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Hi!! I’m Crystal.  I’m a mom to three cutie patootie boys aged 10, 3 and 6 months. I’m a momma bear, wife, spiritual seeker, creative and intuitive woman who has worked in the addictions and recovery field for over fifteen years.  My work led me to running Eating Disorder programs where I united Sacred Feminine teachings, women’s spirituality and eating disorder recovery.

I’ve gone through many challenges in this life… an eating disorder, a terrible divorce, betrayal, recovery from infidelity, alcohol misuse, postpartum depression and some anxiety.  And throughout all my healing trails it was my connection to the Divine that got me through and taught me about my own Divine Self and many many deep soul lessons through each of these healing portals life offered.

In my journey I discovered Women’s Spirituality and Psychospiritual psychology.  I soaked up teachings from Marion Woodman and found my way as apprentice to shaman Lynn Andrews for over four years where I dove head first into the Sacred Waters of the Divine Feminine.  This apprenticeship took me to Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, Los Angeles and way out into the ethers of the Universe and the deep space within my body.  This is where my true healing happened and a remembering of my Divine Self occurred.  The eating disorder, the alcohol misuse, the depression, the longing for something outside of myself fell away when I un-caged my wild, feminine soul.  Everything in life can be at teaching, if we allow it but moving through the pain and healing is where the teachings are found.

I am creating an online space where we can gather as women and connect…to our own Divine Selves, to other like minded women, to Creation, to the Divine, to the magical universal  forces at large.  It’s a space where I share with you the teachings I’ve learned so your own remembering of your alive, wild, fierce Divine Feminine Self is re-discovered and re-born into your life and back into the world at large. It’s a space where we can come together and share the aspects of life and womanhood, motherhood, professional roles, and explore how being a woman doing life is the spiritual journey.  I invite you to read more about the Women’s Tribe here.

We must create space for ourselves in our own lives and The Women’s Tribe is my offering to the Universe where we as women can show up for ourselves and take time to dive into our own depths and unpack our deepest Truths together…supported…connected…and empowered. This not only life changing, it is world changing.

If you want to know the technical stuff…I am a professionally trained Addictions and Trauma  Therapist, a Shaman, a Non-Denominational Minister, Earth Steward, and Spiritual Healer, studying ancient feminine based teachings for four years, traveling both to New Mexico and Los Angeles for training and deep healing under Shaman Lynn Andrews. I’m in process of completing a Maters of Arts in Mind/Body Integrative Studies and is also trained in JourneyDance, Yoga and Reiki.

Ultimately I am student of life!  🙂

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Email:  crystalchagnon22@gmail.com  to work with Crystal and re-discover your Divine Feminine Soul in your everyday life.

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  2. very interesting , eloquently written
    Piece I will travel to Canada to nourish my authenticity

  3. Thank you for coming by Sophia’s Children, Crystal. I’m glad to be guided to your blog and work as well! Blessings, Jamie

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