9 Ways to Unplug from Busy & Soak in Your Beautiful Life.

I don’t know about you, but lately, I have been feeling like a chicken with my head cut off. I’m so busy. And with this busyness, I feel like I’m living life on autopilot, disconnected…always in my head and not in the moment. I’m missing out on the juiciness of my experiences because my toContinue reading “9 Ways to Unplug from Busy & Soak in Your Beautiful Life.”

November New Moon Energies

Happy New Moon! Oooweeee!! I love the Sagittarius Moon 🌚, and this one feels extra special . It is time to start the new path, the new walk, the new way. So on this New Moon bust out of the norm and do something different. Take a risk, throw caution to the wind and doContinue reading “November New Moon Energies”

Full Moon Healing Ritual for Turbulent Times.

Every obstacle, every error helps build your knowledge and understanding of the world around you. When you make a mistake, it’s chance for you to stop, listen and ask yourself: What am I supposed to be learning here, and how can I make this situation better? Mistakes are wake-up calls, in that they provide you with opportunities to discover your weaknesses, what needs to be changed, and which areas of your life need improving.

Do a Weekly Soul Chat with These Journal Prompts.

If you’d like to be guided back to your inner soul with weekly soul connecting activities… please follow the blog and add your email. I’d love to share with you ! I feel… I need… I release… I trust… I celebrate… I appreciate… I call in the energy of… I fill and surround myself with…Continue reading “Do a Weekly Soul Chat with These Journal Prompts.”

How Illness Can be an Opportunity for Soul Work.

Hi Friends I want to share a powerful healing journey with you I’ve been going through.  I recognize we won’t have exact experiences but I hope somehow it resonates for you in your own life, with your own particulars. I have been struggling with my chronic illness lately, having to do a lot of bloodContinue reading “How Illness Can be an Opportunity for Soul Work.”

A Wind Song Ritual for the Equinox

Happy Fall Equinox(or Spring depending on where you live) my friends.  This is the day when light and dark are equal.  A balance of yin and yang on our Earth Mother. I love the fall, the changing color of the leaves, the crisper feel of the air, and the call to begin the draw inwardContinue reading “A Wind Song Ritual for the Equinox”

Equinox Ritual. Balancing our light and dark.

Happy Fall Equinox my friends. The energy is unique.. intense but purposeful. It feels intense yet playful. The energies are shifting after a busy, active, action based summer and our feminine souls are craving soul food, we are ravenous for soul nourishment. I personally am at a place of starvation in the soul department… hungryContinue reading “Equinox Ritual. Balancing our light and dark.”

Healing September Full Moon energies.

This past 37th year of my life, I’ve been working on my voice. I’ve been working on mostly using it and not giving the same old fucking nice answer like my mom would want me to. I’ve been raised to be polite . And while I honour and respect politeness, I would never want myContinue reading “Healing September Full Moon energies.”

How to Get More Joy & Energy with this Sacred Feminine Practise.

Hello friends !! I wanted to share a lovely Sacred Feminine practise with you that will not only increase your energy but contribute to your overall sense of well being and fulfilment. Recently I read a blog post from Kate Northrop that talked about “body first, business second”. I love this concept as it reallyContinue reading “How to Get More Joy & Energy with this Sacred Feminine Practise.”

Full Moon and Equinox Energies.

This full moon and equinox is a pivotal time in our healing vortex. We will either step forward into new pathways and patterns or we will stay stuck in the same old rut. It really does feel like a fork in the road. Will we choose to be far more intentional and conscious or willContinue reading “Full Moon and Equinox Energies.”