Current Energies and Healing Ritual to Prepare for Solstice

The energies feel a bit like a pressure cooker as we head towards the solstice. Just like a budding flower there is construction before expansion. This allows for a shaking loose, a releasing, and removing of what is in the way of our expansion. I have a old wound revisiting, anger is within…. I don’t want to let go. I want to be angry, I want to stay in the brute edges of the rage…and I will…so I can release it. I need to move through it. I need to flip over all the angry stones as clearly there is more information and wisdom for me to learn as I hold the fire of this rage.

So In preparation of our expansion and blooming with the solstice, I invite you to write, paint or doodle about your constriction and what you are shaking loose. Close your eyes and drop your attention into your body. Feel the energy swirling around… what does it feel like.

What images come to mind? What colours? What patterns or lines? Draw or paint them ….what stones of energy want to be pulled out of your body….What is it that you want to let go or are wisely being guided to let go? What’s coming up to clear ? What do you want to transmute ? What are you being asked to leave behind form the Universe ?

Grab some rocks and paint/write on them that which you are pulling out of your body and the energy you are releasing back to the Earth Mother. Imagine these are all the old energies and stagnant guck blocking up the flow of what wants to come in.

The solstice is bringing in an explosion of new so prepare your body, heart and soul. Make room for the new by clearing out the old and stagnant.

Lay the rocks back down to the Earth Mother so she can transmute and re-use the energy for healing. Post your pics in the comments ! Would love to see your stones .

And so it is. #solstice #energy #healing #journaling #creativeexpression #womenempowerment #womenshealing #release #letgo #ritual #arttherapy

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  1. Thank you for the reminder to be mindful about shifting energies with the approaching solstice. 🌞

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