August Full Moon Releasing Ritual for New Beginnings

This is my Goddess Tara statue. I bought her after my divorce. I had just bought my own little house and I had started a new job and slowly getting my bearings and new life established after a bad end to a marriage. I decided to sell my wedding band to a gold buyer and used some of the money to buy this Goddess Tara statue right after the transaction. She is the Goddess of freedom and I felt free! I felt alive! I felt connected to my Wild and Divine Self again. And I needed her as a reminder and as a symbol to that beauty in my new life. It was my life to rebuild in my own way and it was so freeing. I could rebuild from the place of my soul rather than my ego or society’s idea of what life should be. I really was able to tap into my wild and free self, my most natural and primal essence and it was exhilarating and freeing. That was 10 years ago! This week my oldest son accidentally knocked it over this week and it broke. I know once a God or Goddess statue has cracked or broke it must be released. Truthfully when she broke I was devastated, it felt like a punch to my gut. But as a few days I passed I realize Goddess Tara was showing my how I have once again lost my sense of connection to my wild,free and alive soul. I have not been devoting Sacred time to my inner depths, to my wild nature, to my creative soul. This is a wild call back home. Now that I am remarried and have more children I have become lost in the thresholds of wife and mother once again and I need Sacred and soul soaring freedom time. My wings need to expand and fly free and the Sacred task at hand is to balance the need for my wild and freedom with the responsibilities of motherhood and marriage. On this full moon I shall release this goddess and my old ways of soul abandonment, of not prioritizing me first so feelings of fulfillment and aliveness can infuse all parts of my life. If you’d like to join me I shall try and share a weekly soulful and creative practise that helps us tap into our own wild, free, alive feminine souls. It will be a realistic practise if 20-30 minutes for you and me and the Divine.

1) list what ways of being, what beliefs, what old ways of existing you are letting go of. For me I am releasing my pattern of soul abandonment, and I am releasing walking around carrying the memory of old hurts. I am no longer lugging it around in the present moments so I can assume and welcome in love . I devote and commit to soul connection for inner and outer fulfillment 💕.

2) burn , bury or release it to the wind or water . Let that paper full of the old go.

3) list your new devotions and new ways of being down and put it on your altar or even your fridge !

And so it is! What a powerful blue moon to move us into new patterns and new beginnings 💕🎉🌕🌎⭐️💫

Please follow my blog if you feel called and want to join me in a weekly spiritual practise ! 🙏🏼🌹🌻

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