About Me.

crystal work 2Hi! I’m Crystal. I’m a momma bear, wife, spiritual seeker, creative and intuitive woman who has worked in the addictions and recovery field for fifteen years now. During this time my work has really shifted and I am now offering Recovery Coaching with teachings of the Sacred Feminine, mind/body healing practises and sacred art.

My work focuses on assisting women to return to their most natural, primal and wild ways of being.  I encourage a strong focus on emotional and spiritual nourishment and health as central to a life of balance, wellness and addiction free living whether it be to food, alcohol or buying sweaters in every color of the rainbow.

Addictions, disordered eating, depression, and anxiety are calls inward to your deepest Self.  They are symbolic messengers of our inner struggle between mind and body,heart and soul. If you’d like to go deeper into your recovery and into full blown healing, my work would be a great fit.

I’ve worked as a professional therapist, specializing in addiction and trauma in many Women’s Centers however I’ve come to understand that my gift and work is on the Soul Level. As a Recovery Coach I’m able to work with women individually to map a unique road for your own recovery and integrate emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical health in your everyday life. We work to bring the Sacred into the everyday, the magic into the mundane…the wonder into our air.

I found my own healing from an eating disorder, alcohol misuse, anxiety and even bouts of depression though reconnecting to my wild, tribal, and primal soul and through deep healing with the teachings of the Sacred Feminine. These teachings were profound and spoke to feelings and sensations…a deep knowing I held within me as a child and teen but did not have the words to describe.

I am a professionally trained Addictions Counsellor, Non-Denominational Minister, Earth Steward, and Spiritual Healer studying ancient feminine based teachings for four years, traveling both to New Mexico and Los Angeles for training and deep healing under Shaman Lynn Andrews. Im also completing a Maters of Arts in Mind/Body Integrative Studies and is also trained in JourneyDance, Yoga and Reiki.

Crystal offers a unique healing experience but want you to know that her offerings are not considered treatment or traditional therapy.  Although she is a trained and professional therapist, her work goes beyond the level of cognition.  Her work will bring you deeper, to the soul spot, the wound, the cage where your deepest Self is calling for you. She specializes in the Woman’s Soul Journey and the Soul Nourishment of Women as part of deep healing and full blown recovery.

Crystal specializes in helping you un-cage your wild and release your fiery, primal, tribal, instinctual, colorful, and vibrant soul into the the world.  As you learn to un-cage your most natural ways of Being, you will notice your need to disconnect or act out your inner turmoil…gone!

If you are currently in recovery from disordered eating, alcohol, substance or process addictions and would like to go deeper into your healing, Crystal’s work would be a great fit for you.  Return back to your natural ways, your wild roots, your primal source and see how our addictions are metaphorical signals of the soul, calling us deeper into our own bodies and Feminine depths.

Email:  crystalchagnon22@gmail.com  to work with Crystal and re-discover your Divine Feminine Soul in your everyday life.

Here’s a bit of her story…

“In my own healing process from an eating disorder, I found traditional therapy to assist in finding some basic health and stability but felt I needed more.  Even though the eating disorder was somewhat under control, I still did not feel a sense of peace or confidence in myself.    I felt an empty ache, a longing for something for out of life.  Through studying Spiritual Psychology, Women’s Spirituality, Mind/Body Therapy and ancient feminine shamanic teachings, I found true and lasting healing. The eating disorder showed up as the messenger for my starving, caged and dying feminine soul.  The addiction to self-sabotage and self-abuse was the result of living without knowing how to connect to and feed my emotional and spiritual realms and the pain of living a life without learning about embodiment and the Sacred Feminine.  I had to relearn how to be aware and connected to my inner realms and body.  I had to reclaim the Sacred Feminine within myself.  I learned how to nourish my Feminine Soul through creativity, emotional and creative expression, ritual, ceremony, sacred play, reflection, silence, stillness, dance, and gathering with other women.  That is when the healing truly happened and the need for the eating disorder or other self-abusing strategies….vanished.  They were never the true issue but a soul loss symptom.   It was when my mind, body and soul united and danced a sacred dance as together as one.”

“We are born as wild mountain lions but live most of our lives like sheep, forgetting and denying whole parts of ourselves.”  ( Lynn Andrews on the Ecstacy Power Deck Card) 

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