honor you and your ability to just Be!  Meet your soul where she calls for you, in stillness, in presence and honor her requests for soul food.

Aho!  And so it is.


Blood moon

This is an intense full moon.  I’ve been buzzing for days.  I awoke in the middle of the night and seen the light of an almost full moon shining down through my bedroom windows and into my eyes.  My body was vibrating with energy as I imagined the moon beams soaking thru my body and into my bones.

This month the full moon is in the sign of Aries, the beginning of the zodiac and a fire sign.  Fire, fire, fire!  Change, change, change!  That’s the name of the game.  It feels like it could all change suddenly, like a new road is opening up, one that we have not seen before and it alters our direction, possibly immediately if we allow it.  It’s as though we’ve been walking along a trail and suddenly we spot a large boulder.  Intrigued, we move towards it and notice there’s another path hidden behind it.   Without any thought, we just follow it and as we walk we are suddenly aware we are going in a brand new direction.  Don’t you just love it when that happens?  If not, can you start? 😉

It’s a quick change of step that moves us out of the old and onto the new.

Eclipses are well known for bringing about endings and new beginnings.  So in light of this full moon and eclipse I thought we’d honor both the old trail for its’ gifts and lessons and welcome in the new road we have stumbled upon.  The new path feels like a coming home, a victory walk of spirit.  It can be glorious if we simply embrace and follow the strong flames of transformation, new direction and new beginnings.


What you’ll need – dark colored tissue paper, light colored tissue paper, scissors, string or twine, tobacco or cornmeal or Epson Salts

Let’s begin…bundles

As always have a moon altar set up with whatever you wish…stones, candles, incents, fairy statues, crystals. What ever you feel, you place on the altar.  Intent is key here and the intent is to honor the full October Blood Moon.  Play some music that inspires the mood.  Take out your drums and rattles if you wish and open the ritual with drumming and dancing.

So make a fire or light some candles. Sit in contemplation and watch the flame.  What comes to you?  What do you feel?  What images come to your mind? Just flow it…

What are you releasing and letting go of this full moon?    What are you welcoming in, what’s new and on its way?

Gather your tissue paper. Using the darker colored paper, cut a few sheets into a large square, about 4 inches on each side. This is our letting go bundle, our death bundle, a release of the old and of what no longer serves you.  Place some tobacco, corn meal or Epson salts into the tissue paper and visualize releasing whatever it is you want to release.   Gather all four corners and tie with a string.  Release the bundle to the fire and state, I release you _____________.  And so it is.

Now using light colored or bright tissue paper, do the same for your new beginnings or life bundle. Place tobacco, cornmeal or Epsom salts in the bundles signifying your intent for the new life, new beginnings and new path you are welcoming into your life.  Visualize it and see it in your minds eye.  And so it is.

Place the bundles on your altar or hang on a plant inside your home.  You can also hang on a tree outside but use cloth for bundles in this case.  Allow it to remind you of the new trail you have embarked.  Close the ceremony by blowing out your candles and close the energy circle.  Enjoy friends.

Sweet October Moon.

How to Be a Bad-Ass Goddess While you Mop Your Floors

For a long ticleansing goddessme I struggled with an internal segregation.  It felts as though my spiritual practice were separate from my everyday life.  I’d go into Spirit as an escape from my life, although it was an addiction, a place of refuge.   Spirituality sure can be a safe container to retreat and restore but it set my thought process to believe my everyday life was boring, mundane, even a place of suffering.  Somehow it was less Sacred.

And finally a light bulb went off.  I could unite both Spirit and everyday life.  Duh!!!  Spirit is in everyday life, every tree, every branch, every rock.  Why couldn’t it be in my everyday tasks? I had set the intention to unite both my inner and outer worlds, this was another piece of the puzzle.   It was about celebrating the Sacred in my everyday life and in my every day responsibilities.  It’s about staying connected to the Divine in the here and now, whatever the moment is.  It’s about making things fun and enjoyable by adding a little magic to the routine.  All we need is a little fun and creativity.

