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This New Moon and Solar Eclipse is a powerful point to declare your intentions, your dreams, your goals and deep desires. It’s a time of deep visioning and dream building as we will soon approach the powerful Solstice with its amazing astrological aspects welcoming us into a new age, new existence, new form. We have been going through a cleansing, a shedding, a detoxing and transmuting of our ego blocks and old forms this past year. There were many frictions and challenges to climb over so you would move and let go of the baggage and the addiction to the old ways of being that no longer served you. This has been a hard but powerful and deep learning of us all. Go to spark, go to the light, go to the places and people that light you up and crack you open and illuminate there. It is a time of releasing what stands of the way of your illumination. Release what no longer serves and aligns with you… you know that tug in your heart or gut. Move it out of the way so the new can dance it’s way in. In many ways who we were and how we lived has died and now we are preparing to resurrect into the new. This powerful new moon is a time to declare your new vision for your heart and soul to express and share its lovely gifts into the world . This is a time for you to gather with your family and create a new team vision for your little tribe and for the larger tribe of your community and the world as a whole as well. Gather together around a fire or candle and list what you want. Call it in like a wolf howling to the moon…Individually and then as a family. Oooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuu

What an exciting time !

Here’s a little ritual you can do on your own or with your family. Gather everyone around the table or even better outside at a little fire if you can swing it. Light candles, incense, diffuse oils, play music…set the mood. Create a special space. Get one of your kids to ring some bells to start the ceremony. Discuss the energy of this New Moon or explain its a great time to make some intentions and goals for ourselves and as a family.

Here is some visioning prompts for yourself and your fam. Use the ones that call to you.

What words best describe what you want? Name 5-10.

List your intentions for this next year.

What actions will you take to invite these words/intentions into your life? Individually and as a Family.

What routines or schedules do you need to create so your actions will take place with gentleness and ease?

How can you/we be of service?

What do you need so you will follow through on your intentions/declarations/desires will manifest into form?

What is a mantra, word or sentence you/your family can say to anchor you into your visions and intentions?

Close your eyes and see the dark/new moon in your minds eye. Grandmother moon is about to start a New Cycle….what message does she have for you? Write it out.

Get everyone to share and when done Ring the bells to end the ceremony.

Enjoy some hot chocolate and goodies to celebrate.

Wishing you and your family a powerful and magic night. :). If you resonated with tonights ritual, and would like more soul and family connecting gifts, please follow my blog. I’d love that 🙂



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