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A “Magic Dust” New Moon Ritual for the Whole Family

To Begin…. Take a walk outside in nature and get the kids to choose a large stick for the New Moon Ritual. Return to your chosen spot for your New Moon celebration. In Manitoba we are breaking records for the warmth so we are… Continue Reading “A “Magic Dust” New Moon Ritual for the Whole Family”


A WIND-SONG RITUAL Open up many windows in your home and invite in the beautiful summer/autumn air. Allow the breeze to sing a lovely transition song through your home as she cleanses the energy to prepare for the transition of summer to fall. Feel… Continue Reading “A WIND-SONG RITUAL”

September Full Moon Ritual for the Whole Family

  This full moon is September, a Pisces full-moon, the Harvest Moon.  I love the crisp autumn air and the beautiful colors of the golden, orange, red and still green leaves illuminating the trees as we are not quite at the crux of change… Continue Reading “September Full Moon Ritual for the Whole Family”

How to Ride the Wave of Full Moon Intensity

How do you ride the wave of Full Moon intensity you ask? You DANCE IT OUT!! I’ve compiled two wonderous songs to help our wild, primal, colorful, rainbow souls release the intense emotional energy of this Pisces Full Moon/Supermoon.  For me it’s about clearing… Continue Reading “How to Ride the Wave of Full Moon Intensity”

Creating an Altar for Prayer, Ritual and Intentions

  In my home I have several altars.  I used to struggle with the word altar because it felt religious to me but now it’s cool.  It’s simply a place of prayer, of vision and of intention.  As we approach the full moon and… Continue Reading “Creating an Altar for Prayer, Ritual and Intentions”

Just Say YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read recently about an art teacher who was inspired by the works of Joseph Campbell and the idea to “Follow Your Bliss”. He quit his full time corporate job and is now a full time artist who paints and teaches painting classes.  Those around… Continue Reading “Just Say YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Find the Hidden Meaning of Life Struggles.

  This morning I was reading an Oprah magazine my mom gave me awhile back.  To be honest I was looking for some images for a collage.  I came across an article by Martha Beck about making the best of bad fortune or bad… Continue Reading “Find the Hidden Meaning of Life Struggles.”

Marriage: Made for Spiritual Warriors.

As a shaman, I believe we are here to evolve ourselves.  Life is a school really, a place to discover our souls and experience things both good and bad so we can learn deeper truths.   So relationships, they are really one of the… Continue Reading “Marriage: Made for Spiritual Warriors.”

Lighting the Creative Fires with Sacred Art.

So, lately I’ve been feeling stuck in a rut.   One might even say I’m bored.  I feel a bit dead on the inside as I have let my needs fall to the wayside while I caregive for everyone else.  My bad.  But, I can… Continue Reading “Lighting the Creative Fires with Sacred Art.”

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