December Energies and Call for Deep Rooted Change

I’ve been on a deep inner retreat within, searching for my soul bones and resuscitating my deepest Self back to life. This New Moon eclipse has been a potent one, stirring up and awakening what is deep within that wants to come alive and move out into our everyday lives.

Ten years ago I went through a bad divorce and had to build my life in survival mode …as a single parent and single woman supporting herself and her son. I took a good paying job, that wasn’t my passion per say, but something that offered safety and security. I stopped doing a lot of my healings and intuitive sessions because I had to focus on survival and taking care of my son and my house on my own.

Last month I entered my 40s and realized I was still living in structures built on the foundation of survival. Yet I was no longer in the place of trauma and fear or needed to exist in survival energy. I have established safety and security and now the old parameters of my life no longer feed my soul. New foundations and supporting structures in my life need rebuilding to reflect who I am now, at my deepest level.

I enter this Sagittarius New Moon and decade of my life recommitted deeply to my emotional, spiritual and creative nourishment. I will no longer … or.. can no longer live with my creative soul banned to the Forrest and far away from my life. I cannot …. Will not exist in a way that leaves my soul short of breath, caged or hidden away from my everyday life. My body and health and mind depend on this deep inner connection. I knew this deeply before but busied myself away from this foundational health promoting Truth.

What parts of of your life are your ready to let go?

What beliefs do you carry that no longer are true and you are ready to release ?

What does your creative soul deeply crave and how can you make space for Her in your everyday life ?

Sit and feel all your body . What is calling to you ? What two words are being whispered to you? What imagine comes to mind when you ask your Soul for some guidance ?

I invite you to join me in weekly Creative Spirituality Energy Shares that are only 15-20 minutes in length. They will focus on energy , creativity, deep inner connection and reflection and unity between mind, body, heart and soul. It’s a space for your Creative & Spiritual Self to emerge and come guide you into your everyday life. It’s a space to release and get inspired and connected to your Soul and to Spirit. It’s a place to sink into gratitude and beauty of life . If that calls to you be sure to FOLLOW MY BLOG and add your email to get sent the weekly nourishing goodies.

And so it is my friends 💕


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