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What is your relationship to self-care? Do you do it? What if your commitment to it were the reflection of your relationship to your very Self? I’ll be the first to admit, it’s the first thing to go when life gets busy and yet I know it should be the thing on top of my to do list instead.

What if we removed the words, “self-care” and focused on re-calibrating our energy and souls instead? Hear me out for a second….Think about how many ways you are in service to the world. You are in service and dedication to your children, your marriage, your friends, your fam, your community at large.

If you do not re-calibrate your energy tanks, you will no longer be able to in service to others and the world. Your energy stores need you to restore the tanks to keep your dedication and abilities to serve love in the world going.

When we aren’t committing to the re-calibration of our energy, several things happen…

We may notice we get more cold, sickness, freak accidents, life annoyances (trains, car trouble) or injuries. Or we may be less patient, more short tempered, exhausted, overwhelmed, sad, depressed, even anxious. These are all symbolic to the imbalance between the energy we offer out and the energy we take in or have within. We must recalibrate our energy, our souls, our bodies, and our hearts.

I’m finishing up my Masters in Mind-Body therapy and have found over and over again that illness is often a result of exactly these imbalances. We get small warnings, wake-up calls, a cold, a sprained ankle, a broken down car….as warnings and attempts from Spirit/ The Universe to slow you down and restore your balance between doing and being once again. Eventually, the body cannot hold the energetic blockages of imbalance and it shows up somewhere as dis-ease or infection as an attempt to release and break free from blocked, stuck energy.

So I invite you, to see how important it is to recalibrate your energy stores through taking time fore you. Your needs each week might change…one week it may be a run, the next a nap, the week after you might need to paint. Whatever it is, I invite you to adopt Kate Northrup’s mantra of “Body first, Business second” and see just how much life changes for the better. See how much energy you will suddenly have with this adjustment.

If you want to keep being of service to the Divine by sharing your love and energy with the people and world around you, embrace that you must be on that list to sustain your purpose…to give and share love. It starts first with yourself. Love is energy, and the tank has got to be full for the large offerings you give to the people around you. Let that energy well stay full so the offerings are that much fuller.

Soul food for thought 🙂

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xo Crystal

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