Journal Prompts to Call in the Energy of this New Moon.

On this new moon there is a part of me that is stressed and another that is calm. I have an inner knowing that something has come to an end in my life so it feels tense and overwhelming. It feels like I no longer can fit within its parameters. Its uncomfortable. And that’s ok. It’s sad when things need to come to an end but it’s also exciting when we know the new is knocking at the door asking us to make a shift.

I have this image of me drumming and calling in the new with my drum beats. Each boom in the drum is a call out, an invitation, a sacred howl. It’s like a prayer that pulls the new towards me and my energy field. I imagine it coming towards me and into every cell of my body. I see myself doing the actions of the energy I am calling in. The imagine instantly calms me. This is the sweet stuff of the soul.

Here’s some journal prompts to explore your glorious inner territory if your soul to summon in the energy of the New Moon.

1). What has felt heavy and restrictive lately? What parts or aspects of your life are you ready to let go? What does that part of your life feel like to be in ? What is nearing an end ? I am ready to let go of…

2). What are you ready to call in? Name it! See it! See yourself in it. Feel it and absorb it into all your bones. Imagine calling it in with your drum or a song or a dance. I am ready to call in the energy of ….😊💃🏻

3) What parts of you are ready to express themselve(s)? How can you support that? How can you make space for your wild, alive, magic making soul in your life ? I am ready to connect and express myself by….

4) What excites you? What lights you up? Make a list. Pick 3 and do them ! This week !!

And so it is my friends ! Happy New Moon. If you are interested in some new fun and creative and spiritual workshops that emotionally and spiritually nourish you … please do let me know. I’d be so happy if you felt called to follow my blog 😊🙏🏼💫

Smiles and warmth

Crystal 😊

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