FULL MOON ENERGIES – Calling In One Degree Shifts

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This Full Moon has me feeling anxious, restless even angry. It’s highlighting my stuckness and lack of taking action. I make a plan and don’t follow through…mostly because i haven’t created space or time or organized my butt enough for spirit to flow.

I listed to a podcast recently that talked about 1 degree shifts….and I really liked that idea. What are small little shifts that I can do in my day to make space for my spirit to show up. In the mornings I decided to sit my butt down and write or watch inspired videos/teachings. Or to create. On my lunch breaks I committed to going to walks rather than pounding the pavement because I was so busy.

It really became a dance of how do I create openings and space for spirit to show up, for my own soul to speak to me in the silence and stillness and creative outpourings. What are small shifts i can do to create space for my Deepest, Divine Self in my everyday busy life with my kids and husband?

Truthfully that is where my frustration lies…at my myself, for not creating space…for not setting boundaries to take care of my own heart and soul. My wild and Divine self is pissed!!

So join me and list at least 5 ways you can create space for yourself in your own life…for your soul to show up and speak to you, guide you and light you up. That inner unity is what the juices of joy are made of!

Here’s mine.

-Make a Sacred Space for myself in my home where I can go and hear my soul. I have a small altar and writing table in my laundry room now as my desk in the other room got take over by gaming.

-Wake up at 545 am and have an hour or so to contemplate and start creating…expressing, hearing.

-Walks at lunch with no headphones, just me, myself and the wind to carry the messages for me.

-Create a schedule for creative and writing time. Creativity is truly a creative and alchemical practise, it moves your energy on the page. But i need to show up and if i have it scheduled in it’s more likely i will!

-Invite Spirit in the everyday. Say intentions, mantras, light candles, bless your food. Pray. Dance! Play! Invite in the Joy in the everyday.

Journal questions….

1)What small one degree shifts can you do to invite your Spirit into your life?

2) How and when will you do those?

3) How can you ignite small bursts of joy to infuse the everyday? What are some small lovely and sacred little practises (which can be anything) that can help invoke the joy. (i started putting energy oil on my wrists as an example).

4) List 10 things that light you up. Pick two (at least to do this week!).

Love you all.

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Happy full moon! Let’s make a move or change shall we 🙂

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