Winter Solstice Ritual

Happy Solstice darkest day of the year for those of us in northern hemisphere ! As we move into winter the Sun actually begins his return toward us and starts the cycle towards new light. This feels hopeful.

These past few weeks have been something haven’t they?!?! I’ve been up, down and all around and back again. What a rollercoaster of emotions and heightened emotional energy.

This morning as I veered out my window a flock of Prairie Chickens prodded their way across our driveway. And I know the message was the sacred spiral. We need to circle inward, towards the heart, like a sacred spiral, a trail that can only be taken with deep, inner reflection and an honouring of the deep inner truth.

There is a deep purification going on, anything that is not is alignment with our deepest truth and vibration is falling away. This can include our friendships, places of work, places of living, activities, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, behaviours. It is intense and difficult at times. Do balance the painful with light by doing your daily gratitude lists. Remember that there is deep spiritual cleansing and learning happening and ultimately that is why we have come here. Breathe into and know that the shifting is really beginning , new awareness and clarity is emerging !!

I invite to use this image for your Winter Solstice Ritual. As always let’s set up the space and energy .

Light a candle. Take 3 deep breaths and settle into your body. Roll some essential oil in your hands and rub together as you inhale the majestic scents and awaken the senses of your radiant body. Let the smell relax your cells and calm you.

1) print out the image below …. List all the the pieces and aspects of life, feelings, ways of being, thoughts, people, places whatever that you are letting go. Follow the spiritual towards the centre as you write.

2) using a crayon or if you have paint… pick a colour that feels like Spirit and Love to you. Colour or paint over all that you are letting go and envision Spirit coming down and putting a cleaning and healing balm over all the things you’ve listed.

3) from the inside of the spiral list the feelings and ways of being you want to call in this year and season. How do you want to feel. What do you desire? What goals and wants do you have? make sure to use a different colour, a strong powerful colour for you and follow the spiral outward.

4) Add any healing dots or symbols that want to be with the sacred spiral. Please share in the comments I’d love to see. 💕

Enjoy My friends .


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