Conscious Parenting Hack – This weeks weekly team huddle guide 🎄🎅🏼❤️

🤶🏼🎄Today’s Family Team Huddle Day. (Wednesday nights in our house )🎄🤶🏼

I’m one for conscious parenting. We are in a global pandemic and let’s be real… shit is hard!! I cry out of nowhere sometimes because I’m grieving the old way of life, the old freedoms or even the help I had with babysitters. I miss time alone, or family dinners, or date nights, or family outings. I miss being mask free or walking in the grocery store without anxiety.

It’s a scary time and it’s ok to grieve that. It’s really great to name that. And feel that. And it’s even more ok to show our kids our tears because it gives them permission to release their own!! They are feeling this maybe even more than us because their worlds are smaller and it’s been completely impacted. Let’s name it, cry, scream, shout and release it out. This is consciousness… this is role modelling… this is parenting 💕. Sometimes in my house when I’m feeling frustrated I get the kids in the room with me and I count to three and we scream as loud as we can- a couple of’s releasing.. and a hoot… and hilarious . We all love it 🥰

On Wednesday night we team huddle together . We don’t let my oldest son (who is almost 11) play video games twice a week.. Wednesday’s and Sunday’s he got to be offline. He asked if he could play today (apparently there’s a cool new update) and not play tomorrow instead. We discussed and said ok but then we are changing team huddle night to tomorrow. He said ..oh no never mind I want the team huddle let’s just keep it normal 😮🙀. ☺️🥰🤶🏼. I was so surprised and tickled pink because I know even in his preteen stage… he craves the connection and play these huddle nights bring. It’s great for connecting and I always feel like high five-ing myself after these little meetings because I feel like a good parent simply by creating space to consciously connect with the fam jam.
Here’s what we do…. This week entails some Christmas Dice games.

1) check in – how is everyone doing

2) what’s going well, what needs improvement, what are we needing??

3) upcoming events, schedules etc (this is quick these days lol)

4) how can our family be of service to each other and to community/family/friends this week (we pick something we will do… cookies for a neighbors, cheer up signs for our cousin who broke his arm etc.)

5) games or activities !! 🎄🎉

This week we are doing these–CtrQUFkpldbCrvf0t4ptJ49NMEBgf88o

Here’s a link to more dice game printouts (tree, present etc. ) roll the dice and X out your numbers first person to x them all wins !! 🎉

Happy team huddling 😊💕🎅🏼🎄🤶🏼🎄🎄



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