October Full Moon Energies and Ritual

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This past month has been something hasn’t it??!! With Mercury and Jupiter in retrograde, it has felt like endless roadblocks, hills, pot holes and twists and turns. Alas Mercury and Jupiter have come out of retrograde and things feel like they are getting clearer. We are finding our footing again.

I’ve been all over the place with all these twists and turns. I’ve been trying to go down a certain road, and no matter what I did, I just could not get there, things fell apart. Surprises and even shocking turn of events have occurred. I found myself feeling angry, resentful, even bitter at the situation.

But there is something magical about simply accepting what is right in front of me, in the moment and meeting life and circumstance exactly where she is at. In doing so I have surrendered my will to Thy Will and will allow the Universe to lead me She wants me to go. I cannot not force outcomes, only allow them and trust that Spirit will always guide me where I need to go.

I’ve learned over and over again that the Universe always has my back, and things in the end…always work out! I’m going to settle and embrace this knowing on this illuminating full moon. Trust that this fiery full moon will illuminate new paths into something new. Allow the Unknown to guide you onto a trail you iddn’t even know was there!

Full Moon Practise.

  1. Take some deep breaths and get settled into the moment.
  2. Light a candle and call in Spirit and the energies of Divine Love in this moment.
  3. Open up your journal and list 3 intentions for this new moon.
  4. Take two colors that feel healing for this new moon and paint over your page and declarations/intentions.
  5. Take a dark color and paint a line across your page that feels like the road your’ve travelled this last month, with every twist and turn, roadblock or wrong way sign and put the line across your page. Allow your brush to lead you.
  6. Paint a bright golden white moon on your page and let the moons bright beams soon the road travelled. Allow it to illuminate a new direction, a new trail a new path. Allow it to soothe your energy with Her radiant healing beams of white moon light. Notice what comes to you.
  7. Grab your journal and allow grandmother moon to give you a message and guidance about a circumstance you have been challenged with or uncertain about.
  8. And so it is! Please comment and share your beautiful expressions

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