So get out your mop buckets and follow along.  Fill it as you would with water.  Add any special cleaner you like or half a cup to a full cup of vinegar.  Add just a bit of lovely and refreshing herbs for cleansing such as rosemary, sage, cedar and or sweetgrass.   Cut a lemon or lime in half, squeeze and release in the bucket.   Feel free to add drops of tea tree oil or sage oil as well.  Drop in a cinnamon stick or two for the fun of it. Stir the bucket with your mop as though you were a witch stirring her cauldron, mixing all the cleansing properties together into a Sacred Cleaner.  Rub your hands together for a minute or two and build heat.  Now place your hand over your mop and pail and say a cleansing prayer.

“Great Spirit, Creator, Mother Earth and Father Sky, all my ancestors, spirit animals and all beings who love me, I ask you to hear me now.  I ask you please to help me cleanse my home of any stuck energy, negativity or any other energy that is not of love and not of light.  I ask you to fill my home with love, luck, prosperity and health as I clean the grounds our family walks.   This I ask in the name of love.  Aho!”

As you begin to clean your floors, feel the importance of your sacred ritual of cleansing your home, not only of germs but of energy.   You are a Divine presence in your home and in your family.   Your work is so important, so celebmopping goddessrate and acknowledge it.   Feel your importance in your family and in your home.  Feel your divinity as you mop and cleanse the floors, transforming fear based energy into light and love.  You are a healer, a transformer of stuck energy into flowing, glowing light.  Put on some upbeat music and rock it out as your cleanse.   You are bad-ass, so indulge in the wonderful, edgy energy of it! Imagine the music notes invoking energy, radiance and joy in the air and through the walls with every dance and cleaning move.  I encourage you to bring it all the way home and wear your goddess type jewelry or scarves as you make cleaning into a sacred ritual and cleansing ceremony.  Enjoy the process and have fun with it.  Imagine your home being filled with love and radiant golden beams of light . Let yourself see flowers, roses, pinks, reds, purples and greens growing on your walls and through the air, spreading love and positivity in the air as you sway your mop back and forth over floor.

(If you only have floor in a small area of your home, take this practice to your base boards and cleanse all the areas in your home. )

Feel and enjoy the Sacred Art of mopping your floors as your awesome, colorful, bad-ass Goddess Self.  Allow the process to invoke joy and sweet laughter into your home as you cleanse with joyful, fun, bad-ass Goddess energy.

You go girl!  And so it is.  Enjoy!


tribal woman

Take a walk about…anywhere.

“As you walk, begin to imagine your original tribal, primal and instinctual nature.  Remember the times when as humans we roamed the Earth.  You are dressed in a green grass skirt, wearing two shells covering your bosom.  Your wrists and ankles are wrapped with green vines, shells and bells.  Your hair is long and flowing and sways with your hips as you walk.  Your body is covered with symbols of sacred spirals and circles colored with white and red paint.  Your face is marked with red paint symbolizing your connection to the Women’s Tribe.  Notice any other unique markings or jewelry you are wearing as you continue to walk.  Feel it on your body.

As you walk, your footsteps become like drum beats against the Earth.  With each beat you can also hear the rhythm of the bells jingling on your ankles and wrists.  With each jingle you transform more and more into the your ancient, timeless, tribal form.  Feel the aliveness that comes with the remembering of your raw, pure and unique nature.  Walk as your full Tribal, Primal Self…wild…. fierce….. free…. alive!   Soak it in, become that fierceness, that wild, that free and just walk as your Soul.  Feel your strength and power bursting from within you and let it flow out.  Your vision becomes clear and focused.   Feel the sensations of aligning your mind, body and soul into one as you become your Sacred Feminine Soul out in the world.  Keep walking and enjoy the sensation….

Feel the union of your ancient, tribal soul with your present day reality as ancient and modern unite into one.  As you walk in your modern day world as your ancient, tribal, instinctual Self, what do you notice?  What does it feel like?  Take it in, feel your energy rising like a fire blazing and enjoy the remembering of your important purpose in this lifetime.”

As I walked as my Tribal Self, I felt like I were experiencing my very purpose on the planet, learning to walk being my Divine, Feminine, Tribal Soul in this modern, advanced world.  It was poetic, beautiful, perplexing and yet simple.   It was as though as were glimpsing my life from the point of view of Spirit.  It was actually quite amusing, funny really.  I try so darn hard and cause life to be a bit too complicated rather than just let be and walk as my soul.  I laughed as I walked as my tribal soul past the farmers harvesting their fields.   Rather than feel like I didn’t belong, I felt Sacred and unique.

Enjoy !!

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