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Happy Aries New Moon my friends! It’s always nice to have an Aries New Moon as we start a new cycle through the zodiac, Aries is the first sign of zodiac so it feels like a new opening is emerging. With it, there’s a shedding or cracking open so the new can move in or we can expand into it.

This New Moon I’m continually restless… I feel like I’m being called into Expansion, to grow, to step into a new and truer part of myself and it feels weirdly uncomfortable. I have a giant bout of resistance…and doubt, and creative paralysis, and even fear erupting all around me and it’s stopping me in my tracks. I’m getting so caught in my head instead of allowing space for the guidance to come…it’s like i’m trying to force it out when i know it comes in the soft, gentle and playful moments, not when i’m sitting and trying to “figure it out”. I feel like there’s a tight collar around my neck, holding my voice hostage because I’m just not fully sure what I want and need to say. My body, my heart and my soul know but my mind can’t yet grasp the concepts. So instead of fretting and obsessing about the form, i’m focusing on feeling good. I’m focusing on what lights me up and gives me joy. Want to join me?

I invite you to do this little creative expression journal with me for the New Moon.

  1. Draw a giant circle on a piece of paper. Use a bowl if you need.
  2. Use a color that calls to you to write your intention for this New Moon inside the circle. List several intentions or desires you have for this moon cycle
  3. On the outside of the circle, write things that light you up. What excites you? What do you do that gives you joy? Makes you feel connected? Makes you laugh? Makes you feel alive? List them all around the outside of that circle and do these things this month!
  4. Write a mantra that will carry you this month to focus on your intentions. Use the colour red at the bottom, top and both sides on the circle and declare uplifting mantras to help you remember that all it is about is love, and fun and joy…the Universe always has your back!

Words that come to mind this new moon….New path, new beginnings, old clearing, shedding, making room, expanding, unfolding, allowing, discovering.

And so it is my friends!!

Please feel free to share and post your pics of your New Moon creative journals. If this resonated with you and you’d like to get similar emails to help connect you to your wise body, heart and soul, I’d love for you to Follow My Blog and join my email list 🙂

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  1. i am feeling that very same exact same way this new moon, so yes i am going to join you in this activity. thank you!💙✨

      • this morning it came to me that my heart was being broken open, because this is how love comes in. it wasn’t a bad heartbreak feeling, it was more like a longing.

        figured i’d share just in case anyone else resonates with this experience💗

      • Yes a new deep longing is calling to me but I can’t make it out yet … in the discovery and shifting process which sure can be a bit uncomfortable

      • it is incredibly uncomfortable. shifting is always uncomfortable. but the Knowing that this longing is everything your hearts ever wanted will keep you hanging on for dear life. what other option do we have, right? haha i’m here with you, sister 💗

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